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AFK Arena Tier List (April 2024) Best Heroes Ranked [Updated]

AFK Arena Tier List (2023) Best Heroes [Updated]
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 07/23/2023
Est. Reading: 8 minutes

Card games have been a mainstay of gaming for years, and AFK Arena is no exception. Players can make their own personalized team, with each hero having unique abilities that they can level up to become even stronger as they progress through the game. The goal of AFK Arena is to prevent an ancient evil from destroying the realm of Esperia.

With the right team composition and strategy, you can be victorious in the arena. To help you build your winning team, we have compiled an AFK Arena tier list. This list ranks heroes and gives you an idea of which heroes will be best suited to your team. With this information in hand, you can make sure that your team is powerful enough to take on anything that the arena throws at you.

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AFK Arena Tier List (April 2024)

The AFK Arena Tier List is designed to provide players with an overview of how strong and effective each hero is when compared to other heroes in the game. This list categorizes heroes into different classes such as Warrior, Mage, Support, Tank, and Ranger.

AFK Arena Tier List (2023)

Each class has its own unique strengths and weaknesses that should be taken into account when selecting heroes for your team composition. So, if you are looking for a specific type of hero, it is important to check the tier list to see which heroes are the strongest in that particular class. Let’s take a look at the AFK Arena tier list for each class.

AFK Arena Warrior Tier List (2024)

Warriors are powerful and heavily armored heroes that receive the blessing of Dura’s might. They deal higher physical damage than other classes, making them ideal for close-quarters combat.

AFK Arena Warrior Tier List (2023)
BAntandra – Desert Fury, Izold – The Forgotten Champion
CSaurus – The Risen Warrior, Alna – The Frozen Mother, Anasta, Tarnos
DEstrilda – Knight Of Valor, Anoki – The Blood Guard
FZolrath – Voidbinder, Wu Kong – The Monkey King, Rigby – The Brewmaster, Khasos – The Unruly, Baden – The Abomination, Ukyo – Wandering Swordsman, Seirus – Savior of the Sea, QUEEN – Courageous Tactician, Walker – The Lone Ranger, Framton – Devourer of Flames

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AFK Arena Mage Tier List (2024)

Mages utilize spells to hinder and damage their opponents, granting them the blessing of Dura’s sorcery. In our AFK Arena Mage Tier List, you can find the best spellcasters in the game.

AFK Arena Mage Tier List (2023)
SOden – Bitterblight
AAinz Ooal Gown – Magic Caster, Pippa – The Muddled Magician, Leonardo – da Vinci, Ezizh – Lord of Nightmares
BMehira – The Mind Cager, Morrow – The Dark Crow, Thesku – The Serpent Charmer, Melusina- Baba Yaga
CSatrana – Flame Weaver, Lorsan – Wind Whisperer, Zaphrael – The Righteous
DBelinda – Beam Of Hope, Safiya – Daughter of the Desert, Eluard – Protector of Souls, Scarlet – The Arcane Shadow
FFlora – The Serene Promise, Khazard – The Frozen Terror, Skriath – The Wise One, Solise – The Floral Wonder, Isabella – The Taken Soul, Shemira – The Corpsemaker, Morael – Queen of Stars, Thali – Maniacal Mage

AFK Arena Support Tier List (2024)

Supports are heroes that receive the blessing of Dura’s sustenance. They nurture their teammates with health boosts and other stat buffs while often taking up backline positions to keep their team safe from harm.

AFK Arena Support Tier List (2023)
SSilas – Augmented Death, Astar – The Brilliant Flame, Awakened Solise – Water Animator
ARowan – The Roamer, Tasi – Dreamhopper, Talene – The Rising Phoenix, Nevanthi
BTalene – The Rising Phoenix, Rosaline – The Kind, Nemora – Nature’s Heart, Merlin – Seer of Destiny, Joan of Arc – Dawn Protector
CElijah & Lailah – Celestial Twins, Ezizh – Hellborn, Raine – Death’s Denier, Mortas – The Insidious, Desira – The Sinister Siren, Leofric – The Malevolent Menace, Fane – The Wicked Warden
DNumisu – The All Seer, Haelus – The Crafter
FPeggy – The Precious Pearl, Alaro – Desert’s Eye

AFK Arena Tank Tier List (2024)

Tanks are heroes that have been equipped to withstand heavy damage and are blessed with Dura’s fortitude. They tend to be bulkier and more defensive, often taking up frontlines positions in order to protect their team from enemy attacks.

