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Homebrew Backgrounds 5E [Adding Personal Touch to DnD Characters]

Homebrew Backgrounds 5E
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 12/19/2023
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Whether you’re a seasoned Dungeons & Dragons player or just getting started, one of the most critical aspects of your character’s creation is choosing a background.

From painting an intriguing backstory to offering specific skills and proficiencies, your character’s background is a roadmap to understanding who they are and what they bring to the adventuring party.

Now consider what you could achieve with homebrew backgrounds 5E, an innovative way to really individualize your character, setting them apart from the rest.

The arena of homebrew content in D&D takes creative liberty to new heights, offering an unlimited array of exciting opportunities for storytelling. Take your D&D game to the next level by exploring the rich world of homebrew backgrounds 5E.

Going beyond what’s provided in official books, these custom backgrounds bring unique flavor into your narrative and can profoundly impact how you interact with the game world.

What is Homebrew Backgrounds 5E?

In the world of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), homebrew backgrounds 5E refers to player-created backstories that are integrated into character creation.

What is Homebrew Backgrounds 5E

This process of “homebrewing” provides a unique avenue for players to fully custom-craft their characters from scratch, which can further enhance the role-playing experience in the game.

Unlike default backgrounds available in D&D handbooks, homebrew backgrounds are not officiated or standardized. They are instead the result of creative exploration, personal taste, and imaginative innovation of individual players.

Homebrew backgrounds serve more than just setting up character lore. They offer specific benefits during gameplay.

They provide additional skill proficiencies, traits, bonds, ideals, or flaws and even yield special abilities or tools that might influence play scenarios.

It’s crucial to note that any homebrew content should be agreed upon by the Dungeon Master (DM), ensuring balance within gameplay.

Homebrewing lets you customize your character in a way that makes sense for their individual story and personality. It’s a perfect opportunity for players craving uniqueness and a break from standard choices. So why not let your creativity run wild?

Crafting Your Own D&D 5e Character Background

Crafting Your Own D&D 5e Character Background

Creating a custom background for your Dungeons & Dragons character can be a truly enriching experience. It’s more than just about defining your character’s skills or proficiencies; it’s about breathing life into them and shaping their very essence.

Through this process, you’re invited to delve deep into your character’s backstory, pull out intriguing elements, and convey them on the gaming table. The Basic Rules (Chapter 4) offers great guidance to help you kick off your creation.

So here are the possible steps coined for creating a custom background in D&D 5E:

  • First and foremost, dig into Chapter 4 of the D&D Basic Rules.
  • Pick a unique feature from any given background that captivates your interest.
  • Determine two skill proficiencies that align well with your character.
  • Next up, choose two tool proficiencies or languages that add another dimension to your persona.
  • Now comes the part where you pick your starting equipment package or opt for gold instead – whatever suits you best!
  • Consider establishing optional personality traits, ideals, bonds, and flaws to add depth and complexity to your character.
  • Don’t forget – if you want to take things up a notch, consider homebrewing aspects of your character’s background under the knowledgeable eye of DM.

By breathing new life into the game through innovative backgrounds and 5E concepts, every play-through is bound to be a fresh experience. The day will never be dull when you’re in command of such unique adventurers.

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How Can You Create a Homebrew Background in D&D 5E?

Stepping into the world of homebrew content creation can indeed be a thrilling endeavor that allows you to uncap the boundaries of standard D&D gameplay.

How Can You Create a Homebrew Background in D&D 5E

One essential avenue to plunge into is creating your personalized Homebrew Background in Dungeons & Dragons 5E.

Here’s an uncomplicated guide that you can follow:

  • Avoid Extremes: One temptingly easy pitfall in crafting a custom background is creating something excessively weak or strong. Maintaining game balance is paramount, so make sure to keep your options moderate.
  • Consult Your Dungeon Master: Always check with your Dungeon Master (DM) before flushing out homebrew content. Their allowance and approval are crucial as they will decide if your creation aligns with their story and game setting.
  • Follow The Customization Method for Backgrounds: To create a balanced character, stick to the official customization method laid out by DnD 5E. Use this as a base structure when developing your homebrew background.
  • Choose Proficiencies: Select two skill proficiencies that match your character’s backstory or personality, as well as two tool proficiencies or languages that tie into their history or future goals.
  • Keep It Economical: When choosing starting equipment for your character, keep the cost within 20-40 gold pieces (GP). Overloading on expensive gear can unbalance the gameplay and detract from its authenticity.
  • Add Flavor with Equipment: The equipment you choose for your character should enhance their history and add flavor to their storylines – not just serve as functional battle gear.
  • Homebrewing The Background Feature: Be keen on infusing uniqueness when homebrewing the background feature. Just remember to focus on creative storytelling rather than large-scale game mechanics.

