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10 Best DnD Apps For 2024 [Game Tools At Your Fingertips]

best dnd apps
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/18/2024
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In this digital era, technology has seeped into every corner of life, including pastimes like tabletop gaming.

For lovers of the popular role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons, this seepage is highly welcome. Several novel DnD apps have been developed to improve and enrich the gaming experience.

They provide readily accessible resources at your fingertips to aid both players and Dungeon Masters alike, enhancing nearly all aspects of gameplay.

Navigating this landscape can be an uphill climb, with a plethora of applications promising unique features and seamless gameplay.

To lighten your load, we’re going to unveil the 10 best dnd apps that are truly worth your while right now.

From character creation to game tracking; from rule referencing to virtual dice rolling; let us guide you through these gems capable of transforming your play into a more multi-faceted, enriched, and effortless adventure.

10 Best DnD Apps of 2024

Expanding your D&D experience is all about finding the right tools to accompany you on your fantastical journey.

The Pick of the Bunch: Best dnd apps

Here are five standout apps that will transform your D&D campaign into a memorable quest marked by enhanced immersion, convenience, and efficiency.

D&D Beyond

Your search for comprehensive Dungeons and Dragons digital tools could very well end with D&D Beyond. This official D&D app excels on all fronts, providing a one-stop shop for anything you might need. Character sheets? Check. Digital rulebooks? Check. Fellow adventurers? Yes, you can find those too.

Your character creation process receives an excellent helping hand with automated calculations and easy access to different races, classes, and backgrounds information.

Furthermore, its compendium offers access to every piece of fifth-edition content you might need during play, easing rule referencing tremendously. And if you’re not sure where to roll the dice next – literally – its encounter builder could be your holy grail. Just remember not every feature is free but given what it offers, shelling out a few bucks could just be worth it.

5e Companion App

Seeking an app that assists beyond character creation? The free 5e Companion App (IOS) is here at your service.

It provides an absolute boon for Dungeon Masters too with features like monster stats tracking and initiative order management. Not holding the Dungeon Master’s mantle? Fear not?

This app addresses player needs as well by helping maintain notes regarding adventure progress, aiding in creating backgrounds or spell lists for characters (perfect for spellcasters), and managing hit points or death saves easily during combat.

This app affords custom creature creation where you can let your imagination run wild while building your own monsters perfect for ambitious Dungeon Masters who wish to bring novelty into their quests.

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Fifth Edition Character Sheet

With the Fifth Edition Character Sheet app (IOS), character creation has never been easier. This app shines in its simplicity and offers a clear, straightforward method for creating new characters.

Fifth Edition Character Sheet

The step-by-step process ensures you don’t miss out on any crucial details. Beginning with race and class choices, your character is constructed layer by layer with automated calculations, eliminating the risk of mathematical errors.

There’s also an option for level-up assistance which provides suggestions based on the chosen character’s build.

It features all the player handbook’s races, classes, backgrounds, and spells. Yes, you read that right even if they’re not directly linked to your current character you can get information about them conveniently in one place.

Game Master 5th Edition

Tired of fumbling around with multiple books? Game Master 5th Edition (IOS) could be your ultimate game changer.

This app works hard to keep your desk uncluttered. It brings together all essential elements for gameplay in one place, including spells, monsters, magical items, and NPCs.

From creating encounters using predefined or custom monsters to tracking initiative and combat stats, hosting a session has never been easier.

Its campaign manager is a real treat too, allowing Dungeon Masters to organize campaign notes neatly while keeping track of player characters’ stats when required.

With its diverse range of features specifically aimed towards Dungeon Masters, digital screen time has never been more meaningful. Efficiency and simplicity are at its core here; everything you need is only a tap away.

Fight Club 5th Edition

As an avid DnD player, whether you’re the Dungeon Master or a player character, you need powerful utility apps to keep your game flowing smoothly.

Fight Club 5th Edition

One such app is the Fight Club 5th Edition (IOS). This app stands out with its all-inclusive character sheets that allow you to manage your character’s skills, powers, spells, items, and stats.

