AFK Arena Tier List (2022): Best Heroes [Updated]

AFK Arena Tier List (December 2022) Best Heroes Ranked [Updated]

August 10, 2022
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Gaming is always a topic of interest for kids, and it's always important to know what is new in the industry. AFK Arena is a game that has been released on iOS and Android devices. It features classic RPG elements such as damage calculation based on character level and stat point allocation at each level up (upgrading stats).

This game features a number of heroes with different ranks to choose from. That's where the AFK Arena tier list comes in. The AFK Arena hero tier list is a ranking system for each of the heroes in this game based on their stats and abilities.

There are five tiers: The top tier is "S-tier," then it goes down to A-tier (High), B-tier (Normal), C-tier (Low), and D-tier (Bottom Tier). Are you a beginner? And want to figure out which character you should play with? Then this list has your answer.

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AFK Arena - A Quick Introduction

AFK Arena is a mobile game, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play for free. It's compatible with iOS version 10 and higher; Android versions of at least 4.1. The app takes up about 98MB of space on your device.

AFK Arena - A Quick Introduction

The goal in AFK Arena is to become the mightiest of all the players. You do this by fighting other players in the Arena. There are different modes available in AFK Arena, and each one offers a fresh challenge to players. The gameplay of AFK Arena is turn-based, and players take turns attacking each other until one of them falls.

AFK Arena has a variety of modes to choose from: you can play in the campaign mode where your goal is to defeat all the enemies on the map; or in King's Tower - which challenges you with getting as far up as possible on the board.

There is also a mode called Labyrinth, where you have to see how far you can get while using your relics - and of course, there is PVP Arena, where players fight each other!

There are a number of characters in AFK Arena, and it is difficult to choose which one to play with. With the AFK Arena tier list, you can find out which hero best fits your needs - whether it be high attack power or better defence.

AFK Arena Tier List (2022): Best Heroes

AFK Arena is a game for mobile. It is a role-playing game with RPG elements. In this game, players can compete with other people in real-time. Players choose a hero and start the adventure in different locations.

AFK Arena Tier List (2022): Best Heroes

To help players find the best heroes, we have created an AFK Arena tier list. In this list, we will rank the heroes in different tiers.

Tier S: These heroes are very powerful and can easily deal with any situation. They have high HP, and strong damage output and some of them also have healing abilities which allow them to take a lot of risks because they know their teammates can support them if anything goes wrong.

Tier A: This tier contains heroes who are at the top of their class. They have a little less HP, but they can deal more damage.

Tier B: These heroes are good at both attacking and defending due to them being tanky with high resistance or having an AoE attack that is powerful against many targets. Their low HP and low damage output make them weaker than higher-tier heroes.

Tier C: These heroes are not as powerful, but they still have a lot of potential to grow in strength with their high base stats (Attack) and decent AoE attacks, which deal good amounts of damage when used well.

Tier D: This last tier contains heroes who are not as good as the rest. They have low HP and damage output, but they can still be useful in certain cases because of their abilities, such as healing or resurrection, which others don't have.

AFK Arena Mages Tier List (2022)

This list contains the tier rankings of different mages in AFK Arena. We will rank them from S-tier to D-tier as follows:

AFK Arena Mages Tier List (2022)
TierAFK Arena Heroes
SMerlin, Mehira, Zaphrael, Ainz Ooal Gown, Khazard
ASkriath, Theksu, Eluard, Pippa, Safiya, Flora, Lorsan, Morael
BShemira, Leonardo, Belinda, Isabella, Oden
CSolise, Satrana

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AFK Arena Rangers Tier List (2022)

This tier list is based on the power of a single ranger when it comes to dealing damage.

AFK Arena Rangers Tier List (2022)
TierAFK Arena Heroes
SLucretia, Lyca, Raku, Ezio, Athalia, Eironn, Ferael
ANakoruru, Prince of Persia, Gwyneth, Joker, Kren
BRespen, Theowyn, Tidus, Vurk, Cecilia, Drez, Fawkes, Kelthur
CKren, Kaz
DThane, Oscar

AFK Arena Support Tier List (2022)

This tier list is based on the power of a single supporter when it comes to buffing your allies. The supports are ranked from the strongest to the weakest.

AFK Arena Support Tier List (2022)
TierAFK Arena Heroes
SRowan, Silas, Talene, Tasi, Elijah and Lailah, Ezizh, Leofric
ANemora, Rosaline, Desira, Mortas
BPeggy, Raine, Numisu

AFK Arena Tanks Tier List (2022)

This tier list is based on the power of a single tank when it comes to keeping enemies at bay. The tanks are ranked from S tier to D tier.

AFK Arena Tanks Tier List (2022)
TierAFK Arena Heroes
SThoran, Titus, Daimon
AMezoth, Orthros, Skreg, Albedo, Arthur, Grezhul
BHendrik, Brutus
CLucius, Torne, Ulmus, Anoki, Gorvo

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AFK Arena Warriors Tier List (2022)

This AFK Arena warrior tier list is based on the power of a single warrior when it comes to dealing damage.

AFK Arena Warriors Tier List (2022)
TierAFK Arena Heroes
SSaurus, Alna
AWu Kong, Zolrath, Izold, Nara, Queen
BWarek, Estrilda
CKhasos, Ukyo, Baden
DSeirus, Antandra, Rigby

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does tier list mean?

A tier list is a ranking system for competitors in non-sporting competitions. It ranks them based on their performance and assigns each competitor to an individual rank or "tier."

2. How does the AFK Arena tier list work?

AFK Arena tier list is a list of heroes ranked by their power in the game. Characters are divided into different tiers, from strong to weak. The tier list allows you to choose the best hero, which is suited to your needs.

3. What are RPG games?

Role-playing games are types of video games in which the player assumes control over a character, and their role is to act out this character's actions. RPG stands for Role-Playing Game.

4. Which is the best tier in the AFK Arena tier list?

The best tier is S-Tier. The heroes of this tier are the best and most powerful characters in AFK Arena. They have high HP, good damage output, healing abilities, or other useful skills, which make them well suited to a lot of different situations.

5. Which heroes aren't on the tier list?

There are some characters who don't appear on this tier list. We may add them to a future update, but for now, we ranked only those which we believe deserve to be in our AFK Arena tier list.

6. How often is the AFK Arena hero tier list updated?

We plan to update this tier list every month or two, but it may be more or less often depending on how much new content is added to the game. We will try to keep it as up-to-date as possible so that you always have the best information available.

7. Why do players use a tier list for AFK Arena?

A lot of players use a tier list because it provides them with an easy way to compare the power levels of different characters. It also allows you to find out which characters are currently the strongest, and plan your team compositions accordingly.

8. Which tier should I avoid in order to win more games?

You should avoid playing in the D-tier. This is because the players in this tier are generally much weaker than those in other tiers, and you are likely to lose more games than you win if you choose to play in this tier.

9. Is using the S tier guarantee my victory?

No, using the S tier does not guarantee your victory. The other players in your game can also be using characters from the S tier, and they may have more experience or better gear than you do.

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Final Words

The AFK Arena tier list is a useful tool for players to choose the best characters. It helps them find out which heroes are strong and suit their needs as they progress through each level of the game.

The mages, rangers, supports, tanks, and warriors all have different skills that make them suited for certain situations in battle, so it's important to know how your opponent will work with your team before you enter combat.

If you have any more questions about the AFK Arena tier list (2022), you can leave them in the comments section below.

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