All Star Tower Defense Tier List (2022): ASTD Heroes

All Star Tower Defense Tier List (October 2022) ASTD Heroes

August 8, 2022
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Ever since the release of All Star Tower Defense, gamers have been wondering which characters are best to use and when. With this comprehensive guide, you will know all about what makes each character so great.

This All Star Tower Defense tier list is made after tons of gameplay and its analysis for different characters. So, with a bit of help from this article, you’ll soon have an idea of which heroes are best for your playstyle.

If you are new to All Star Tower Defense, you must be wondering which character is best to play and which character should be played at a particular time. We've ranked all your favorite anime characters in an ASTD tier list. If you're not sure which character to pick, read our article for some pointers.

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All Star Tower Defense - A Quick Introduction

All Star Tower Defense is an anime-themed Roblox game with a quirky twist. What's more, it can be played on all modern devices. You build towers at intervals in order to stop enemies from getting to you or your base.

All Star Tower Defense - A Quick Introduction

All star tower defense is a game with anime-based characters, which doesn't use regular turrets or guns. Completing the storyline and getting on top of the leaderboard is the main goal or objective of the game.

What you usually expect from the genre (e.g., placing towers to stop enemies) has been altered in some significant ways. For example, every character can be used as both an attacker and defender on different lanes.

Heroes are assigned according to their roles, but they also have a level that increases when they do battle. So it's essential to balance attacking and defending tasks accordingly; gameplay includes more than thirty missions across three worlds.

What is All Star Tower Defense Tier List?

The All Star Tower Defense hero tier list is a list of all the characters in the game and what their strengths are. What makes them so good? What do they excel at?

What is All Star Tower Defense Tier List?

All-Star Tower Defense has many missions, three worlds to explore, and more than 25 playable heroes. And with this much variance in missions and characters, you need a complete guide about the characters so that you can play them wisely.

We have divided all characters into 4 tiers from our extensive analysis, namely tier S, tier A, tier B, and tier C. Tier S has the strongest characters. In contrast, tier C has the weakest or simply useless characters.

What's on our ASTD top tier list? The top tiers go from being strong across many areas up to those who may have one or two powerful skills but lack them elsewhere. The bottom of the tier has characters having no useful power but many flaws.

All Star Tower Defense Tier List (2022)

This list of the top-tier ranking characters in All Star Tower Defense is updated with the latest patch. As well as providing an overview of every character’s role and Area of Effect to use for each location.

ASTD - All Star Tower Defense Tier List (2022)

All Star Tower Defense tier list is beneficial for the player who is new to the game so that they can find out which character to play and which to not play in the game. But even if you are not new to the game, you must sometimes change your regular character and do some experiments to get a unique experience. So, keep reading until you find your perfect match.

All Star Tower Defense Tier S List (2022)

These characters are the best of the best. They have high power and area of effect, can work in any location with no problems at all, and will help you get to victory quickly.

They are almost like a monster to their opponent and can defeat them in no time. A victory is almost decided for you if you play with these characters.

All Star Tower Defense Tier S List (2022)

All Star Tower Defense tier S characters are:

ASTD CharacterType
Organs (OUTRAGE)Ground
Flower TrainerGround
Mysterious XGround
Crow (After)Ground + Air
Dark WingGround
Bellma (Money Corp)Ground
Hirito (OMEGA)Ground + Air
Ice Queen (B)Ground
The Strongest CurseGround
Rodoroki (Enraged)Ground
Ice Queen (D)Ground
Shield MasterGround
Lightning BoltGround
Flower MagusGround
Nominated Female GiantGround
Captain SparkleGround
Zaruto (Path)Ground
Koku (Alternative)Ground + Air
Alien BossGround
Mikato (Beast Cloak)Ground
Zorro (Serious)Air
Mr. VampireGround
Kura (Darkness)Ground
The GrapplerGround
Mafia Boss (Future)Ground
The Big G.Ground
Oob (Fusion)Ground
Troy Honda (Enraged)Air
Akasa (TS)Ground
Lex (RAGE)Ground
Card Collector, CiGround
Baby Vegu IIAir
The PharaohGround
Night Guy (8)Ground
Ice X-MarineGround + Air
Shirtless DevilGround
Skeleton (Artist)Ground
The PatriotGround
Demonside (Ultimate)Air
Bellma (Super Money Corp)Ground
Zazashi (PERFECTION)Ground
Ruffy (Snake SSS)Ground
Mag (Bless)Ground
Zaruto (Adult)Ground
Sword (Maid)Ground
Sword (Maid) IIGround
Orange HeadGround
Super God KokuAir
VegukoGround + AIr
Red Eye Warrior PathGround
Sorcerer EvilGround + Air
Aqua KokuAir
Jujutsu MasterGround
Legendary LeaderGround + Air
The boysGround
Red Servant (Final)Ground
Airren (Final)Ground
Universe Justice #1Air
Ikki (Dark)Ground
Dr. HeartAir
Black Stache (Timeskip)Ground
Star Boy (Requiem)Ground
King Of HeroesGround + Air
Jeff (CEO)Ground
Limilia (Ultimate)Air
Baby Vegu IIIAir
Kosuke (Full Samurai)Ground + Air
Hero SlingerAir
TokensGround + Air