Your ability to tread the fine line between maintaining game balance and unleashing imaginative storytelling is the essence of successful D&D 5E homebrew background creation. So slap on your wizard hat and let your creativity run wild.

What are Homebrew Backgrounds 5E?

Homebrew Backgrounds in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (5e) are player-created backgrounds that add unique flavor and personalization to characters.

What are Homebrew Backgrounds 5E

Unlike standard backgrounds in the D&D rulebooks, homebrew backgrounds allow players to craft their character’s backstory and skill set more creatively, offering a bespoke experience in role-playing.

Top 10 Most Added Backgrounds

In the diverse world of D&D 5e, players often seek to enhance their gameplay with inventive and personalized character backgrounds.

These top ten most-added homebrew backgrounds reflect the community’s penchant for creativity and storytelling, each bringing a unique twist to the characters’ origins, abilities, and roles in the fantasy universe.


The Thrall background in D&D 5e depicts a character who has lived under the control or influence of a powerful entity, such as a demon, warlock, or other supernatural being.

This background offers a complex narrative of servitude, the struggle for freedom, and the lingering effects of subjugation. Thralls often possess unique insights or abilities gained from their servitude, like arcane knowledge or resistance to certain types of control.

This background challenges players to role-play the psychological and emotional journey of a character breaking free from bonds, seeking redemption, or harnessing the dark gifts bestowed upon them.

Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter background introduces a character skilled in tracking and capturing or eliminating targets for a reward. This background is ideal for players who enjoy a mix of combat, strategy, and investigation in their role-playing.

Bounty Hunters might have a code of ethics, unique tracking methods, or specialized combat skills. Their background stories often involve a history of quests, moral dilemmas, and a network of contacts in the underworld.

Playing a Bounty Hunter in D&D 5e allows for rich storytelling opportunities, from navigating the criminal underworld to grappling with the moral implications of their profession.


Feytouched characters have been deeply influenced or altered by the magic of the Feywild, a mystical and unpredictable realm. This background is for those who wish to explore themes of enchantment, whimsy, and otherworldly influence.

Feytouched characters might have unusual abilities, appearances, or perspectives, often feeling out of place in the mundane world.

Their stories can involve quests related to the Fey, struggles to control or understand their Fey-given powers, or the pursuit of mysteries connected to their enchantment. This background adds a layer of magic and mystery to character development.

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The Monster background is for characters who are or were perceived as monstrous, either due to their appearance, origin, or actions.

This unique perspective allows players to explore themes of acceptance, prejudice, and self-discovery. Characters with this background might struggle with their identity, seek redemption, or embrace their monstrous nature.

They could possess unusual abilities or physical traits and often face fear and misunderstanding from others. Playing a Monster offers a compelling narrative about what it means to be different in a world that often fears the unknown.


The Doctor background in D&D 5e introduces a character skilled in medicine and healing, often coupled with a deep understanding of anatomy and alchemy.

This background suits players interested in playing a more supportive, intellectual role. Doctors can have varied histories, from formal training in prestigious institutions to self-taught skills honed in the field.

They might grapple with ethical dilemmas, deal with outbreaks of mysterious illnesses, or seek rare medicinal ingredients. Playing a Doctor adds a layer of realism and depth to the party’s adventures, highlighting the importance of knowledge and healing.


Alchemists in D&D 5e are characters who specialize in the ancient art of transforming matter, combining aspects of science, magic, and experimentation.

This background is perfect for players who enjoy a blend of magic, mystery, and creativity. Alchemists can create a range of potions, elixirs, and alchemical substances, offering both practical and unpredictable solutions to challenges.

Their background stories might involve a quest for ancient alchemical knowledge, ethical questions about their experiments, or the pursuit of the ultimate alchemical discovery.


The Farmer background presents a character grounded in the simple yet challenging life of agriculture and rural living. This background is ideal for players looking to portray a character with a strong connection to the land, nature, and community.

Farmers might have deep knowledge of plants, animals, and weather patterns, offering practical skills and a down-to-earth perspective.

Their stories can involve defending their land, dealing with natural disasters, or transitioning from a life of simplicity to the complexities of adventuring.


Amnesiac characters in D&D 5e have lost their memories, offering a blank slate for mysterious and evolving backstories. This background appeals to players who enjoy unraveling mysteries and discovering their character’s past over time.

Amnesiacs might have flashes of memory, unexplained skills, or unknown enemies, leading to surprising revelations and character development.

Their journey involves piecing together who they are, understanding their place in the world, and potentially confronting a past they don’t remember.


The Chef background introduces a character with culinary expertise, combining creativity, cultural knowledge, and a love for food. This background is perfect for players who enjoy adding a flavorful twist to their role-playing.

