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Arknights Tier List (June 2024) Best Operators Ranked [Updated]

Arknights Tier List (2023) Best Operators [Updated]
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 07/28/2023
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In the ever-evolving world of Arknights, with constant updates and new heroes joining the fray, it’s essential to have an up-to-date tier list to guide players on the battlefield in 2024. Whether you are a newcomer or an Arknights veteran, knowing the best heroes ranked can have a massive impact on your gaming experience. This article is here to present an updated Arknights Tier List 2024, featuring the best heroes based on their abilities and performances. With this list at your disposal, you can make informed decisions to create an unstoppable squad and conquer the battlefield with ease.

While individual playstyles and preferences may vary among players, our Arknights tier list 2024 is designed to showcase the general power rankings of heroes according to their classes. The seven divisions include Casters, Defenders, Guards, Medics, Snipers, Specialists, and Supporters, as well as Vanguards. Each class comes with its unique advantages and is ranked from S-tier as the highest to D-tier as the lowest. Dive into the rankings below, and let this be your go-to guide to achieving peak performance in Arknights this year!

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What To Look For While Choosing The Right Heroes in Arknights?

Choosing the right heroes in Arknights can be a daunting task, especially with an ever-increasing roster of characters. To ensure that you make the best decisions for your squad, consider the following factors while selecting the heroes:

What to look for while choosing the right heroes in Arknights?
  • Role and Class: Each character in Arknights belongs to a particular class and serves a specific role within that class. Understanding these roles/classes is essential to crafting a well-balanced team. For example, Casters deal arts damage, Defenders focus on blocking and tanking, and Medics are responsible for healing. Make sure your team has a balanced mix of roles to tackle various situations.
  • Versatility: Some heroes excel in a variety of situations and diverse strategies. These versatile characters are a valuable addition to your team, as they can adapt to different challenges and provide support where needed. Checking the tier list will help identify which heroes perform well in most situations.
  • Skill Set and Abilities: Each hero comes with a unique set of skills and abilities. It’s crucial to know each character’s strengths and weaknesses and how these abilities can combine and complement each other during battles. A good synergy among your heroes’ skills can make a significant difference in overall performance.
  • Base Skills: Apart from battle skills, many heroes offer benefits via their base skills. Base skills allow heroes to contribute passively to your in-game infrastructure, such as resource generation or morale improvement. Don’t overlook these abilities, as they can provide long-term benefits considerably.
  • Leveling and Strengthening: Some characters are powerful right off the bat, while others need extensive leveling and promotion to unleash their full potential. Consider heroes with a relatively easy leveling process as a more accessible and immediate addition to your roster. At the same time, heroes with high potential are worth investing in for the long-term.
  • Availability and Rarity: Lower-star rarity heroes are more readily available and easier to obtain. High-rarity heroes usually have better stats and skills, but their acquisition might be more challenging. Therefore, balance your team with a mix of rare and more common characters to maintain both availability and overall effectiveness.

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Arknights Tier List (June 2024)

Unveiling the Arknights tier list for June 2024, showcasing the ranking of operators in the popular tower defense game. This dynamic compilation assesses the strength and utility of each character, providing gamers with a guide to optimize their strategies.

Arknights Casters Tier List 2024: Harnessing Magical Power

Casters wield immense magical energies to devastate enemies from afar and offer indispensable support to their allies. 

Arknights Casters Tier List 2024- Harnessing Magical Power
  • S Tier: Ceobe, Eyjafjalla , and Ifrit 
  • A Tier: Amiya, Absinthe, and Beeswax, Gitano, Leonhardt, Mint, Skyfire
  • B Tier: Click, Greyy, Haze, Leize, Nightmare, Tomimi
  • C Tier: Steward, Steward
  • D Tier: Durin, 12F

Arknights Defenders Tier List 2024: The Unbreakable Wall

Defenders are the sturdy backbone of any team, offering protection and acting as the primary tank in the game. 

Arknights Defenders Tier List 2024- The Unbreakable Wall
  • S Tier: Blemishine, Eunectes, Hoshiguma, Liskarm, Mudrock, Nian, Saria
  • A Tier: Asbestos, Bison, Croissant, Cuora, Nearl, Vulcan
  • B Tier: Bubble, Dur-Nar, Gummy, Hung, Mattherhorn
  • C Tier: Beagle, Cardigan, Spot
  • D Tier: Noir Corne

Arknights Guards Tier List 2024: Deadly Fighters on the Frontlines

Equipped with exceptional combat skills, Guards lead the charge against enemy forces and provide a strong offense.

