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15 Best Minecraft Nether Portal Designs [Transport In Style]

  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 11/27/2023
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Minecraft, a world of infinite possibilities and adventures, always throws up some thrilling aspects to keep you hooked. Among these captivating aspects, the Minecraft Nether Portal designs certainly hold a special place.

These portals are your gateway to an alternate reality, the fiery Nether itself, where monstrous mobs and hidden treasures intertwine to unfold a grand adventure.

But let’s face it: you don’t want your portal to be another humdrum violet gateway; you want it to stand out and echo your creative prowess.

Luckily for you, we’re here with 15 fantastic Minecraft Nether Portal designs that can not only teleport you into the dangerous depths of the Nether but do it in style.

Where is the best place to put a nether portal?

The best place to put a Nether Portal is every 64 blocks in the Overworld. This is because Nether portals link up on a ratio of 8:1 block distance between the Overworld and the Nether.

Where is the best place to put a nether portal?

For maximum efficiency and fewer hassles with linking portals, it’s recommended to space your Overworld portals at least 64 blocks apart.

15 Best Minecraft Nether Portal Designs

A Nether Portal design says a lot about you as a Minecraft player. It’s not just about creating an interdimensional gate; it’s about showcasing your imagination and creativity while doing so.

15 Best Minecraft Nether Portal Designs

So, if you’re looking to level up your portal game, here are two standout designs that might pique your interest.

Ancient Ruins Portal

Have you ever thought of stepping into the mysterious world of the Nether through an ancient ruin? The Ancient Ruins portal is a design grounded in age-old mystery and charm that never fails to impress.

To construct this, start with a base of mossy cobblestones and gradually build up using cracked stone bricks and vines for a touch of time-worn authenticity.

The archway for the portal can be carefully chiseled out from the ruined-styled structure. Make sure to pepper in some stone brick stairs and slabs randomly for added detail.

Concealing glowstone with green carpet helps simulate overgrowth. The final result should look like an intriguing part of history where time has beautifully worn down the stones.

Mountain Embedded Portal

Sometimes, simplicity can convey grandeur better than complexity; that’s what the Mountain Embedded Portal embodies, as the name suggests.

Mountain Embedded Portal

You will essentially carve out your Nether Portal into the majestic side of a mountain, giving an impression as if the fiery portal has always been part of nature.

Achieving this aesthetic can be slightly time-intensive but well worth it. First, select a reasonably tall mountain range in your world with impressive steep sides; granite works best due to its gray composition for that natural rock feel.

Proceed to carve out a space horizontally for your standard 4×5 portal dimension. Detailed engraving around it adds character, including water bodies flowing down or lava cascading alongside these transformative spaces within mountains.

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Underwater Glass Dome Portal

Perhaps one of the most unique designs on our list, the Underwater Glass Dome Portal offers an entirely different vibe for your Minecraft journeys.

Imagine walking through your violet gateway while being surrounded by a serene undersea world teeming with lively aquatic life.

To start building this spectacular design, establish a substantial glass dome on an ocean floor. The size of the dome will depend on your desires for additional decor, but ensure it accommodates the nether portal comfortably.

Fill the interior space with sea lanterns to illuminate it, and then proceed to make your Nether Portal right in the center. Add touches of seagrass, kelp, and coral around the glass structure for added visual appeal.

Floating Island Portal

Fancy walking straight from a floating island into another dimension? Well, that’s exactly what you get with a Floating Island portal.

Floating Island Portal

Begin by creating an average-sized island structure floating above ground level using different types of green blocks. Staggering layers using blocks like coarse dirt, grass block, and podzol provides textural diversity depicting natural terrain growth.

Once finished, you can carve out space to fit your Nether Portal in precisely at the center. Scatter some trees around and even hang vines off the sides for that much-needed immersive feel.

Castle Gate Portal

The Castle Gate portal redefines valor within Minecraft and brings a battle-ready atmosphere every time you cross into the Nether world.

To put up this design, construct a castle facade (stone bricks are the ideal material) with watchtowers bordering each side of where your gateway shall stand – making sure it perfectly fits within these confines.

You can scale up or down depending on personal preference, but remember, grandeur equals more chills. Top it off, equip each tower with banners that flutter proudly, and embed arrow slits while also integrating battlements along top edges to underscore this fortress-themed portal concept.

Jungle Tree Portal

Jungle Tree Portal

The Jungle Tree Portal is a unique design that encompasses the immersive, wild vibes of the jungle environment. You need to find a giant jungle tree and hollow it out from the inside to install the Nether Portal.

Start from the bottom of the tree, clear out enough wood for your portal frame, and sympathetically blend it with the natural shape of the tree.

For added authenticity, extend vines from top to bottom alongside and strategically add glow stones camouflaged by leaf blocks for illumination at night.

This portal lets you slide from your Minecraft green paradise into the ominous Nether in a seamlessly immersive way.

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Ice Cave Portal

If you’re someone seeking an icy adventure or residing in a snowy biome, building an Ice Cave portal can be an exciting endeavor. This design calls for digging into a spacious ice cave (or creating one) and setting up your portal with extra flair.

Use snow layers, ice blocks, packed ice, and blue ice for an authentic icy ambiance surrounding your portal. Make sure to add some stalactites hanging from the top using icicles for that natural cavernous appeal.

It’s crucial to note, though, that torches melt ice blocks, so opt for other forms of light like lanterns or glow stones.

Desert Pyramid Portal

A homage to ancient wonders of our own world, this Nether Portal is embedded within a desert pyramid built from sandstone blocks and smooth sandstone slabs, a striking landmark against vast desert expanses.

