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How To Breed Horses In Minecraft? [Expand Your Game’s Stable]

How To Breed Horses In Minecraft
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 12/04/2023
Est. Reading: 7 minutes

As you navigate your thrilling journey through the vast universe of Minecraft, there’s much to learn, conquer, and, yes, even breed. If you’ve stumbled upon an array of horses and wondered how to breed horses in Minecraft, you’ve come to the right place.

By venturing into horse breeding, not only can you beef up your team with some of the noble steeds but also embark on journeys in an instant.

So buckle up as we trot towards understanding every essential detail about this fascinating pursuit. There’s no doubt that horse breeding can hugely enrich your gameplay by providing a faster means of travel or simply by introducing some delightful equine companions into your blocky domain.

Figuring out how to encourage these pixelated ponies to start a family can be challenging for some players. Rest assured, though: breeding horses in Minecraft isn’t as tricky as it might initially appear.

Taming the Horses

Harnessing the raw elegance and power of Minecraft’s majestic horses is your first step toward breeding. Taming these beasts allows you to build trust, making them more susceptible to following your lead and, ultimately, birth offspring.


To read these noble companions for the journey ahead, there are a few vital steps you need to journey through.

Gather at least 40 apples

Apple collection is a vital task on this journey. Regarded as a token of affection by these equine creatures, apples serve as the perfect bait, ensuring that the horses indulge in your interests quite willingly.

You can find these shiny fruits in large numbers by chopping oak trees or visiting fortress chests. At times, villages offer an ample amount of apples, too.

Your best bet is to secure at least 40 apples to ensure you’ve got enough resources for taming and further enchantments.

Find a horse

Finding a horse is just like going on an adventurous treasure hunt; you’ve got to scout various biomes before discovering your gem.

Horses often enjoy residing in open grasslands, so that’s where your search should start – specifically the plains biome. You might also stumble upon them in savannas aside from zebras and donkeys.

Don’t forget: horses come in different patterns and colors, each varying with its own distinct speed, jump strength, and health levels.

Equip the apples

Equipping those freshly gathered apples is as easy as pie. You can scroll down to the Apple icon present on your toolbar or select it from the inventory if you’re using a console or mobile device version.

Now comes precision time! Once your cursor lies over the top of a feral horse (make sure they are within 10 blocks range of you), right-click (for PC users) or tap (for console/mobile users), which will prompt your character to feed apples to the horse until it stops consuming them.

Select the horse until it stops eating

Now that you’ve equipped your freshly foraged apples, it’s time to step up the interaction with your potential equine ally. But remember, patience is a virtue here. Single out a horse and feed it apples (right-clicking or tapping) until it refuses to eat anymore.

Avoid overfeeding or forcefully pushing apples; after all, these horses need a break, too. It might take around 5 to 10 apples for horses to refuse to feed; it varies depending on their initial “tameness” level.

Switch to an empty hand

After making sure the horse is well-fed with your bounty of apples and is no longer eating, switch to an empty hand on your toolbar. It’s simple to navigate away from the Apple icon to any toolbar space that doesn’t contain an item.

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Select the horse

With empty hands and friendly intentions, move closer toward the horse and bring your cursor over them again. In this position, right-click if you’re operating on a PC or tap on console/mobile devices to interact with them.

You’re essentially attempting to mount the horse, which might take a few tries as wild horses tend to buck off players initially.

But don’t fret: after a few turns of throwing you off, some red hearts will appear above its head, eventually signaling successful taming. If not yet tamed, repeat these steps till triumph prevails.

Wait for red hearts to appear

Patience is key as now you eagerly await the manifestation of red hearts around your horse. This is the ultimate sign that the horse trusts you completely and is ready to follow your actions.

If you’re still not seeing any hearts, keep feeding apples to your loving steed. Then, wait for those magical red hearts, signaling that a strong bond has formed between both of you.

A well-fed horse is a happy horse, and happy horses make taming and breeding a much smoother process!

Tame another horse

Just as you did the first time, repeat this process with another horse. The principle stays the same, along with procedures to gather apples, find another horse, equip the apples, and feed them until those incredible red hearts appear.

Your first steed might be feeling lonely without a proper mate around them. So feed enough apples to a second equine until it’s head over heels for you, too.

Build a two-block-tall wall around the horses

Constructing an enclosure for our newly tamed horses is crucial. Trust me; we don’t want these lovely creatures roaming about and getting lost in this vast Minecraft world since we’ve already spent so much energy (and apples) on them.