Arknights Guards Tier List 2024- Deadly Fighters on the Frontlines
  • S Tier: Blaze, Ch’en, Hellagur, Lappland, SilverAsh, Skadi, Specter, Surtr, Thorns
  • A Tier: Astesia, Ayerscarpe, Bibeak, Broca, Flint, Franka, Indra, Utage, Whislish
  • B Tier: Arene, Beehunter, Conviction, Cutter, Estelle, Flamebringer, Frostleaf, Jackie, Matoimaru, Melantha, Mousse, Savage, Sideroca
  • C Tier: Castle-3, Midnight, Popukar, Swire
  • D Tier: Dobermann

Arknights  Medics Tier List 2024: The Healing Touch

Medics take on the crucial responsibility of maintaining team health, ensuring that heroes continue to fight at their best.

Arknights  Medics Tier List 2024- The Healing Touch
  • S Tier: Shining, Silence, Warfarin
  • A Tier: Ceylon, Nightingale, Perfumer, Ptilopsis, Whisperain
  • B Tier: Breeze, Folinic, Gavial, Myrrh, Sussurro
  • C Tier: Ansel, Hibiscus, Lancet-2

Arknights  Snipers Tier List 2024: Precision from Afar

Sharpshooters who can pick off foes with ease, Snipers excel at dealing damage and controlling the battlefield from a distance.

Arknights  Snipers Tier List 2024- Precision from Afar
  • S Tier: Exusiai, Meteorite, Rosa, Rosmontis, Schwarz, W
  • A Tier: Andreana, Blue Poison, Firewatch, Greythroat, Platinum, Provence
  • B Tier: Aciddrop, Aosta, April, Executor, May, Sesa, Shirayuki, Vermeil
  • C Tier: Ambriel, Catapult, Jessica, Kroos, Meteor
  • D Tier: Adnachiel, Rangers

Arknights Specialists Tier List 2024: The Tactical Masters

Unique, versatile heroes with niche abilities, Specialists lend a strategic edge to your team by filling specific roles.

Arknights Specialists Tier List 2024- The Tactical Masters
  • S Tier: Aak, Phantom, Projekt Red, Weedy
  • A Tier: Cliffheart, Ethan, Feater, Gravel, Jaye, Manticore, Waai Fu
  • B Tier: Rope, Snowsant, Shaw
  • C Tier: THRM-EX

Arknights  Supporters Tier List 2024: The Enigmatic Avengers

Supporters excel in providing vital back-up to your team, crippling your enemies and boosting your own heroes with their strategically-focused powers.

Arknights  Supporters Tier List 2024- The Enigmatic Avengers
  • S Tier: Angelina, Magallan, Scene, Shamare, Suzuran
  • A Tier: Glaucus, Istina, Mayer, Pramanix, Sora
  • B Tier: Deepcolor, Podenco, Tsukinogi
  • C Tier: Earthspirit, Orchid

Arknights  Vanguards Tier List 2024: The Fearless Leaders

Bold leads in early stages, Vanguards deploy rapidly, gather resources, and secure your team’s frontlines with finesse.

Arknights  Vanguards Tier List 2024- The Fearless Leaders
  • S Tier: Bagpipe, Elysium, Myrtle, Siege
  • A Tier: Reed, Texas, Vigna, Zima
  • B Tier: Chiave, Courier, Grani, Scavenger
  • C Tier: Fang, Plume, Vanilla
  • D Tier: Yato

Arknights Heroes Explained

Arknights Heroes explained breaks down the abilities, strengths, and weaknesses of your favorite operators, helping you understand the pros and cons of each. It’s the perfect resource for players seeking the right heroes for their playstyle, while also pointing out which operators might not align with their strategy.

1. Eyjafjalla (Casters):

Eyjafjalla (Casters)

Pros: High single target and AoE damage, versatile in various stages.

Cons: Can be vulnerable when enemies close in.

Ideal for: Players who need both single-target and AoE damage in a single unit.

Avoid if: You already have strong AoE and single-target Casters.

2. Ifrit (Casters):

Ifrit (Casters)

Pros: Excels in dealing continuous AoE damage, helps reduce enemies’ resistance.

