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ESO Error 307 | 100% Working Fix (April 2024) – Booted From Server

ESO Error 307 | 100% Working Fix ([nmf] [cy]) - Booted From Server
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Updated On: 07/19/2023
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In my gaming adventures, dealing with unforeseen glitches can be as epic a quest as the main storyline itself. Here I am, deep in the mystical world of Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), when out of nowhere, the dreaded ESO error 307 strikes.

It’s a classic tale; just when you’re about to score that trophy achievement or finally defeat a formidable foe, your connection is booted and you find yourself staring at an infamous error screen.

You love all things ESO and believe me, I share your sentiments. As fellow travelers in Tamriel, it’s only fair that I give you my tried and tested formula on how to fix ESO error 307. Because nothing should stand between us and our tiresome quest to fight evil forces and search for precious artifacts.

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What exactly is ESO Error 307?

When playing Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), you might encounter a common issue, the ESO Error 307. This not-so-friendly error occurs when you’ve been “booted from the server“.

Quite simply, your current game session is terminated and your connection to the server is interrupted. What’s more exasperating about this error is that it can suddenly pop up without any warning.

There could be varied reasons behind ESO error 307. It’s possible that it might be on ESO’s side – perhaps their servers are congested or they’re conducting maintenance.

Alternatively, a problem might exist on your end – issues with internet connectivity, improper installation of game files, or troublesome add-ons.

Understanding these nuances around ESO Error 307 can empower us to find out appropriate solutions. So, when life in Tamriel hits a roadblock named ‘Error 307’, we are ready to defeat it with our gaming wizardry.

Possible Reasons for ESO Error 307

When you’re deep into the dungeons of Tamriel, running into ESO Error 307 can be your toughest foe. But how does this adversary come into play? Let’s delve into the potential culprits.

Possible Reasons for ESO Error 307

1. Server Overload or High Traffic

First off, one of the most common reasons for error 307 is server overload or high traffic. Simply put, when too many players are logging onto the game at once, it strains the servers. This can cause a connection drop and that dreaded error to pop up on your screen.

2. Faulty Add-ons

Second, add-ons. While they enhance our gaming experience, they can sometimes lead to more harm than good. Faulty or outdated add-ons may interfere with ESO’s functionality causing connection errors such as 307. So if you’ve been downloading those extra weapons or spell mods frequently, it might be time to do a little checkup.

3. Problem with Your IP

Lastly, and perhaps more complex, is an issue with your IP address that might be getting in ESO’s way. Due to various factors such as security protocols on both ends or issues from your internet service provider (ISP), your IP address may not jive well with ESO’s servers leading to this nuisance of an error.

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How to Fix ESO Error 307 Boosted From the Server in 2024?

Are you tired of seeing the annoying ESO Error 307? If so, I know how frustrating this can be. But don’t worry! We have several solutions that could help get you back on track. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

How to Fix ESO Error 307 Boosted From the Server?

1. Increase server capacity

One probable reason behind the ESO Error 307 is server overload. If too many players are trying to connect at the same time and the server cannot handle all these connections, it could lead to this error.

Increasing the server capacity might just do the trick. While this isn’t something that you can personally do, the ZeniMax Online Studios team can certainly work on it.

In order for them to take action, make sure to fill out a ticket through their help website. Politely explain your issue about experiencing error 307 and request for them to look into increasing the server capacity if possible.

2. Try the Game Without Add-ons

Another underlying cause for ESO Error 307 could be due to faulty add-ons. Add-ons enhance our gaming experience but sometimes they may also hinder it.

I recommend playing Elder Scrolls Online without any add-ons as they might interfere with your connection. To do this:

  • Open your ESO folder in Documents the directory.
  • Find Elder Scrolls Online then open live.
  • Rename the AddOns folder to something like AddOns-Old.
  • Now start your game.

This method will disable all your add-ons and probably fix your issue if faulty add-ons were indeed causing it. After applying these changes try connecting again and see if Error 307 persists or not.

Rest assured, by renaming or even deleting your addons folder, you won’t lose any of your important game data as everything crucial is stored on ESO’s servers, not locally on your system filesystem.

Please note, however, if any of these fixes still aren’t resolving your problem with Error 307, submit a support ticket detailing all steps taken so far directly to The Elder Scrolls Support Team.

3. Optimize Server Performance

Your game’s performance hinges heavily on your server’s capabilities. Now, while it might sound technical, there are pretty straightforward steps you can take to optimize its performance.

  • Regular Server Maintenance: This process includes periodically updating and cleaning the server databases. Trust me when I say this: keeping your server healthy will do wonders in minimizing the occurrence of Error 307.
  • Server Configuration: If you’re conscious about your settings (as we all should be), check and double-check your server configuration details. Sometimes, adjusting these small factors to better align with your internet speed and reliability can go a long way.

4. Improve Network Infrastructure

Next on our path is to address the network infrastructure itself. Remember, a stable network connection is vital to keep any online game up and running smoothly.

  • Connecting Directly via Ethernet: Wi-Fi connections can sometimes cause latency issues leading to Error 307. An easy trick around this is simply connecting directly using an Ethernet cable whenever possible.
  • Avoiding Data Traffic: Be aware of data traffic congestion! Downloading large files or streaming movies while gaming could test the patience of even ZeniMax Online Studios’ servers! It’s in our best interest that any other intense data usage tasks aren’t running simultaneously with ESO.
  • DNS Flush: Performing a DNS (Domain Name Server) flush can also be quite helpful in maintaining a robust connection with servers.

5. Implement Better Load-Balancing Techniques

The final piece of our solution involves some strategic tech tactics that might just give you an edge over error 307!

