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Brave Nine Tier List (April 2024) Brown Dust Mercenaries

Brave Nine Tier List (2023) Brown Dust Mercenaries
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 07/31/2023
Est. Reading: 17 minutes

Welcome to our comprehensive Brave Nine tier list for 2024! As the game continues to evolve, players need to stay up-to-date with the latest character rankings. With a plethora of heroes and mercenaries available in this strategic turn-based RPG, knowing which characters are worth investing your time and resources can give you a significant edge over your opponents.

In this guide, we have ranked all Brave Nine characters into S-Tier (superior), A-Tier (excellent), and B-Tier (good) categories based on their overall performance in various game modes such as PvP arena battles or guild wars. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to optimize your current lineup of heroes, our tier list will help you make informed decisions when building your ultimate team!

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What To Look For While Choosing The Right Characters in Brave Nine?

When choosing the right characters in Brave Nine, there are several factors to consider that can help you make informed decisions and build a strong team. Here’s what you need to look for:

What to look for while choosing the right characters in Brave Nine?
  • Role: Each character belongs to one of four main roles – Warrior, Defender, Magician, or Supporter. It is crucial to have a balanced team composition with heroes that excel in their respective roles.
  • Synergies: Some characters work exceptionally well together due to their unique skills and abilities that complement each other. Look for heroes who synergize effectively with your existing lineup or those whom you plan on acquiring in the future.
  • Skillset: Evaluate individual hero skills such as damage output (DPS), crowd control (CC), healing capacity, survivability (tackiness), and buff/debuff capabilities before adding them to your roster.
  • Rarity & Potential Growth: High rarity usually means better stats overall; however, some lower-rarity mercenaries can still hold their own if properly invested in by leveling up and awakening them through the Soul Gear enhancement process.
  • PvP vs PvE Performance: While some characters shine more prominently within PvP arena battles or guild wars context others might be more suited towards PvE content like World Bosses Raid modes dungeons challenges etcetera So assess where want to focus resources and prioritize accordingly.
  • Availability & Cost-effectiveness: Acquiring many top-tier heroes might require significant investment time grinding luck-summoning events purchase packages Choose wisely considering accessibility and cost efficiency given limited premium currency real money spent on the game.

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Brave Nine Tier List (April 2024)

Embark on a strategic journey with the Brave Nine tier list, where heroes rise to the forefront of battle, wielding their unique abilities and strength. Dive into the ranks of these formidable champions and discover the power that lies within each tier. Prepare for epic clashes as you explore the dynamic world of Brave Nine and unleash the potential of your chosen warriors.

Brave Nine S Tier List 2024: The Cream of the Crop (Best of the Best)

These elite S-Tier characters are considered top-tier choices for any team composition. They offer exceptional utility, power, and versatility in various game modes. Investing in these heroes will pay off greatly as they consistently dominate battles and help you achieve victory.

Brave Nine S-Tier List 2024: The Cream of the Crop (Best of the Best)
  • Alec Warrior
  • Angelica Warrior
  • Asmode Supporter
  • Barbara Warrior
  • Barze Warrior
  • Benaka Supporter
  • Cecilia Defender  
  • Cucumber Warrior 
  • Granhilt Defender 
  • Kaori Defender  
  • Lepitaire Supporter  
  • Levia Magician   
  • Lucius Defender   
  • Ludia Defender    
  • Mamonil Defender    
  • Michaela Supporter     
  • Moonlit night 
  • Supporter
  • Nartus Magician
  • Stella Supporter

Brave Nine A Tier List 2024: The Dependable Powerhouses (Excellent Choices)

The A-Tier characters boast strong abilities and solid performance in various game modes. While they may not outshine the S-Tiers, these heroes still pack a punch and can be excellent additions to any team composition.

Brave Nine A-Tier List 2024: The Dependable Powerhouses (Excellent Choices)

Their reliable skills make them great choices for those looking to create a balanced lineup.

