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Epic Seven Tier List (April 2024) Best Heroes, Characters

Epic Seven Tier List (2023) Best Heroes, Characters
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 07/23/2023
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Epic Seven is a 2D RPG in which players control a variety of characters and acquire souls using each character’s skills. Players can choose from various characters, each with unique abilities and stats, making the game highly replayable.

To make choosing which character to play easier for players, we have created an Epic Seven tier list that ranks each of the characters. Players can use this tier list to quickly determine which characters are the most powerful and effective in battle. The tier list for Epic Seven can also be used as a guide for new players who want to get an idea of how each character performs.

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Epic Seven Tier List (April 2024)

Class is one of the most important factors when it comes to deciding which character is best for you. There are six classes in Epic Seven: Knight, Warrior, Mage, Ranger, Soul Weaver, and Thief. Each Class has its own set of strengths and weaknesses that can be beneficial or detrimental depending on the situation.

Epic Seven Tier List (2023)

We’ve created an Epic Seven tier list for each of the classes that are broken up into five tiers: S, A, B, C, and D. The higher-tier characters are generally considered to be stronger than those in lower tiers.

Epic Seven Knight Tier List (2024)

Knights are the front-liners of Epic Seven, and their main role is to protect their allies from harm. In addition, they can provide support with defensive and healing skills, making them invaluable in team compositions. Choose a knight if you want a durable character that can take a beating and keep going.

Epic Seven Knight Tier List (2023)
SAdventurer Ras, Crimson Armin, Fallen Cecilia, Charles, Charlotte
AFalconer Kluri, Armin, Lilias, Shadow Knight Phylis
BBelian, Krau, Shadow Rose, Tywin, Troublemaker Crozet, Yulha, Summer Break Charlotte
CEaton, Ambitious Tywin, Rose, Ilynav, Christy, Last Rider Krau, Fighter Maya, Senya, Mort, Yoonyoung
DPhylis, Hasol, Ras, Helen, Crozet, Chaos Inquisitor, Kikirat V2, Maya, Bask, Kluri, Arowell, Butcher Corps Inquisitor, Taranor Royal Guard

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Epic Seven Warrior Tier List (2024)

Warriors are the melee combatants of Epic Seven. Their main role is to dish out heavy damage and disrupt enemy attacks. Choose a warrior if you want an aggressive character that can take on multiple enemies at once with ease.

Epic Seven Warrior Tier List (2023)
SHwayoung, Apocalypse Ravi, Straze, Sigret, Choux, Luna
ACermia, Chloe, Sol Badguy, Lilibet, Lionheart Cermia, Yufine, Conqueror Lilias, Mediator Kawerik, Rem, Zahhak, Jack-O’, Ken, Martial Artist Ken, Ravi
BAlencia, Inferno Khawazu, Little Queen Charlotte, Designer Lilibet, General Purrgis, Mui, Judge Kise, Free Spirit Tieria, Clarissa, Lena
CBad Cat Armin, Edward Elric, Commander Lorina, Holiday Yufine, Batisse, Khawazu, Great Chief Khawana, Chaos Sect Axe, Melany, Camilla, Dark Corvus, Ains, Taeyou, Mercenary Helga
DDingo, Helga, Purrgis, Taranor Guard, Assassin Cartuja, Kitty Clarissa, Captain Rikoris, Church of Ilyros Axe, Azalea, Corvus, Gunther, Muchacha, Rikoris, Tieria, Januta, Enott, Carluja

Epic Seven Mage Tier List (2024)

Mages are a versatile class in Epic Seven, and they can provide both offensive and defensive support. They have the ability to create area-of-effect spells that can damage multiple enemies at once and also buff or heal allies. Choose a mage if you want a character that can be adapted to fit any team composition.

