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Raid: Shadow Legends Tier List (June 2024) Best Champions

Raid: Shadow Legends Tier List (2023) Best Champions
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 07/23/2023
Est. Reading: 7 minutes

Raid Shadow Legends is an RPG game that puts players into the shoes of an ancient Telerian warrior. Your mission is to defeat the Dark Lord and restore peace and harmony to your territory. To do this, you’ll need to assemble a powerful army of champions.

To help you assemble your army and choose the best champions, we have created a Raid Shadow Legends tier list. Using this tier list, you can quickly and easily identify the best champions to help you on your quest. It’s an extremely helpful resource for any player of Raid Shadow Legends!

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Raid Shadow Legends Tier List (June 2024)

In the Raid Shadow Legends, there are a total of 14 different factions. Each faction has its own unique set of champions, and each champion possesses unique skills and abilities that can help you on your journey. To make it easier for players to choose the best champions for their team, we have created separate Raid Shadow Legends tier list for each faction.

Raid Shadow Legends Tier List (2023)

Our Raid Shadow Legends tier list ranks the champions by their overall power and usefulness in the game. Each tier list is divided into four tiers: S, A, B, and C. Champions in the S tier are considered to be the strongest and most powerful champions while those in the C tier are less powerful or useful.

Raid Shadow Legends Shadowkin Tier List (2024)

Shadowkin are powerful beings that hail from the kingdom of Yakai, also known as the land of the sun. They are masters of magic and wield powerful spells to help them in battle. Shadowkin Raid Shadow Legends tier list include:

Raid Shadow Legends Shadowkin Tier List (2023)
SGenzin, Jintoro, Sachi, Lady Kimi, Hotatsu, Fenshi
AYoshi the Drunkard, Oboro, Chonoru. Fanatic, Riho Bonespear, Genbo the Dishonored, Burangiri, Gory
BToragi the Frog, Odachi, Lifetaker, Chani, Vagabond, Nobel
CBloodmask, Conscript, Infiltrator, Assassin, Marauder

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Raid Shadow Legends Dwarves Tier List (2024)

Dwarves are masters of hammer and axe, and they make excellent warriors. To know which Dwarves are the best champions to take into battle, look no further than our Raid Shadow Legends Dwarves tier list. Champions in this faction include:

Raid Shadow Legends Dwarves Tier List (2023)
SMaulie Tankard, Melga Stellgirdle, Rearguard Sergeant, Rugnor Goldgleam, Grizzled Jarl, Tormin the Cold, Trunda Giltmallet, Runekeeper Dazdurk
ADilgol, Gala Longbrainds, Avir the Alchemage, Geomancer, Hurndig, Kurzad, Deepheart, Rock Breaker
BUnderpriest Brogni, Baerdal Fellhammer, Mountain King, Cudgeler, Fodbor the Bard, Grumbler, Runic Warder, Madman, Master Butcher, Hatchet Slinger
CBoltsmith, Bulwark, Stout Axeman, Samar Gemcursed, Beast Wrestler, Dolor Lorekeeper, Flailer, Gloril Brutebane, Honor Guard, Painsmith, Perforator

Raid Shadow Legends Skinwalkers Tier List (2024)

Skinwalkers have the power to cast themselves into different forms and shapes at will, making them extremely versatile warriors. Our Raid Shadow Legends Skinwalkers tier list ranks all the Skinwalkers champions available.

Raid Shadow Legends Skinwalkers Tier List (2023)
SKhoronar, Norog, Basher, Cleopterix, Fayne, Graybeard, Hakkorhn, Longbeard
ABloodpainter, Flesh-Tearer. Channeler, Steelskull, Gnarlhorn, Grappler, Reinbeast, Ursine
BHoforees the Tusked, Icecrusher, Fleshmoner, Smashlord, Ursine Ironhide, Yaga the Insatiable, Warchief, Snorting Thug, Taurus
CBloodhorn, Panthera, Ripper

Raid Shadow Legends Barbarians Tier List (2024)

Barbarians are fierce warriors who offer their mercenary services to the highest bidder. Choose the best Barbarians for your army with our Raid Shadow Legends Barbarians tier list.