  • Octavia Warrior
  • Jacan Warrior
  • Ino Supporter 
  • Anais Supporter  
  • Ebony Supporter  
  • Johann 
  • Supporter
  • Liddell Warrior
  • Near Warrior 
  • Viola Warrior  
  • Eunran Warrior  
  • Serendia Supporter    
  • Arche Warriors    
  • Ruth Warriors     
  • Hell Magician      
  • Aretha Magician     
  • Cry  Warriors      
  • Rene Defender       
  • Denarisa Defender     
  • Belasie Defender      
  • Grotha Defender

Brave Nine B Tier List 2024: The Trusty Companions (Good Choices)

These B-Tier characters are solid options for filling specific roles or niches in your team composition. While they may not have the same level of impact as S and A tiers, these heroes can still contribute significantly to your overall strategy.

Brave Nine B-Tier List 2024: The Trusty Companions (Good Choices)

They serve as valuable additions to round out a well-rounded squad.

  • Tsuzuki Supporter 
  • Alines Supporter  
  • Beatrice Warrior   
  • Carson Defender   
  • Clarice Supporter    
  • Cordelia  
  • Warrior
  • Horan Defender  
  • Karug Warrior   
  • Lizzy Warrior    
  • Maria Magician   
  • Marron Warriors   
  • Melody Magician  
  • Mercedes Defender 
  • Noel Magician     
  • Peacock Warriors  
  • Ron  Warriors    
  • Rye  Warriors     
  • Shizuka Warrior  
  • Sloan Defender    
  • Wiggle Warrior

Brave Nine Warriors Tier List 2024: Unleashing Power and Dominance

“Lead the charge with mighty warriors, showcasing their prowess in battle!”

Brave Nine Warriors Tier List 2024: Unleashing Power and Dominance

In Brave Nine, warriors are known for their exceptional strength and ability to deal massive amounts of physical damage. Players can rely on these characters to dominate the battlefield through raw power. In our tier list, we have ranked some of the best warriors:

S-Tier Warriors:

  • Alec Warrior
  • Angelica Warrior
  • Barbara Warrior
  • Barze Warrior

A-Tier Warriors:

  • Octavia Warrior
  • Jacan warrior
  • Liddell warrior
  • Near warrior

B-Tier Warriors :

  • Beatrice warrior
  • Cordelia warrior
  • Marron warrior
  • Ron Warrior
  • Wiggle Warrior 

Brave Nine Defenders Tier List 2024: The Impenetrable Wall

“Keep your ranks protected by deploying resilient defenders who excel at absorbing damage.”

Brave Nine Defenders Tier List 2024: The Impenetrable Wall

Defenders play a crucial role in maintaining your team’s stability during battles. These characters possess high health points (HP) and strong defensive capabilities that allow them to shield allies from harm effectively.

S-Tier Defenders:

  • Cecilia Defender
  • Granhilt Defender
  • Kaori Defender
  • Lucius Defender
  • Ludia Defender
  • Mamonil Defender

A-Tier Defenders:

  • Rene Defender
  • Denarisa Defender
  • Belasie Defender
  • Grotha Defender 

B-Tier Defenders:

  • Carson Defender
  • Horan Defender
  • Sloan Defender

Brave Nine Supporters Tier List 2024 : Bolstering Allies and Enhancing Strategies

“Empower your team with versatile supporters providing invaluable buffs, heals, and utility.”

Brave Nine Supporters Tier List 2024 : Bolstering Allies and Enhancing Strategies

Supporters are essential in Brave Nine for their ability to strengthen allies or weaken enemies through various skills. They can heal injured teammates or boost stats like attack power or defense to give you the upper hand during battles.

S-Tier Supporters:

  • Asmode Supporter
  • Benaka Supporter
  • Lepitaire Supporter
  • Michaela supporter
  • Moonlit night Support 

A-Tier Supporters :

  • Ino Support
  • Serenida support
  • Johann support
  • Ebony support
  • Tsuzuki support 
  • B-tier-supporters
  • Clarice-Support
  • Alines Support

Brave Nine Magicians Tier List 2024: Masters of Magic and Destruction

“Weave a web of magical devastation with magicians capable of unleashing devastating spells!”

