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Terraria Wings Tier List (May 2024) Best Wings Ranked

Terraria Wings Tier List ([nmf] [cy]) Best Wings Ranked
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 07/26/2023
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Welcome to our in-depth Terraria Wings tier list for 2024! Terraria is known for its incredible diversity in gameplay and the vast array of items available to help players in their quest to conquer the in-game world. One of the most sought-after and cherished items in Terraria is the wide assortment of wings that can be used to aid our actions and traverse the various landscapes and dungeons. These items not only enable flight but also bring their unique looks and abilities to the table, making each one of them a discussion-worthy choice for avid Terraria enthusiasts.

In this comprehensive guide, we will be ranking the best wings in the game, taking into consideration their various tiers, aesthetics, and utility when it comes to simplifying players’ lives. From the ever-popular Celestial Starboard to the lesser-known, yet still valuable, Ghostar’s Infinity Eight, this list is designed to help you identify the best wings suited for your character and playstyle. And without further delay, let’s dive into the world of Terraria and explore the captivating 2024 Wings Tier List!

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What To Look For While Choosing The Right Wings in Terraria?

When choosing the right wings in Terraria, there are several factors to consider in order to ensure that you’re making the best choice for your character and playstyle. Here are some of the key aspects to keep in mind when selecting the perfect wings:

What to look for while choosing the right wings in Terraria Wings?
  • Flight Height: The primary function of wings is to allow your character to fly, so it’s essential to consider how high a specific wing can take you. Higher-tier wings generally offer more extended flight durations and greater heights, which can be crucial for exploring and maneuvering during combat.
  • Acceleration and Speed: While all wings enable flight, not all wings are created equal when it comes to acceleration and speed. Some wings provide faster horizontal movement, while others may prioritize vertical acceleration. Choosing the wings that suit your preferred style of traversal will significantly impact your overall gameplay experience.
  • Glide Ratio: In addition to the height and speed aspects, the glide ratio of a wing is another vital factor. A better glide ratio means your character will descend slower while gliding, allowing you more control and mobility during aerial combat or exploration.
  • Rarity and Crafting Requirements: Some wings are rarer and harder to obtain than others, often requiring hard-to-acquire crafting materials or a specific boss to be defeated. Depending on your progress within the game, you might want to choose wings that are easier to unlock first before going for more powerful but harder-to-get options.
  • Aesthetics and Visual Appeal: While functionality remains the most crucial factor, it’s also essential to feel satisfied with the visual appearance of your wings. As Terraria offers a wide variety of wing designs, you can pick a set of wings that not only performs well but also complements your character’s overall look.
  • Special Abilities: Some wings come with unique abilities, such as extra jumps or special effects like boosted speed or damage. Depending on your gameplay style, these extra abilities may provide a particular benefit, making a specific set of wings a more enticing option.

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Terraria Wings Tier List (May 2024)

In the world of Terraria, the May 2024 tier list has brought a fresh perspective to the ranking of wings, serving as an essential guide for players. Navigating the skies of your digital terrain is easier than ever, thanks to this helpful rundown of the best wings to equip for optimal flight.

Terraria Wings S Tier List 2024 – Soaring to the Sky

S tier wings take you to unimaginable heights and speeds, setting the benchmark for utility and style. Possessing exceptional flight capabilities and a range of unique abilities which grant you unrivaled control, these highly coveted wings are undoubtedly the best in the game.

Terraria Wings S Tier List 2024– Soaring to the Sky
  • Spooky Wings
  • Nebula Mantle
  • Solar Wings
  • Fishron Wings
  • Booster
  • Celestial Starboard
  • Steampunk Wings
  • Festive Wings
  • Stardust Wings
  • Vortex

Terraria Wings A Tier List 2024 – Floating with Finesse

Wings in the A tier category provide a balance between aesthetics and performance, offering excellent in-air control and impressive flight times. While not quite on par with their supreme S tier counterparts, A tier wings are highly capable and allow users to maneuver through the skies with ease. 