Raid Shadow Legends Barbarians Tier List (2023)
SScyl of the Drakes, Tuhanarak, Valkyrie, Warmaiden, Fahrakin the Fat, High Khatun, Sikara, Sentinel, Skytouched Shaman, Skirmisher, Ursuga Warcaller
AAltan, Alika, Atur, Armina, Elder Skarg, Kantra the Cyclone, Anointed, Marked, Turvold, Valla, Soulbound Bowyer, Zephyr Sniper, Teshada
BAina, Dunestrider, Haarken Greatblade, Kallia, Elder, Scrapper, Hill Nomad, Maeve, Baroth the Bloodsoaked, Yakari the Scourge
CRagemonger, Jotun, Ox, Woad-Painted, Bloodbraid, Berserker, Suwai Firstborn, Tigersoul

Raid Shadow Legends Banner-Lords Tier List (2024)

The Hereditary Knights of Kaerok, and the Banner-Lords, swear their allegiance to King Tayba. If you want to use the Banner-Lords to your advantage, check out our Raid Shadow Legends Banner-Lords tier list.

Raid Shadow Legends Banner-Lords Tier List (2023)
SArchmage Hellmut, Baron, Black Knight, Raglin, Septimus, Sethalia, Stag Knight, Ursala the Mourner
ACillian the Lucky, Alaric the Hooded, Azure, Gerhard the Stone, Helio, Knight Errant, Lord Champfort, Lugan the Steadfast, Minaya, Oathbound, Richtoff the Bold, Rowan
BChancellor Yasmin, Chevalier, Conquerer, Dagger, Giscard the Sigiled, Hordin, Halberdier, Masked Fearmonger, Myrmidon, Preserver, Seneschal, Vanguard, Warcaster
CBombardier, Cataphract, Courtier, Crossbowman, Lordly Legionary, Questor, Steadfast Marshal, Valerie

Raid Shadow Legends Dark Elves Tier List (2024)

Dark Elves inhabit the forests that border the realms of Teleria and make excellent archers and scouts. We have created a Raid Shadow Legends Dark Elves tier list to help you choose the best Dark Elf champions.

Raid Shadow Legends Dark Elves Tier List (2023)
SAstralith, Blind Seer, Coldheart, Fang Cleric, Foli, Ghostborn, Kael, Kaiden, Lanakis the Chosen, Lydia the Deathsiren, Madame Serris, Pain Keeper, Rae, Zavia
ACrimson Helm, Delver, Lua, Luria, Psylar, Rian the Conjurer, Spider, Spirithost, Visix the Unbowed, Vizier Ovelis, Paragon
BCaptain Temila, Eviscerator, Hexweaver, Judge, Mystic Hand, Queen Eva, Warden, Retainer, Ruel the Huntmaster
CHarvester, Steel Bowyer, Wanderer

Raid Shadow Legends Demonspawn Tier List (2024)

Demonspawns are the unholy unions of Demon and mortal, making them some of the most powerful enemies in Teleria. Find out which Demonspawn can help you on your quest with our Raid Shadow Legends Demonspawn tier list.

Raid Shadow Legends Demonspawn Tier List (2023)
SAlure, Duchess Lilitu, Peydma, Prince Kymar, Tyrant Ixlimor, Umbral Enchantress
ACandraphon, Countess Lix, Cruetraxa, Drexthar Bloodtwin, Excruciator, Fellhound, Gorlos, Hellmaw, Infernal Baroness, Inithwe Bloodtwin, Lord Shazar, Marquis, Nazana, Sicia Flametongue, Tainix Hateflower
BAbyssal, Achak the Wendarin, Akoth the Seared, Diabolist, Erinyes, Hellgazer, Marquess, Skimfos the Consumed, Souldrinker, Tormentor
CHellborn Spite, Hellfang, Hound Spawn, Ifrit, Malbranche, Mortu-Macaab, Tarshon

Raid Shadow Legends High Elves Tier List (2024)

High Elves originate in Aravia and have built a wondrous, shimmering city there. Having the best High Elf champions can give you an edge in battle, so use our Raid Shadow Legends High Elves tier list to pick the best ones.