Brave Nine Magicians Tier List 2024: Masters of Magic and Destruction

Magicians in Brave Nine excel at dealing massive magic damage from afar while avoiding direct confrontation. Their potent spells can turn the tide by striking multiple targets simultaneously.

S-Tier Magicians:

  • Levia Magician
  • Nartus Magician

A-Tier Magicians :

  • Hell Magician
  • Aretha Magician 

B-Tier-Magicians :

  • Maria Magicia
  • Melody magician
  • Noel magiciann 

Brave Nine Characters Explained

Delve into the realm of Brave Nine and gain insights into its diverse roster of characters with our detailed “Brave Nine Characters Explained” guide. Uncover the strengths and weaknesses of each hero, identifying which ones to avoid and which to embrace in your quest for victory. With this invaluable resource, you’ll be equipped to strategically choose and assemble a formidable team to triumph in the epic battles that lie ahead.

1. Alec Warrior (S-Tier)

Alec Warrior (S-Tier)

Pros: High damage output, self-buffing abilities, and excellent survivability make Alec a top-tier warrior. 

Cons: Weak against certain defenders and requires some investment to truly shine.

Who should choose: Players looking for a powerful frontline attacker in both PvE and PvP.

Who should avoid: Those who already have multiple strong warriors or limited resources.

2. Angelica Warrior (S-Tier)

Angelica Warrior (S-Tier)

Pros: Boasts immense single-target damage capabilities, making her ideal for taking out key enemy units.

Cons: Lacks AoE attacks and can struggle against tanky team compositions.

Who should choose: Those seeking a specialized unit to eliminate high-priority targets quickly.

Who should avoid: Players that need an all-around warrior with versatile skills.

3. Asmode Supporter (S-Tier)

Asmode Supporter(S-Tier)

Pros: Can empower adjacent allies while debuffing enemies simultaneously, providing great utility in various game modes

Cons: Reliant on proper positioning; might not be suitable for newer players

Who should choose: Experienced players aiming to strengthen their teams strategically through buffs/debuffs

Who should avoid: Players looking primarily at offensive-oriented characters

4. Barbara Warrior (S-Tier)

Barbara Warrior(S-Tier)

Pros: Massive AoE dmg dealer, Excellent dmg scaling with buffed ATK value & Great counter potential due to high DEF piercing ability.

Cons: Fragile hero who is susceptible to being taken down by opponent’s ranged attackers.

Who Should Choose: Gamers seeking aggressive tactics involving obliteration of enemy front lines using raw power.

Who should avoid: Players focusing on defensive strategies or lacking reliable protection for their damage dealers.

5. Barze Warrior (S-Tier)

Barze Warrior(S-Tier)

Pros: Consistent AoE damage, self-sustain abilities, and synergy with various supports make Barze a versatile warrior.

Cons: Limited single-target nuking capabilities and struggles against heavy control compositions.

Who should choose: Those looking to build well-rounded teams that can handle multiple situations in both PvE and PvP settings.

Who should avoid: Players seeking specialized units designed to excel in specific scenarios.

6. Benaka Supporter (S-Tier) 

Benaka Supporter (S-Tier)

Pros: Offers potent utility through shields, cleansing debuffs from allies while buffing their attack stats

Cons: Lacks direct offensive power; high dependency on team composition

Who Should Choose: Gamers aiming to improve key teammates’ survival chances during critical battles.

Who Should Avoid: Players Requiring immediate dmg output from every character within lineup.

7. Cecilia Defender (S-Tier)

Cecilia Defender(S-Tier)

Pros: Exceptional tank with the ability to taunt enemies, absorb incoming DMG & heal herself over time; great frontline unit.

Cons: Notable lack of offensive presence aside from survivability role.

Who should choose: Players in need of a durable frontline unit to protect their valuable damaged dealers.

Who should avoid: Those who prioritize dealing high amounts of damage and require a more offensive-oriented team.

