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25 Best Minecraft Server Plugins In 2024 [Improve Your Gameplay]

Best Minecraft Server Plugins
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 11/27/2023
Est. Reading: 12 minutes

Minecraft continues to rally gamers around the globe with its innovative and engaging gameplay. As a player, you already understand that running a successful Minecraft server entails more than just switching on your device.

To have a seamless and thrilling gaming experience, particularly when you’re gaming with others, Minecraft server plugins are your absolute go-to.

The beauty of these server plugins is that they allow you to customize your server based on your preferences better. They help enhance the gaming environment, boost performance, add new features or weapons, and so much more.

They’re like magic wands that bestow superpowers on your gaming server. Understanding these plugins and effectively utilizing them can be a key element to elevate your Minecraft experience significantly.

Plug in with us as we navigate the best 25 Minecraft server plugins. Trust us; this virtual journey will be worth every second of your time.

25 Best Minecraft Server Plugins

To provide you with the best gaming experience, we have compiled a list of some of the most powerful server plugins out there.

25 Best Minecraft Server Plugins

These plugins are designed to enhance your gameplay by offering useful features and tools within the Minecraft universe.



Considering the jack-of-all-trades in Minecraft server management, EssentialsX broadens the horizon with its varied tool set. You can almost imagine it as a Swiss army knife for the Minecraft world.

Traditionally used in Bukkit servers, EssentialsX provides over 130 commands and several features to expand your game. Some commands spice up player interaction by enabling you to send private messages, set homes, make teleport requests, etc.

Others help manage your server effectively by allowing critical activities like player banning or item spawning.

An exceptional facet of EssentialsX is its broad compatibility; it supports various formats such as CraftBukkit, Spigot, and Paper servers. Its detailed configuration files make customizing your gaming space pretty straightforward, too.

  • Teleportation commands
  • Economy management
  • Protect zones
  • Personalized spawn points
  • Server backup support


Whether you are an architect in-game or just a casual player looking for an edge, WorldEdit is indeed worth your attention. Imagine being able to modify your Minecraft map as per whims and fancies; that’s exactly what this plugin achieves.

WorldEdit allows players to build massive constructs quickly by simplifying block placing and replacing processes dramatically. How does deleting 1000 blocks at once sound?

It’s not only about colossal changes, either. With WorldEdit’s sophisticated scripting engine, you can even fashion intricate patterns like spirals or spheres, truly a boon for all artistically inclined players out there.

If you’ve accidentally misplaced chunks of blocks, the plugin’s undo feature acts as your safety net.

  • Quick block placement and deletion
  • Supports all Minecraft shapes & patterns
  • ‘Undo’ functionality for user mistakes
  • Scripting and automation engine.


Stepping into the world of Minecraft, you spend countless hours meticulously building your perfect landscape. WorldGuard gives you the power to safeguard this precious creation of yours. It’s like an intricate security system protecting your castle.

WorldGuard enables players to set up selectable regions and establish custom rules within these spaces. These zones then follow a tailor-made list of regulations enabling element control like fire spread, PVP, mob-spawning, etc.

The plugin also comes equipped with a blacklist feature allowing server owners to block certain activities or items and manage their use effortlessly.

With WorldGuard, you will have complete command over your terrain to ensure a seamless gaming experience.

  • Region-based protection
  • Custom flags for regions
  • Block activity blacklist
  • Built-in anti-cheat system


Rather akin to that one reliable friend we all have, Vault acts as a bridge in the Minecraft ecosystem between various plugins and systems like permissions plugins, economy plugins, and chat services.

Vault gives the server admins an interface for these systems, providing unified access for the storage of data and communication across plugins. It converts different plugins’ systems into a language understood by all other enlisted plugins. Pretty diplomatic.

So, if you’re planning on running multiple plugins (which most servers do), Vault should be right up there on your list.

  • Super Compatibility
  • Unified access for cross-plugin functionality
  • Interface for permission, chat & economy API

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Aptly termed the ‘Google Maps’ of Minecraft servers, Dynmap takes exploration within the game up a notch. It renders high-quality maps directly in your browser from the bird’s eye perspective, giving you a full-fledged visualization of your world.

