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Cloud Giant 5E Monster [Engage The Nobles Of Sky Castles]

Cloud Giant 5e Monster
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/15/2024
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The cloud giant 5e offers an ethereal and dream-like image, certainly living up to the connotation of its name.

As believers in the power of aerial beauty and enigmatic phenomena hidden in the sky, these beings harness incredible magic that spans across their floating kingdoms.

Their imposing stature, tribal customs, and extraordinary capabilities make them a fascinating species within the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

Noble in nature, dwelling in splendid castles amid the clouds, cloud giants are universally known for their graceful movements that belie their immense size.

They create a perfect blend of power and artistry as they show a natural tendency for music and art, creating mesmeric rhythms that resonate through the vast expanses of their cloud-bound homes.

Attributes of Cloud Giant

The cloud giant 5e is an imposing entity endowed with a myriad of unique attributes. With their mighty strength, extraordinary charisma, uncanny wisdom, and remarkable agility, they outplay their adversaries.

Attributes of Cloud Giant 5e

Their massive constitution and enduring stamina provide them the endurance in prolonged battles. Let’s delve deeper into a comprehensive breakdown of these potent characteristics.

Armor Class14 (natural armor)
Hit Points200 (16d12 + 96)
Speed40 ft.
STR (Strength)27 (+8)
DEX (Dexterity)10 (+0)
CON (Constitution)22 (+6)
INT (Intelligence)12 (+1)
WIS (Wisdom)16 (+3)
CHA (Charisma)16 (+3)
Saving ThrowsCON +10, WIS +7, CHA +7
SkillsInsight +7, Perception +7
SensesPassive Perception 17
LanguagesCommon, Giant
Challenge Rating (CR)9 (5,000 XP)
Proficiency Bonus+4

What is Cloud Giant In 5e?

Cloud Giant 5e, a being underlined as a “Huge Giant” with neutral alignment, belongs to the realm of the esteemed game.

What is Cloud Giant 5e

Its existence signifies more than just an imposing physical presence. Their nature reflects the aloofness that sky-bound entities might have but sprinkled with a dash of neutrality that suits their high-altitude habitat.

Their size never hampers their gracefulness; on the contrary, it contributes to their aura of majesty and authority.

These gentle-looking giants harbor a tremendous love for arts and crafts, and music never fails to charm them.

Their heartwarming personality coexists with their might which is pristinely reflected in conflicts. They masterfully level the balance between tranquility and power.

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Embarking on an exploration of traits gives you insights into these creatures beyond mere physical descriptions.

Keen Smell

Cloud Giants have an extraordinary sense of smell not only do they perceive odors vividly but can discern minute differences with surprising accuracy.

Their sharply honed olfactory senses allow them proficiency in wisdom (perception) checks related to scent identification or detection.

This keen sense renders them capable of tracking down creatures or identifying certain changes in their environment through scent alone.

Innate Spellcasting

One defining trait of this species is its affinity with magic specifically its Innate Spellcasting capabilities.

The core attribute associated with this spellcasting ability is Charisma; the force of personality plays an important role here.

The magic they command ranges from Disney-like whimsy where they can fabricate something out of thin air (like turning rocks into lavish clothes), to darker nuances like understanding what people around them are thinking or seeing what’s going on hundreds of miles away.

This unique blend of magic and wisdom grants them the ability to control their surroundings with gestures, words, or even mere thought.

Actions of Cloud Giant 5e

The cloud giant 5e possesses an array of actions that it uses to maneuver its way through battles and challenges.

Actions of Cloud Giant 5e

They rely on these actions, primarily Multiattack, Morningstar, and Rock, to overpower their adversaries.

The mechanics behind each of these actions reveal the surprising strategy and finesse behind the raw power of these giants.

Multiattack: The Dual Assault

The multitrack, as its name suggests, allows the cloud giant to attack multiple times. In a single turn, it executes dual Morningstar attacks.

This strategy can drastically whittle down an enemy’s strength in a short span.

It is this ability to launch more than one primary weapon attack that separates the cloud giant from many other creatures in the D&D world.

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Morningstar: Melee Powerhouse

The Morningstar attack is a melee weapon strike with enormous destructive power. When launching this move, the cloud giant gets a +12 bonus to make contact with its target within ten feet of reach.

Upon a successful hit, this attack inflicts a significant amount of piercing damage (21 on average).

Any adversary without substantial resisting power or healing abilities can soon find themselves severely incapacitated.

Rock: Master of Long-Range Assaults

Any discussion on Cloud Giant’s actions would be incomplete without mentioning Rock – the ranged attack from their arsenal.

Like any well-rounded warrior, these creatures understand that not all battles are won up close.

Possessing an impressive range of 60/240 feet, Rock provides them with tactical flexibility by enabling them to hit targets from far-off distances while remaining relatively safe themselves.

A successful hit inflicts quite substantial damage (30 in most cases), making it equally formidable as Morningstars notwithstanding their contrasting utilization.

Each action is unique in its utility but when combined strategically under changing circumstances; they provide cloud giants a diverse artillery making them fierce adversaries.

When you’re up against or roleplaying as a cloud giant, remember these premises. Knowing the nuances of their abilities can be the thin line between triumphant and falling in the face of these formidable behemoths.

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FAQs About Cloud Giant 5e

What distinguishes a cloud giant in the D&D universe?

Cloud giants are known for their imposing size, innate magic abilities, and love for arts and music. They dwell in castles among the clouds, embodying both power and grace.

Are cloud giants evil or good?

Unlike many other creatures from the D&D universe whose alignment is clearly defined, cloud giants are described as neutral entities who can lean towards both good and evil actions depending upon specific circumstances.

What kind of attack does a cloud giant use in close combat?

In close combat, a cloud giant uses an attack called Morningstar. This is a melee weapon strike that causes significant piercing damage to the opponent.

Does a cloud giant have long-range attack abilities?

Yes, a cloud giant has an excellent long-range attack called Rock, which grants them the ability to hit their targets from significantly larger distances while remaining safe themselves.

What makes the multiattack ability of the cloud giant so formidable?

The multi attack allows the cloud giant to launch more than one primary weapon attack during its turn. This ability lets them swiftly deplete their enemy’s health pool within a brief period.


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