Terraria Wings A Tier List 2024– Floating with Finesse
  • Spectre Wings
  • Hoverboard
  • Mothron Wings
  • Beetle Wings
  • Bone Wings

Terraria Wings B Tier List 2024 – Balancing on a Breeze

B tier wings offer a reliable flying experience, focusing more on visual appeal than exceptional flight abilities. Although they may exhibit lower flight characteristics compared to higher tier options, they remain a solid choice for traversing Terraria’s diverse terrain. 

Terraria Wings B Tier List 2024– Balancing on a Breeze
  • Bee Wings
  • Flame Wings
  • Bat Wings
  • Butterfly Wings

Terraria Wings C Tier List 2024 – Casual Cruisers

C tier wings prioritize visual style, delivering unique and appealing designs, albeit at the cost of flight performance. Best suited for casual gamers looking to make a statement without pushing their wings to their limits.

Terraria Wings C Tier List 2024– Casual Cruisers
  • Jetpack
  • Leinfors’ Prehensile Cloak
  • Crowno’s Wings
  • Safeman’s Blanket Cape
  • Ghostar’s Infinity Eight
  • Arkhalis’ Lightwings
  • Yoraiz0r’s Spell
  • Red’s Wings
  • Cenx’s Wings
  • Lazure’s Barrier Platform
  • Loki’s Wings
  • Betsy’s Wings
  • Grox The Great’s Wings
  • D-Town’s Wings
  • Will’s Wings
  • Jim’s Wings
  • Empress Wings
  • Skiphs’ Paws

Terraria Wings D Tier List 2024 – Dare to Dabble

D tier wings serve as ideal entry points for those venturing into the world of Terraria wings for the first time. While they may not offer the same level of style or utility as the above tiers, these wings still provide a base level of flight capabilities, which many players appreciate.

Terraria Wings D Tier List 2024– Dare to Dabble
  • Fairy Wings
  • Harpy Wings
  • Frozen Wings
  • Fin Wings
  • Leaf Wings
  • Demon Wings
  • Angel Wings

Terraria Wings Explained

Wings in Terraria act as crucial accessories that grant players the ability to fly, glide, and negate fall damage. They range from vibrant butterfly wings to ominous bat wings, each offering varying degrees of flight time, speed, and height, providing an added layer of strategy and personalization to your Terraria experience.

1. Celestial Starboard (S Tier)

Celestial Starboard (S Tier)

Pros: Offers the highest mobility, perfect for late-game scenarios, and grants extended flight time.

Cons: Difficult to acquire, requiring end-game materials and Gravitation Potion.

Who should choose: Players who are comfortable navigating Terraria late in the game.

Who should avoid: Beginners or players who have not yet reached the end game.

2. Spooky Wings (S Tier)

Spooky Wings (S Tier)

Pros: Excellent vertical flight speed, suitable for combat or exploration.

Cons: Players need to defeat Pumpking and collect materials from the Pumpking Moon event.

Who should choose: Players who frequently engage in combat and exploration.

Who should avoid: Players who don’t want to go through the Halloween-themed event.

3. Fishron Wings (S Tier)

Fishron Wings (S Tier)

Pros: Fast ascent speed, underwater mobility, and extra flight time on the water.

Cons: Requires players to defeat a challenging boss, Duke Fishron.

Who should choose: Players who want underwater mobility and can handle boss battles.

Who should avoid: Players who aren’t proficient enough to defeat Duke Fishron.

4. Vortex (S Tier)

Vortex (S Tier)

Pros: Offers an acceleration boost and increased flight time, making it perfect for mobility.

Cons: Requires end-game materials and defeating the Vortex Pillar from the Lunar Event.

Who should choose: Players who prefer additional acceleration and mobility during gameplay.

Who should avoid: Players still in early to mid-game stages and not ready for the Lunar Event.

5. Booster (S Tier)

Booster (S Tier)

Pros: Increased flight speed and fast acceleration offer great mobility during battles and exploration.

Cons: Must be crafted with late-game crafting materials.

Who should choose: Players who enjoy high-speed mobility and are in the late-game phase.

Who should avoid: Those still in the early or mid-game or not comfortable battling the Martian Madness event.

6. Solar Wings (S Tier)

Solar Wings (S Tier)

Pros: High vertical and horizontal flight speed; great for aerial combat.

