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Smite Tier List (June 2024) Season 9.11 Top Tier Gods

Smite Tier List ([nmf] [cy]) Season 9.11 Top Tier Gods
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 07/23/2023
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The SMITE tier list is an important tool for SMITE players of all skill levels. This list ranks all gods in the game from best to worst, based on a variety of different factors and metrics.

There are a variety of different gods in SMITE, each with its own unique class, attack type, and power. Using powerful combos and strategies, players can take control of the battlefield and dominate their opponents. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring the SMITE tier list and see which gods are the best picks for you!

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SMITE Tier List (June 2024)

SMITE is a 5v5 arena-style MOBA game that is known for its deep and complex gameplay. Winning matches requires the use of strategy, skill, and teamwork. One of the most important resources for players looking to improve their skills in SMITE season 9 is the gods tier list.

SMITE Tier List (June 2024)

SMITE tier list is divided into different tiers, with the higher tiers representing the more powerful and stronger gods (top tier gods). These gods are typically better suited for certain roles or play styles, such as guardians, assassins, warriors, hunters, and mages. Also, each god has different types of attacks, such as melee and ranged attacks, as well as physical and magical powers.

In SMITE tier list, we have also mentioned each god’s class, attack type, and power in front of their names. So whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, this tier list can help you choose the right gods for your play style and be more successful in your matches.

SMITE S+ Tier List (2024): Top Tier Gods

The SMITE S+ tier list is a comprehensive guide to the top tier gods in the game. These are the picks and bans that you simply cannot go wrong with, as they are considered to be some of the strongest and most powerful gods in SMITE.

SMITE S+ Tier List (2024): Top Tier Gods
GodsClassAttack TypePower
Cabrakan (Destroyer of Mountains)GuardianMeleeMagical
Kali (Goddess of Destruction)AssassinMeleePhysical
King Arthur (Wielder of Excalibur)WarriorMeleePhysical
Nemesis (Goddess of Vengeance)AssassinMeleePhysical

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SMITE S Tier List (2024)

The SMITE S tier list is a valuable resource for players looking to improve their skills in the game. These are the priority picks or gods that you should focus on picking first, as they are considered to be some of the most important gods in SMITE.

SMITE S Tier List (2024)
GodsClassAttack TypePower
Atlas (Titan of the Cosmos)GuardianMeleeMagical
Chernobog (Lord of Darkness)HunterRangedPhysical
Cthulhu (The Great Dreamer)GuardianMeleeMagical
Da Ji (The Nine-Tailed Fox)AssassinMeleePhysical
Horus (The Rightful Heir)WarriorMeleePhysical
Ishtar (Goddess of Love and War)HunterRangedPhysical
Lancelot (First Knight of the Round Table)AssassinMeleePhysical
Merlin (The Master Wizard)MageRangedMagical
Susano (God of the Summer Storm)AssassinMeleePhysical
Terra (The Earth Mother)GuardianMeleeMagical
Ullr (The Glorious One)HunterRangedPhysical
Yu Huang (The Jade Emperor)MageRangedMagical
Thoth (Arbiter of the Damned)

SMITE A Tier List (2024)

The SMITE A-tier list is a guide that can help you find the right gods for your play style. These are the gods that are considered to be very good picks, as they fill standard roles and have excellent abilities and skills.