Desert Pyramid Portal

Build a pyramid around your standard-sized Nether Portal, enhancing it with hidden chambers featuring traps leading up to the very heart of it all: The portal itself.

Consider incorporating Chiseled Sandstone bricks towards the upper sections of your pyramid as decorative pieces showing Creeper faces or various glyphs, adding symbolic mysticism to its presence.

Skybridge Portal

The Skybridge portal truly takes Nether travel to new heights! Here’s how: begin by building a tall, narrow tower (your preferred design), then extend a bridge outwards into the open sky.

It makes your portal seem like it’s floating mid-air, making both entrances and exits thrilling affairs. Incorporate materials like glass blocks.

Spruce woods and lanterns hanging off from fences for your sky bridge, imbuing it with an ethereal quality, especially during sunset or sunrise when the sunlight can refract beautifully off the glass in captivating hues.

Volcano Mouth Portal

Imagine being greeted by the sight of molten lava gushing past your feet and stepping right into a firestorm. Well, you can bring that raw energy to life by creating the Volcano Mouth Portal in Minecraft.

Volcano Mouth Portal

To create it, you need to construct a volcano-shaped structure using textured rock material like cobblestone or basalt for authenticity.

Make sure the peak of the volcano has a hollow opening for the bubbling lava to burst out from. This opening will also serve as your portal site framed within naturally occurring stones.

Adding orange stained glass blocks at the base of your volcano can give the illusion of flowing hot magma, perfecting your volcanic aesthetic.

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Elven Archway Portal

Irrespective of whether you are partaking in an Elven fantasy or not, this Elven Archway Portal adds ethereal elegance to your Minecraft world. Its intricate design elements make it an enchanting gateway to the Nether.

Creating this portal involves using primarily prismarine bricks and dark oak wood. Construct an enchantingly detailed archway with calculated cuts and curves that are rooted in elf-inspired aesthetics.

The secret here is symmetry; be sure your left side mirrors your right precisely. Don’t forget to add leaf blocks, flowering azalea leaves, and glow berries for that eternal Spring feel, depicting a serene portal amid chaos.

Abandoned Mineshaft Portal

The Abandoned Mineshaft portal screams rustic charm with just the right dose of mystery, making it irresistible for those who love the thrill.

In order to manifest this idea in-game, build a mimicking mineshaft infrastructure using primarily oak planks and fences but also strategically place some cobwebs and stone bricks for authenticity.

The abandoned touch comes from splashes of moss-covered blocks and vines hanging around. To top it off, set your nether portal at the dead-end of this mineshaft; adding mine cart rails leading up to it provides significant realism.

Make your portal frame out of cobblestone, blending naturally with the mineshaft, presenting a captivatingly spooking gateway to the Nether world.

Nether Fortress Gateway Portal

Are you feeling bold enough to construct your portal within the flaming chaos of a Nether Fortress? The Nether Fortress Gateway is your thrilling solution.

This design is not for the faint-hearted. It establishes your portal directly within a Nether fortress, blending it seamlessly into its ominous black stone structure.

To create this, you’ll want to find a fortress that has an open area where your portal can fit. Your primary building blocks would be Blackstone bricks and polished Blackstone for added texture.

Add in some gilded Blackstone for dramatic accenting and surround it with occasional basalt pillars for a touch of dread and foreboding.

Crystal Cavern Portal

Crystal Cavern Portal

Truly one for the gem enthusiast or geology buff, the Crystal Cavern Portal seems to whisk the player away into another realm even before stepping through the portal, simulating something you’d expect to find deep underground surrounded by shimmering gemstones and crystals.

The key here is to create a cavern-like enclosure using various stones like calcite and tuff blocks for natural variation in color and texture.

Use amethyst clusters or budding amethyst blocks to mimic glimmering crystals, along with some pointed dripstone for stalactite-like formations.

Embed your nether portal within this enchanting geological display and watch as light flickers across your crystalline cavern.

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The Mushroom Portal

Think Alice in Wonderland meets Minecraft with The Mushroom Portal design. Fun and fantastical, this whimsical entryway into another world will surely keep any explorer on their toes.

To get started, you’ll need full-grown mushroom trees acting as organic pillars to the sides of your portal – either red or brown mushrooms will do just nicely, which can be grown by using bonemeal on mushrooms planted on mycelium or podzol blocks.

Intersperse glow berries on hanging vines above for gentle lighting that gives off an ethereal ambiance. Center your portal within this woodland fantasy, creating a truly immersive and magical nether gateway unlike any other.

FAQs About The Best Minecraft Nether Portal Designs

Are Larger Nether Portals Better Than the Standard in Minecraft?

Larger portals aren’t necessarily better, but they do allow for more flexible and superb design options. It’s a matter of personal preference and aesthetic goals.

What Materials Can Be Used to Decorate a Nether Portal?

You can use a variety of materials such as bricks, stones, glass blocks, wood logs, or planks depending on your design theme, be it natural, mystical, or architectural.

How Can I Make My Minecraft Nether Portal Stand Out?

Integrating your portal into unique structures like ancient ruins or Dan’s caverns can make it stand out. Also, adding organic details such as trees, water bodies, or lava flows helps.

Are There Any Limitations When Designing Nether Portals in Minecraft: Java Edition vs Bedrock Edition?

No substantive differences should impede your creativity when designing Nether Portals, as the mechanics are functionally identical across both editions.

Can I Change The Color of My Nether Portal Frame in Minecraft?

While the violet hue of the portal itself is fixed, you can make use of an array of block types to frame your portal as per your creative vision.


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