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PS5 Error Code CE-107622-8 | 100% Working Fix (2024 Updated)

PS5 Error Code CE-107622-8 | 100% Working Fix ([cy] Updated)
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Updated On: 07/31/2023
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If you’re like me and absolutely love your PS5, encountering an unknown error code can put a damper on your gaming fun. We’ve all been through it, you’re all set for an epic gaming weekend, snacks in place and the couch is warm, then bam!

Suddenly you’re staring at the dreaded PS5 error code CE-107622-8. The day takes a nosedive from thrilling to frustrating within seconds.

It’s not all gloom though. I’m here to tell you that every error has a solution — even mysterious ones like the PS5 error code CE-107622-8. If deciphering complex tech issues is not your thing (don’t worry, it’s not mine either), stick around. Together we can navigate this PSA (PlayStation Alert) and get you back to boss fights and heart-stopping missions in no time.

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Understanding PS5 Error Code CE-107622-8

Broadly speaking, error code CE-107622-8 is commonly associated with games that are actively updating or have a scheduled update on PS5.

When you see this error, the console or game is effectively telling you that there’s an issue with an update. Typically, this could be due to a poor or interrupted internet connection, server downtime, or perhaps a faulty installation process.

The complexity of your PlayStation console results in a myriad of different error codes — each indicating a very specific problem.

With that said the troublesome error code CE-107622-8 has been connected to gamers trying to install updates for their favorite games. But when the error hits, your PS5 refuses to play ball and instead displays this confusing code.

Notably, encountering error code CE-107622-8 does not mean your console is heading toward its ultimate demise. It’s simply a software glitch that needs rectifying to get your gaming adventures back on track.

PS5 Error Code CE-107622-8: Causes and Symptoms

The famous, or rather infamous, PS5 Error Code CE-107622-8 has a few potential culprits behind its sudden appearance.


Here’s a closer look at possible causes:

1. Network Connectivity Issues

First on the list of common offenders is your network connection. It might be unstable or temporarily disrupted. Sometimes, slow internet speed can also signal the arrival of this error.

2. Server Maintenance or Downtime

One more factor to consider is server maintenance or downtime from Sony’s end. During these periods, the services can become unavailable leading to the emergence of the error code CE-107622-8.

3. Corrupted System Software

Yet another cause to consider is corrupted system software or game data. Any disruption in system software updates, glitches during game installation, or while playing could lead to corrupted files that trigger this error.

4. Hardware Malfunctions

Yes, occasionally even hardware malfunctions could be the root reason for this encounter. This could include issues with your console’s hard drive or other components.


Now that we’ve looked at the culprits behind this error, let’s check out some symptoms you might notice:

1. Identifying the Symptoms of PS5 Error Code CE-107622-8

Common symptoms that accompany the PS5 error code CE-107622-8 are unique and specific. Recognizing them early might save you from a potentially spiraling gaming mishap.

2. Error Message CE-107622-8 Appears on Screen

The pivotal symptom manifesting the existence of error code CE-107622-8 is a pop-up message on your screen bearing these exact numbers. This can occur when launching or playing a game. If you see this dreaded code, don’t fret.

3. Difficulty Connecting to PlayStation Network

Another symptom of this tricky conundrum is an inability to connect to the PlayStation Network. Your console may experience difficulty logging in, producing an error report stating that the PSN service is currently not available, even when it’s functioning perfectly for everyone else.

4. Frequent Game Freezing or Crashing

A concerning symptom associated with this error code is frequent game freezing or crashing. If your favorite games are unexpectedly exciting or halting at some points, there’s a chance you’re encountering our not-so-friendly PS5 error.

5. Slow Download Speeds & Inability to Download Game Updates

Stagnant download progress? Check. Noticeably slow download speeds? Check. Inability to download game updates? Checkmate! Yes, unfortunately, these are quintessential signs pointing towards error code CE-107622-8.

By recognizing these symptoms early and acting swiftly, you can help minimize frustration and plan effective strategies for rectifying this rather unfortunate glitch. Because let’s face it, we’d all rather spend time perfecting our gaming skills than being stuck in an endless loop of errors.

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How to Fix PS5 Error Code CE-107622-8 in 2024?

After spending countless hours adventuring through immersive worlds and defeating doppelganger bosses, the last thing any gamer wants to encounter is an error code.

How to Fix PS5 Error Code CE-107622-8?

When faced with the dreaded PS5 Error Code CE-107622-8, follow these steps to get back in the game.

1. Restart the PS5 Console

It may sound cliche, but “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” still holds true. Restarting your console can be a simple solution for a range of issues. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Click on the Power option on the control center.
  • Select ‘Restart’ from the options.
  • Wait for the system to reboot completely before launching your game.

If this doesn’t solve it, don’t fret; we have more solutions up our sleeve!

2. Update the System Software to The Latest Version

At times, outdated software could be causing this error code. Sony regularly updates software for bug fixes and improved performance.