Interestingly, the incorporation of a virtual dice roller in this platform aids in expedited decision-making processes during gameplay.

Also noteworthy is its easily navigable system for tracking health points in real time. It enhances your gaming experience by enabling you to create and modify characters quickly using features like class-level adjustment sliders and value increment buttons.

This app not only entails digitally stored rules but also lets users import additional rules from online sources. This gives users the flexibility they need while playing this multi-dimensional game.

D&D Spellbook 5e

Next up is the D&D Spellbook 5e (IOS), an application that proficiently handles spells and cantrips within DnD gameplay.

The Spellbook offers a consolidated view of all spells used in the game based on various filter criteria such as class type, spell level, and school of magic among others.

Apart from its convenient search function for easy spell location; it provides detailed instructions on how to cast each spell ensuring undisrupted gameplay.

Users have found it especially helpful during intense play when quick casting may be needed.

Coupled with an easy-to-use interface and intelligent design that mimics an actual spellbook; this easy-to-navigate app becomes an essential addition to any DnD player’s toolkit bringing within reach even those arcane spells that are hard to remember.

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DnD 5e Database

A great friend of Dungeon Masters and players alike is DnD 5e Database.

DnD 5e Database

A comprehensive resource personified in app form provides every rule, every piece of gear, every spell, and all character classes and races defined in D&D 5e.

Alongside this, monster stats present another valuable resource at the users’ disposal.

You can forget about juggling multiple books across various editions of DnD. Everything you need to know about gameplay is within this easy-to-use app.

Arguably the best part is its offline availability allowing creation, strategic planning & preparation whenever inspiration strikes.

It’s a one-stop-shop for anything you might need concerning DnD 5e rules covering from a goblin’s hit points to magic item lists.

Companions for D&D 5e

Get ready to take your game to the next level with Companions for D&D 5e (IOS). It’s designed to easily manage your companions or pets in a game session by creating statistics sheets for them keeping calculated hit points handy.

What sets it apart is its impressive tracking capability. It tracks ammunition usage, equipped items, hit dice usage, and everything else related to your companions’ inventory management in real-time during gameplay ensuring a completely immersive experience.

Indeed an indispensable tool when managing non-playable characters during those epic adventures allowing focus on structured play rather than paperwork.

5e Character

The 5e Character app expertly provides a simplified yet extensive character creation platform catering to both novice players and seasoned veterans alike.

5e Character

Apart from standard attributes like name, race, class, and alignment; players can add intricate details like ideals or character backstories breathing life into their role-playing experience.

Intuitive sliding scales adapt character abilities with level progression adjusting accordingly.

Its most admirable feature is the You-Can-Do-That functionality which tailors gameplay as per skill set generating unique characters transcending generic archetypes making every D&D campaign an unforgettable journey.

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FAQs About best DnD apps

What are some of the best Dnd apps available?

Some of the top-rated apps include D&D Beyond, Fight Club 5th Edition, 5e Companion App, Fifth Edition Character Sheet, and D&D Spellbook 5e. These provide several features to improve your gaming experience.

Are there any DnD apps for spell management?

Yes, the D&D Spellbook 5e is a fantastic app that manages spells and cantrips used within gameplay. It offers detailed instructions on spellcasting and an easy search function for locating spells quickly.

How can I manage my character’s profile digitally in DnD?

The 5e Character app is perfect for managing character profiles. With its user-friendly interface, you can customize your character attributes, manage level advancements and tailor gameplay according to skills.

Is there an app to manage companions in D&D gameplay?

Yes, the Companions for D&D 5e app tracks your companion’s inventory including equipped items, ammunition usage and much more during gameplay.

Which is a good resource app for Dungeon Masters playing the DnD 5e edition?

The DnD 5e Database consolidates all rules, gear information, spells, character classes and races defined in Dungeon and Dragons 5e. This comprehensive resource allows easy access both online and offline.


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