Cons: Requires end-game crafting materials and defeating the Solar Pillar.

Who should choose: Players who engage in aerial combat and have reached the end-game.

Who should avoid: Beginners and players who are not prepared for the Solar Pillar.

7. Festive Wings (S Tier)

Festive Wings (S Tier)

Pros: Good vertical and horizontal flight speed, with a festive design perfect for holiday-themed characters.

Cons: Only available during the Frost Moon event.

Who should choose: Players who enjoy holiday-themed items and have the skills to participate in the Frost Moon event.

Who should avoid: Players who do not wish to participate in the limited-time event or are looking for more functional wings.

8. Stardust Wings (S Tier)

Stardust Wings (S Tier)

Pros: Excellent vertical flight speed and great ascent; perfect for combat and exploration.

Cons: Requires end-game crafting materials and defeating the Stardust Pillar.

Who should choose: Players interested in high-speed vertical mobility and have reached the end-game.

Who should avoid: Beginners or those not ready for the challenges of the Stardust Pillar.

9. Nebula Mantle (S Tier)

Nebula Mantle (S Tier)

Pros: Impressive speed and agility, perfect for advanced players looking for a versatile option during combats.

Cons: Requires end-game crafting materials and defeating the Nebula Pillar.

Who should choose: Advanced players who want versatility and speed and have reached the end-game.

Who should avoid: Newbies and players not prepared for the challenges of the Nebula Pillar.

10. Mothron Wings (A Tier)

Mothron Wings (A Tier)

Pros: Grants a fast vertical flight speed and extended hovering ability.

Cons: Difficult to obtain, as they are only dropped by Mothron during the Solar Eclipse event in Hardmode.

Who should choose: Players who prefer mobility during combat and can handle Hardmode events.

Who should avoid: Those in the early game stages or not yet prepared to face the Solar Eclipse event.

11. Spectre Wings (A Tier)

Spectre Wings (A Tier)

Pros: Provide a decent flight speed and are relatively easy to obtain and craft.

Cons: Not as effective as the higher-tier wings and requires advanced crafting materials.

Who should choose: Players who desire consistent mobility but haven’t reached the end-game yet.

Who should avoid: Players who have access to higher-tier wings or seek exceptional flight capabilities.

12. Beetle Wings (A Tier)

Beetle Wings (A Tier)

Pros: Grants fast horizontal movement, making them a suitable choice for exploration.

Cons: Requires end-game materials as players will have to defeat the Golem to craft them.

Who should choose: Players focusing on exploration and who have reached the end-game.

Who should avoid: Those who haven’t defeated Golem or seek wings for aerial combat.

13. Hoverboard (A Tier)

Hoverboard (A Tier)

Pros: Unique hovering ability and excellent horizontal movement speed.

Cons: Less efficient for vertical movement and requires advanced crafting materials.

Who should choose: Players who prioritize horizontal mobility and unique functionality.

Who should avoid: Those who want greater vertical flight speed for combat purposes.

14. Bone Wings (A Tier)

Bone Wings (A Tier)

Pros: Good general mobility upgrade that is easy to obtain via the Bone Feather item.

Cons: Vertical flight speed is not as high compared to higher-tier wings.

Who should choose: Players who want a balanced wing option for overall mobility.

Who should avoid: Those who have access to higher-tier wings with better stats.

15. Bat Wings (B Tier)

Bat Wings (B Tier)

Pros: Easy to craft, offering moderate flight capabilities.

Cons: Poor vertical speed compared to better-ranking wings.

Who should choose: Players in early Hardmode seeking an accessible wings option.

Who should avoid: Players with access to higher-tier wings that provide better stats.

16. Bee Wings (B Tier)

Bee Wings (B Tier)

Pros: Easy to obtain after defeating the Queen Bee, providing decent aerial mobility.

Cons: Flight duration is significantly shorter compared to higher-ranking wings.

Who should choose: Players looking for an early aerodynamic boost, primarily for exploration purposes.

Who should avoid: Those in the late-game stage or with access to top-tier wings.

17. Butterfly Wings (B Tier)

Butterfly Wings (B Tier)

Pros: Average flight capabilities and a unique design for customization purposes.