Cons: Limited attack range forces strategic placement.

Ideal for: Players seeking powerful magical AoE damage who can utilize her unique attack range.

Avoid if: Your strategy doesn’t prioritize straight-line attack tiles or when you need more versatile Casters.

3. Mostima (Casters):

Mostima (Casters)

Pros: Crowd control abilities, can recharge allies’ SP.

Cons: Relies on proper positioning to maximize her abilities.

Ideal for: Players seeking supportive casters with decent damage and crowd control potentials.

Avoid if: You need a caster with a greater focus on DPS or require high mobility.

4. Amiya (Casters):

Amiya (Casters)

Pros: High single-target DPS, good survivability with her evasion.

Cons: Skills require careful timing and management.

Ideal for: Players looking for a strong DPS caster who can deal with high-priority targets.

Avoid if: You are searching for an AoE caster or prefer low-maintenance units.

5. Hoshiguma (Defenders):

Hoshiguma (Defenders)

Pros: Excellent tank capabilities, provides decent AoE damage while defending.

Cons: Lower healing capabilities compared to other defenders.

Ideal for: Players who want a defender with both tanking and damage-dealing capabilities.

Avoid if: You need a specialist defender with higher healing or crowd control abilities.

6. Saria (Defenders):

Saria (Defenders)

Pros: Provides powerful healing and crowd control, versatile skill set.

Cons: Less focused on damage dealing compared to Hoshiguma.

Ideal for: Players who need a defender with strong healing and crowd control abilities.

Avoid if: You already have sufficient healing capabilities and require a defender with better DPS.

7. Croissant (Defenders):

Croissant (Defenders)

Pros: Unique push and pull mechanics, great for keeping enemies in control.

Cons: Less resilient to Arts damage compared to other defenders.

Ideal for: Players who want a defender with crowd control capabilities through push and pull mechanics.

Avoid if: You require a defender with stronger healing capabilities or greater Arts damage resistance.

8. Liskarm (Defenders):

Liskarm (Defenders)

Pros: Excellent tank abilities, SP support for adjacent allies, good damage reflection.

Cons: Limited healing capabilities.

Ideal for: Players looking for a defender who supports allies while maintaining a strong frontline.

Avoid if: You need a defender with strong healing or crowd-control abilities.

9. SilverAsh (Guards):

SilverAsh (Guards)

Pros: High physical DPS, flexible skill set, good support unit with high base attack.

Cons: Skills require precise activation timing.

Ideal for: Players who need a versatile and high damage-dealing Guard for various situations.

Avoid if: You don’t intend to invest time and resources to maximize his potential.

10. Blaze (Guards):

Blaze (Guards)

Pros: High AoE DPS, a great carry unit, able to block multiple enemies.

Cons: Challenging to optimize the playstyle.

Ideal for: Players seeking a powerful AoE damage-dealing guard that can tackle multiple enemies.

Avoid if: You’re looking for a lower-resource unit or a single-target damage dealer.

11. Broca (Guards):

Broca (Guards)

Pros: High physical damage, can deal Arts damage with his skill, breaks enemy defenses.

Cons: SP costs for his skills can be high, limiting skill usage.

Ideal for: Players needing a guard capable of dealing both physical and Arts damage while bypassing enemy defense.

Avoid if: You’re looking for a low-maintenance guard, high-up-time guard, or prefer AoE damage dealers.

12. Exusiai (Snipers):

Exusiai (Snipers)

Pros: Exceptional single-target and multi-target DPS, performs well in many situations.

Cons: Less effective against heavy armor enemies.

Ideal for: Players who require a versatile, high damage-generating sniper for various scenarios.

Avoid if: Your team struggles with heavy armor enemies and requires better Tactics against them.

13. Meteorite (Snipers):

Meteorite (Snipers)

Pros: Excellent AoE damage, reduces enemy defense, excels at breaking through enemy shields.

Cons: Low burst damage compared to single-target snipers.

Ideal for: Players wanting a strong AoE sniper to decimate enemy waves.

Avoid if: Your team needs a sniper to focus on single-target elimination or has plenty of AoE damage.

14. W (Snipers):

W (Snipers)

Pros: Great AoE and crowd control capabilities, delayed detonation enables strategic usage.

Cons: Limited to an event for recruitment, making her difficult to obtain.