Chefs might have unique recipes, a passion for exotic ingredients, or a history of cooking for high-profile clients. They can bring people together, uncover secrets through culinary diplomacy, or embark on quests for rare ingredients.

Playing a Chef adds a delicious dimension to adventures, emphasizing the cultural and communal aspects of food in the fantasy world.

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A Blacksmith in D&D 5e is a character skilled in crafting and repairing weapons, armor, and various metalworks. This background is suited for players interested in a character with artisanal skills, strength, and a connection to the crafting community.

Blacksmiths know metals, techniques, and the tools of the trade, often coupled with a history of apprenticeship or family tradition.

They can create custom gear for the party, repair damaged equipment, or become involved in quests related to rare materials or legendary crafting techniques. The Blacksmith background adds a layer of practicality and craftsmanship to the game.

Top 6 Most Viewed Backgrounds

The allure of homebrew backgrounds in D&D 5e extends beyond the novelty of character creation to the wider appeal these backgrounds hold within the community.

The top ten most viewed backgrounds reflect the trends, interests, and collective imagination of players, showcasing the diversity and richness of stories being told in the world of Dungeons & Dragons.


The Pirate background in D&D 5e portrays a character with a seafaring past, filled with tales of adventure, treasure, and maritime skill.

Pirates in the game often have a rebellious streak, a knack for navigation, and a history of encounters with both the law and the high seas.

It allows players to explore themes of freedom, loyalty, and survival. Pirates might seek redemption, treasure, or simply a life away from the constraints of society.

Playing a Pirate adds an element of risk and excitement, as well as the opportunity to delve into maritime lore and adventures.


The Wanderer background in D&D 5e is for characters who have spent a significant portion of their lives traveling and exploring. Wanderers might have a deep knowledge of geography, cultures, and survival skills.

This suits players interested in characters with a love for adventure, a wealth of stories, and a network of contacts spread across various lands.

Wanderers might be driven by curiosity, a search for something or someone, or the desire to escape a past. Playing a Wanderer offers a dynamic narrative filled with tales of distant lands, rare encounters, and the freedom of the road.

Monster Hunter

The Monster Hunter background introduces a character who specializes in tracking and eliminating supernatural creatures. It is perfect for players who enjoy a blend of combat, lore, and investigation.

Monster Hunters often possess specialized knowledge about various creatures, along with unique weapons and tactics for combating them.

Their backstories might involve personal vendettas, a sense of duty, or the thrill of the hunt. Playing a Monster Hunter in D&D 5e allows for exciting encounters and deep dives into the lore of monsters, adding an edge of danger and expertise to the character’s role.

The Inheritor

The Inheritor background in D&D 5e is for characters who have received a significant inheritance, be it wealth, an artifact, a title, or a secret.

Offers a narrative filled with responsibility, mystery, and potential danger. Inheritors might grapple with the expectations of their legacy, the mysteries or curses associated with their inheritance, or the attention it draw from others.

Their journey can involve protecting, understanding, or utilizing what they have inherited, adding layers of intrigue and complexity to their story.

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Dual Soul

The Dual Soul background introduces a character with two distinct souls or personalities within one body. This unique condition can be the result of magical experiments, divine intervention, or a mysterious birthright.

This one challenges players to role-play two different personas, each with their own perspectives, memories, and abilities.

Dual Soul characters might struggle with internal conflict, seek a way to separate or harmonize their souls or leverage their condition for unique advantages. It adds a profound psychological element to character development.


The Abandoned background in D&D 5e depicts a character who has been left behind or forgotten, often leading to a life of self-reliance and resilience.

This background suits players interested in themes of survival, identity, and the search for belonging. Abandoned characters might have honed survival skills, a distrust of others, or a deep desire to find their place in the world.

Top 10 Highest-Rating Backgrounds

Exploring the realm of Dungeons & Dragons 5e, homebrew backgrounds add depth and individuality to characters, enhancing the gaming experience.

These backgrounds, crafted by imaginative players and Dungeon Masters, offer unique traits, skills, and role-playing opportunities.

We delve into the top ten highest-rated homebrew backgrounds, each with its distinct flavor and narrative potential.


The “Monster” background in D&D 5e homebrew allows players to role-play a character who was once viewed as a creature of folklore or horror.

This offers a rich narrative of transformation and acceptance as the character evolves from being an outcast to a recognized individual. Players choosing this background can explore themes of identity, prejudice, and redemption.

The Monster’s background often includes unique abilities that reflect the character’s monstrous heritage, such as enhanced physical strength or special senses, and a backstory that involves overcoming societal fears and misconceptions.


The “Thrall” background represents a character who began as a servant or slave to a powerful entity, such as a warlock’s patron or a vampire lord.