8. Cucumber Warrior (S-Tier)

Cucumber Warrior(S-Tier)

Pros: Solid AoE damage dealer with crowd control capabilities, making her useful for both PvE and PvP battles.

Cons: Requires thoughtful positioning to maximize her potential; not very tanky compared to other warriors.

Who should choose: Gamers looking for versatile attackers that can deal consistent area-of-effect damage while disrupting enemy formations.

Who should avoid: Players seeking straightforward, easy-to-use characters or those requiring tanks.

9. Granhilt Defender (S-Tier)


Pros: Excellent tanker with self-sustain abilities; can taunt enemies into attacking him while reflecting some of the inflicted damages

Cons: Limited offensive power output; relies heavily on teammates’ synergy support.

Who Should Choose: Players focusing on building strong defensive setups ;

Who Should Avoid: Users search primarily aggressive teams?

10. Kaori Defender (S-Tier)

Kaori Defender(S-Tier)

Pros: Highly effective against magical opponents due magic nullification ability ; decent tanking stats & utility through debuff cleansing .

Cons: Lacks offensive power; requires a well-structured team to maximize her potential.

Who should choose: Players seeking sustainable teams that can endure long battles or recover from setbacks in combat.

Who should avoid: Gamers prioritizing high damage output over survivability.

11. Levia Magician (S-Tier)

Levia Magician(S-Tier)

Pros: Massive AoE magic damage dealer with ignoring-defense ability; great for taking out multiple enemies at once

Cons: Fragile unit susceptible to being taken down by ranged attackers or assassins

Who Should Choose: Players aiming at obliterating enemy formations through sheer magical force

Who Should Avoid: Gamers focus on defensive strategies, lacking reliable protection for their dmg dealers.

12. Lucius Defender (S-Tier)

Lucius Defender(S-Tier)

Pros: Extremely durable tank with self-revive abilities, making him difficult to eliminate from the battlefield.

Cons: Limited offensive capabilities; high resource investment required for optimal performance.

Who should choose: Players seeking a near-immortal frontline defender to protect their damage dealers and supports.

Who should avoid: Those who prioritize aggressive playstyles or have limited resources.

13. Ludia Defender (S-Tier)

Ludia Defender(S-Tier)

Pros: Offers excellent physical damage mitigation and crowd control abilities, making her an effective anti-warrior unit

Cons: Struggles against magic-based opponents due to her specialized focus on countering physical threats

Who Should Choose: Gamers facing numerous warrior-heavy teams within various game modes

Who Should Avoid: Players requiring versatile defenders capable of handling both magical & physical dmg equally?

14. Mamonil Defender (S-Tier)

Mamonil Defender(S-Tier)

 Pros: High survivability stats combined with AoE debuffing skills; solid addition to any defensive lineup.

Cons: Limited offensive power; not as effective against single-target burst damage.

Who should choose: Players looking to strengthen their overall team defense and disrupt enemy strategies.

Who should avoid: Those seeking high-damage output or specialized units for specific situations.

15. Michaela Supporter (S-Tier)

Michaela Supporter(S-Tier)

Pros: Versatile support with powerful buffs, healing abilities, and debuff cleansing capabilities

Cons: Requires thoughtful positioning and team composition to maximize her potential

Who Should Choose: Players aiming at creating sustainable teams capable of handling various challenges ;

Who Should Avoid: Gamers prefer straightforward, easy-to-use characters .

16. Moonlit night Supporter (S-Tier)

 Moonlit night Supporter(S-Tier)

Pros: Provides valuable crowd control through silence effects; decent healing & buffing capabilities.

Cons: Lacks direct dmg output; heavily dependent on synergizing well with teammates.

Who Should Choose: Gamers in search of a controlling supporter that can effectively hinder the enemies’ skills usage.

Who Should Avoid: Players who prefer supporters focused primarily on buffing allies offensively?

17. Nartus Magician (S-Tier)

Nartus Magician(S-Tier)

Pros: Exceptional long-range AoE magic damage dealer with high burst potential; excels in both PvE and PvP.

Cons: Fragile unit; requires protection from frontline defenders to reach maximum potential.