Ideal for: Players looking for a sniper with massive AoE damage and stun abilities.

Avoid if: You require a sniper focused on single-target eliminations or are unable to recruit her.

15. Shining (Medics):

Shining (Medics)

Pros: Powerful single-target healing, provides Physical damage resistance to allies.

Cons: Less effective against Arts damage.

Ideal for: Players who need a strong single-target healing Medic and face heavy Physical damage from enemies.

Avoid if: You face more Arts damage enemies or prefer a healer with AoE capabilities.

16. Silence (Medics):

Silence (Medics)

Pros: Consistent AoE healing, flexible drone deploy can target inaccessible areas.

Cons: Drone healing is limited to a specific location, less effective in highly dynamic stages.

Ideal for: Players looking for versatile AoE healing and enjoys manipulating field positioning.

Avoid if: You prefer more traditional healers with less management needed.

17. Nightingale (Medics):

Nightingale (Medics)

Pros: Strong AoE healing capabilities, provides Arts damage resistance to allies.

Cons: Less effective against Physical damage.

Ideal for: Players who need a healer to deal with high Arts damage enemies or require AoE healing capabilities.

Avoid if: Your team suffers Physical damage or prefers a single-target healer.

18. Myrtle (Vanguards):

Myrtle (Vanguards)

Pros: Substantial DP generation, excellent support abilities, and rapid cost-reduction skills.

Cons: Limited individual combat potential.

Ideal for: Players requiring a fast DP generation combined with flexible support abilities.

Avoid if: Your strategy demands a tankier or damage-dealing Vanguard.

19. Siege (Vanguards):

Siege (Vanguards)

Pros: Good frontline damage, reliable DP generation, and an effective AoE attacker.

Cons: Skills require precise activation timing for maximum effect.

Ideal for: Players seeking a durable Vanguard with a decent damage output, suitable for a range of scenarios.

Avoid if: You are looking for extreme DP generation or focused on specialist roles.

20. Bagpipe (Vanguards):

Bagpipe (Vanguards)

Pros: High single-target DPS, good survivability, offers SP support for allies.

Cons: Less DP generation compared to other Vanguards.

Ideal for: Players who need an offensive-oriented Vanguard with allied SP support.

Avoid if: You are looking for a primarily DP-generating Vanguard or need Arts damage capabilities.

21. Phantom (Specialists):

Phantom (Specialists)

Pros: Excellent DPS, versatile summoning abilities, and high mobility.

Cons: Basic attacks cannot target air units.

Ideal for: Players looking for a high-damage Specialist with dual in-combat and strategic utility.

Avoid if: You need a Specialist that can target aerial enemies effectively.

22. Projekt Red (Specialists):

Projekt Red (Specialists)

Pros: Quick response time, exceptional crowd control, fast redeployment.

Cons: Less consistent damage output than pure DPS units.

Ideal for: Players who need a versatile crowd control unit to respond rapidly in various situations.

Avoid if: You prefer a unit with a consistent DPS presence on the field.

23. Weedy (Specialists):

Weedy (Specialists)

Pros: Strong push mechanic enables crowd control, and high damage output with strategic skill usage.

Cons: Decreased efficiency in stages without push opportunities.

Ideal for: Players seeking a damage-dealing Specialist capable of crowd control through push mechanics.

Avoid if: You need a unit with consistent DPS or have limited straight-line chokepoints in the stage.

24. Angelina (Supporters):

Angelina (Supporters)

Pros: Consistent damage output, strong healing, and slow functionality, diverse skill set.

Cons: Lower DPS compared to dedicated DPS classes.

Ideal for: Players who need a well-rounded support unit with solid control and healing abilities.

Avoid if: You want a specialized DPS unit or an AoE healer for continuous healing.

25. Suzuran (Supporters):

Suzuran (Supporters)

Pros: Excellent crowd control, great healing abilities, boosts ally damage within an area.

Cons: Low damage output due to a support-focused playstyle.

Ideal for: Players needing a powerful crowd control Supporter with decent healing capabilities.

Avoid if: You are looking for high-damage units or quick revivals on the battlefield.

26. Shamare (Supporters):

Shamare (Supporters)

Pros: Debuffs enemies, increases ally damage, versatile skill set suitable for most situations.

Cons: No direct-damage abilities, reducing offensive capabilities.