  • Upgrade Your Internet Package: If all else fails, upgrading to a higher-speed internet connection package could assist in delivering a consistently high-quality experience.
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network): Consider using a VPN service to help maintain a steady data flow between the gaming servers and your machine by avoiding potential traffic congestion points online.

These strategies are not mere speculations – they come from firsthand experiences of avid gamers who refuse to let error 307 spoil their ESO journeys! Now, go ahead and try these out for yourself; restore order in Tamriel uninterrupted.

6. Upgrade Hardware Resources

The first measure might be more directed from the game developer’s end, but hardware upgrades on the part of users can also drastically improve the gaming experience and navigate this error.

An upgrade can range from adding more RAM, updating your graphics card, upgrading your processor speed or even going for an SSD (Solid State Drive) for faster data access.

Remember, extra hardware resources mean extra room for the game to run smoothly thereby reducing chances of triggering server boot mechanisms causing Error 307.

7. Enhance Server Maintenance and Monitoring

While much depends on server maintenance from Bethesda’s end, monitoring your network performance could help significantly too. Reliable network connections can drastically reduce error instances.

Check consistently for any packet loss or latency issues with your internet service provider (ISP). Troubleshoot using tools like the traceroute command to ensure a steady connection line between you and the ESO servers.

It’s not enough just to look at having higher internet speeds provided by ISPs. It is equally significant how steadily these speeds are delivered. So, staying vigilant about network performance can be a game changer in preventing ESO Error 307.

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8. Streamline Server Communication Protocols

Being aware of communication protocols between the user and server is another way of maintaining smoother gameplay. The use of VPNs does wonders in this area by creating secure data tunnels over internet connections. This helps by providing a direct line between user traffic and gaming servers resulting in reduced lag times and errors such as 307.

In fact, running VPNs while gaming has become a proven way towards experiencing unobstructed connectivity with little interruptions all the while keeping your online identity shielded securely as well as managing to bypass ISP throttles!

Remember that all tech tools need systematic upgradation and refreshers! Regular software updates for VPN applications are critical to ensure seamless interoperability with updated game servers.

To sum up, upgrading hardware resources where feasible; consistent vigil over network health; finally streamlining server communication protocols by creative use of technology such as VPNs are recommended practices when you ask me how to fix ESO Error 307 step by step!

How to Fix ESO Error 307 in the Console? (Xbox One, PS4)

Understanding and addressing the infamous ESO error 307 can get a bit tricky when you’re on your favorite console. Whether you’re an Xbox One enthusiast or a PS4 pro, there are specific steps you can take to eradicate this pesky interruption from your gaming universe. Buckle up, as we break down the process for both consoles.

For Xbox One Users

Getting kicked out from your mystical adventures? Let’s dive into how Xbox One users can rectify this issue:

  • Hard Reset: Begin with a simple yet mighty hard reset. Hold down the power button until the console completely switches off. Unplug the power cord, wait for about 10 seconds, and plug it back in. Now turn on your console.
  • Clear Cache: If the hard reset didn’t prove fruitful, try clearing the cache of your Xbox One by hitting “Settings > System > Storage > Clear local saved games”.
  • Reinstall Game: As a last resort, consider reinstalling the game (don’t worry, your data is secure). From ‘My Games & Apps’, select Elder Scrolls Online and press ‘Menu’ on your controller, and then ‘Uninstall’. You can then reinstall via either physical disk or digital download.

For Play Station 4 (PS4) Users

For my fellow PS4 users dealing with ESO Error 307, here are some potential solutions for you:

  • Restart Console: The most obvious first step is to completely restart your console.
  • Initialization: If simply restarting doesn’t cut it, try initializing your PS4 but only opt for this option if you backed up data as it deletes all user data and restores PS4 to its original state.
  • Reinstallation of Game: Finally, if all else fails – consider reinstalling the game much like Xbox One Advice above.

Bear in mind these troubleshooting methods should handle most cases of Error 307. But don’t forget that some issues may be beyond us when there’s an overwhelming amount of traffic on ESO servers – patience will come in handy then.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is ESO Error 307?

Error 307 in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) refers to the problem where players get “booted from the server”. It typically happens due to high server traffic, faulty add-ons, or an issue with the player’s IP.

2. How can clearing the cache fix ESO Error 307 on Xbox One?

Clearing the cache can refresh your system and remove any temporary files that may be causing interference with the game’s functionality, hence possibly resolving ESO Error 307 on Xbox One.

3. 4What steps can PS4 users take to rectify ESO Error 307?

PS4 users facing ESO Error 307 can restart their console, initialize their PS4 (after backing up data), or reinstall the game to try and resolve the issue.

4. Will reinstalling Elder Scrolls Online remove my saved data?

No. Your game data for Elder Scrolls Online is linked to your gaming account, not your physical console. Reinstalling the game will not affect your saved progress.

5. What if I’m still experiencing ESO Error 307 after these steps?

If you’ve tried all these possible solutions and are still facing this issue, it’s likely a server-related problem from ESO’s end due to high traffic or maintenance activity. In this case, waiting for some time before logging in again might be beneficial.


ESO Error 307 can feel like a challenging boss level that just keeps getting the better of us. Regardless of whether you’re using Xbox One or PS4, these server disconnections can really ground your Tamriel adventures to a halt. However, with these tried and tested steps, I hope you will be back on the saddle, slaying beasts and exploring dungeons in no time.

It’s crucial to remember that sometimes the issue could be out of your hands – such as server troubles due to high traffic. So if all else fails, a breather from gaming while the ESO team handles it might be your best play yet!

Keep enjoying Elder Scrolls Online and may your gaming experience be as hassle-free as possible. Get back out there, brave adventurer.


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