Players can witness their or others’ marvelous creations come alive while viewing live player movements, too. What’s more exciting? It allows for marker placements such as personalized points of interest, so you’ll always remember where the elusive cave or the surprise loot is!

Get ready to navigate through your Minecraft world with a breeze using Dynmap.

  • High-resolution map rendering
  • Live player movement tracking
  • Marker placement for points of interest
  • Multi-world support


If you’re a fan of RPG (Role-Playing Games) elements and are looking to incorporate them into your Minecraft server, look no further than mcMMO.

It takes vanilla Minecraft, injects a comprehensive RPG upgrade, and you have now added an engaging new layer to your gaming experience.

mcMMO introduces a host of new skills and abilities that players can gradually improve upon, be it mining, archery, or herbalism. Leveling up these skills comes with handy rewards and unique perks that enhance your gameplay.

This plugin strikes a perfect balance between the old-school Minecraft feel and a fresh RPG twist, making it an absolute winner.

  • Introduces RPG-style player leveling
  • Eleven unique skills with active and passive abilities
  • Incorporated leaderboards for competition
  • Configurable XP earning rates


Have you ever felt lonely in your Minecraft universe? Well, Citizens is here to keep you company. This plugin allows users to create their own unique, non-playable characters (NPCs), ranging from human villagers to dragons.

Don’t want these NPCs just idling around? No worries! With Citizens, you can give individual scripted tasks to each entity – from basic roles like trading goods to specific duties like acting as sentries or quest givers.

With this plugin in hand, there’s virtually no limit to the interactive population you might create inside your server.

  • Create your own NPCs
  • Highly customizable NPC behaviors
  • Compatible with various NPC types
  • Scriptable tasks for each entity


Potentially one of the most transformative plugins out there, Multiverse turns the fantasy of parallel worlds into a reality – all within your Minecraft server.

With Multiverse at your disposal, you can generate as many worlds as you need, each with its own unique properties, rulesets & game modes.

You can manage a survival world, a creative plot world, or even hardcore PVP all at the same time on the same server.

It’s perfect for those who seek variety and want to cater to a wide range of player tastes without investing in multiple servers.

  • Create multiple worlds on one server.
  • Custom game modes for each world
  • Complete control over each world’s rules
  • Seamless inter-world teleportation

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LWC Extended

LWC Extended

An amalgamation of the classic LWC plugin and a number of improved features, LWC Extended is your ultimate protection for chests, doors, furnaces – basically anything with an inventory.

This plugin enables players to lock their worldly possessions in the game from other players. You can set up who gets access and even track user interactions on your stuff. Possible thieves will find themselves at their wit’s end.

Server admins present extensive command permissions for effortless management. Overall, LWC Extended is all about guarding your hard-earned treasures in Minecraft.

  • Inventory item protection
  • User interaction tracking
  • Extensive permission control
  • Control over access rights


Have you ever found yourself in a pickle trying to figure out who “griefed” on your server? It’s a powerhouse plugin that keeps a vigilant eye on every interaction taking place in your server world.

Boasting an easy-to-use interface, CoreProtect tracks and logs block placements, removals, and inventory interactions effectively. The best part?

It aids quick restoration of damaged regions back to their original state with the rollback feature. This ensures fair play while helping maintain harmony amongst players.

If you’re looking for an effective anti-griefing plugin, CoreProtect should be your go-to.

  • Block & inventory interaction tracking
  • Effective damage rollback capability
  • Built-in Database for efficient logging
  • Real-time updates regularly


Engaging community members and enhancing player involvement is crucial for successful Minecraft servers. Recognizing this need, Votifier works behind the scenes to deploy voting listeners, rewarding users who vote for your server on various websites.

Each time a player votes for your server externally, Votifier triggers certain actions within the game, like granting player bonuses or notifying everyone online about the action.

Votifier not only helps improve server rankings but also fosters a collaborative gaming community.

  • Voting reward system
  • Server promotion capability
  • Customized vote listener configuration
  • Real-time voting notification

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Playing Minecraft is tons of fun, but who doesn’t enjoy a bit of light commerce once in a while? That’s where the ChestShop plugin shines. It enables you to transform your server into a bustling virtual marketplace.

