Steam Error Code 105 | Working Fix (2020)

How to Fix Steam Error Code 105 (2020)

October 1, 2020
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"Unable to connect to the server. The server may be offline, or you may not be connected to the internet - Steam Error Code 105" Why Steam shows me error code 105? And what this message means? If your queries are related to the above questions, then you don't have to worry as this Steam error code 105 can be quickly fixed by performing some simple steps listed in this article.

Before discussing Steam ERROR Code 105, let's take a dig towards what Steam is?

What is Steam?

Steam is not just a word but a heaven for the game admirers. Steam is a platform where you can play any of your desired games including DOTA 2, Cuphead, Sub Nautica, and many more as it has a collection of almost 35000 games. Steam also provides free to play games. Steam got more popular with its community features, including friend list and group and in-game voice and chat functionality. Steam also offers you video streaming, server hosting, and social networking services.

If the games provided by the Steam run appropriately, then it's okay. But if it displays the Error code issues that "unable to connect to the server. The server may be offline, or you may not be connected to the internet" but, you are active and connected with the network then, it becomes the headache to sort that issue.

But now you are on the way to clear all your queries about Error Code 105 in Steam, and after reading the whole article carefully, you can quickly deal with Steam error code 105. So, let's get started with the introduction of our topic what it is all about.

What is Steam Error Code 105?

Steam error code 105 is a connection error with the game server, and that's why you can't connect to the server, and a dialog box appears in front of you, showing "unable to connect to the server. The server may be offline, or you may not be connected to the internet (Error Code 105).

What is Steam Error Code 105?

As a gamer, I know that how does it feel when you want to play the game, but you can't because of an error with which you can't deal easily. But now you can be happy as I will guide you that what causes the Steam error code 105? and how to fix Steam error code 105? In my next sections.

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Reasons for Steam Error Code 105?

As from the survey, I got numerous queries about Error Code 105 around the globe as it becomes the leading cause for spoiling joys of the users and make their evenings bad.

Now from my research, I found the leading three causes which are responsible for the issue of Steam error code 105, and they are listed below:

1. Faulty Internet Connection

As earlier discussed, the Steam error code 105 is related to the network connection problem. So, if you may not have a perfect internet connection, you will undoubtedly get the error code 105 as the slow internet connection doesn't make the proper connection between the user and the server, leading to error code 105 in Steam.

2. Adblockers

As you know that ads are the primary income source for any website. So, no website allows users to block ads with itself. For this, some users use Adblocker to block all unwanted kind of stuff so that they can play the game without disturbances. But, sometimes these Adblockers can become the reason for the Steam error code 105, as they block all the unwanted stuff but sometimes, they also block the access to the store of Steam which leads to error code 105.

3. DNS Settings

DNS, I know that this word is new for you, but don't worry, it is nothing so big then just an internet phonebook. So, if you have configured the DNS, you can only connect to the server; otherwise, you have to deal with the Error Code 105 Steam.

Now the reasons are cleared to you, let's engage in their solutions on how to solve error code 105 in Steam.

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How to Fix Steam Error Code 105

As now, we are in the main section of the topic. For which you visited our website. Now without wasting any more time, I will straightly go to the solutions one by one.

How to Fix Steam Error Code 105

1. Restart Internet Routers

Most of our users found this method very useful as it became the primary solution to many problems regarding network. If you want to get rid of this Steam error code 105, you should restart your router to solve the ping and connection issues.

You can restart your router by plugging out the power cord and Replug it again, or you can do this by pressing the power button on the router.

After doing this, your connection gets a fresh start, and the game will start running smoothly.

2. Flush The DNS

If your issue gets fixed with the help of 1st point, then it is okay. But, if it didn't solve then you should follow the 2nd step carefully:

  • First, open your system (your PC or Computer)
  • Now, go to the search box and type "CMD."
  • Now click on the command prompt
  • Now, after right-clicking on command prompt, select Run as administrator option.
  • Type the command "ipconfig/flushdns" inside the command prompt window.
  • Hit the enter button when you get "Successfully flushed the DNS resolve cache."
  • After completing the process, try to rerun the Steam app.

3. Uninstall the Adblocker Application

As discussed in the last section of how Adblocker applications can cause Steam error code 105. Follow the steps carefully to deal with the issue of Steam error code 105:

  • Go to the windows Setting.
  • Click on the Apps.
  • Now, all your applications are displayed. Now, under that, you need to find the Adblocker application which you are using.
  • Now, after selecting that app, uninstall or delete it.

4. Change your DNS

DNS also causes an issue or error code 105 Steam. So, you should use high-speed DNS because many users use their Internet service provider's DNS. Usually, those get slow due to their server.

If you want to fix this issue, then switch to public DNS, which includes Google, Cloudflare & many more.

Now to change your DNS, follow these steps:

For Windows Devices:

  •  Press the "windows key" along with "R" to open the "Run" window.
  • Now, after opening the "Run" window type "ncpa.cpl" and click okay.
  • Then, the Network Connection tab will open.
  • Now, right-click on the internet, which you are using.
  • Then select "Internet service protocol version 4" and click on "Properties."
  • Then a new window will open. Now, add as prefer DNS, as alternative DNS, which is provided by Google.

For Routers:

  • Login to your router control panel.
  • Now, go to the internet section and be sure to set your internet connection type to "Static IP."
  • Now, put under primary section and under secondary DNS.
  • Click on the Apply button.
  • Now, restart your router.

5. Disable Adblockers Add-ons

Disabling Adblocker add-ons is different for different browsers. You can follow the steps preferred for your Internet Browser.


  • Open Chrome and click on the three-dotted button on the right corner.
  • After that, the menu will open. Now, under "more tools" click on extensions.
  • Now, a new window appears with all extensions displayed.
  • Now, you just have to disable your Adblocker Extension, which you have installed.
  • Now, your extension is Disabled.

Microsoft Edge:

  • Open the browser and click on the three-dotted button.
  • Now, click on the extension option available here.
  • Now, by selecting your extension, click on the toggle and then disable it.


  • Like the previous browsers, follow the 1st step.
  • Open Add-ons manager and click on extensions.
  • Now, select your Adblocker Extension and click on the toggle and disable it.

6. Update Web Browser and Steam App

Now I always recommend you always keep your browser up-to-date with time, as if you are using the outdated browser, then the results appearing are not likely to be true.

The steam app should also be updated from time to time as some games can only be played with the latest version.

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I hope that you understood how to fix Steam error code, if you read this article with full concentration. Follow all the steps one by one so that your issue of Error Code 105 can be solved quickly.

As a gamer, I know how irritating it is when you get these types of problems while playing. So, with the help of this article you can fix the problem of Steam error code 105 now. Happy Gaming!

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