SMITE A Tier List (2024)
GodsClassAttack TypePower
Achilles (Hero of the Trojan War)WarriorMeleePhysical
Agni (God of Fire)MageRangedMagical
Ah Muzen Cab (God of Bees)HunterRangedPhysical
Ah Puch (Horrific God of Decay)MageRangedPhysical
Anhur (Slayer of Enemies)HunterRangedPhysical
Ao Kuang (Dragon King of the Eastern Seas)MageMeleeMagical
Arachne (the Weaver)AssassinMeleePhysical
Awilix (Goddess of the Moon)AssassinMeleePhysical
Baba Yaga (Witch of the Woods)MageRangedMagical
Baron Samedi (God of Life and Death)MageRangedMagical
Cernunnos (The Horned God)HunterRangedPhysical
Chiron (The Great Teacher)HunterRangedPhysical
Cliodhna (Queen of the Banshees)AssassinMeleePhysical
Cu Chulainn (Hound of Ulster)WarriorMeleePhysical
Eset (Goddess of Magic)MageRangedMagical
Fafnir (The Lord of Glittering Gold)GuardianMeleeMagical
Freya (Queen of the Valkyries)MageMeleeMagical
Ganesha (God of Success)GuardianMeleeMagical
Geb (God of Earth)GuardianMeleeMagical
Guan Yu (Saint of War)WarriorMeleePhysical
Hachiman (Lord of the Eight Banners)HunterRangedPhysical
Heimdallr (The Vigilant)HunterRangedPhysical
Hera (Queen of the Gods)MageRangedMagical
Hou Yi (Defender of the Earth)HunterRangedPhysical
Izanami (Matron of the Dead)HunterRangedPhysical
Jing Wei (The Oathkeeper)HunterRangedPhysical
Khepri (The Dawn Bringer)GuardianMeleeMagical
Loki (The Trickster God)AssassinMeleePhysical
Mulan (The Ascendant Warrior)WarriorMeleePhysical
Ne Zha (the Third Lotus Prince)AssassinMeleePhysical
Neith (Weaver of Fate)HunterRangedPhysical
Nu Wa (Guardian of Heaven)MageRangedMagical
Pele (Goddess of Volcanoes)AssassinMeleePhysical
Poseidon (God of the Oceans)MageRangedMagical
Rama (Seventh Avatar of Vishnu)HunterRangedPhysical
Ratatoskr (The Sly Messenger)AssassinMeleePhysical
Ravana (Demon King of Lanka)AssassinMeleePhysical
Scylla (Horror of the Sea)MageRangedMagical
Set (The Usurper)AssassinMeleePhysical
Shiva (The Destroyer)WarriorMeleePhysical
Sobek (God of the Nile)GuardianMeleeMagical
Sol (Goddess of the Sun)MageRangedMagical
Sylvanus (Keeper of the Wild)GuardianRangedMagical
Thanatos (Hand of Death)AssassinMeleePhysical
The Morrigan (Phantom Queen)MageRangedMagical
Thor (God of Thunder)AssassinMeleePhysical
Tiamat (Goddess of the Salt Sea)MageRangedMagical
Tyr (the Lawgiver)WarriorMeleePhysical
Vulcan (Smith of the Gods)MageRangedMagical
Xbalanque (Hidden Jaguar Sun)HunterRangedPhysical
Xing Tian (The Relentless)GuardianMeleeMagical
Yemoja (Goddess of Rivers)GuardianRangedMagical
Zhong Kui (the Demon Queller)MageRangedMagical

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SMITE B Tier List (2024)

The B-tier gods are the average picks, meaning that they can work well in certain situations, but are also particularly susceptible to being countered. These are the gods that you should choose carefully, depending on your opponent and the current state of the match.