Cons: Outperformed by late-game wings in terms of speed and duration.

Who should choose: Players who enjoy the aesthetic and appreciate moderate early-game mobility.

Who should avoid: Players who prioritize higher speed, duration, or combat capabilities.

18. Flame Wings (B Tier)

Flame Wings (B Tier)

Pros: Unique flame trail visual while in flight, offering decent aerial mobility.

Cons: Requires rare crafting materials and is outperformed by late-game wings.

Who should choose: Players who enjoy the fiery visual effect and have access to the required materials.

Who should avoid: Those who desire higher-tier wings with better performance statistics.

19. Safeman’s Blanket Cape (C Tier)

Safeman's Blanket Cape (C Tier)

Pros: A purely cosmetic item that adds style without any influential attributes.

Cons: Provides no real benefits in terms of mobility or gameplay.

Who should choose: Players who prioritize looks and style over performance.

Who should avoid: Players who seek actual flight capabilities or aerial combat benefits.

20. Jetpack (C Tier)

Jetpack (C Tier)

Pros: Early Hardmode accessibility and a steampunk-inspired look.

Cons: Limited flight time and lower maneuverability compared to winged alternatives.

Who should choose: Players who relish the aesthetic or need an early Hardmode mobility option.

Who should avoid: Those who value aerial combat or have access to superior winged items.

21. Red’s Wings (C Tier)

Red's Wings (C Tier)

Pros: Distinct design, named after Terraria’s lead developer, Redigit.

Cons: Limited mobility and overshadowed by higher-ranking wings.

Who should choose: Players interested in collecting developer-themed items for aesthetics.

Who should avoid: Players looking for exceptional mobility and aerial combat capabilities.

22. Empress Wings (C Tier)

Empress Wings (C Tier)

Pros: Unique design with a versatile color palette that changes based on the dye applied.

Cons: Low mobility compared to higher-tier wings, available only in Journey Mode by defeating the Empress of Light.

Who should choose: Players seeking aesthetics and versatility in their wing design.

Who should avoid: Those who prioritize mobility and haven’t defeated the Empress of Light.

23. Lazure’s Barrier Platform (C Tier)

Lazure's Barrier Platform (C Tier)

Pros: Unique design inspired by Lazure, a Terraria developer, offering moderate mobility.

Cons: Limited height and scattered availability, making it a collector’s item rather than a practical choice.

Who should choose: Players interested in developer-themed wings for the sake of collection.

Who should avoid: Players in search of superior flight capabilities.

24. Jim’s Wings (C Tier)

Jim's Wings (C Tier)

Pros: A chromatic wing design named after Terraria artist Jim.

Cons: Acquired only through developer vanity item bags, providing only average mobility.

Who should choose: Avid collectors looking to obtain developer-themed wings.

Who should avoid: Players who want top-notch mobility and combat versatility.

25. Loki’s Wings (C Tier)

Loki's Wings (C Tier)

Pros: Unique design named after Terraria developer, Loki.

Cons: Gained through developer item bags, boasting only average mobility.

Who should choose: Players searching for collector’s items or developer-themed appearance.

Who should avoid: Players who value high-performance wings.

26. Arkhalis’ Lightwings (C Tier)

Arkhalis' Lightwings (C Tier)

Pros: Graceful design named after Terraria artist and designer, Arkhalis.

Cons: Acquired via developer item bags, offering only moderate flight capabilities.

Who should choose: Collectors interested in unique designs and developer-themed wings.

Who should avoid: Players looking for exceptional mobility and in-game performance.

27. Betsy’s Wings (C Tier)

Betsy's Wings (C Tier)

Pros: Obtainable after defeating Betsy during the Old One’s Army event.

Cons: Provides limited mobility compared to other wings in the game.

Who should choose: Players who have completed the Old One’s Army event and want a thematic wing.

Who should avoid: Those who prioritize flight capabilities and are prepared to face end-game contents.

28. Cenx’s Wings (C Tier)

Cenx's Wings (C Tier)

Pros: Unique aesthetics named after Terraria’s lead developer Cenx.

Cons: Limited availability via developer item bags, with average flight capabilities.

Who should choose: Players interested in cosmetic developer-themed wings.