Who should choose: Players looking for a powerful backline mage capable of decimating enemy formations from afar.

Who should avoid: Those lacking reliable defensive units or focusing on close-range combat strategies.

18. Stella Supporter (S-Tier)

Stella Supporter(S-Tier)

Pros: Offers strong team-wide buffs, including attack power increase and damage mitigation; versatile support for various game modes

Cons: Lacks direct healing abilities, which may limit her effectiveness on teams that require more sustained support

Who Should Choose: Players aiming at enhancing overall team performance through various buffs.

Who Should Avoid: Gamers who prioritize healing capabilities over buffing effects?

19. Octavia Warrior (A-Tier)

Octavia Warrior(A-Tier)

Pros: Consistent single-target damage dealer with self-sustain abilities make her effective in prolonged battles

Cons: Lacks AoE damage capabilities and may struggle against tanky team compositions.

Who should choose: Players seeking a reliable warrior for sustained single-target DPS in both PvE and PvP.

Who should avoid: Those who require versatile attackers with area-of-effect abilities or burst damage potential.

20. Jacan Warrior (A-Tier)

Jacan Warrior(A-Tier)

Pros: High physical burst-damage output; capable of quickly eliminating key enemy units

Cons: Vulnerable to crowd control effects; limited survivability compared to other warriors

Who Should Choose: Gamers looking for specialized high-burst assassins within their lineup ;

Who Should Avoid: Players focusing on overall team survivability and consistent dmg output.

21. Ino Supporter (A-Tier)

Ino Supporter(A-Tier)

Pros: Provides valuable utility through debuff cleansing, healing, and buffing allies’ defense stats

Cons: Lacks offensive buffs or direct damage capabilities

Who should choose: Players in need of a well-rounded support character focused on improving team survivability.

Who should avoid: Those seeking offensive-oriented supporters with damage-enhancing buffs.

22. Anais Supporter (A-Tier)

Anais Supporter(A-Tier)

Pros: Offers strong healing abilities while also buffing allies’ attack power; versatile support for various game modes

Cons: Reliant on proper positioning and skill timing to maximize effectiveness

Who Should Choose: Players aiming at sustaining their teams through continuous healing and damage buffs ;

Who Should Avoid: Gamers who prefer straightforward, easy-to-use characters or those requiring crowd control utilitY.

23. Ebony Supporter (A-Tier)

Ebony Supporter(A-Tier)

Pros: Provides valuable debuffs against enemy units, including silence effects and reducing stats temporarily.

Cons: Lacks direct healing capabilities; relies more on hindering opponents than enhancing allies’ performance.

Who Should Choose: Gamers looking for a controlling supporter who can effectively disrupt the enemies’ strategies.

Who Should Avoid: Players who prioritize supportive characters mainly based around buffing or healing teammates.

24. Johann Supporter (A-Tier)

Johann Supporter(A-Tier)

Pros: Offers a balance of offensive and defensive buffs, making him versatile for various team compositions

Cons: Lacks strong healing abilities; may not be suitable as the primary support in certain situations.

Who should choose: Players looking to improve overall team performance through a mix of stat enhancements.

Who should avoid: Those requiring dedicated healers or specialized supports with unique utility.

How To Get Better at Brave Nine?

Getting better at Brave Nine requires a combination of strategic thinking, effective resource management, and continuous learning. Here are some tips to help you improve your gameplay:

