HOTS Tier List (2022) Heroes of the Storm Characters

HOTS Tier List (December 2022) Heroes of the Storm Characters

August 16, 2022
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Heroes of the Storm is a team-based, online multiplayer game that pits two teams of five players against each other in a battle to destroy the enemy team's core. It is one of the more unique MOBA games, as it offers a variety of different maps and heroes. In this article, we will discuss the Heroes of the Storm tier list.

A tier list is a list of items, people, or entities ranked according to their relative quality. Heroes of the Storm has had many different heroes over the years, and while each one brings something unique to the game, not every hero is made equal. While some are definitely better than others, each has its own role to play within the game.

However, it can be difficult to determine which heroes are the best ones to play. This is especially true if you are new to the game. HOTS tier list will help you to understand what characters are best and which ones should be avoided.

This list shows the best to worst heroes in Heroes of the Storm, based on their current state. As new versions are released for this game, each hero will be reviewed and updated accordingly. So, keep your eyes peeled for future updates!

Now, let's get this article started with a little bit of information about the game.

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Heroes of the Storm (HOTS) - A Quick Introduction

Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA-style game that was released in June of 2015. The game is developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, which also publishes games such as World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, and Overwatch.

Heroes of the Storm (HOTS) - A Quick Introduction

The gameplay for HOTS is very similar to other popular MOBAs, such as League of Legends and Dota II. Players are placed in matches of five on five, where they must work together to destroy the enemy's base.

Each hero has a set of different abilities that they can use to either help their team or harm the other team. There are three lanes on each map, and it is important for players to know which lane enemy heroes will be going, as well as where friendly heroes should go if they want optimal experience gain.

A unique mechanic in HOTS is the talent system. Each of the heroes has different talents that they can choose from at levels one, four, and seven. The player must spend gold to purchase these new abilities, and it is important for players to be strategic about what they pick, or else their character could become very underpowered as a result.

There are currently over ninety different heroes in Heroes of the Storm, each with unique abilities and playstyles. So, it becomes difficult for the player to choose the right hero for the job. That's why we have the Heroes of the Storm tier list.

Now, without further ado, here is the Heroes of the Storm tier list.

Heroes of the Storm Tier List (2022)

A tier list is a ranking of heroes in a game, usually based on their power and how well they can be used in a particular situation. It also gives a general ranking of which heroes are best to worst.

Heroes of the Storm Tier List (2022)

This tier list is for the MOBA-style game, Heroes of the Storm (HOTS). It is based on several different factors, including hero strength and utility as well as map relevance. If you are new to the game, this list can be a great starting point to find which heroes are best for you.

There are many benefits of using the Heroes of the Storm tier list, including:

  • It provides the player with a strong guide of which heroes to work on first or focus on.
  • It gives them an idea of what they should be doing and where they need to go during each match.
  • The list is often updated so players can stay up to date with the current game (most popular strategies for that point in time).
  • It can help players determine which heroes are weak or strong against other heroes.
  • It shows you what the best synergies are for each hero with another one on their team.

Now, before going into the HOTS tier list, let's go over some key terms that you should know first. The six roles of Heroes are:

Tank: It is their job to protect allies and soak up damage. Heroes in this category usually have a lot of health and abilities that can help them survive for longer in team fights.

Bruiser: These heroes are a mix between tanks and damage dealers. They deal significant amounts of damage, but they are not as durable as tanks. As such, they can be both offensive and defensive.

Support: Their primary role is to provide buffs, utility skills, or other helpful abilities that can benefit their team in fights against the enemy. They are not as reliant on being right upfront with everyone else since they usually have long cooldowns for their abilities.

Healer: Heroes that heal as well as provide utility skills to their team. They are usually fragile but can be extremely helpful in a pinch.

Melee Assassin: These heroes deal great damage, and they want to get up close and personal with the other enemy heroes so they can dish out high amounts of burst damage onto them.

Ranged Assassins: These heroes are similar to Melee Assassins, but they use ranged attacks instead of getting up close and personal. They also tend to be squishier than their melee counterparts.

Now that we have the basics down let's move on to the Heroes of the Storm tier list.

Note: The ranking goes from S tier to E tier, in which S tier is the best and E tier is the worst.

HOTS - Heroes of the Storm S Tier List (2022)

The heroes in this category are some of the strongest in the game. They have great utility, deal a lot of damage, and can survive for long periods of time in team fights. As such, they are essential picks for any team composition.

HOTS - Heroes of the Storm S Tier List (2022)
HOTS CharactersRole
MephistoRanged Assassin
CassiaRanged Assassin

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HOTS - Heroes of the Storm A Tier List (2022)

Heroes in this category are incredibly strong and can be very versatile in different situations. They may not be as powerful as the S-tier heroes, but they can still hold their own against most enemies.

