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Flurry Of Blows 5E [Master This Monk Feature For Maximum Damage]

Flurry Of Blows 5E
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 12/18/2023
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Think back to your favorite action-filled movie scenes – the slow-motion punches, choreographed dances of fists and feet, and the satisfaction of seeing your favorite hero triumph.

For lovers of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), “Flurry of Blows 5e” takes that visceral thrill of action sequences to a captivating new level.

It’s a well-crafted feat in this fantasy role-playing game that allows you to portray an epic martial artist, spinning through battles with blooming blows.

Imagine having the power to land multiple hits on your enemy in a fraction of time, leaving them reeling and you standing victorious. Within the D&D game mechanics, Flurry of Blows 5e is key to creating this scenario.

This feature doesn’t just pique player interest; it’s a practical tool that can turn the tide in critical gameplay situations. So, hold onto your dice as we delve deeper into this powerful monk class feature.

What is the Flurry of Blows 5W?

If you’ve ever wished to emulate the swift, powerful martial artists from your favorite action scenes in D&D, the “Flurry of Blows 5e” is for you. Quite simply, it’s a feature that Monks in this game acquire when they reach the 2nd level as part of their Ki ability.

What is the Flurry of Blows 5W

The intriguing thing about this ability is that it lets these Monks attack their enemies multiple times in a single round of combat. It adds an extra layer of excitement to combat scenarios and opens up broad strategic opportunities during gameplay.

This skill embodies the agility and swiftness commonly associated with martial artists – a nice touch by game designers to bring that immersive, action-packed aspect into gameplay.

How does the flurry of blows work in D&D 5E?

In Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, the Monk class features a unique and dynamic ability known as Flurry of Blows. This ability is a cornerstone of the Monk’s combat style, allowing for a rapid succession of strikes that can overwhelm foes.

How does the flurry of blows work in D&D 5E

A flurry of Blows represents the Monk’s mastery of martial arts, enabling them to unleash a barrage of attacks in a short span.

  • Spend 1 Ki Point After the Attack Action: The Monk can use Flurry of Blows immediately after taking the Attack action on their turn by spending 1 Ki point.
  • Make Two Bonus Unarmed Strikes: This ability allows the Monk to make two additional unarmed strikes as a bonus action.
  • Use Dexterity for Attack Rolls: Monks can use Dexterity instead of Strength for their attack and damage rolls, making it a key attribute for their combat effectiveness.
  • Unarmed Strike Damage Scales with Monk Level: The damage of unarmed strikes increases as the Monk gains levels. It starts at 1d4 and progresses to 1d6 at the 5th level, 1d8 at the 11th, and 1d10 at the 17th level.
  • Bonus Damage Equal to Dexterity Modifier: In addition to the normal damage, the Monk adds their Dexterity modifier to the damage of each hit.

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Flurry of Blows with Monk Abilities

The Flurry of Blows ability synergizes with various Monk abilities, enhancing the Monk’s combat versatility and efficacy at different levels.

Flurry of Blows with Monk Abilities

Below 5th Level

For Monks below the 5th level, Flurry of Blows integrates seamlessly with their early combat abilities, setting the foundation for their fighting style.

  • Attack with a Monk Weapon or Unarmed: Monks can initiate their attack sequence with a monk weapon or an unarmed strike.
  • Choose Martial Arts or a Flurry of Blows: After the initial attack, they can opt to use their Martial Arts ability or spend a Ki point for a Flurry of Blows.
  • Roll Bonus Action Attacks: If Flurry of Blows is chosen, two additional unarmed strikes are made as a bonus action.

5th Level and Above

As Monks reach 5th level and beyond, their combat capabilities significantly expand, allowing for more strategic and powerful combinations.

  • Gain Extra Attack, Attack Twice: Upon reaching the 5th level, Monks gain the Extra Attack feature, enabling them to attack twice with their Attack action.
  • Use Stunning Strike after Hitting: After successfully hitting an enemy, a Monk can choose to spend a Ki point to attempt a Stunning Strike, potentially hindering their opponent.

Is Flurry of Blows Good?

A flurry of Blows is not just a fascinating ability in D&D 5e; it’s a powerful tool in the Monk’s arsenal. This ability allows Monks to deliver a flurry of attacks, significantly enhancing their combat presence. However, its effectiveness is influenced by several factors.

  • Three Attacks at 1st Level, Four at 5th: Monks can make three attacks at 1st level (one Attack action plus two bonus actions from Flurry of Blows), increasing to four attacks at 5th level (two from the Attack action and two bonus actions).
  • Stunning Strike at 5th Level with Advantage: At 5th level, Monks can combine Flurry of Blows with Stunning Strike, potentially gaining an advantage in combat.
  • Major Drawbacks to Flurry of Blows: The ability consumes Ki points, necessitating careful resource management, especially at higher levels.
  • Bonus Action Attack with Martial Arts: Monks can alternatively use their bonus action for a single additional attack via Martial Arts, offering versatility.
  • Limited Potential Damage at 1st Level: Initially, the damage output of Flurry of Blows is modest but increases with the Monk’s level.
  • Need Good Scores in DEX, CON, and WIS: Effective use of Flurry of Blows requires high Dexterity, Constitution, and Wisdom scores.
  • Lower Ability Scores Result in Smaller Hit Bonuses: If these ability scores are low, the Monk’s hit bonuses and overall effectiveness are reduced.
  • Devastating Against Enemies with Luck: With the right circumstances and a bit of luck, Flurry of Blows can be devastatingly effective against enemies.

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FAQs About Flurry Of Blows 5E

How many attacks can you make with Flurry of Blows 5e?

Once you’ve attained the 5th level as a monk, you can launch an impressive four attacks during your turn. This includes two attacks from your “Extra Attack” feature and two additional unarmed strikes when you employ Flurry of Blows.

Can I use a Flurry of Blows after a bonus action?

Yes, but it’s critical to note that this technique requires the use of the “Attack” action first. Once you’ve taken this action, then – and only then – can you spend a ki point and activate your Flurry of Blows, allowing for those extra unarmed strikes.

If I miss an enemy with my initial attack, can I still use Flurry of Blows?

Yes, The beauty of this D&D feature is that it doesn’t hinge on whether your first attack lands or not. Even if that opening assault fails, go ahead and unleash your Flurry of Blows.

Does a Monk’s Flurry of Blows count as magical for overcoming resistance in 5e?

Yes, From level 6 onwards, underclass features named “Ki Empowered Strikes,” a monk’s unarmed strike is considered magical when it comes to overcoming resistance and immunity to nonmagical attacks and damage.


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