How to get better at Brave Nine?
  • Understand the game mechanics: Familiarize yourself with different character classes (Warrior, Defender, Magician, and Supporter) and their roles in battles. Learn about the importance of turn order and how certain skills interact with each other.
  • Study our tier list: Use our Brave Nine Tier List as a reference for which characters are worth investing in or focusing on first when building your team.
  • Experiment with team compositions: Try out various combinations of heroes based on their strengths and synergies to find the ideal lineup that suits your playstyle.
  • Level up & awaken characters: Enhance the power level of your best heroes by leveling them up through experience points gained from battles or using EXP Slimes/Scrolls; awaken them to increase stats further while unlocking new abilities.
  • Upgrade runes & soul gears: Equip runes on characters to enhance specific stats according to their role; upgrade soul gear for additional stat boosts alongside unique effects like increased skill range or debuff immunity.
  • Participate in events & complete daily missions/achievements/tasks/challenges etc.: These provide valuable rewards such as Diamonds (premium currency), Gold coins(currency used for upgrading mercenaries), Scrolls(for summoning mercenaries), and many more which can be used towards improving various aspects within game-play
  • Join an active guild/community/forum/discord server: This helps you learn from experienced players who share strategies/tips/guides related content related playing optimally /upgrading efficiently making the most available resources thus increasing overall performance significantly
  • Continuously learn/adapt/improve: Keep track of latest updates/game balance changes/new mercenary releases follows community discussions stay well-informed latest happenings within game ecosystem adapt accordingly to ensure to always ahead of curve competition 9. Be strategic in resource management: Prioritize your resources such as diamonds, gold coins, and scrolls to invest in S or A-tier characters, skill books for important mercenaries’ skills upgrades, and vital equipment like runes or soul gears.
  • Analyze opponents’ teams: Before engaging in a battle against other players (PvP), take time to study their team composition and strategize accordingly by adjusting your lineup or turn order.
  • Watch replays & learn from mistakes: Reviewing past battles can help you identify areas of improvement – whether it’s changing a hero’s position on the battlefield or timing specific skills more effectively during combat.
  • Stay active within the game economy: Participate actively within Brave Nine trading posts/events/marketplace etc., and make the most available opportunities/resources that enable better progression overall performance

How To Unlock Agents in Brave Nine?

Unlocking mercenaries, or “agents,” in Brave Nine is an essential part of the game as it allows you to create a diverse and powerful team. There are several ways to acquire different agents for your roster:

How to unlock agents in Brave Nine?
  • Summon: The most common method of unlocking agents is through summoning using Diamonds, Premium Scrolls, or Ancient Coins in the ‘Summon’ menu found on the main screen’s bottom-left corner.
  • Campaign mode: As you progress through campaign stages (also known as story mode), some missions may reward you with new mercenaries upon completion.
  • Events and Milestones: Participating in time-limited events, daily quests, or reaching specific milestones can also grant agent unlocks or shards used for recruitment.
  • Shop purchases: Agents can be purchased from various shops such as Mystic Island shop (using Honor Points), Guild War shop (Guild War Tokens), and, Legend Arena shop (Legend Coins).
  • Fusion System: Combine lower-tiered heroes at maximum level limits to create higher-tier heroes by utilizing the Fusion feature accessible via Mercenaries > Management > Fuse tab
  • Trading Post System: Trade lesser-used units with other players via the Trading Post system available only during certain periods announced by developers. Always keep an eye on updates since new characters might become unlockable in different ways throughout Brave Nine’s ongoing development! Remember that patience pays off when trying to unlock your desired agent; continue participating actively across all gameplay aspects so that chances increase exponentially over time!

What Are The Factors Considered in Ranking Brave Nine Characters?

Several factors are considered when ranking Brave Nine characters to ensure a comprehensive and accurate tier list. These factors include:

What are the factors considered in ranking Brave Nine characters?
  • Role: Each character falls into one of four roles – Warrior, Defender, Supporter, or Magician. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each role helps in assessing their overall effectiveness within a team composition.
  • Stats: Characters have distinct base stats such as attack power, defense, hit points (HP), agility (AGI), critical chance (CRIT), etc., which contribute to their performance in battles.
  • Skills & Abilities: The unique set of skills and abilities that each character possesses plays an essential part in determining their rank on the tier list—characters with powerful skills or versatile abilities that can turn the tide of battle often rank higher.
  • Synergy with other characters: Some heroes work exceptionally well together due to complementary skillsets or passive buffs provided by certain combinations; these synergies impact rankings as they can make specific team compositions more effective than others even if individual heroes might not be top-ranked on their own.
  • Performance across game modes: A character’s versatility is also assessed based on how well they perform across different game modes – PvP Arena Battles, Guild Wars campaign mode for PvE content like World Bosses Raid Dungeons.
  • Potential for growth/upgrade potential – Characters who scale better at higher levels/enhancements may receive better ranks than those who plateau early.
  • Popularity within meta trends – This factor considers whether certain hero picks popular in-game competitive scenes emphasize strategies built around specific combinations impactful enough to shift rankings accordingly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Brave Nine Tier List based on?

