Best Sword Enchantments Minecraft 2021

20+ Best Sword Enchantments Minecraft (September 2021)

September 4, 2021
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The wait for the best video game for personal computers (PC) got over in 2011 when the most popular "Minecraft" was launched by Mojang Studios. This awesome PC/game platform is not just limited to PCs, as you can play this on Android, PlayStation 3 or PS4, Xbox, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, Nintendo switch, tvOS and iOS devices too!

In this article, I'll show you how to make your Minecraft sword even more powerful by enchanting it with the best sword enchantments Minecraft.

In 2018, it was estimated that Minecraft has more than 126 million monthly active users across all the platforms. This number is projected to grow in 2019 and 2020 as well, with estimates reaching 200 million copies sold by 2021.

The thrill of exploring your very own world - and the fear that someone might try to take it from you. Building up tools, weapons, defenses, as well as negotiating with other players for resources, all make Minecraft a game unlike any I've ever played before!

To kill the mobs, you can make your own block designs or try fighting with them by punching. You could also use a fishing rod to fight, but it's not as effective as a sword, so that should be a last resort. The best thing which you should always have is Sword - this will get rid of any and all threats in no time at all.

So, you want to know the Minecraft best enchantments for sword? I'll tell you everything that it might need. But first things first, let's talk about why it needs them in the first place!

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Advantages of Best Minecraft Sword Enchantments

As discussed earlier, swords are the best way to kill mobs. To make it more effective, use sword enhancement so that you can easily slay hordes of monsters without having a break in between (like repairing your weapon).

Advantages of Best Minecraft Sword Enchantments

We all know that there's plenty already going on in any given player's world without adding more difficulty, so it only makes sense to make things easier, too, right? Using enchanted items which allows gamers to bestow special abilities onto their weapons with just a little bit of effort from time to time. When you're playing Minecraft, have your sword enchanted with the best enchantments to gain advantages and benefits.

  1. If your sword is enchantment, then it will reduce the risks of a player being damaged.
  2. You can play against big mobs if you have an enchantment sword with you.
  3. If you work on sword enchantment, then you will also get enchantment weapons.

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Best Sword Enchantments Minecraft (2021)

One of the most exciting things about playing Minecraft is being able to create and craft your own items in the game. You can make swords, armor, tools, potions, food, or anything else you would need for survival in a world where there are no rules.

With enchantments, you can give your weapons special abilities that will help you defeat some of the toughest enemies in the game. So what are the best sword enchantments in Minecraft 2021? Read on to find out!

Best Sword Enchantments Minecraft 2021

1. Curse of Vanishing

Vanishing is the perfect spell for avoiding a costly death. The curse of Vanishing has max level 1.If you do happen to die, this enchantment will make your items disappear after that point and thus prevent them from being taken by other players. The Minecraft ID for Curse of Vanishing is 71. If you're using a PvP server, then Curse of Vanishing is one of the best Minecraft sword enchantments.

2. Bane of Arthropods

The bane of arthropods has max level 5. If you find difficulties while killing mobs like spiders, cave spiders, silverfish, or endermites, then this enchantment can be used to help increase the attack damage against these creatures if they're becoming too much for your character's combat skills at his/her current maximum experience and level. The Minecraft ID for Bane of Arthropods is 18.

3. Sweeping Edge

Sweeping Edge enchantment for Minecraft is a great way to quickly defeat enemies by sweeping your sword. The maximum level of this enchant will increase the damage given, which means it's perfect if you're having trouble with weak sweep attacks that take longer to give enough damage. The maximum level of a sweeping edge is 3 and the Minecraft ID for Sweeping Edge is 22.

4. Fire Aspect

It's important to be aware of how you want your target on fire. The Fire Aspect enchantment can help with that! This special Minecraft feature will set targets alight in a flash and is the perfect way to handle all those pesky creepers who are just plain rude. You can maximize the Fire Aspect level to 2. Now, to do this you need a Minecraft ID 20.

5. Smite

The smite has a maximum level of 3. It's not easy to kill undead mobs. So, you can get a sword enchantment like the smite enchant that will help improve your attack damage against them. The Minecraft ID for smite is 10.

6. Knockback

Knowback can be taken to a maximum of 3 levels in Minecraft. Knockback is a great way to clear out mobs. Enchanted with the right enchantment, it can become even more powerful and really make clearing some of those pesky zombies easier. The Minecraft ID for Knowback is 19.

7. Sharpness

The maximum level of sharpness is 5. If you want to increase attack damage, then sharpness can be used for Enchantment, and it will provide a buff in increased damage dealt with the mobs. The Minecraft id for Sharpness is 16.

8. Looting

You can maximize your looting to the 3rd level. Have you successfully killed a mob but didn't get satisfying loot and want to increase your loot? You should use Looting enchantment, as this will help you in increasing the number of items dropped when a mob is killed. The Minecraft id for Looting is 21.

9. Unbreaking

You can take your unbreaking to the 3rd level, and it is the maximum. But are you sure that's enough durability for fighting mobs? If not, maybe it would be better if you went an upgrade or two with Unbreaking enchantment on each of those items. The Minecraft id for Unbreaking is 34.

10. Mending

The mending tool has a maximum of level 1. The mending tool is a must-have for any Minecraft fan. It will mend all your tools, weapons, and armor with XP as you go about adventuring through the world of blocky goodness. The Minecraft ID for Mending is 70.

Let us know if you need to know about 10 more Minecraft best enchantments for sword.

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Nowadays, Minecraft has become the craze of so many people, and day by day, new features are coming out. All players want their kingdoms to stay safe from mobs, and for that, they need enchantments.

I'm glad to have helped you out, and I hope the list of best sword enchantments Minecraft is helpful for your adventures.

Happy Minecrafting!

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