With ChestShop, players can create their own shops by linking a chest filled with items to sell alongside a sign displaying their price.

Now, anyone passing by can browse through the merchandise and buy goods at their leisure. This opens up a whole new arena of trade and profit-making opportunities within the game.

Main Features:

  • Player-run virtual economy
  • Easy setup for shops
  • Expansive item support
  • Autopricing system



One common predicament most new players face in Minecraft is moving out of the safe radius into unknown territories filled with abundant resources. BetterRTP saves your day by providing randomized teleportation to different parts of the world.

With simple commands, BetterRTP plunges you into different locations, allowing access to tonnes of resources, unexplored places, and exciting new environments, catering to an adventurous experience every time you teleport.

  • Randomized Teleportation
  • Safe Radius
  • Multiple world support
  • User-defined parameters


Have you ever been annoyed at having to chop down each block from a tree manually? Enter UltimateTimber, which smartly crafts woodcutting actions in Minecraft that are more realistic for players.

Once installed, chopping one block from a tree base leads to an entire tree falling, much like in real life. It showers players with all the logs and plantable saplings, making reforestation efforts super efficient.

Not to mention, it’s immensely satisfying watching those trees tumble down.

  • Realistic tree felling
  • Auto log & sapling drop
  • Damage due to falling trees
  • Compatible with most tree types

Holographic Displays

Have you ever thought about jazzing up your Minecraft server with some 3D floating texts or item displays? Enter Holographic displays – a plugin that allows you to do so exactly.

This plugin provides a simple way to create and edit visual content, above all extending beyond just text. Users can display images, items, animations, and item stacks, making the interface a lot more interactive and colorful visually.

It ensures an engaging gameplay experience that keeps players intrigued and invested.

Whether it’s a quest hint tucked away near a stalagmite or an intricate leaderboard by your spawn point – Holographic Displays bring some genuine cool factor to your server.

  • Floating texts, images & animations display
  • No knowledge of coding is required
  • Ease of creating and editing displays

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LuckPerms is considered by many as the gold standard for permission plugins. Imagine wanting to devise individual permissions for every player in each world. It is quite daunting. LuckPerms aims to make this task easy.

With multiple storage types (MySQL, JSON, etc.), this plugin provides simultaneous support for all server types – be it Bukkit, Spigot, or Bungee.

It also possesses excellent scalability from small to large networks while never compromising on speed or efficiency.

With its straightforward Web editor feature, you can configure permissions simply via drag-and-drop with no complex code hassle.

  • Versatile permissions management
  • Intuitive web permission editor
  • Supports multiple server types


A delightful plugin for all trading enthusiasts out there – AuctionHouse lets players list their items for sale and purchase gear from others without any potential risk of scams or theft.


It adds an auction-style marketplace where users can sell or bid on items directly with others on the same server. Primarily functioning as an immersive economy system within Minecraft, its simple GUI makes it really user-friendly.

  • Immersive economy system
  • GUI-based user interface
  • Safe trading environment


Imagine a door that allows your server plugins to interact more deeply with the game’s mechanics. Well, ProtocolLib is that door.

This library plugin provides the means for other plugins to access and reliably interact with Minecraft’s intricate coding (packet system).

The answer lies in its capability to facilitate more complex plugins that manipulate the server-client relationship, such as anti-cheating tools or various aesthetic modifications.

If you anticipate running big-ticket mods on your server, ProtocolLib plays an essential supporting role.

  • Reliable packet interaction
  • Extensive compatibility
  • Enhanced plugin support
  • Low-level networking interface


Regardless of the type of server you have – big or small, public or private – ensuring a drama-free space is key for an entertaining gameplay experience. Enter Griefprevention – acting like your trusted safeguard against griefers.

This plugin provides extensive safety measures to your Minecraft structures by enabling players to claim their areas and exclude others from making changes within these boundaries. Its easy configuration makes protective claims simple and fun to manage.

GriefPrevention shines in its built-in spam protection! Say goodbye to constant spammers disrupting your peaceful gatherings.

  • User-based land claim system
  • Protection against looting & spamming
  • Trespass prevention
  • Build restrictions within claimed areas


Looking for a fun side game while playing Minecraft? Step into MobArena, both a challenge and entertainment packed into one.