A two-block-tall wall should do. Use dirt or any other blocks at your disposal to build an adequate space where they can roam freely yet securely.

All efforts at taming will go in vain if we cannot keep them safe from threats like enemy mobs or even despawning due to wandering off too far from where you are playing.

Breeding the Horses

Taming horses and optimizing your equine army is just the beginning. The real fun starts with breeding. Breeding horses in Minecraft is a next-level approach that can add immense value to your gameplay.


It’s not merely about expansion; it’s a fun-filled activity that involves strategy, crafting skills, and a touch of magic enabled by golden apples.

Gather the Resources for Golden Apples

Before you dive into crafting those tantalizing golden apples, you’ll need an array of supplies. Gathering these resources is a significant adventure in itself, a game inside the game, if you will. Follow this guide to ensure you collect all that’s needed to make those precious apples:

  • 1 Crafting Table
  • 16 gold bars
  • 2 apples

Now that you have these resources at your disposal, adventure awaits as you get set to craft your very own shimmering golden apples.

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Craft Two Golden Apples

Crafting golden apples isn’t just a necessary step for horse breeding; it’s an exciting activity filled with joy and anticipation over what’s to come. Each crafted item brings you closer to fulfilling your breeding aims.

To begin, open up your crafting table – it’s here where all the magic unfolds! Displaying an intuitive grid layout, this table is where resource combinations achieve their full potential.

Now, place your shiny gold bars in a square around the outer edge of the crafting grid in such a manner that it forms a ‘border.’ Once this golden frame is complete, heroically place an apple right at this square’s center.

Your golden apple has been crafted symbolic not only of successful resource management but also marks another significant step towards fruitful horse breeding.

Enter Your Horses’ Enclosure

Have you completed crafting the golden apples? If so, it is finally time to visit your horse enclosure. Approach your horses’ habitat with patience and respect – they may be pixelated, but they still possess unrealized potential for creating a new life.

This isn’t merely about controlling your game settings or crafting some virtual items; it’s about venturing into a space filled with adventure and anticipation.

As you navigate through these steps, remember to cherish each moment in this creative process that blurs the lines between reality and the digital world.

Make Sure Both Horses are in Full Health

Before moving further, both horses must be in full health. If you notice any heart icons missing over your horse, it indicates that your equine buddy isn’t feeling their best.

Now could be a good time to share those leftover apples or any wheat bales you’ve been saving and bring them back to full health.

Healthy parents lead to strong offspring. Breeding horses in Minecraft can only occur if both animals have their health bars completely full.

Equip the Golden Apples

With two fully healthy horses waiting in anticipation, this is where things begin to get interesting. Prepare yourself and wield those glorious golden apples that you painstakingly crafted.

The mere sight of these shiny delicacies will surely raise interest from the horses immediately, an affirmative nod from them signaling approval.

Select Each Horse

The next step on our list needs some careful handling. With the golden apples equipped in hand, gently approach each horse and ‘right-click.’

Each tap will result in feeding each horse one golden apple that represents more than simple sustenance – marking another stepping stone towards a new life.

Wait for A Foal To Appear

Upon completing all earlier steps efficiently and feeding both horses their respective golden apples, nature now takes its course. Stand back and watch as sparks of love emerge, and the magic unfolds. Soon enough, a foal will pop into existence.

This isn’t just any foal but a representation of your effort, patience, and master craftsmanship. As you behold this sight, don’t forget to collect your experience points. After all, what’s Minecraft without a reward for your hard work?

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FAQs About Breeding Horses In Minecraft

Can you breed horses in Minecraft without golden apples?

No, golden apples or golden carrots are a must to breed horses in Minecraft.

How long does it take for a foal to grow into an adult horse in Minecraft?

It takes around 20 minutes (1 day in Minecraft time) for a foal to grow into an adult horse.

Is it possible to breed different colored horses in Minecraft?

Absolutely! You can indeed breed different colored horses, and the foal’s color can be similar to either parent or a mixture of both.

Can I control the traits of the offspring when breeding horses in Minecraft?

While you cannot directly control the traits, they are influenced by the parents. The game picks traits randomly from either parent, with an element of unpredictability added for fun.

What other animals can be bred in Minecraft with golden apples or carrots?

In addition to horses, players can also use golden apples or carrots to breed donkeys and mules.


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