Epic Seven Mage Tier List (2023)
SSpecter Tenebria, Vivian, Kawerik, Challenger Dominiel, Researcher Carrot, Aria, Luluca, Mercedes, Silver Blade Aramintha, Angel of Light Angelica
ATop Model Luluca, Aramintha, Champion Zerato, Melissa, Tenebria, Ludwig, Auxilary Lots, Baal & Sezan
BEda Basar, Fairytale Tenebria, Guider Aither, Dage Baal & Sezan, Solitaria of the Snow, Milim
CRam, Roy Mustang, Serila, Zealot Carmainerose, Celestrial Mercedes, Sylvan Sage Vivian, Zeno, Gloomyrain, Benevolent Romann, Dominiel
DCarrot, Doll Maker Pearlhorizon, Zerato, Romann, Hurado, Carmainerose, Mistychain, Adlay, Otillie, Jena, Archdemon’s Shadow

Epic Seven Ranger Tier List (2024)

Rangers are the long-range combatants of Epic Seven. They can dish out a lot of damage with their bow and arrows, but they also have the ability to debuff enemies with a variety of different status effects. Choose a ranger if you want to hit your enemies from afar and weaken them at the same time.

Epic Seven Ranger Tier List (2023)
SLandy, Seaside Bellona, Flan, Iseria Operator Sigret
AElphelt Valentine, All-Rounder Wanda, Bellona, Briar Witch Iseria, Pavel, Command Model Laika, Furious, Vigilante Leader Glenn, Watcher Schuri
BCerise, Glenn, Riza Hawkeye, Summertime Iseria, Wanderer Silk, Pirate Captain Flan, Yura
CBomb Model Kanna, Faithless Lidica, Lidica, Silk, Leo, Shchuri
DWanda, Celeste, Kris, Muse Rima, Nemunas, Ian, Godmother, Rima, Roaming Warrior Leo

Epic Seven Soul Weavers Tier List (2024)

Soul Weavers are the healers of Epic Seven. They have a variety of healing and buffing spells that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Choose a Soul Weaver if you want an ally that can keep your team alive in tough fights.

Epic Seven Soul Weavers Tier List (2023)
SRuele of Light, Roana, Blaze Dingo, Diene, Maid Chloe, Tay
AAngelic Montmorancy, Destina, Sinful Angelica, Elena, Emilia, Magic Scholar Doris, Tamarinne, Achates, Desert Jewel Basar
BAngelixa, Moon Bunny Dominiel, Mascot Hazel
CBlood Moon Haste, Rin, Lots, Doris, Ainos, Kizuna Al, Sharun, Lucy, Requiemroar
DShooting Star Achates, Shuna, Montmorancy, Hazel, Sonia, Aither, Jecht, Elson

Epic Seven Thief Tier List (2024)

Thieves are the glass cannons of Epic Seven. They have high damage output but low defense and health, making them a bit more fragile than other classes. Choose a thief if you want to deal massive amounts of damage quickly.

Epic Seven Thief Tier List (2023)
SArbiter Vildred, Violet, Kise, Celine, Haste, Vildred, Cidd, Spirit Eye Celine
AAssassin Cidd, Blood Blade Karin, Kayron, Remnant Violet, Baiken, Righteous Thief Roozid, Ran Sez
BCloser Charles, Assassin Coli, Karin, Specimen Sez, Tempest Surin, Crescent Moon Rin, Peira
CErvalen, Mirsa, Muwi, Khawana, Orle, Verdant Adin, Coli, Penelope, Summer’s Discuple Alexa
DAlexa, Holy Flame Adin, Judith, Roozid, Surin, Hataan, Adin, Sven

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best knight in the Epic Seven tier list?

The best knight in Epic Seven is Adventurer Ras, who has a guardian named Arky and attacks with a sword. He is known for his good personality and understanding nature, making him a great choice for any team composition.

2. Who is the best warrior in Epic Seven?

The best warrior in Epic Seven is Ravi, who has the power of Tenebria and attacks with a double-edged axe. He is known for his aggressive nature and powerful strikes, making him a great choice for any team composition.

3. Who is the best mage in Epic Seven?

The best mage in Epic Seven is Vivian, who smashes enemies with a rock and uses thunderstorms to devastating effect. She is known for her versatility and ability to adapt to any situation.

4. How can I use the Epic seven tier list to choose the best character for my team?

The tier list can be used to quickly identify which characters are better than others in terms of overall performance. By looking at the tiers, you can easily compare different characters and decide which one is most suitable for your team composition.

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Final Words

The Epic Seven tier list is an invaluable guide for new players who want to figure out which characters are the strongest. Consider all of the factors when deciding which character is best for you and your team, such as class, damage output, defensive capabilities, and so on. With this tier list in hand, you should have no problem finding a powerful


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