Raid Shadow Legends High Elves Tier List (2023)
SApothecary, Arbiter, Basileus Roanas, Battlesage, Belanor, Lyssandra, Tayrel, Deliana
AElenaril, Elhain, Heiress, Ithos, Luthiea, Royal Guard, Royal Huntsman, Shirimani, Thenasil, Vergis, Yannica
BExemplar, Fencer, Hyria, Interceptor, Jinglehunter, Pyxniel, Reliquary, Tender
CAdjudicator, Avenger, Magister, Marksman

Raid Shadow Legends Knight Revenant Tier List (2024)

The Knight Revenants raid indiscriminately to capture slaves and plunder resources. In order to make sure you have the strongest revenants for your team, consult our Raid Shadow Legends Knight Revenant tier list.

Raid Shadow Legends Knight Revenant Tier List (2023)
SDoompriest, Miscreated Monster, Rector Drath, Sinesha, Skullcrown, Soulless
AArcanist, Bystophus, Crypt Sitch, Deathless, Executioner, Golden Reaper, Hegemon, Pestilus, Renegade, Sepulcher Sentinel, Tomb Lord
BCoffin Smasher, Gladiator, Guardian, Kytis, Narma the Returned, Necrohunter, Pitiless One, Thea the Tomb Angel, Theurgist, Whisper, Wurlim Frostking
CAcolyte, Bergoth the Malformed, Crimson Slayer, Centurion, Daywalker, Faceless, Magus, Pharsalas Gravedirt, Versult the Grim

Raid Shadow Legends Lizardmen Tier List (2024)

The reptilian warriors of the Lizardmen are a formidable force in Teleria. Use our Raid Shadow Legends Lizardmen tier list to find out which ones will best serve your cause.

Raid Shadow Legends Lizardmen Tier List (2023)
SAox the Rememberer, Deacomorph, Fu-Shan, Krisk the Ageless, Ramantu Drakesblood, Rhazin Scarhide
ABasilisk, Broadmaw, Drake, Gator, Roxam
BBogwalker, Haruspex, Jarang, Jareg, Jizoh, Skathix, Skull Lord Var-Gall, Venomage, Vergumkaar
CFlinger, Hurier, Metalshaper, Muckstalker, Quargan the Crowned, Skink, Skullsworn, Slasher, Slitherbrute

Raid Shadow Legends Ogryn-Tribes Tier List (2024)

The Ogryn-Tribes are subhuman giants with prodigious bellies and brawn. Find out which of these warriors can help you in battle with our Raid Shadow Legends Ogryn-Tribes tier list.

Raid Shadow Legends Ogryn-Tribes Tier List (2023)
SBellower, Big ‘Un, Ghrush the Mangler, Maneater, Skullcrusher, Towering Titan, Uugo
ACagebreaker, Grimskin, Gurgoh, the Augur, Gurptuk Moss-Beard, Ignatius, Klodd Beastfeeder, Shamrock
BDrokgul the Gaunt, Flesheater, Galkut, Geargrinder, Grunch Killjoy, Fortress Goon, Magmablood, Ogryn, Jaoler, Prundar, Shatterbones, Siegehulk
CFurystoker, Mycolus, Occult Brawler, Pounder, Rocktooth, Ruffstone, Siegebreaker, Stoneskin, Wagonbane, War Mother

Raid Shadow Legends Orcs Tier List (2024)

Orcs were initially bred as warrior slaves and now form powerful bands of raiders. Pick the best Orc champions to join your team with our Raid Shadow Legends Orcs tier list.