AFK Arena Tank Tier List (2023)
SDaimon – The Forsaken Child, Mishka – The Wild Child, Awakened Brutus – Lion’s Pride
BMezoth – Abysmal Butcher, Brutus – The Blood Claw, Skreg – The Cunning, Arthur – Pendragon
CHendrik – The Defender, Gorvo – The Indomitable, Hodgkin – The Reviled Captain
DOrthros – The Seer of Origins, Lucius – Lightbringer, Thoran – The Fallen King, Titus – Guardian of the Mountains
FGrezhul – The Corrupted, Torne – The Wandering Corsair, Ulmus – Aldermarrow, Albedo – The Pure-White Devil, Granit – Desert’s Stone, Oku – Ironfist

AFK Arena Ranger Tier List (2024)

Rangers are heroes that attack from a distance, making them perfect assassins and specialist damage dealers. They receive the blessing of Dura’s celerity, allowing them to move faster than other classes.

AFK Arena Ranger Tier List (2023)
SAwakened Thane – The Veiled Wind
ALyca – Keeper Of Glades, Lucretia – The Betrayed
BFerael – Doomwhisper, Ezio – Auditore da Firenze, Raku – The Rascal, Prince of Persia – King of Blades
CAthalia – Harbinger of Justice, Cecilia – Purger of Sins, Fawkes – Death’s Defeat, Tidus – Shadowmane, Eironn – Stormsword, Kren – The Fanatical
DGwyneth – The Fair Maiden, Oscar – The True Gentleman, Vurk – The Devious, Treznor – The Aggrieved
FThane – The Exalted, Drez – The Quicksand Recluse, Kaz – Hand Of The Wood, Kelthur – Plaguegrip, Nakoruru – Nature’s Guardian, Theowyn – The Wailing Widow, JOKER – Leader of Few Words, Respen – The Windchild, Zikis – The Languid, Audrae – The Chaotic Star

Overall AFK Arena Tier List (2024)

The AFK Arena Tier List is divided into six tiers, ranging from S to F. The higher the tier, the better the hero in terms of overall performance.

Overall AFK Arena Tier List (2023)

AFK Arena S Tier List (2024)

These heroes are the strongest in the game and make up a vast majority of top-tier teams. They should always be considered when building your team composition as they have incredibly powerful abilities that can help you dominate in battle.

AFK Arena S Tier List (2023)
Daimon – The Forsaken ChildStrengthTankTank
Oden – BitterblightIntelligenceMageAoE
Silas – Augmented DeathIntelligenceSupportBuffer
Mishka – The Wild ChildStrengthTankControl
Astar – The Brilliant FlameIntelligenceSupportRegen
Awakened Thane – The Veiled WindAgilityRangerBurst Damage
Awakened Brutus – Lion’s PrideStrengthTankTank
Awakened Solise – Water AnimatorIntelligenceSupportRegen

AFK Arena A Tier List (2024)

Heroes ranked in this tier are still extremely strong, but may not be as powerful as their S-tier counterparts. They are still great options to have on your team, and can easily make up the backbone of an effective roster.

AFK Arena A Tier List (2023)
Rowan – The RoamerIntelligenceSupportBuffer
Lyca – Keeper Of GladesAgilityRangerBuffer
Tasi – DreamhopperIntelligenceSupportControl
Lucretia – The BetrayedAgilityRangerAssassin
Ainz Ooal Gown – Magic CasterIntelligenceMageBurst Damage
Pippa – The Muddled MagicianIntelligenceMageContinuous Damage
Leonardo – da VinciIntelligenceMageControl
Talene – The Rising PhoenixAgilitySupportContinuous Damage
Ezizh – Lord of NightmaresIntelligenceMageContinuous Damage

AFK Arena B Tier List (2024)

B-tier heroes are good but not exceptional in terms of performance. They will generally require more investment in order to reach their full potential, however, they can still be utilized to great effect in the right team composition.

