How to Fix ESO Error 307- Booted from Server (2020)

How to Fix ESO Error 307: Booted from Server (2020)

October 1, 2020
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Why the game showing me ESO error 307 boosted from the server? And why I am unable to login back to my contest after receiving the ESO error code 307 boosted from the server?

If your questions are related to ESO Error 307, then you are on your destination platform to get full information regarding Error 307. After our recent article, Steam error code 105, some users asked us to solve the ESO error 307. After reading the full article, you are going to fix this issue quickly. But before that, you should know that what ESO is?

What is ESO (Elder Scrolls Online)?

ESO stands for the Elder Scrolls Online. It is an MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) developed by Zenimax Studio in 2k14. Elder Scrolls Online gets popularity in 2k15 when it released for the Xbox One and Play station 4 in June 2k15. By 2k20, ESO sold more than 15 million copies of the game, and the monthly active users recorded is about 2.5 million active players.

What is ESO (Elder Scrolls Online)?

ESO is an excellent online platform for playing games, but in-universe, there is nothing perfect occurs. As getting many queries from ESO players about error 307 ESO, I do research and got solutions to deal with ESO error 307.

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Before going to the solution, you should also know about the causes for error 307 boosted from the server.

Possible Reasons for ESO Error 307

While playing an ESO game, if you get the message “Error 307 Boosted from the server,” and you can’t re-login, it means that your game has been disconnected from the mega server. This issue arises because of the two main reasons listed below:

Possible Reasons for ESO Error 307

1. Faulty Add-ons

The ESO error 307 can be caused by the Faulty game add-ons when you are playing the game on your PC or Laptop.

2. Problem with Your IP

 If you are playing the game on your consoles (like Xbox One or Play Station 4 / PS4), then your IP should be static; otherwise, you inevitably get this message “ESO Error 307 Boosted from server.”

Now the reasons because of which you are not able to connect to the game server are discussed, and now, the question is, what are their solutions. Don’t worry, and these issues can be fixed after reading the next section, which is about How to fix Error 307 ESO.

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How to Fix ESO Error 307 Boosted From the Server?

You are on the main content of the topic, so read this section carefully and follow all the steps as suggested.

How to Fix ESO Error 307 Boosted From the Server?

If I wasted your time before this section, then I am sorry for that, but that very section is also crucial as before knowing about the causes, the reasons are also essential to understand.

Now, the solutions are different for the PC / Computer users and gaming consoles users. So, follow the steps according to your needs.

1. How to Fix ESO Error 307 in PC

Try the Game Without Add-ons:

As discussed earlier that the faulty add-ons can cause the Error 307 ESO while playing. So, now you have to add them one by one to see which one of them is causing the error of 307 ESO. For adding them follow the step listed below:

  1. Open your system and navigate the game’s folder location.
  2. Go to the search box and type “This PC” then click on the result.
  3. Now, in This PC, click on the local disk folder.
  4. Now, navigate to users>> Your Account’s Name>> Documents.
  5. Click after searching the Elder Scrolls Online Folder in Documents.
  6. Now, go to the “live” folder if you are using the North America server and “liveeu” folder if using The European mega server.
  7. Open the folder and select all the files using a shortcut key, i.e., CTRL + A and then right-click and chose the cut option.
  8. Now, paste the file in some another folder safely.
  9. Open the game now, and by double-clicking the game from the library tab, run the game via Steam.
  10. Check the game that is it again, showing error 307 ESO.
  11. Now, return to the Add-ons files and paste one by one to the folder again and see which file causes the error 307 ESO and then delete that vary file immediately.

2. How to Fix ESO Error 307 in Console (Xbox One, PS4)

Assign the Static IP:

As in the reason section, I have already told you that IP also causes the Error 307 ESO. So, to get rid of this Error 307 boosted from server, follow the steps given below:

For Xbox One Users:
  • Find your IP address by pressing the menu button, the controller of the Xbox One.
  • Now, go to the setting and click on network options.
  • After that, go to advanced settings.
  • Now, carefully write down the IP address in the IP section in advance settings as you need to assign the IP address later on.
  • Also, there is a Wired MAC address or Wireless MAC address present under the IP section. You should also write it down.
For Play Station 4 (PS4) Users:
  • Firstly, find out your current IP address assign to your PS4.
  • For finding IP, go to the menu and select settings.
  • Then, choose Network and select View Connection Status.
  • Locate the IP address, which opens up on the screen and take a note of it as you have to enable port forwarding later on. Also, make sure to note down the MAC address to your PS4 before exiting.

Now, you have successfully collected your IP address, and MAC address as the half of your work is done now you have to complete the remaining steps to assign them by following the steps below:

  • Open your default browser (preferred Google chrome)
  • Type your IP address into the address bar and press the enter key.
  • Now, Check the default username and password written in your router’s documentation, on a sticker on the side of your router or the Port Forward website.
  • Enter the username and password on the page where you redirect after typing your IP address on your browser.
  • Firstly, you should search for the Enable Manual Assignment option and select the radio button next to yes.
  • After that, locate the section which allows you to type the MAC address and IP address.
  • Now, carefully type both the address.
  • After writing, click on the Add button.
  • Restart your router and console.

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After reading the whole article, I hope you get your problem solved. As a gamer, I know the irritation that occurs while seeing the issues like ESO Error 307 boosted from the server but knew you could quickly resolve this issue. If you are still facing the issue, then you can contact ESO Support. Happy gaming!

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