Follow these steps to update your system:

  • Connect your PS5 console to a stable internet connection.
  • Go to Settings > System > System Software > System Software Update and Settings > Update System Software.
  • If there is an update available, follow the prompts for installation.

Remember to keep all your games and applications updated as well.

3. Check Your Internet Connection and Ensure It Is Stable

Connection issues can cause quite a few error codes, including CE-107622-8. Here’s how you can maintain a stable connection:

  • Make sure that your router/modem is connected properly and working efficiently.
  • Test internet connectivity by visiting a random website or streaming a video.
  • If displaying any connectivity issues, unplug your router/modem from the socket, wait for about two minutes then plug it back in.
  • Check whether there’s an improvement in connection stability or speed.

Understandably, dealing with error codes isn’t as exciting as conquering gaming realms but think of this as another level you need to defeat!

4. Clear the Cache of the PS5

One of the simplest and most effective ways to address problems stemming from PS5 error code CE-107622-8 is to clear the cache on your console. Now don’t fret, it sounds a lot more technical than it really is. Clearing the cache is actually quite straightforward.

All you need to do is power down your PS5 completely, ensuring it’s not left in rest mode. Once you’ve done this, take a deep breath and unplug your system from its power source – yup that’s right, no electricity!

Leave your console disconnected for around ten minutes; this break gives time for any residual energy – which may be clinging on stubbornly in there – to dissipate, effectively clearing out that cache.

After those few minutes have passed, plug her back in and fire her up! You’ve just successfully cleared your PS5’s cache. It’s entirely possible that this simple step might make all the difference and whisk away that pesky error code.

5. Disable Firewall or Antivirus Software

An often overlooked cause of gaming issues like our friend Enigma CE-107622-8 can be interfering with firewall or antivirus software.

A firewall could view the connection between your game and the server as potentially harmful, whilst antivirus software might mistake game files for suspicious content.

To check if this is causing a problem on your PS5 console you’ll need to hop onto any PCs connected to the same network as our PlayStation pal. Once there, simply turn off active firewalls and disable any antivirus software briefly then test your game again on your PS5.

6. Rebuild The PS5 Database

You’ve tried clearing cache and disabling potentially irksome security software but what if error code CE-107622-8 still remains? If that’s so then rebuilding the database could be just what we need! Now don’t worry I’ll walk you through every step:

  • With your system off press and hold down the power button until you hear two distinct beeps.
  • Connect your controller via a USB cable.
  • Now select ‘Rebuild Database’ from the Safe Mode menu options.

This process can take anything from 15 minutes to several hours so perhaps grab a cup of Joe while you wait!

7. Delete And Reinstall The Problematic Game Or Application

In some instances, corrupt data within a specific application or game could initiate our troublesome error code CE-107622-8 (you know too well by now). Erasing such offending data can resolve this issue without further ado! To do this:

  • Head over to ‘Settings’
  • Click through ‘Storage’ ➝ ‘Console Storage’ ➝ ‘Games and Apps’ then select which particular item causing trouble.
  • Choose ‘Delete’.

Then just visit PlayStation Store again to get a fresh new copy!

8. Contact PlayStation Support For Further Assistance

If none of these solutions have heralded success for you at dealing with browser-numbing error code CE-107622-8 then never fear! Assistance is available direct from PlayStation itself.

By visiting PlayStation Support, every aspect of help imaginable is at hand!

While we all endeavor for smooth sailings with our beloved consoles, bumps along the way are occasionally inevitable like our little disruptive friend here known as PS5 error code CE-107622-8.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does PS5 Error Code CE-107622-8 mean?

It’s generally a system-related error that can be caused by various factors ranging from network issues to corrupt game data.

2. Can I prevent PS5 Error Code CE-107622-8 from appearing?

As it tends to appear due to different reasons, prevention can be tough. However, maintaining your system software up-to-date and ensuring a stable internet connection can reduce the risk.

3. I’ve seen PS5 Error Code CE-107622-8 on my screen. What’s my first move?

Initially, try power cycling your console – turning it off and unplugging it for a few minutes before turning it back on.

4. If disabling firewalls or antivirus software doesn’t help, what should I do next?

You may consider rebuilding the PS5 database or deleting and reinstalling the game or application experiencing the error.

5. What if none of these solutions fix the PS5 Error Code CE-107622-8?

In such cases, reaching out to PlayStation Support is advised. They have the tools and knowledge to offer further assistance.


So there you have it! You now have multiple weapons in your arsenal to take down the infamous PS5 Error Code CE-107622-8.

From clearing the cache to engaging PlayStation Support on the front lines, navigating through these troubleshooting steps should equip you with all you need to get back to gaming paradise.

But remember, even with all these tools at your disposal, sometimes errors are just a part of our digital journey. Don’t let a simple error code distract you from the fun rides and epic adventures that truly make up your PlayStation 5 experience. Happy gaming, and here’s hoping the road ahead is free from such distractions.


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