AFK Arena B Tier List (2023)
Talene – The Rising PhoenixAgilitySupportContinuous Damage
Mehira – The Mind CagerIntelligenceMageControl
Mezoth – Abysmal ButcherStrengthTankTank
Rosaline – The KindIntelligenceSupportBuffer
Antandra – Desert FuryAgilityWarriorContinuous Damage
Brutus – The Blood ClawStrengthTankTank
Skreg – The CunningStrengthTankTank
Nemora – Nature’s HeartIntelligenceSupportRegen
Ferael – DoomwhisperAgilityRangerContinuous Damage
Izold – The Forgotten ChampionStrengthWarriorTank
Arthur – PendragonStrengthTankTank
Ezio – Auditore da FirenzeAgilityRangerAssassin
Raku – The RascalAgilityRangerBurst Damage
Prince of Persia – King of BladesAgilityRangerBurst Damage
Merlin – Seer of DestinyIntelligenceSupportRegen
Morrow – The Dark CrowIntelligenceMageControl
Thesku – The Serpent CharmerIntelligenceMageControl
Melusina- Baba YagaIntelligenceMageBurst Damage
Joan of Arc – Dawn ProtectorStrengthSupportBuffer

AFK Arena C Tier List (2024)

These heroes are not as strong as their higher-tier counterparts and should generally only be used if you have no other options available. They may require a lot of investment before they become useful, but with enough dedication, they can still be powerful additions to any team.

AFK Arena C Tier List (2023)
Athalia – Harbinger of JusticeAgilityRangerAssassin
Elijah & Lailah – Celestial TwinsIntelligenceSupportBuffer
Ezizh – HellbornStrengthSupportDebuffer
Cecilia – Purger of SinsAgilityRangerAssassin
Fawkes – Death’s DefeatAgilityRangerControl
Hendrik – The DefenderStrengthTankTank
Raine – Death’s DenierAgilitySupportBuffer
Satrana – Flame WeaverIntelligenceMageBurst Damage
Tidus – ShadowmaneAgilityRangerContinuous Damage
Eironn – StormswordAgilityRangerAoE
Gorvo – The IndomitableStrengthTankTank
Lorsan – Wind WhispererIntelligenceMageAoE
Saurus – The Risen WarriorStrengthWarriorContinuous Damage
Zaphrael – The RighteousIntelligenceMageContinuous Damage
Mortas – The InsidiousAgilitySupportRegen
Alna – The Frozen MotherAgilityWarriorDebuffer
Kren – The FanaticalAgilityRangerContinuous Damage
Desira – The Sinister SirenIntelligenceSupportRegen
Leofric – The Malevolent MenaceIntelligenceSupportDebuffer
Hodgkin – The Reviled CaptainStrengthTankTank
Fane – The Wicked WardenAgilitySupportDebuffer
AnastaStrengthWarriorContinuous Damage
TarnosStrengthWarriorContinuous Damage

AFK Arena D Tier List (2024)

These heroes are usually not worth investing in, as their abilities and stats are quite low compared to other higher-tier heroes. They should generally only be used if you have no other options available or for specific game strategies.

AFK Arena D Tier List (2023)
Orthros – The Seer of OriginsStrengthTankTank
Gwyneth – The Fair MaidenStrengthRangerContinuous Damage
Belinda – Beam Of HopeIntelligenceMageAoE
Estrilda – Knight Of ValorStrengthWarriorBurst Damage
Lucius – LightbringerStrengthTankRegen
Oscar – The True GentlemanAgilityRangerAssassin
Anoki – The Blood GuardStrengthWarriorControl
Numisu – The All SeerIntelligenceSupportRegen
Safiya – Daughter of the DesertIntelligenceMageAoE
Vurk – The DeviousAgilityRangerAoE
Thoran – The Fallen KingStrengthTankTank
Eluard – Protector of SoulsIntelligenceMageAoE
Titus – Guardian of the MountainsStrengthTankTank
Haelus – The CrafterIntelligenceSupportBuffer
Treznor – The AggrievedAgilityRangerControl
Scarlet – The Arcane ShadowIntelligenceMageBurst Damage

AFK Arena F Tier List (2024)

These heroes are usually the weakest in the game and should generally be avoided when building your team composition. They may have a few niche uses, but they will likely not make much of a difference overall.