HOTS - Heroes of the Storm A Tier List (2022)
HOTS CharactersRole
SamuroMeele Assassin
Kael’thasRanged Assasin
GreymaneRanged Assasin
OrpheaRanged Assasin
SylvanasRanged Assasin
TracerRanged Assasin
JainaRanged Assasin
FalstadRanged Assasin
FenixRanged Assasin
TassadarRanged Assasin

HOTS - Heroes of the Storm B Tier List (2022)

These heroes are usually weaker than the A and S tier heroes, but they can perform well under the right circumstances. They can be very useful if you need to counter-pick the enemy team or if it is your first time playing with them.

HOTS - Heroes of the Storm B Tier List (2022)
HOTS CharactersHero
GazloweMelee Assassin
ZeratulMelee Assassin
RaynorRanged Assasin
HanzoRanged Assasin
TychusRanged Assasin
Zul’jinRanged Assasin
Sgt. HammerRanged Assasin
NazeeboRanged Assasin
AlarakMelee Assassin
JunkratRanged Assasin
LunaraRanged Assasin
Lt. MoralesHealer

HOTS - Heroes of the Storm C Tier List (2022)

These heroes are considered average. They are not too strong or too weak. As such, they can be easily countered by certain other heroes and map mechanics. These heroes are still good picks, but you should consider other characters before going with them.

HOTS - Heroes of the Storm C Tier List (2022)
HOTS CharactersRole
MaievMelee Assassin
ChromieRanged Assasin
Li LIHealer
ZagaraRanged Assasin
VallaRanged Assasin
KerriganMelee Assassin

HOTS - Heroes of the Storm D Tier List (2022)

The characters in this category are considered to be below average. They usually have one or two aspects that are good, but the rest of their kit is not as strong. As such, they are not recommended for most players.

HOTS - Heroes of the Storm D Tier List (2022)
HOTS CharactersRole
MaievMelee Assassin
Gul’danRanged Assasin
QhiraMelee Assassin
ChromieRanged Assasin

HOTS - Heroes of the Storm E Tier List (2022)

The heroes in this category are considered to be the weakest in the game. They may have some niche uses, but they should generally be avoided.

HOTS - Heroes of the Storm E Tier List (2022)
HOTS CharactersRole
AzmodanRanged Assasin
Kel’ThuzadRanged Assasin
Li-MingRanged Assasin

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are MOBA-style games?

MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. These games usually pit two teams of players against each other to compete for a certain objective, such as destroying the enemy's base or defeating their team leader.

2. Why using the Heroes of the Storm tier list is important?

A tier list can help you determine which heroes to play and also tell you how strong each one is in relation to the other characters - as such, using a tier list can help you pick out some of your favorite characters or inform your decision on whether or not to purchase that hero with real money.

3. How do the Heroes of the Storm tier list work?

Each character is ranked based on how good they are compared to other heroes. The best characters will be in S-tier, and these heroes are considered must-haves for any team composition against another player who knows what they're doing. As we go down the list, the heroes become less powerful until we reach E-tier, where they are considered the weakest.

4. How often do you update the HOTS tier list?

We update the tier list whenever there is a new patch that is released or when we feel that certain heroes need to be moved up or down. This means that the list may change multiple times throughout the month.

5. How was the HOTS tier list built?

We take each hero and place them in different categories, such as Solo Lane, Bruiser, or Support. Then using our professional expertise along with statistics gathered from professional players, we analyze the heroes' individual abilities and how effective they can be in relation to other heroes.

6. Which tier includes the best heroes?

S tier is reserved for heroes who are considered overpowered. These characters have the greatest ability to turn the tide of battle in favor of their team. You also can't go wrong with the A or B tier, which is very strong as well.

7. Is using this Heroes of the Storm tier list cheating?

No, using a Heroes of the Storm tier list is not considered cheating. However, if you find yourself always relying on one, then it might be time to step up your game and start learning more about the individual heroes and their abilities.

8. Which tier should I avoid?

You should avoid the D and E tiers unless you're new to the game or just want to have some fun with weaker heroes. These characters are not as effective as the other ones in most situations.

9. Is using an S-tier hero always the best choice?

No, using an S-tier hero is not always the best choice. Sometimes it can be better to mix up your team composition by picking an A or B-tier hero. This way, you might catch your opponents off-guard and give your team the advantage.

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Final Words

The tier list is a great tool to help you and your team identify which characters are the strongest in a video game. They can be used for both casual and professional players, so there is no reason not to make use of them!

We hope that this Heroes of the Storm (HOTS) tier list will help you in your journey to become a better player. Thanks for reading!

Be sure to check back often for updates, and we wish you the best of luck in all your future games!

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