Raid Shadow Legends Orcs Tier List (2023)
SAngar, Dhukk the Pierced, Galek, Gomlok Skyhide, Irom Brago, Kreela Witch-Arm, Old Hemit Jorrg, Robar, Sandlashed Survivor, Tuhak the Wanderer, Warlord
ABonekeeper, Grohak the Bloodied, King Garog, Nogdar the Headhunter, Seer, Shaman, Teela Goremane, Ultimate Galek, Veteran, Vrask, Zargala
BBloodfeather, Chopper, Deathchanter, Ironclad, Pigsticker, Raider, Ripperfist, Terrorbeast, Toturehelm, Twinclaw Disciple, Wyvernbane
CGoremask, Huntress, Spikehead, Totem, Treefeller

Raid Shadow Legends Sacred Order Tier List (2024)

The Sacred Order is a religious organization charged with cleansing Teleria of evil. Select the best members for your army by consulting our Raid Shadow Legends Sacred Order tier list.

Raid Shadow Legends Sacred Order Tier List (2023)
SAbbess, Armiger, Athel, Cardiel, Cupidus, Deacon Armstrong, Errol, Fenax, Martys, Romero Roshcard the Tower, Sir Nicholas, Venus
AAothar, Cardinal, Godseeker Aniri, Hope, Inquisitor Shamael, Juliana, Lightsworm, Lodric Falconheart, Mistress of Hymns, Mordecai, Sanctum Protector, Mother Superior, Relickeeper Sanguinia, Tallia
BAstralon, Bushi, Canoness, Draconis, Frostbinger, Lamellar, Outlaw Monk, Penitent, Sanctioned Purifier, Solaris, Templar, Warpriest, Witness
CAdriel, Chaplain, Confessor, Harrier, Headsman, Hospitaller, Judicator, Justiciar, Lady Estessa, Maiden, Missionary, Purgator, Renouncer

Raid Shadow Legends Undead Hordes Tier List (2024)

The Undead Hordes inhabit the forgotten tombs and dark places of Teleria. With our Raid Shadow Legends Undead Hordes tier list, you can pick out the most powerful undead warriors to join your cause.

Raid Shadow Legends Undead Hordes Tier List (2023)
SBad-el-Kazar, Doomscreech, Drowned Bloatwraith, Ma’Shalled, Nekhret the Freat, Rotos the Lost Groom, Saito, Seducer, Seeker, Siptu the Lost Bride, Skartosis
AAnax, Balthus Drauglord, Bloodgorged, Corpse Collector, Frozen Banshee, Gogorab, Havest Jack, Husk, Lich, Little Miss Annie, Mausoleum Mage, Nethril, Suzerain Katonn, Temptress, Wogoth, Urost the Soulcage, Zelotah
BBanshee, Bone Knight, Catacomb, Councilor, Corpulent Cadaver, Dark Elhain, Defiled Sinner, Elegaius, Gravenchill Killer, Grinner, Hexia, Karam, Rotting Mage, Wretch
CAmarantine Skeleton, Arbalester, Ghoulish Ranger, Hollow, Sorceress, Crypt-King Graal, Dark Athel, Stitched Beast

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Raid Shadow Legends tier list updated regularly?

Yes, our Raid Shadow Legends tier list is regularly updated to reflect changes in the game. Be sure to check back often for the latest rankings!

2. Which Shadowkin champions should I use?

The best Shadowkin champions are Jintoro, Sachi, and Lady Kim. Use them to strengthen your team and gain an edge in battle.

3. What are some of the best Dwarves champions?

The top Dwarves champions are Melga Stellgirdle, Rearguard Sergeant, and Rugnor Goldgleam. These powerful warriors will give you a great advantage in battle.

4. Who are the best Lizardmen in the Raid Shadow Legends tier list?

The best Lizardmen champions are Aox the Rememberer, Deacomorph, Fu-Shan, Krisk the Ageless, and Ramantu Drakesblood. With these powerful warriors on your side, you will be unstoppable!

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Final Words

With our Raid Shadow Legends tier list, you can make sure that your team is made up of the strongest warriors from each faction. If you’re ready to take on the forces of evil in Teleria, use this tier list to build your perfect team. Choose wisely and victory will be yours!


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