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Valheim Weapon Tier List (June 2024) Best Weapons

Valheim Weapon Tier List ([nmf] [cy]) Best Weapons
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 07/27/2023
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Valheim is a high-stakes survival game that was published in 2021. The game is very competitive, and players are always looking for an edge over their opponents. Valheim weapon tier list is a great resource for players who want to know which weapons are the best in the game.

The Valheim weapons tier list ranks all of the weapons in the game from best to worst. The list is based on several factors, including damage output, durability, and versatility. Valheim’s best weapons are those that excel in one or more of these categories.

Whether you have played Valheim before or are just starting, this tier list will be a valuable resource. Use it to help make informed decisions about which weapons are best for your play style and situation. Valheim is a challenging game, but with the right tools, you can survive and thrive in the wilderness.

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Valheim Weapon Tier List (June 2024)

A tier list refers to a list of items that are ranked according to their efficiency and usefulness. In this case, the Valheim weapons tier list is a compilation of all the available weapons in the game, sorted from the most useful and powerful to the least.

Valheim Weapon Tier List (2024)

This Valheim weapon tier list will help all the Valheim players in several ways:

  • It will show the best Valheim weapons for beginners.
  • It will help in finding the most powerful Valheim weapons.
  • It will explain the difference between Valheim weapon types.
  • It will teach what are the most dangerous Valheim creatures and how to defeat them.
  • It will show the Valheim weapons that are most effective against each creature.
  • And finally, it will tell you what Valheim weapons to avoid altogether.

There are also several different categories of weapons in Valheim and each caters to different types of situations such as Maces, Clubs, Knives, Spear, Sword, Sledgehammer, and Axe for close-range combat; Bows and Arrows for long-range combat. Valheim also has a unique weapon called the “Polearm” which is effective against both flying and ground creatures.

Overall Best Weapons In Valheim (2024)

In this list, we have added those weapons that are best in overall performance in Valheim. This means that they are good at everything such as damage output, durability, and versatility.

Overall Best Weapons In Valheim (2024)

So without further ado, let’s get started with the best Valheim weapons!

FrostnerBest Club in Valheim
Silver ArrowBest Arrow
Blackmetal KnifeBest Knife
Silver SwordBest Sword
Iron SledgeBest Sledgehammer
Fang SpearBest Spear
Draugr FangBest Bow
Blackmetal AtgeirBest Polearm
PorcupineBest Mace in Valheim
BattleaxeBest Axe

Now, the tier list will be ranking all these weapons into five tiers – S, A, B, C, and D – to make it easy for you to pick the right weapon out of each category. The strongest weapons are in the S tier and the weakest ones are in the D tier.

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Valheim Weapons S Tier List (2024)

Weapons in tier S are the best of the best. They are rare, powerful, and expensive. If you have the resources to obtain one of these weapons, it will be worth it. You may not land one of these weapons right at the beginning, but once you have them, they will make surviving in the Valheim universe a lot easier.

Valheim Weapons S Tier List (2024)
  • Silver Sword
  • Stagbreaker
  • Iron Sledge
  • Frostner
  • Blackmetal Knife
  • Draugr Fang
  • Abyssal Harpoon
  • Fang Spear
  • Battleaxe
  • Blackmetal Sword
  • Needle Arrow
  • Blackmetal Atgeir
  • Silver Arrow

Valheim Weapons A Tier List (2024)

Tier A weapons are the second most wanted weapons in Valheim. They are not as good as top-tier weapons, but they are still very powerful. They can also cause high damage and are great for taking down large groups of enemies. If you are looking to win, you want to use these weapons.

Valheim Weapons A Tier List (2024)
  • Obsidian Arrow
  • Bronze Mace
  • Finewood Bow
  • Poison Arrow
  • Iron Mace
  • Huntsman Bow
  • Frost Arrow

Valheim Weapons B Tier List (2024)

Weapons in tier B are a bit less powerful than those in tier A, but they’re still worth using. They may not be the best weapons in Valheim, but they are still good enough to get the job done. When you are just starting they may also be a better pick than the higher tiers as they are easier to find and don’t require as much work to get.

Valheim Weapons B Tier List (2024)
  • Abyssal Razor
  • Iron Sword
  • Bronze Atgeir
  • Fire Arrow
  • Bronze Spear
  • Ironhead Arrow

Valheim Weapons C Tier List (2024)

Now, these weapons are a lot weaker than the other tiers. They can still be used but should never be your first choice. If you want to win in Valheim, you will need to find something better as soon as possible. They are fine to use as reserves but it is recommended to move on to something stronger.

Valheim Weapons C Tier List (2024)
  • Ooze Bomb
  • Flint Axe
  • Bronzehead Arrow
  • Fang Spear

Valheim Weapons D Tier List (2024)

These are the weapons you might find yourself stuck with at the very beginning. These Valheim weapons are the weakest in terms of damage output and durability. They will get the job done, but it will take a lot longer than with any of the other Valheim weapons on this list. It is best to replace them as quickly as possible.

Valheim Weapons D Tier List (2024)
  • Copper Knife
  • Flint Spear
  • Club
  • Wood Arrow
  • Flinthead Arrow
  • Ancient Bark Spear
  • Flint Knife
  • Bronze Axe

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Valheim?

Valheim is a survival game about exploration, building, and combat inspired by stories from Norse mythology. You start the game as a lone warrior, who has been sent to Valheim by the gods. You must explore the world, defeat powerful enemies, and ultimately emerge as the sole survivor in the Valheim universe.

2. What are the best Valheim weapons?

The best Valheim weapons are those that deal the most damage and are the most durable.

3. Is this tier list for Valheim weapons static?

The Valheim weapon tier list is not static. Valheim is a game that is still being updated and developed so the tier list for weapons could change in the future. For now, these are the best Valheim weapons according to our findings.

4. Why do we need a Valheim weapon tier list?

A Valheim weapon tier list is helpful for players who are looking to find the best weapons in the game. It can be difficult to determine which weapons are the best, especially when there are so many different types of weapons available. A tier list makes it easy to compare and contrast different weapons so you can make an informed decision about which ones you want to use.

5. What is the highest tier in Valheim weapons tier list?

The highest tier for Valheim weapons tier list is the S tier. These are the best weapons in the game and will help you survive and thrive in the Valheim universe.

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Final Words

We hope that you found our Valheim weapons tier list helpful. Valheim is a great game with a lot of potential and we look forward to seeing how it develops in the future. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.


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