Ideal for: Players who want a support unit focused on amplifying ally damage and debuffing enemies.

Avoid if: You need a damage-dealing Supporter or place less focus on debuff-centric gameplay.

How To Get Better at Arknights?

Improving at Arknights requires a combination of strategic planning, smart resource management, and understanding your operators and team composition. Here are some tips to help you excel in the game:

How to get better at Arknights?
  • Familiarize yourself with operators: Take some time to understand the unique skills and abilities of each operator available to you. Learn how they function within their respective classes and which abilities can be combined for maximum efficiency.
  • Level up your best operators: Prioritize leveling your high-tier operators as they will often make more of a difference in battles when their abilities are fully unlocked. Make sure to keep a balanced team by ensuring all operators receive appropriate resources and attention.
  • Experiment with team compositions: Try out different combinations of operators to find out which synergize well together. Different maps and missions may require diverse strategies, so having multiple well-rounded teams can be advantageous.
  • Study each map and mission: Evaluate your primary objectives and the layout of maps. Analyze enemy patterns, their strengths and weaknesses, and the available terrain advantages. This information helps you establish effective strategies for each scenario.
  • Prioritize base building: Establish a functional and upgraded base as soon as possible. This will allow you to generate resources, passively level up your operators, and significantly reduce grinding.
  • Manage resources wisely: Always plan ahead and allocate your resources judiciously. Balancing between upgrading operators, base improvements, and other in-game tasks can help you avoid running out of essential resources.
  • Take advantage of in-game events: Arknights frequently offers events with special rewards and opportunities to farm resources. Actively participate in these events to boost your progress and gain exclusive items and operators.
  • Learn from others: Follow online communities, watch streams, and learn from fellow players. You can gain valuable insights into the game by understanding how other players solve problems and tackle missions.
  • Practice and tweak strategies: As you progress through the game, you will inevitably face challenging battles. Be prepared to adjust your current strategies and experiment with new ones. Don’t be afraid to start over or iterate on your plans as you learn from each encounter.
  • Stay persistent: Just like any game, improvement takes time and dedication. Keep pushing forward in Arknights, and your skills will undoubtedly develop as you gain more experience.

How To Unlock Heroes in Arknights?

Unlocking heroes in Arknights can be both exciting and rewarding. In most cases, obtaining heroes involves a combination of collecting in-game currency, participating in events, or purchasing them through various in-game methods. Here’s a rundown of some methods to unlock heroes in Arknights:

How to unlock heroes in Arknights?
  • Headhunt Recruitment: The most common method to get heroes is through the headhunt recruitment gacha system. This system allows players to exchange “Orundum,” the game’s premium currency, for potential hero drops. A single headhunt costs 600 Orundum, while a 10x headhunt costs 6000 Orundum. You can obtain Orundum through gameplay, by completing daily/weekly missions, trading in any “extra” Shop Vouchers, monthly card benefits, or by purchasing it with real money. Headhunt banners typically have multiple featured heroes and offer an increased chance to obtain specific characters.
  • Recruitment: Another way to unlock heroes is through the recruitment system. This feature allows players to use “Recruitment Permits” to place orders, choosing a combination of desired tags to increase the chances of certain heroes appearing. You can obtain recruitment permits from various tasks, missions, and in-game events. After choosing the desired tags, you’ll also decide the recruitment time, ranging from 1 to 9 hours. The combination of chosen tags and recruitment time will impact the probability of specific heroes appearing.
  • Event rewards: During limited-time events, players can unlock certain heroes as rewards for completing the event’s objectives, milestones, or missions. These events can include story events, exchange events, or login campaigns, where you receive the featured hero for simply logging in during the event period.
  • Shops: Arknights also features in-game shops where you can purchase heroes using different types of currencies, such as “Certifications,” which are earned by obtaining duplicate heroes, completing missions, or from event rewards. The “Certificate” shop has two sections: “Credits Store” which offers lower-rarity heroes and “Distinctions Store” which offers higher-rarity heroes on a rotating basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Arknights?

Arknights is a strategy mobile game featuring tower-defense gameplay elements and stunning anime-style artwork. The game revolves around a dystopian world full of fantasy and futuristic elements, where players build and command squads of Operators to accomplish various missions.

2. How does the tier list in Arknights work?

The tier list for Arknights ranks heroes based on their abilities, effectiveness in missions, and overall impact on gameplay. Rank “S” represents the strongest heroes, while rank “D” represents the weakest.

