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Vampire Survivors Tier List (May 2024) Best Characters

Vampire Survivors Tier List ([nmf] [cy]) Best Characters
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 07/27/2023
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If you’re a fan of Vampire Survivors, then you’ll look our this Vampire Survivors tier list. We’ve ranked all the characters from best to worst, so you can see who is worth your time and who you should avoid.

Vampire Survivors is a fun and unique game that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. The premise is simple: you and your friends are survivors of a vampire apocalypse, and you must work together to survive.

However, the game is more complicated than that. There are several different characters to select from, each with unique capabilities and playstyles.

If you’re new to the game, it can be overwhelming trying to decide who to play. That’s why we’ve created this Vampire Survivors character tier list. We’ll go over all of the different characters and break down which ones we think are the best and worst.

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Vampire Survivors Tier List (May 2024)

A tier list is a list that ranks the characters in Vampire Survivors from best to worst. The best characters in the game are those that can deal a lot of damage, heal themselves, and provide support to their teammates. They are also the ones who can fight against extremely powerful vampires.

Vampire Survivors Tier List (2024)

There are many benefits of a Vampire Survivors tier list including:

  • Firstly, it allows players to see which characters are the most powerful and which ones they should be using.
  • Secondly, it also indicates how well a player is doing in the game.
  • Thirdly, it allows players to compare their own performance with that of other players.
  • Finally, it is a lot of fun to make and discuss the list with other players.

The Vampire Survivors tier list is divided into 6 tiers, ranging from S to E. S being the strongest and E being the weakest. Without further ado, let’s get started with the tier lists:

Vampire Survivors S Tier List (2024)

The S tier list is reserved for the cream of the crop, the best of the best. These characters are essential for any team and will often be responsible for carrying their team to victory. If you’re lucky enough to have one of these heroes on your team, you’re in for a treat.

Vampire Survivors S Tier List (2024)
PoppeaSong of ManaStarts with 20% MoveSpeed.
Gains +1% Duration every Level.
LedaHoly WandStarts with +5 Armor, -20% MoveSpeed, +100% Might, +10% Area, & -10% Cooldown.

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Vampire Survivors A Tier List (2024)

The A-tier list is for characters that are almost as good as the S-tier heroes. These characters are still extremely powerful and will often be responsible for leading their team to victory. However, they may not be quite as reliable as the S-tier heroes.

Vampire Survivors A Tier List (2024)
MortaccioBoneGains +1 Amount every 20 Levels till Level 60.
ChristinePentagramStarts with +1 Level.
She has -50 Max Health, -35% Might, -25% Cooldown, & +30% MoveSpeed bonus.
 ArcaFire WandGains -5% Cooldown every 10 Levels till Level 30.
Red DeathDeath SpiralStarts with +100% MoveSpeed, 255 Max Health, & +20% Might.
DommarioKing BibleHe has permanent +40% projectile speed & +40% duration.
But at the cost of -40% MoveSpeed.
PugnalaPhiera Der Tuphello &
Eight The Sparrow
Starts with +20% MoveSpeed.
Gains +1% Might every Level.

Vampire Survivors B Tier List (2024)

The B tier list is for good characters, but not great. These characters are still effective today and may frequently make the difference between victory and defeat. They’re not, however, as potent as the A and S-tier characters.

Vampire Survivors B Tier List (2022)
 KrochiCrossStarts with a Revival, revives with 50% Health, & +30% MoveSpeed.
Gains another Revival at Level 33.
PasqualinaRunetracerStarts with +10% Speed.
Gains +10% Speed every 5 Levels till Level 15.
CavalloCherry BombGains +1 Amount every 20 Levels till Level 60.
missingN▯ Axe or Death SpiralBase Stats are randomized every time
GiovannaGatti AmariStarts with +20% MoveSpeed.
Gains +1% Projectile Speed every Level.

Vampire Survivors C Tier List (2024)

The C tier list is for average characters. These characters are still useful, but they’re not as good as the characters in the higher tiers. If you have one of these characters on your team, you’ll still be able to win, but it might be a bit more difficult.

Vampire Survivors C Tier List (2024)
AntonioWhipStarts with +20 Max Health and +1 Armor.
Gains 10% Might every 10 Levels till Level 50.
ImeldaMagic Wand Gains +10% Growth every 5 levels till Level 15.
ClericiSanta WaterStarts with +0.5 HP/S, +50 Max Health, +400% Area.
Loses Area by 100% every Level till Level 5.
 PortaLightning RingStarts with +30% Area &  -90% Cooldown bonus.
Cooldown increases by 30% on every level up to Level 4.
LamaAxe Starts with +10 Max Health, +10% Might, +10% MoveSpeed, and +10% Curse.
Gains 5% Might, 5% MoveSpeed and 5% Curse every 10 levels.

Vampire Survivors D Tier List (2024)

The D-tier list is for characters that are below average. These characters are not as useful as the other heroes and will often be the reason why their team loses. If you have one of these heroes on your team, you’ll need to be extra careful.

Vampire Survivors D Tier List (2024)
Ramba CarrélloGains +1 Amount every 20 Levels till Level 60.
GennaroKnifeStarts with +20 Max Health and +1 Amount.

Vampire Survivors E Tier List (2024)

The E-tier list is for characters that are the worst in the game. These characters are so bad that they’re often not even worth using. You’re better off not using a hero like this on your team.

Vampire Survivors E Tier List (2024)
ExdashEbony WingsStarts with -23 Max Health, -10% MoveSpeed, -10% Might,
-10% Area, -50% Speed, -10% Duration, +10% Cooldown, & 100% Luck.
PoeGarlicStarts with -30 Max Health and +25% Magnet.
ToastiePeachoneStarts with -99 Max Health, +20% MoveSpeed, -10% Might, -10% Area,
-50% Speed, -10% Duration, +10% Cooldown and +100% Luck.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Vampire Survivors tier list?

A tier list for Vampire Survivors is a ranking system that allows players to see which characters are the best and worst in the game.

2. How do you make a Vampire Survivors character tier list?

You can make a Vampire Survivors characters tier list by taking into consideration a character’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall performance in the game.

3. How accurate is the tier list for Vampire Survivors?

The accuracy of the Vampire Survivors characters tier list can vary depending on who made it and how often it is updated. It’s generally a good indication of who is strong and weak in the game, but it can be misleading.

4. Why should I care about this Vampire Survivors tier list?

You may not need to care about the Vampire Survivors tier list if you are just playing for fun. However, if you are trying to competitively rank up in the game, then knowing which characters are strong and weak can be helpful.

5. Why is the E tier ranked last?

One of the main reasons the E tier is ranked last is that the characters in this tier are generally considered to be weak and not very useful in battle. Additionally, these characters typically have low stats and abilities that make them less effective than other characters in the game.

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Final Words

In the end, we’d like to conclude by saying that Vampire Survivors is a great game with a lot of potential. The developers are constantly adding new content and features to keep players engaged.

We hope you found our Vampire Survivors tier list useful in team composition. Feel free to leave us a note if you have any queries or ideas.


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