Who should avoid: Those looking for high-performance wings for advanced gameplay.

29. D-Town’s Wings (C Tier)

D-Town's Wings (C Tier)

Pros: Cool design named after Terraria developer, D-Town.

Cons: Acquired through developer item bags, providing only average flight attributes.

Who should choose: Collectors of developer-themed wings with a preference for unique styles.

Who should avoid: Players prioritizing mobility and flight functionalities.

30. Grox The Great’s Wings (C Tier)

Grox The Great's Wings (C Tier)

Pros: Aesthetic design named after Terraria programmer Grox The Great.

Cons: Limited availability and average flight characteristics make them less practical.

Who should choose: Players focused on cosmetic appearance and collecting developer-themed wings.

Who should avoid: Those seeking top-tier wings with superior mobility and in-game performance.

How To Get Better at Terraria?

Improving your skills and becoming better at Terraria involves time, practice, and understanding the game’s mechanics. Here are some tips to help you become a skilled Terraria player:

How to get better at Terraria?
  • Learn the basics: Familiarize yourself with the crafting system, controls, UI, and mechanics of the game. Experiment with your character, equipment, and abilities to see what works best for you.
  • Study the game’s progression: Terraria has a predefined progression with various bosses and events that help you acquire better loot and develop your character. Study this progression path to learn which bosses to defeat in order and what resources you need to gather.
  • Build proper housing: Build proper housing for NPCs, which is not only essential for acquiring new NPCs that can sell you items, but it also helps you develop your character through quests, recipes, and buffs provided by these NPCs.
  • Explore and mine: Emerging stronger in Terraria requires gathering more powerful ores, materials, and loot. Go spelunking into the tunnels and caverns to discover rare items and materials that can help you craft better equipment and resources.
  • Keep your inventory organized: Hold on to important items, potions, and materials, and store them systematically in chests. Managing your inventory will ensure you have everything you need while keeping unwanted items out of the way.
  • Upgrade your gear: Always upgrade your gear as you progress through the game. Newer equipment will enable you to defend against powerful enemies and mine rarer ores more efficiently.
  • Master combat techniques: Develop and improve your combat skills by learning different attack patterns, strategies, and the specific abilities of your weapons. Practice dodging enemy attacks and using your defense to your advantage.
  • Collaborate with friends: Terraria supports multiplayer gaming, which not only helps you tackle bosses and events more effectively but also provides you with the opportunity to learn from other players and develop your own strategies.
  • Customize your playstyle: Understand which accessories, arms, and armor complement your preferred style of play. Experiment with equipment sets and weapons that enhance your abilities and preferences.
  • Engage with the Terraria community: Participate in online forums, Reddit, and other platforms where Terraria players gather to discuss their knowledge, tips, tricks, ideas, and challenges.

How To Unlock Wings in Terraria?

Unlocking wings in Terraria involves gathering the necessary crafting materials, finding appropriate crafting stations, and/or meeting specific requirements (like defeating bosses or reaching a certain game stage). Most wings are typically obtained in Hardmode since you can only craft wings once you’ve defeated the Wall of Flesh and activated Hardmode. Here’s a general overview of the process:

How to unlock wings in Terraria?
  • Activate Hardmode: Defeat the Wall of Flesh boss in the Underworld. This will not only activate Hardmode but also allow for new ores to spawn in your world, which is essential for crafting various wings.
  • Gather necessary materials: Materials needed for wings crafting usually include feathers, as well as rare ores and precious gems. Each wing type has different requirements, so check the specific recipe for the wings you’re planning to craft. For example, Angel and Demon Wings require feathers, 20 Souls of Flight, and 10 Souls of Light or Night, depending on the wing type.
  • Farm Souls of Flight: To craft most wings, you’ll need to obtain Souls of Flight as a key ingredient. These are dropped by Wyverns, which can be found in the sky layer once Hardmode is active. You may need to battle many Wyverns to collect enough Souls of Flight for crafting your desired wings.
  • Find or create appropriate crafting station: Most wings require a Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil as a crafting station, which are upgraded versions of a standard Iron Anvil. To create a Mythril Anvil, forge 10 Mythril Bars; for an Orichalcum Anvil, forge 12 Orichalcum Bars. Both anvils can be placed and used interchangeably for wing crafting.
  • Craft your wings: With the necessary materials and crafting station, open your crafting interface near the anvil, and your desired wings should appear as a craftable item.
  • Non-craftable wings: Some wings can’t be crafted and must be acquired through other means, such as purchasing from NPCs (e.g., Leaf Wings from the Witch Doctor), treasure bags (e.g., Empress Wings), or by completing unique tasks and events (e.g., Festive Wings during the Frost Moon event).