This exciting little gem brings back wave-based combat against hordes of mobs. Players can pick a class (their armor and weapons) and fight off wave after wave of enemies alongside their friends.

You can even customize every aspect, right from classes and waves to rewards.

MobArena serves as a great way for players on a server to team up together for some classic PvE fun while taking a break from their usual building endeavors.

  • Wave-based combat against mobs
  • Class selection for players
  • Extensive customization options
  • Reward system for players


Revamp the way your players interact with menus and inventories in Minecraft through ChestCommands.


This plugin transforms basic chests into interfaces for easy access to commands, kits, warps, or any configured item.

Players can execute a set of commands, open URLs, or even teleport to different locations, all by clicking on slots within the GUI.

The plugin’s configuration file is incredibly flexible, making it possible to create almost any type of clickable menu separate from the default engaging interface.

  • Customizable GUI
  • Command execution using slots
  • Linkable URLs in menu
  • Multi-function chests

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Imagine a loot box system fused into your Minecraft server – compelling image, right? CrazyCrates makes this picture a reality.

Designed to generate randomized rewards and prizes for players when they open crates, it provides an element of anticipation and excitement to your gameplay.

The plugin lets you completely customize how a crate works and what it contains. You can choose from multiple opening methods like the mystery crate, cosmic crate, or the crazy wheel method.

  • Randomized rewards inside crates
  • Highly customizable crate functionality
  • Multiple opening actions
  • A variety of effects and sounds during the opening


Love is everywhere, even in Minecraft! MarriageMaster is no less than quirky but good fun, as it allows players on a server to marry other players.

You can share health with your partner, teleport to them at any time, and whisper sweet nothings (or secrets) just between yourselves. It even allows joint bank accounts.

The plugin also introduces marriage-based perks like bonus XP when close together, ensuring that ‘couple goals’ never lose their meaning in-game.

  • Marriage between players
  • Shared health and teleportation benefits
  • Private Messaging
  • Joint bank accounts
  • Extra XP gain


The philosophical poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “It’s not the destination; it’s the journey.” BeautyQuests embodies this spirit as it allows players to create a multitude of custom quests, making the Minecraft journey genuinely engaging.

BeautyQuests believes in exciting narratives over mundane tasks; it lets you set up thrilling quests for your players that involve intriguing puzzles, combats, and exploration.

A unique reward system awaits players post-completion, offering a Janus-faced level of excitement and anxiety about the quest along with the allure of rewards.

BeautyQuests provides an intuitive GUI for easy quest creation and management. It is truly a gem for those narratively rich and personal servers.

  • Custom Quest Creation
  • Reward System
  • Beautiful Visual Editor
  • NPC Integration


When you see disparate plugins working harmoniously on your server, chances are PlaceholderAPI is a key player behind this smooth operation.


Much like orchestrating a symphony seems complex but results in beautiful music.

As its name suggests, it gives placeholders that can be used in various plugins for sharing information across them. From player stats to server performance metrics, nearly every Minecraft-related data can be accessed or displayed.

It amplifies communication between different plugins, ensuring they co-exist without issues. This versatility has made PlaceholderAPI an integral piece in many expansive servers.

  • Cross-plugin data sharing
  • Vast array placeholder support
  • Highly customizable outputs

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FAQs About Best Minecraft Server Plugins

What are Minecraft server plugins?

Server plugins are software enhancements that modify the Minecraft gaming experience by adding extra features or tweaking the current gameplay.

Why should I use Minecraft server plugins?

Plugins help optimize your game experience. From managing permissions, changing in-game physics, and introducing new functionalities to improving server performance, they offer so much more than vanilla Minecraft.

Is it safe to use these server plugins in my game?

Yes, As long as you’re downloading from a reliable source such as SpigotMC or Bukkit’s official pages, using these server plugins is completely safe.

How do I install a Minecraft server plugin?

Download the .jar file of your desired plugin and drop it into your ‘/plugins’ directory on your server. Always make sure to restart your server to enable new plugins.

Do all the mentioned best plugins work together?

Yes, many of them do! Some, like Vault and PlaceholderAPI, even specialize in enabling cross-functionality between other plugins.


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