SMITE B Tier List (2024)
GodsClassAttack TypePower
Amaterasu (The Shining Light)WarriorMeleePhysical
Apollo (God of Music)HunterRangedPhysical
Ares (God of War)GuardianMeleeMagical
Artio (The Bear Goddess)GuardianMeleeMagical
Athena (Goddess of Wisdom)GuardianMeleeMagical
Bacchus (God of Wine)GuardianMeleeMagical
Bakasura (the Great Devourer)AssassinMeleePhysical
Bastet (Goddess of Cats)AssassinMeleePhysical
Bellona (Goddess of War)WarriorMeleePhysical
Camazotz (Deadly God of Bats)AssassinMayaPhysical
Cerberus (Warden of the Underworld)GuardianMeleeMagical
Chaac (God of Rain)WarriorMeleePhysical
Chang’e (Faerie of the Moon)MageRangedMagical
Charybdis (The Ceaseless Whirlpool)HunterRangedPhysical
Cupid (God of Love)HunterRangedPhysical
Danzaburou (The Legendary Tanuki)HunterRangedPhysical
Discordia (Goddess of Strife)MageRangedMagical
Fenrir (the Unbound)AssassinMeleePhysical
Gilgamesh (King Of Uruk)WarriorMeleePhysical
Hades (King of the Underworld)MageRangedMagical
Hun Batz (the Howler Monkey God)AssassinMeleePhysical
Janus (God of Portals and Transitions)MageRangedMagical
Jormungandr (The World Serpent)GuardianRangedMagical
Kukulkan (Serpent of the Nine Winds)MageRangedMagical
Kumbhakarna (The Sleeping Giant)GuardianMeleeMagical
Medusa (The Gorgon)HunterRangedPhysical
Mercury (Messenger of the Gods)AssassinMeleePhysical
Morgan Le Fay (The Dark Enchantress)MageRangedMagical
Nox (Goddess of Night)MageRangedMagical
Odin (The Allfather)WarriorMeleePhysical
Olorun (Ruler of the Heavens)MageRangedMagical
Osiris (Broken God of the Afterlife)WarriorMeleePhysical
Persephone (Queen of the Underworld)MageRangedMagical
Ra (Sun God)MageRangedMagical
Raijin (Master of Thunder)MageRangedMagical
Serqet (Goddess of Venom)AssassinMeleePhysical
Skadi (Goddess of Winter)HunterRangedPhysical
Sun Wukong (the Monkey King)WarriorMeleePhysical
Tsukuyomi (God of the Moon)AssassinMeleePhysical
Ymir (Father of the Frost Giants)GuardianMeleeMagical
Zeus (God of the Sky)MageRangedMagical

SMITE C Tier List (2024)

The SMITE C-tier list contains the horrible picks or the gods that you should generally avoid playing. These are the least powerful and least reliable gods in the game, and they may end up costing your team the match if you choose to play them.

SMITE C Tier List (2024)
GodsClassAttack TypePower
Anubis (God of the Dead)MageRangedMagical
Aphrodite (Goddess of Beauty)MageRangedMagical
Artemis (Goddess of the Hunt)HunterRangedPhysical
Chronos (Keeper of Time)MageRangedMagical
Erlang Shen (The Illustrious Sage)WarriorMeleePhysical
He Bo (God of the Yellow River)MageRangedMagical
Hel (Goddess of the Underworld)MageRangedMagical
Hercules (Champion of Rome)WarriorMeleePhysical
Kuzenbo (King Kappa)GuardianMeleeMagical
Nike (Goddess of Victory)WarriorMeleePhysical
Vamana (Fifth Avatar of Vishnu)WarriorMeleePhysical

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I know before playing a game with my god?

Before playing your god in a game of SMITE, it is important to familiarize yourself with the different classes and attack types that each god has. You should also take a look at the SMITE tier list and carefully consider which gods are best suited for your play style.

2. Which god is the best in SMITE?

Cabrakan is generally considered to be one of the top tier gods in SMITE. His seismic crush ability allows him to deal massive damage to his opponents, while his refraction shield gives him great defensive capabilities.

3. Which god should I prioritize picking in SMITE?

Cabrakan, Kali, and King Arthur are some of the top picks in the SMITE tier list, as they are considered to be some of the strongest gods in the game. Other good choices include Nemesis and Da Ji, who are both powerful assassins, and Atlas, a strong guardian.

4. Which magical gods are the strongest in SMITE?

Some of the most powerful magical gods in SMITE include Cabrakan, Atlas, Cthulhu, and Merlin. These gods have powerful abilities that can help them dominate the battlefield and take down their opponents with ease.

5. How do I counter the most powerful gods in SMITE?

One effective way to counter the strongest gods in SMITE is by working with your teammates and using coordinated, strategic play. You can also consider building items that are specifically designed to counter certain gods. Overall, proper teamwork and strategy are key to beating the strongest gods in SMITE.​ ​​​​

Final Words

Choosing the right gods for your play style is essential to success in SMITE. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, this SMITE tier list is a valuable resource for finding the right gods for your matches. So be sure to use it wisely and keep working to improve your skills in this exciting and competitive game!​ ​​​​​


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