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you obtain wings in Terraria?

Wings can be obtained through crafting, drops from bosses or enemies, trading with NPCs, or developing your character in the game.

2. What are the best wings in Terraria?

The Celestial Starboard, Steampunk Wings, Spooky Wings, Fishron Wings, and the Vortex Booster are considered some of the best wings in Terraria.

3. How do I equip wings in Terraria?

Open your inventory, navigate to the accessories tab, and place the wings in one of the accessory slots.

4. Can I use multiple wings at once?

No, only one set of wings can be equipped and active at a time.

5. What are the benefits of using wings in Terraria?

Wings provide the ability to fly and glide, which allows for better mobility, exploration, and combat maneuverability.

6. Can wings be reforged?

Yes, wings can be reforged at the Goblin Tinkerer to improve their-stat bonuses.

7. What items do I need to craft wings?

The materials required for crafting wings vary depending on the type of wings being crafted. Some common materials include Souls of Flight, various Feathers, and Banners.

8. Can wings be crafted in pre-Hardmode?

No, wings can only be crafted in Hardmode, which begins after defeating the Wall of Flesh.

9. How do I obtain Souls of Flight?

Souls of Flight can be obtained by defeating Wyverns, which spawn in the Sky or Space biomes.

10. Will wings work in all biomes?

Yes, wings function in all biomes, allowing for flight and gliding as intended.

11. How do wings affect falling speed?

Equipping wings does affect falling speed, causing your character to fall at a slower rate while descending.

12. Are wings required to beat Terraria?

Wings are not required to beat the game, but they are highly beneficial in making exploration and combat much easier.

13. Can I dye my wings in Terraria?

Yes, you can dye your wings by applying Dye to the respective accessory slot.

14. Are there any wings exclusive to certain game versions (e.g., console, PC, mobile)?

Most wings are available across all platforms, but some wings, like Red’s Wings or Arkhalis’ Light Wings, may have limited availability.

15. How do wings compare to other mobility accessories in Terraria?

Wings provide superior mobility compared to other accessories due to their ability to allow for flight and gliding.

16. Can wings be wings found in chests?

Some wings, like Leaf Wings and Jetpack, can be bought from NPCs, while others are found exclusively as drops or through crafting.

17. What is the fastest set of wings in Terraria?

The Celestial Starboard currently holds the title for the fastest set of wings in the game.

18. How long can I fly with wings?

The flight duration varies depending on the type of wings equipped, with some wings allowing for more extended flight times.

19. Do the different tiers of wings offer varying abilities?

Yes, higher-tier wings typically offer better abilities and faster flight speeds.

20. Which wings should a beginner choose in Terraria?

Beginners might want to start with Angel Wings, Harpy Wings, or Leaf Wings, which are relatively easier to obtain early in Hardmode.


It’s clear that Terraria boasts a fantastic and diverse array of wings, each offering its own unique advantages, aesthetics, and functionalities. Our Wings tier list for 2024 is designed to help you sift through your options and determine the best choice to complement your playstyle and maximize your in-game experience. Keep in mind that while some wings may be ranked higher, Terraria is ultimately a game of creativity and personal preference, meaning that the perfect set of wings for you may differ from someone else’s ideal choice.

As you explore the expansive world of Terraria and delve deeper into its challenges, we hope that our Wings Tier List serves as a valuable resource in your journey to conquer the skies and reach new heights. Remember that this list is by no means exhaustive, and with Terraria’s constant updates and expansions, we can expect more awe-inspiring wings to grace the game in the future. So, gear up, unleash that inner adventurer, and take flight with confidence, knowing that you’ve got the best wings on your back. Good luck, and happy gaming!


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