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Best Online Soccer Games: Top 5 Thrilling Picks!

Best Online Soccer Games
  Written By: Priyanshu Sagar
Updated On: 02/19/2024
Est. Reading: 5 minutes

Are you a soccer fan looking to score big on the virtual field? Don’t look any further! I’ve found the best online soccer games that will keep your heart racing and your fingers tapping. With ultra-realistic games like never before, these top picks guarantee hours of top-notch soccer fun right at your fingertips. Stay tuned, because you’re about to discover games that could make you feel closer to the stadium than ever.

These five games are more than just kicks and goals; each one offers something special for every soccer enthusiast. Whether you crave the adrenaline rush of competitive play or yearn to manage your dream team, I’ve got all the bases covered. Get ready to lace up and dive into worlds where every pass and shoot amps up your love for the game!

Here is a Quick Go-Thorugh to Our 5 Best Online Soccer Games

GamePlatformsRelease DateDeveloperGoogle Play Rating
eFootball 2024Android, iOS, PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/SSep 30, 2021Konami4.5
EA Sports FC MobileAndroid, iOSOct 10, 2016Electronic Arts4.4
Ultimate SoccerAndroid, iOSMay 4, 2015Mouse Games3.8
New Star SoccerAndroid, iOSMar 6, 2012Five Aces Publishing Ltd.4.5
Score! HeroAndroid, iOSNov 19, 2015First Touch Games Ltd.4.2

Kicking Off With The Best: Our Handpicked Best Online Soccer Games

When I’m looking for some of the best online soccer games to play, there are a few that really stand out like the content on this website. The games I picked let you live out your soccer dreams right from your screen, each with its own special twist.

One game takes the realism up a notch, making you feel like part of the match, while another lets you manage teams anytime, anywhere on your mobile device. So get ready to score some virtual goals and celebrate big wins with these top online soccer games.

Best Online Soccer Game #1: eFootball 2024

When it comes to feeling like I’m actually on the soccer field, eFootball 2024 by Konami makes me tie up my virtual cleats tight. This game is all about incredible control and real-to-life play happening on popular platforms like Android, and iOS and even big gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox Series X.

Best Online Soccer Games: eFootball 2024
Image Credit: Google Play Store

What sets eFootball 2024 apart are its realistic graphics. Every blade of grass on the pitch looks real enough to touch. The players move so smoothly that each dribble and slide tackle looks just like what I see in actual matches:

  • Fluid Movement: Every turn and touch feels natural.
  • Attention To Detail: The stadiums, crowds, and player faces are designed with such care.
  • Challenging Gameplay: It’s not easy! You’ve got to think fast and master tough skills.
  • Levels for Everyone: Whether you’re new or a pro at gaming, there’s a level that’s just right for fair play against the computer.
  • Lots of Ways to Play: From kicking it in single-player modes to competing against others online.

It’s a full-on soccer world in eFootball 2024 where every game feels different from the last—a true test for any fan of digital kicks!

Download this on the App Store: Here

Download this on Google Play Store: Here

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Best Online Soccer Game #2: EA Sports FC Mobile

For fans who want their soccer fix while sitting on the bus or waiting in line, EA Sports FC Mobile has got their back. Available on Android and iOS since 2016 from developer Electronic Arts, this mobile game has been keeping thumbs busy for years.

Best Online Soccer Games: EA Sports FC Mobile
Image Credit: Google Play Store

In EA Sports FC Mobile:

  • There are so many game modes—I can build my dream team in Ultimate Team or call all the shots as boss in Manager Mode.
  • Games stay fresh with constant updates—new players come onto the scene just like they do in real life.
  • Players from leagues worldwide join forces without any fuss—it doesn’t matter if they’re from Europe or South America; everyone plays together!
  • Building teams is fun but not simple; getting that perfect lineup draws me back again and again.

So when I’m here tapping away at my smartphone screen playing EA Sports FC Mobile—the thrill of scoring goals never gets old!

Download this on the App Store: Here

Download this on Google Play Store: Here

Best Online Soccer Game #3: Ultimate Soccer

Best Online Soccer Games: Ultimate Soccer
Image Credit: Google Play Store

Looking for a game that feels like the real deal? Here’s why I think Ultimate Soccer is a solid pick for soccer fans who want that authentic vibe from an online game:

  • This game’s got realistic gameplay that knows when to speed things up and when to slow them down.
  • You won’t be fighting with the controls because they’re super responsive and easy to use.
  • Ready for tough matches? Try winning in their League or aiming for glory in World Cup mode.
  • It feels awesome scoring goals here because they’ve added quality-of-life features, like being able to watch instant replays of those sweet shots!

Ultimate Soccer has been around since May 2015 on Android and iOS, thanks to publisher Mouse Games. It blends all these cool features into one mobile experience.

Download this on the App Store: Here

Download this on Google Play Store: Here

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Best Online Soccer Game #4: New Star Soccer

Now let’s talk New Star Soccer. Ever wondered what it’s like climbing up from rookie status to becoming a household name in soccer? This game gives you that chance!

What makes this journey thrilling are things like:

  • Those retro-style graphics give it an old-school charm without needing fancy visuals.
  • Living through an immersive Career mode, where it’s not just about playing matches but managing everything about your player.
  • Focusing deeply on how well your player performs—every pass and goal can make or break your career.

Available on both Android and iOS, this gem by Five Aces Publishing Ltd., which hit devices back in March 2012, has been letting players live out their soccer dreams ever since. If getting behind every aspect of a rising star’s life excites you, New Star Soccer is where you should be playing next!

Download this on the App Store: Here

Download this on Google Play Store: Here

Best Online Soccer Game #5: Score! Hero

Best Online Soccer Games: Score! Hero
Image Credit: Google Play Store

Score! Hero is where storytelling meets soccer, providing an experience that’s quite different from your typical online game. Released for Android and iOS on November 19, 2015, by developer First Touch Games Ltd., this game takes a unique approach to soccer:

  • An over-the-shoulder view gives a more personal angle to every pass and goal attempt. It makes me feel like I’m the one curled up with a free kick or drilling the ball into the back of the net.
  • Playing this game is like being in a soccer-themed chess match. Every move requires thought, careful timing, and precision.
  • As I play through each level, it feels like I’m part of an unfolding drama thanks to stunning visuals that make every action feel significant.

Score! Hero isn’t about just winning; it’s about bringing tactics and techniques together on the pitch. The interactive simulation lets you see your player grow based on the choices you make—each pass or shot writes their story.

For those who relish methodical gameplay and putting their mastermind plans into action one step at a time, Score! Hero offers that rewarding feeling of crafting your victory meticulously. Whether you’re strategizing how to break down defenses or placing shots perfectly out of reach for goalkeepers, this game brings out the tactician in all of us.

Download this on the App Store: Here

Download this on Google Play Store: Here

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I have walked you through the five best online soccer games that will surely kick up your gaming experience. Each game brings its own unique flavor to the field, with immersive gameplay, realistic graphics, and features that cater to various playing styles.

Whether you like managing teams on the go or engaging in a more detailed career mode, these soccer games offer something for every fan. They push the boundaries of what sports games can be and bring out the competitive spirit in us all.