3. Are the tier lists updated frequently?

Yes, tier lists are updated as new heroes are introduced or whenever balance changes occur within the game, impacting heroes’ performances.

4. How important is it to follow the Arknights tier list?

While the tier list serves as a general guideline on heroes’ power rankings, this doesn’t necessarily mean that lower-tier characters are entirely useless. Every character can be viable, depending on your playstyle and strategies.

5. Can I still succeed in the game without using top-tier heroes?

Absolutely! Arknights allows for various strategic choices, and your success is not solely determined by the characters you use. Building a strong squad with excellent synergy is more important than merely picking top-tier heroes.

6. What are the best-starting heroes in Arknights?

Some of the best-starting heroes include Siege, Exusiai, SilverAsh, and Saria, as they offer strong performance and versatility in the early to mid-game stages.

7. How do I obtain higher-ranked heroes in Arknights?

Higher-ranked heroes can be obtained through gacha-style Headhunting, which requires using Orundum currency or Headhunting permits. You can also recruit higher-ranked Operators through the “Recruit” feature using Recruiting Permits and tags.

8. Can I upgrade my heroes in Arknights?

Yes, you can upgrade your heroes in Arknights by increasing their levels, promoting them to higher tiers, learning new talents, and upgrading their skills.

9. How many classes of heroes are there in Arknights, and what do they do?

There are eight classes of heroes in Arknights: Casters, Defenders, Guards, Medics, Snipers, Specialists, Supporters, and Vanguards. Each class has its unique role and ability to carry out specific tasks during battles.

10. How can I build a well-rounded team in Arknights?

To build a balanced team, consider including heroes from different classes that complement one another. Aim for a mix of ranged and melee characters, strong defenders, powerful damage dealers, and supporting Operators to cover a variety of strategic options.

11. What are Elite Levels in Arknights?

Elite Levels in Arknights are a form of character progression that increases the Operator’s stats, unlocks new skills or talents, and may alter their appearance. Elite Level 1 is unlocked at level 50, while Elite Level 2 is unlocked at level 70.

12. Can I change an Operator’s assigned class?

No, Operators cannot change their assigned class. The classes are pre-determined and dictate their unique abilities, strengths, and roles on the battlefield.

13. Is it possible to play Arknights without spending real money?

Yes, Arknights is a free-to-play game, and it is possible to progress through the game without spending real money, although it may take more time and effort.

14. Can I trade my heroes with other players?

No, at the moment, there is no feature to trade or exchange heroes with other players in Arknights.

15. How do I unlock more Operators in Arknights?

You can unlock more Operators by using the Headhunting feature, recruiting through the “Recruit” system, clearing certain stages, logging in daily, or participating in in-game events.

16. Why are there different rarities for Operators?

Different rarities represent different power levels and skills for Operators, with 6-star Operators being the rarest and often having the greatest impact on gameplay. However, lower-rarity Operators can still be powerful and essential to your squad.

17. What are talents in Arknights?

Talents are unique passive skills that Operators possess, which provide various benefits such as stat buffs, bonuses, or additional capabilities. Some talents are unlocked by promoting the Operators.

18. Can I have duplicate Operators in my squad?

No, you cannot add duplicate Operators to your squad. However, you can use duplicate Operators to increase their Potential, which grants various benefits like decreased deployment costs or increased stats.

19. How do I level up my Operators in Arknights?

To level up your Operators, you need to use materials called “LMD” and “Battle Records” earned from completing stages, missions, or events.

20. What are the main gameplay modes in Arknights?

Arknights offers several gameplay modes, including the main story campaign, daily and weekly missions, event stages, Contingency Contract mode, and the Base management system.


Our Arknights Tier List 2024 aims to provide valuable insight into the current rankings of heroes across each class, helping players optimize their strategies and team compositions to excel in the game. Keep in mind that, while these rankings offer a solid foundation, your personal preferences and playstyle should also play a role in selecting heroes for your squad. Moreover, as Arknights continues to grow and evolve with more updates and heroes being introduced, it’s crucial to stay informed and adaptable.

By using the resources and tier list provided, you are well on your way to claiming victory on the battlefield and climbing the ranks in the captivating world of Arknights. Good luck, and may you forge the mightiest team yet!


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