It provides a compelling narrative of subjugation, resilience, and the quest for freedom. Characters with this background might possess unique insights into the arcane or the underworld, along with skills developed during their servitude.

The Thrall background is ideal for players interested in exploring themes of control, resistance, and the complex dynamics of power.

Actual Criminal

“Actual Criminal” takes the classic rogue archetype to new depths. It is designed for characters with a past deeply rooted in crime, going beyond petty theft or mischief.

It offers a gritty, realistic take on a life of serious criminal activities, such as smuggling, assassination, or high-stakes thievery.

Players can explore the moral and ethical dilemmas faced by their characters, as well as their attempts to either escape or embrace their criminal past.

It also provides opportunities for unique connections and a network within the criminal underworld.


The “Doctor” background introduces a character with medical expertise, blending the art of healing with the intrigue of D&D’s fantasy world. Allows players to explore the role of a healer who has witnessed the fragility of life and the horrors of war or plague.

A Doctor’s character may possess extensive knowledge in herbalism, surgery, and the treatment of mystical ailments. It offers a mix of compassion and practicality, ideal for players interested in a character who saves lives as skillfully as warriors take them.


“Feytouched” presents a character with a deep, mystical connection to the Feywild and its inhabitants. It is perfect for those who wish to explore the whimsical, often erratic nature of the fey and its influence on a character’s life.

Feytouched characters might have unique abilities or traits bestowed upon them by fey creatures or a backstory intertwined with the magical and unpredictable nature of the Feywild.

Themes of enchantment, otherworldly beauty, and the blurring of reality and illusion are prevalent in this background.

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The “Alchemist” background suits characters fascinated with the transformation and manipulation of matter. Alchemists blend science and magic, creating potions, elixirs, and alchemical substances with various effects.

It provides a foundation for characters who are researchers, experimenters, or potion-makers, often with a touch of the eccentric.

Players can explore the boundaries of alchemical knowledge, the ethical implications of their experiments, and the quest for the ultimate alchemical discovery.

Dual Soul

“Dual Soul” introduces a character with two distinct souls or consciousnesses inhabiting the same body. This offers a unique role-playing challenge as the character grapples with the desires, memories, and abilities of two separate beings.

The Dual Soul background opens up possibilities for internal conflict, secret knowledge, and unusual abilities that stem from this duality. It’s a perfect choice for players interested in exploring themes of identity, harmony, and the complexity of the self.

Bounty Hunter

The “Bounty Hunter” background is for characters who live on the edge of society, tracking down criminals, fugitives, or even monsters for reward.

Action-packed narrative, with skills in tracking, interrogation, and survival. Players can delve into the moral ambiguity of the bounty hunter’s life, the thrill of the hunt, and the complex motivations that drive their character.

Abandoned to the Wilds

“Abandoned to the Wilds” portrays a character who grew up or survived in the wilderness, away from civilization. It provides a rich tapestry of survival skills, animal instincts, and a deep connection to nature.

Animals might have raised characters, lived as a hermit, or survived a disaster in the wild. It is ideal for players who want to explore themes of isolation, resilience, and the primal aspects of their character’s nature.


The “Farmer” background brings a down-to-earth, hardworking character into the adventurous world of D&D. This background grounds the character in a life of agriculture, animal husbandry, and rural community.

Players can explore the transformation of a seemingly ordinary individual into a hero, drawing on the practical skills and earthy wisdom gained from a life on the farm.

It’s a background that celebrates the strength and resilience found in simplicity and daily toil.

FAQs About Homebrew Backgrounds 5E

What is a ‘Homebrew Background’ in D&D 5E?

A ‘Homebrew Background’ in D&D 5E refers to a custom-made background crafted by players or Dungeon Masters themselves, going beyond the options provided in the official player’s handbooks to offer uniqueness and design tailored to the character.

Are Homebrew Backgrounds allowed in D&D 5E official games?

While homebrew backgrounds enrich and diversify gameplay, it’s essential to know that not all settings or DMs permit them. It’s best to consult your Dungeon Master before incorporating a homebrew background into your official game.

What benefits do Homebrew Backgrounds offer in D&D 5E?

Homebrew Backgrounds help add depth and originality to your character’s backstory. They can provide additional skills, traits, and proficiencies that are unique from traditional backgrounds and accurately resonate with your character’s narrative.

How do I create a balanced Homebrew Background for D&D 5E?

Ensure balance while crafting your homebrew background by sticking to two skill proficiencies and either two tool proficiencies or languages. Also, confine the choice of starting equipment within the usual cost range of around 20-40 GP.

Can Homebrew Backgrounds alter my gameplay in D&D 5E?

Absolutely! A well-crafted homebrew background not only provides origin context for your character but can also significantly influence how they interact within the game world, which may dynamically alter scenarios within gameplay.


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