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All Star Tower Defense Tier A List (2022)

These are exceptional characters. They have high power and area of effect, but for some reason, they're not quite like tier S quality.

They can work in any location with a few problems at worst and will undoubtedly help you get to victory if you play with them.

All Star Tower Defense Tier A List (2022)

All Star Tower Defense tier A characters are:

ASTD CharacterType
Subordinate A (Emit)Ground
Xerxes (Ultimate)Ground + Air
Paper Beauty (Winter)Ground
Silver-XGround + Air
The Curse OneGround
Fire KingAir
Re: One-IGround
Jenos (Overdrive)Air
Stampede (Normal)Ground
Friendly manGround
Block ManGround
Inoyaza (DEMON)Ground
Sweet GirlGround
Soul The Boy (ELITE)Ground
Masked MonsterGround
Blue SatanGround
Old WillGround + Air
Ice MarineGround
Paper Beauty (Awaken)Ground
Koku (Supa)Air
Demon Spirit DetectiveGround
Club BeastGround
Janji (Wedding)Ground
The Boss SorcererGround
Anti Magician (DEMON)Ground
Card Collector YugoAir
Water BenderGround + Air
Mysterious X (VOID)Ground
Dimensional Alien (Strong)Ground
Vegu (Supa)Ground
ManiacGround + Air
Bomba (Blazing)Ground
Evil BooGround + Air
Evil ShadeGround
God BlackGround + Air
Flaming Tiger (JUSTICE)Ground
Legendary BorulAir
WaifuGround + Air
Wild AnimalGround
Maid WaifuGround
Large MotherGround
Red ServantGround
Tatsu (Half)Ground
Elemental (Ultimate)Ground
Ghost GirlAir
The PathGround + Air
First Wood BenderGround + Air
Demon LordGround
Buddha ChairmanGround + Air
Hog Eyezen [Anger]Ground
Hog Eyezen (Intellect)Ground
Hog EyezenGround
BOT 71Ground
Fancy SpadeAir
World TravelerGround
Dark KnightGround
Maiden ServantGround
Anti HeroGround
Nominated Monster GiantGround
Rodoroki (Winter)Ground
Alien Soldier (Friend)Ground
Calm MaidGround
Ice DragonGround
Baby VeguAir
Ruffy (Huge)Ground
Elite WarriorGround
Eyezen Boy'sGround
Bright ReaperGround
Sky GodGround + Air

All Star Tower Defense Tier B List (2022)

Tier B characters have lower power and area of effect but can still work in any location.

They will help you get to victory if they are played with proper planning against tier A, but against tier S character, they are almost helpless. Use them wisely, and they may lead you the victory.

All Star Tower Defense Tier B List (2022)

All Star Tower Defense tier B characters are:

