Is Rogue Company Cross-Platform in 2023? [PC, PS5, Xbox One]

Is Rogue Company Cross-Platform in 2023? [PC, PS5, Xbox One]

August 16, 2022
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Cross-platform has become very important in today's world. As a gamer, it must be annoying to not be able to play with your friends because you own different gaming hardware. This will not have to be the case if the game you are playing is cross-platform.

Unfortunately, there are still not too many cross-platform games out there. This could not be the case for Rogue Company, however. If you are considering buying Rogue Company but are wondering "Is Rogue Company cross-platform in 2023?", then you should find the answer in this article.

Rogue Company - A Quick Introduction

Developed by Watch Games and published by Hi-Rez Studios, Rogue Company is a turn-based combat game that lets you act as an army. Each player gets a unique army that adds to the strategic element and increases its replay value immensely.

Rogue Company - A Quick Introduction

To get started in this game, you will have to create your own army. Each unit has its unique set of skills that can be used strategically to fight the battle in your favor. This is easier said than done because, after all, this game is not exactly Terminator. Your enemies are equally skilled and will not go easy on you just because you've come up with some nifty strategy.

You can also play it online against friends. The game has a player(s) versus player(s) mode, making it even more interesting for players looking to spend some time with their friends or meet new ones.

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Is Rogue Company Cross-Platform in 2023?

Yes, Rogue Company is cross-platform compatible, that too with almost no exception. Be it Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC, or Nintendo Switch; this game is available on all these platforms. Epic ID is all you will need to connect with your friends using different hardware.

Is Rogue Company Cross-Platform in 2023?

If that has not gotten you excited, then knowing that it is cross-progression definitely will. So, basically, you can effortlessly transfer your progress from one platform to another and continue playing without any hassle of starting the game from scratch.

Talking about the cross-play team-up, the players playing on PC and console are matched together. Whereas, if there is a team of players with "mixed input" (both PC and console), then that team will be matched with a similar "mixed input" team.

The rogue company being cross-platform not only provides a lot of conveniences but also gives a plethora of advantages such as:

  • This game can be accessed through a number of platforms.
  • There will be more active players on your preferred platform.
  • Increased number of players, which will directly result in increased competitiveness.
  • Enhanced cross-sharing of content and resources with fellow gamers.

Please keep reading for more detailed discussion and our answers to some frequently asked questions!

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Is Rogue Company Cross-Platform PS4 and PC?

Is Rogue Company Cross-Platform PS4 and PC?

A simple answer to this question would be "YES", Rogue Company is cross-platform between PC and PS4/PS5. If the gamer you want to play with uses PC, and you use PS4 or vice versa, then you guys can play Rogue Company together.

Is Rogue Company Cross-Platform PC and Nintendo Switch?

Again a "Yes", Rogue Company is cross-platform between the PC and Nintendo Switch. If you have chosen to play Rogue Company using Nintendo switch, whereas the other gamer's platform of choice is PC, then worry not. You won't be faced with any restrictions.

Is Rogue Company Cross-Platform PC and Xbox One?

Is Rogue Company Cross-Platform PC and Xbox One?

Cross-playing is possible on Rogue Company between Xbox One and PC. You won't have to waste your money getting separate copies of Rogue Company for your PC and Xbox One. You can easily play on either of these platforms as and when you feel like it.

Is Rogue Company Cross-Platform PS5 and PS4?

You must have wondered if this game is cross-platform between PS4 and PS5, then your answer is "Yes". It is possible for the gamers using either of these consoles to play with each other.

Is Rogue Company Cross-Platform Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One?

Is Rogue Company Cross-Platform Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One?

Yes, the gamers using Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One can play Rogue Company together. It is possible because of Epic ID, which acts as a bridge between different hardware and software.

So, the barrier of owning different platforms will not restrict you and your friends from having a good gaming session.

Is Rogue Company Cross-Platform Xbox One and PS4?

Yes, it is absolutely possible for you and your friend to play Rogue Company with each other even if one of you guys uses Xbox One and the other one prefers PS4 or PS5.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does cross-progression mean?

Cross-progression means that you will be able to transfer all the progress made on one platform to another. This is possible because of Epic ID, which lets gamers who play Rogue Company on different platforms come together and enjoy this game as a community.

2. Is Rogue Company cross-progression?

Yes, Rogue Company is cross-progression. You can seamlessly continue your game on any platform you want just by logging into your Epic ID.

3. Will I need a separate account for playing Rogue Company on each platform?

No! You can use your existing Epic ID on each platform with ease to play this game. It won't take more than a minute. Just simply log in using your Epic ID.

4. What is cross-platform? Is Rogue Company cross-platform?

Cross-platform is the compatibility of playing a game with fellow gamers even if they play on a different platform than yours. Also, yes, Rogue Company is cross-platform.

5. Is Rogue Company cross-generation?

Yes, Rogue Company is cross-generation. You will be able to play with anyone regardless of which generation of the console they are using.

6. Can we say that if a game is cross-platform it's automatically cross-progression?

No, cross-progression is a separate feature that allows you to transfer your progress and unlock from one platform to another. Not all cross-platform games have this feature, so be sure to check before you buy.

7. Why do players want cross-platform support?

Players want cross-platform support because it gives them the following advantages:
The ability to play with friends who might not own the same numeral platform as them.
The ability to connect with a larger player base and not be restricted to playing with only those who have the same platform.

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This is all you will need to know about "Is Rogue Company Cross-Platform in 2023?"; now, what are you waiting for? Get your platform of choice and start playing with your favorite gamers.

Also, if you need any more information or have any issues with your Epic ID, feel free to visit Rogue Company's official website. Or you can leave your doubt in the comment section below, and we will get back to you asap!

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