AFK Arena F Tier List (2023)
Flora – The Serene PromiseIntelligenceMageContinuous Damage
Zolrath – VoidbinderAgilityWarriorAssassin
Khazard – The Frozen TerrorIntelligenceMageControl
Wu Kong – The Monkey KingStrengthWarriorContinuous Damage
Rigby – The BrewmasterStrengthWarriorTank
Thane – The ExaltedAgilityRangerAssassin
Drez – The Quicksand RecluseAgilityRangerBurst Damage
Khasos – The UnrulyStrengthWarriorContinuous Damage
Skriath – The Wise OneIntelligenceMageAoE
Warek – The UntamedStrengthWarriorContinuous Damage
Kaz – Hand Of The WoodAgilityRangerAssassin
Solise – The Floral WonderIntelligenceMageControl
Baden – The AbominationAgilityWarriorContinuous Damage
Grezhul – The CorruptedStrengthTankTank
Isabella – The Taken SoulIntelligenceMageContinuous Damage
Kelthur – PlaguegripAgilityRangerAssassin
Shemira – The CorpsemakerIntelligenceMageAoE
Torne – The Wandering CorsairStrengthTankTank
Ulmus – AldermarrowStrengthTankTank
Nakoruru – Nature’s GuardianAgilityRangerBurst Damage
Ukyo – Wandering SwordsmanAgilityWarriorContinuous Damage
Theowyn – The Wailing WidowAgilityRangerContinuous Damage
Albedo – The Pure-White DevilStrengthTankTank
Seirus – Savior of the SeaStrengthWarriorTank
JOKER – Leader of Few WordsAgilityRangerContinuous Damage
QUEEN – Courageous TacticianStrengthWarriorContinuous Damage
Respen – The WindchildAgilityRangerBurst Damage
Peggy – The Precious PearlIntelligenceSupportRegen
Morael – Queen of StarsIntelligenceMageContinuous Damage
Thali – Maniacal MageIntelligenceMageContinuous Damage
Walker – The Lone RangerStrengthWarriorContinuous Damage
Zikis – The LanguidAgilityRangerContinuous Damage
Granit – Desert’s StoneStrengthTankTank
Framton – Devourer of FlamesAgilityWarriorContinuous Damage
Alaro – Desert’s EyeAgilitySupportBuffer
Audrae – The Chaotic StarAgilityRangerContinuous Damage
Oku – IronfistStrengthTankTank

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which hero is the best mage in the AFK Arena tier list?

Oden – Bitterblight is the best mage in AFK Arena. He drains all energy from the enemy, causing void lightning to blast out. If you are looking for a powerful mage, Oden – Bitterblight is your best bet.

2. Which support hero should I pick?

Silas – Augmented Death is a great support hero to have on your team. He jumps beside his weakest ally and injects them with a powerful substance that can help turn the tide of battle.

3. Which AFK Arena tank hero can withstand the most damage?

Daimon – The Forsaken Child is a great choice for tanks. He deals damage to all enemy targets, but with his shield, he will suffer 35% of the damage taken instead. This makes him incredibly durable and able to soak up huge amounts of incoming damage.

4. Which hero is considered the strongest warrior?

Antandra – Desert Fury is widely considered to be the strongest warrior hero in AFK Arena. She has a multi-stage attack that culminates in a final attack that deals 190% damage. Antandra is an incredibly powerful hero and should always be taken into consideration when building your team composition.

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Final Words

The AFK Arena tier list is a great tool for selecting the strongest heroes in the game. By taking into account each hero’s unique strengths and ranking them in tiers, you can easily find the perfect hero for your team composition. With this tier list in hand, you should have no problem dominating the battlefield!


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