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What Is Anvil In Minecraft? [Tool Guide And Useful Tips]

What Is Anvil In Minecraft
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 12/05/2023
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Picking up Minecraft for the first time can feel like learning a new language. With its pixelated graphics, bizarre landscapes, and countless ways to play, it’s a whole new world for gamers to explore.

Within this digital labyrinth is one tool that often leaves beginners scratching their heads: the anvil. So what is anvil in Minecraft, you ask?

An anvil in Minecraft is more than just a big chunk of iron; it’s a crucial element that plays a pivotal role in the game’s customization aspect.

This instrumental block lets you repair items, combine enchantments, and even rename your living pets or non-living items. Once you’ve gotten to grips with using an anvil, it could turn your game around like nothing else.

What do you use an anvil for in Minecraft?

A marvel in the blocky world of Minecraft. In this multifaceted game universe, the anvil does more good than you might realize.

What Do You Use An Anvil For In Minecraft?

This isn’t a chunk of grey pixels you ignore; instead, you utilize it to upgrade your gaming strategy and make real progress like a seasoned player. So, let’s delve into how this fundamental tool can turn around your gameplay.

  • Repairing items: Yes, you read that right! An anvil is your go-to destination for sprucing up tools, weapons, and armor. Have a diamond pickaxe looking rundown after mining expeditions? Please bring it to the anvil. It’s like a spa that rejuvenates your tools.
  • Combining enchantments: Imagine having a sword with not just one but two enchantments! That’s where our sturdy friend comes in handy. With an anvil, you can combine two enchantments and make your items doubly powerful.
  • Renaming items: Tired of the same old ‘diamond sword’ or ‘iron helmet’? Why not give them a personal touch? With the help of an anvil, adding names to your most treasured belongings has never been easier.
  • Enchanting items with enchanted books: Last but definitely not least, in terms of utility, the Anvil lets you merge enchanted books with regular objects to create enhanced items.

Considering these utilities, it’s clear why the Anvil is nothing short of being crowned as Minecraft’s real MVP. It extends beyond being just raw metalworking; it’s like your loyal companion assisting you on every step of this pixelated journey.

Each time those clanging sounds reverberate from crafting or repairing something precious on this mighty platform, somewhere, you inch closer to mastering the game one iron block at a time.

How Many Times Can You Use An Anvil in Minecraft?

The lifespan of an anvil in Minecraft isn’t infinite, but it’s more durable than you might guess. On average, an anvil can be used about 25 times before it breaks and is no longer usable.

How Many Times Can You Use An Anvil in Minecraft?

It’s important to note that this can vary; the actual number could be as low as 12 uses or as high as 30. The luck of the draw plays a significant role here.

Each use has a chance to damage the anvil, and with enough luck, your trusty block of metal could last quite a considerable amount of time.

What is anvil in Minecraft?

An anvil in Minecraft is primarily used to repair any equipment you may have in the game.

What is anvil in Minecraft?

An anvil allows players to repair items, combine enchantments, and rename items. It’s a very useful tool for extending the life of your equipment and enhancing its abilities.

To use an anvil, players place the item they want to repair or modify in one slot and the material or item for the modification in another. Over time, the anvil can become damaged with use and eventually break.

How to make an anvil in Minecraft?

Crafting an anvil in Minecraft is a straightforward process, but it requires a good amount of iron. Anvils are incredibly useful for repairing tools, combining enchantments, and renaming items.


The journey to create an anvil involves several steps, starting from mining iron ore to crafting iron blocks. Each stage is essential and utilizes fundamental Minecraft mechanics.

This guide will walk you through each step of the process, ensuring you have all the necessary resources and knowledge to create your anvil.

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Collect Iron Ore

Mine iron ore blocks with a stone pickaxe or better. The first step in crafting an anvil is to collect iron ore. Iron ore is found underground and requires a stone pickaxe or better to mine.

