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Minecraft Fortune Enchantment 2024 [Maximize Your Loot Drops]

Minecraft Fortune Enchantment
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 11/22/2023
Est. Reading: 5 minutes

So you’re deep within the pixelated world of Minecraft, pickaxe in pixelated hand, exploring the craggy caves and tunnels for treasures.

Your heart pounds as each mined block could reveal glinting diamonds or tricky creepers. Well, we’ve got the exciting news that could significantly ramp up your mining game: the Minecraft Fortune enchantment.

Craft yourself a comfy seat, folks. In the following paragraphs, we’ll guide you – from sprouting saplings to towering trees on exactly how this enigmatic Enchantment works.

Including its benefits and how to best utilize it in your gameplay. Hold on to your diamond helmets – this is going to be an exciting ride.

What is the Fortune Enchantment in Minecraft?

The Fortune Enchantment in Minecraft is your secret weapon for increasing loot. How does it work? Once you’ve applied this enchantment to a tool, the number of drops you get from mining or digging increases.

What is the Fortune Enchantment in Minecraft?

Imagine using a Fortune-enriched pickaxe on a diamond ore block – instead of receiving one tiny diamond, you now have a chance to reap up to four gleaming gems with one fell swoop.

Or, when used on coal, lapis lazuli, emerald, nether quartz, or Redstone, watch with satisfaction as the regular drop rate doubles and even triples.

Apart from minerals, it works wonders on specific blocks, including gravel and sea lanterns. If chopping is more your style – don your Fortune axe before hitting those leafy greens.

Substantially increase chances of sapling and apple drops from leaves or sweet berries for all those ‘forestry’ inclinations.

The wildly useful Fortune Enchantment elevates your gaming by maximizing resources and optimizing time spent laboring away.

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How to Get The Fortune Enchantment?

Like a miner digging for gemstones in the depths, bagging the Fortune Enchantment requires patience, a keen knowledge of your surroundings, and not just a smidgen of creativity.

How to Get The Fortune Enchantment?

There are several ways to land this Enchantment in Minecraft, each with its own set of challenges and rewards. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with strategies that’ll help put Fortune within your pickaxe’s reach.

Create an Enchantment Room

A good start is to create an Enchantment Room. This room acts as your very own magical hub where enchantments can be conveniently performed. Setting it up requires careful planning.

You’re going to need an enchantment table surrounded by bookshelves – 15 would work perfectly – meticulously arranged for maximum exposure.

Assembling the enchantment room is more than just aesthetic appeal; it also plays an integral role in the level of power you can imbue into your tools.

The enchantment table itself requires four obsidian blocks, two diamonds, and a book, while each bookshelf needs six planks and three books. As Mike Holmes might suggest, measure twice and cut once – so plan accordingly before beginning construction.

With all ingredients at hand, lay down the enchantment table first, then encompass it evenly with those beautiful bookshelves (leaving one block space between them). Voila! You’ve got a magical marvel right in front of your eyes.

Through this process, keep one key aspect in mind: always align yourself favorably with Minecraft’s intrinsic logic rather than fighting against it. Let’s say remember that light impedes enchantments, so avoid placing torches near or around your arrangement.

Venture forth, brave crafter. With the Minecraft world at your digital fingertips, the Fortune enchantment is but a few swings away.

Find a Villager who sells the Fortune Enchantment Book

The next method to get your mittens on the Fortune Enchantment is through trading with villagers. Minecraft’s world is populated not just by creepers and cows but also by villagers who have a knack for offering exceptional deals.

Among these hard-nosed bargainers, you might find one willing to sell you a book of Fortune Enchantment.

First and foremost, look out for librarian villagers; they’re the ones with reading glasses and a distinct sense of bookish style. These bipedal bibliophiles have been known to stock Fortune Enchantments in their repertoire from time to time.

Scoring this deal could be as tricky as landing that perfect creeper hit. Villagers’ trades are generated randomly, so you might need to engage with several before finding the coveted fortune enchantment book.

If patience is your virtue and emeralds are in your pocket, this route could indeed lead you toward an enriching, enchanting transaction.

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Find an Enchanted tool while exploring

Another method tugs at the strings of adventure and sheer luck; you can find already enchanted tools during your exploration quests. Ruins chests in stronghold libraries or dungeons stand a chance at housing these rare commodities.

Each crevice could be teeming with unseen treasure; each swing might reveal dazzling jewels or, if luck favors, even an enchanted tool.

Destroy mobs, plunder stronghold libraries, and delve deep into mineshafts; this path depends heavily on daredevil defiance blended with unwavering perseverance.

Danger lurks in those dark corners as much as rewards do equip proper gear and keep that diamond sword handy because not all findings may sit well with creepers lurking about.


No judgments here. Perhaps following game rules isn’t quite your style, or maybe you’re just short on time so cheats might come in handy.

To enchant a tool with Fortune using a cheat, type in the console: “/enchant @s fortune X”

Replace the ‘X’ with a value between 1 and 3, depending on the level of Fortune you desire. This essentially bestows upon you – by command, the mighty power of the Fortune Enchantment.

Be aware, though, that this breaks the immersive gaming experience and perhaps brings an unearned advantage over others.

Just remember to enjoy your gameplay while respecting others’ hard work, too. At the end of it all, it’s not just mining diamonds that matter but also savoring every step that led you there.

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FAQs About Minecraft Fortune Enchantment

What does the Fortune Enchantment do in Minecraft?

The Fortune Enchantment increases the maximum number of drops by 1 per level across various mined resources.

Can you use Fortune on any pickaxe?

Absolutely, You can enchant any pickaxe with the Fortune Enchantment; it’s not restricted to diamond or netherite tools only.

Does the Fortune Enchantment work on all ores in Minecraft?

No, it only works on specific block drops that require a tool equipped with Silk Touch.

How rare is the Fortune III Enchantment in Minecraft?

The chances of acquiring a Fortune III enchantment from an enchantment table are approximately 14%, making it a somewhat rare find.

Does Fortune III give more diamonds?

Yes, with each level of the Fortune Enchantment, there’s an increase in the possible maximum drop rate, so a diamond ore block under the influence of a Fortune III could drop up to four diamonds.


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