The tier list is based on a character’s overall performance in different game modes, such as PvP arena battles and guild wars. It considers factors like skills, stats, and synergy with other heroes.

2. How often does the Brave Nine Tier List get updated?

We aim to update our tier list periodically when there are significant game updates or balance changes that can affect hero rankings.

3. Are S-Tier characters always better than lower-tier characters?

While S-Tier heroes generally perform well across various situations, some lower-tier heroes may be more effective in specific scenarios or team compositions.

4. Can I still succeed with B-Tier characters in my team?

Absolutely! B-Tier characters might not be top performers but they can still hold their own when utilized strategically and paired effectively within your lineup.

5. Is it possible for a character to move up or down tiers over time? 

Yes, as developers make changes to the metagame through balancing of existing Heroes’ abilities, some heroes may rise while others fall from their previous standing. 

6. What should I prioritize if I am just starting out? 

The best approach would be first focusing on acquiring higher ranked units (S-and-A) as you progress through story mode, prioritize investing resources into them. 

7. Are all high-ranked healers/supports necessary for my team composition?

No, but having at least one strong healer/supporter will significantly improve your chances of success, especially during tough battles.

8. How do I acquire new mercenaries? 

Mercenaries can either by summoned using diamonds, tickets were given throughout gameplay events, Or earned via achievements.

9. How important are synergies between units?

Synergies play a crucial role in building your strong team, as certain units work exceptionally well together, forming powerful combos 10. Tier list considers performance across PvP arena battles, guild wars, and world boss events.

11. Should I focus on Awakening or Rune enhancement first? 

It is generally recommended to prioritize awakening as it provides more significant stat boosts and skill improvements. Rune enhancement can be done after.

12. Is it worth upgrading lower-tier characters?

While you may find some success with upgraded lower-tier heroes, it is usually better to invest resources into higher-ranked characters for long-term gains.

13. Can new players obtain S-Tier heroes easily?

Yes, new players often receive generous rewards during their initial gameplay which can be used towards summoning high-ranked mercenaries.

14. Are there any limited-time Characters? 

Yes, sometimes developers introduce special limited-time availability Heroes so keep an eye out for these opportunities

15. How do I improve my team composition? 

Try experimenting with different hero combinations, assigning proper formations, and investing in unit upgrades 

16. Can two same heroes be deployed at once

No, you cannot deploy duplicate heroes one lineup.

17. Are all classes equally important when forming a team

To build balanced teams, you must have representation from each class (Defenders, Warriors, Magicians, and Supporters).

18. What should I consider when placing units on the battlefield? 

Factors such as attack range, target priority, damage, and output will dictate the optimal placement of your mercenaries  

19. Do costumes affect Hero hero’s abilities?  

Costumes are purely cosmetic changes, and they don’t offer any advantage over base skin.  

20. Are there specific tips or strategies depending on the opponent’s faction?

While certain strategies might be effective against specific factions, the best approach is to have a versatile team that can perform well in various situations.


Our Brave Nine tier list for 2024 provides a solid foundation to help you strategize and build the most powerful team possible. Keep in mind that as updates and meta shifts occur, some characters may rise or decline in rankings over time. We recommend staying engaged with community discussions and official patch notes to ensure your knowledge remains up-to-date.

Remember that while tier lists are valuable tools for guidance, they shouldn’t be followed blindly – personal preference, playstyle, uniqueness and team synergies can all contribute to finding success within the game. Ultimately, experimentation is key! Don’t hesitate to try out different combinations of heroes and use this tier list as a starting point on your journey toward mastering Brave Nine’s strategic battles. Good luck on the battlefield!


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