You’ll often find iron ore in cave systems or by digging a mine yourself. When mining, it’s advisable to go below the surface as iron ore tends to spawn more frequently in lower levels of the world.

Remember to carry torches for visibility and to ward off hostile mobs once you find iron ore. Mine as much as you can because you’ll need a significant amount to create an anvil. Besides the anvil, iron is useful for many other crafting recipes, so it’s always good to have extra.

Smelt Iron Ore

Use a furnace to smelt the iron ore into iron ingots. After mining the iron ore, the next step is to smelt it into iron ingots. For this, you’ll need a furnace.

If you don’t have a furnace, you can craft one using eight cobblestone blocks. Place the furnace, then fuel it with a source like coal, charcoal, or wood. Put the iron ore in the top slot of the furnace and your fuel in the bottom slot.

Each piece of iron ore will smelt into one iron ingot. It’s important to collect a lot of iron ore because you’ll need 31 iron ingots to make an anvil.

Craft Iron Blocks

In the crafting table, use nine iron ingots to make one iron block. You’ll need three iron blocks to create an anvil. To craft an iron block, open your crafting table and fill all nine slots of the crafting grid with iron ingots.

Each block requires nine nuggets, so you’ll need a total of 27 ingots for the three blocks. Crafting iron blocks is an efficient way to store iron as it condenses nine ingots into one block, saving space in your inventory or storage.

You’ll need four additional iron ingots alongside the blocks to complete your anvil, so keep mining and smelting until you have enough.

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Arrange Items on Crafting Table

Once you have collected the necessary iron ingots and crafted the iron blocks, the next step in creating an anvil in Minecraft is to arrange these items correctly on the crafting table.

This step is crucial as the specific pattern in which you place the iron blocks and ingots determines the successful creation of an anvil.

The crafting table offers a 3×3 crafting grid, and each slot must be filled precisely with the iron blocks and ingots. Here’s how to do it:

  • Place the three iron blocks in the top row. This forms the top part of the anvil.
  • Place one iron ingot in the center of the grid. This goes in the middle row, center column, representing the anvil’s waist.
  • Place three iron ingots in the bottom row. These ingots go in the bottom row of the grid, filling all three slots and forming the base of the anvil.

Retrieve the Anvil

Once the items are correctly arranged in the crafting table, an anvil icon will appear in the result slot. This indicates that you have successfully followed the recipe to craft an anvil.

Click on this anvil icon to move the newly crafted anvil into your inventory. Anvils are quite heavy in terms of game mechanics, so ensure you have enough inventory space to carry it.

Anvils can be placed on the ground and used for various purposes, including repairing items, combining enchantments, and renaming items.

Remember that anvils have durability and can break over time after repeated use. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to have enough iron ingots at hand for future replacements or other crafting needs.

The anvil is an indispensable tool for any Minecraft player looking to enhance their gameplay experience by maximizing the potential of their tools and weapons.

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FAQs About The Anvil In Minecraft

Can an Anvil Be Used to Break a Fall in Minecraft?

Yes, an anvil can break your fall in Minecraft. It deals a considerable amount of damage if it falls on you, so you must be careful.

What Happens If Anvils Fall on a Player in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, if an anvil falls from a height and lands on a player or mob, it can do significant damage depending on the distance it falls.

Does Using an Anvil Cost Experience Levels?

Yes, using an anvil in Minecraft requires experience levels. The cost depends on the job at hand – renaming items typically costs 1 level, while repairs and combining enchantments vary based on item durability and enchantment level.

Can Anvils Break in Minecraft?

Absolutely! An anvil has limited use in Minecraft and can break after extensive use, roughly around 25 uses. It will gradually crack over time before entirely breaking.

Can You Enchant a Sword Using an Anvil in Minecraft?

Yes, you can! With enchanted books and compatible tools or weapons like swords placed on the anvils, players can transfer the enchantment of a book to that item.


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