ASTD CharacterType
Fire BoyGround
Dimensional AlienGround
Fire OfficerGround
The AssistantGround
All PowerfulGround
Humble SwordmanGround
Ikki (BW)Air
Killer (Lightspeed)Ground
Masked CaptainAir
Mountain CannonGround
Kid JitrutoGround
Mr. Green (Enraged)Ground
Martial ArtistGround
Blonde ChainGround
Red Eye WarriorGround
Ruffy (4th Form)Ground
Vegu (Mind)Ground
Wrathdioas RageGround
Expert SorcererGround
Ruffy (Zambe)Ground
Red HeadGround + Air
Troy HondaAir
"God" CaptainGround
4-Eye SorcererGround
Dungeon QueenGround
Blue FiremanGround
Lucky GreenAir
Mina (Strong)Ground
Paper BeautyGround
Star BoyGround
Supa Future TGround
Super BooGround
Jokato KojuGround
Mr. Green (Other)Ground
Tornado GirlGround + Air
Spider BossGround
Alligator (Awakened)Ground
Joke Da FoolGround
Black StacheGround
Blinding LightsGround + Air
Koku Black PinkAir
Kosuke (Eternal)Ground
Flaming TigerGround
Gen (Grown)Ground
Ikki (Hollow)Ground
Lami (Wuno)Ground
Blonde EsperGround
MrFlimFlam (Winter)Air
Zazashi MaskedGround
Snake ChildAir
Lightning SchoolerGround
Plant ManGround
Kogan AdultGround
Master W-SwordmanGround
Whitestache (Final)Ground
Water GoddessGround
Bird MagicianGround
Expert Sorcerer (Angry)Ground
Expert Sorcerer (Sad)Ground
Zaruto (GRR I)Ground + Air
Zaruto (GRR II)Ground + Air
Zaruto (GRR III)Ground + Air
Golden Supreme-LeaderAir
Lucky FiremanGround
Mikato (Boss)Ground
Jokato Koju IVGround
Koro (Mystical)Ground

All Star Tower Defense Tier C List (2022)

You can say these characters as almost powerless. With not much power to use against opponents, they also carry too many flaws that can be exploited against them in the game.

You can hardly win a game with these characters and will get only disappointment as a result.

All Star Tower Defense Tier C List (2022)

All ASTD tier C characters are:

ASTD CharacterType
Yoshaga KiryuGround
Zazashi (Ultimate)Ground
Supreme-Leader (Final Form)Air
Tony StarkGround
Ultra KokuAir
Worl (Infinite Power)Ground
Koku BlackAir
Zaruto (Beast Cloak)Ground
Ice QueenGround
Hammer GiantGround
Shirtless MagicianGround
Stampede (100%)Ground

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which character should I play?

This is a very complicated question to answer because there are many characters, and they all have some powers and weaknesses which can be used against each other. But to an extent, we must say it entirely depends upon your play style. But if you are new to the game, you must go for higher-tier characters.

2. Is this All Star Tower Defense tier list updated?

This game keeps updating its character very frequently, so this becomes an obvious question. But we are doing our best to keep it updated, so let us assure you this list is fully up to date with the latest patch.

3. How to unlock characters in the game?

There are different ways to unlock the characters, like other games, it also gives some signup characters, while some are bought in-game. Some characters are unlocked as the game proceeds.

4. What does ASTD stand for?

ASTD is the acronym for All Star Tower Defense. It is a very popular game that is available on Roblox.

5. How much will it cost to buy a character?

There is no exact number that we can tell because some characters are available for free while others have to be unlocked with in-game currency or purchased from the store. But almost all of them can be unlocked by playing the game.

6. What are the benefits of using All Star Tower Defense tier list?

Just like any other game, there is always some unbalance in the character's performance. Some characters are just more useful than others. Having a tier list can help you to know which character suits your play style and makes it easier to choose the right character next time you play this game.

7. Why do players use the All Star Tower Defense hero tier list?

Players use a tier list to make the game more balanced and fair. By using a tier list, they can know which character is more powerful than others and adjust their gameplay accordingly. This way, everyone has an equal chance to win the game.

8. Which tier should I avoid?

The C tier is the one which you should avoid because the characters in this tier are not that powerful, and they will not be able to help you much in the game.

9. What is the best way to use a tier list for All Star Tower Defense?

The best way to use a tier list is to first understand your play style. After that, you should look at the strengths and weaknesses of each character. Based on that, you can decide which character is more suitable for you.

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Final Words

We created this All Star Tower Defense tier list to provide a comprehensive guide for selecting the best heroes for each role. They are ranked according to their performance, including stats and skills, with suggestions about when and where they should be used. You'll find out which characters need specific strategies or which ones might be worth investing your time and money to build up.

These rankings are based on some of the personnel experience with each character which can vary from person to person. So if you have feelings about anything that should be changed in the ASTD tier list, then let us know.

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