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12 Best Minecraft Trident Enchantments [Rule The Seas In 2024]

  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 12/03/2023
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In the ever-expanding world of Minecraft, finding the right tools and enchantments can be a game-changer. With its versatility as both a weapon and a mode of transportation, the trident stands out among Minecraft’s array of weapons.

Injecting it with the right magic can give it immense power, truly making your adventures quite thrilling. This piece covers some of the best Minecraft trident enchantments you could use to boost your arsenal.

Varying in their effects and uses, trident enchantments open up whole new modes of gameplay, allowing you to tailor your experience according to your needs.

Harnessing the best from this facet of Minecraft requires a basic understanding of these enchantments and knowing how to utilize them effectively. Therefore, we’ll walk through some top picks to help enhance your gaming experience.

Can you put power on a trident?

Yes, you can add powers to a trident by enchanting it.


In the popular game Minecraft, enchanting a trident can give it various special abilities or “powers.” There are several types of enchantments you can put on a trident: Loyalty, Channeling, Riptide, and Impaling. Each enchantment has its unique effect.

The Loyalty enchantment will make your trident return to you after you’ve thrown it, which is extremely useful in both combat and regular gameplay.

The Channeling enchantment allows your trident to summon lightning during a thunderstorm when thrown at an entity with the sky’s direct view.

The Riptide enchantment helps player propulsion in water or during rainy weather. Lastly, the Impaling enchantment increases attack damage against sea creatures.

Enchanting can be performed at an Enchanting Table by spending experience points earned in the game and using Lapis Lazuli- an essential resource in Minecraft- as a catalyst.

Enrich your gameplay with enchanted equipment featuring varying capabilities that shift your gaming experience according to your strategic skillset.

Can you heal a trident?

Yes, you can heal a trident using the mending enchantment.


The Mending enchantment in Minecraft is a specific enhancement that can rejuvenate equipment durability, including your trident.

When you have an item with the Mending enchantment in your inventory (it does not necessarily have to be in your hand), the experience orbs you collect from various activities like defeating mobs, mining, smelting, breeding animals, or fishing will repair your damaged items instead of contributing to your experience bar.

To repair a trident with the Mending enchantment, hold it in either of your main hand or off-hand slots and then collect experience orbs.

Each orb can restore two durability points on the trident. However, keep in mind that if multiple items in your inventory have the Mending enchantment and need repairs, Minecraft will pick one at random.

So, to restore the full health of a trident effectively utilizing mending enhancement:

  • Equip your mended trident.
  • Ensure other mended items are not equipped to avoid random selection by the system.
  • Begin collecting orbs.

The use of a Grindstone or Anvil can also repair tridents with added resources to help support these techniques for longevity for such precious tools during gameplay enhancement situations.

12 Best Minecraft Trident Enchantments

The Trident, a versatile and powerful weapon in Minecraft, can be transformed into an even mightier tool with the right enchantments.


Each enchantment adds a unique ability, enhancing the Trident’s effectiveness in both combat and utility. From loyalty that ensures its return to impaling that boosts its damage, each enchantment offers a distinct tactical advantage.

Players can customize their Trident to suit their playstyle, making it a formidable weapon in their Minecraft arsenal. Below are six of the best enchantments that can be applied to a Trident.


Loyalty is an enchantment that transforms the Trident into a boomerang-like weapon. Once thrown, a Trident enchanted with Loyalty will automatically return to the player after a short delay.


The higher the enchantment level, the quicker the Trident returns. This enchantment is particularly useful in combat scenarios where maintaining distance is crucial. It allows players to strike from afar without the risk of losing their weapons.

Loyalty is beneficial in exploring aquatic environments, ensuring the Trident doesn’t get lost in the depths. This enchantment, however, is incompatible with Riptide, another Trident-specific enchantment, requiring players to choose based on their preferred playstyle.


Impaling is an enchantment designed to increase the Trident’s damage against aquatic mobs, such as Drowned, Guardians, Elder Guardians, Squids, Dolphins, and all varieties of fish.

With each level of Impaling, the Trident deals additional damage to these sea creatures, making it an invaluable tool for players exploring underwater environments or dealing with aquatic threats.

It’s worth noting that Impaling does not increase damage against other types of mobs or players, limiting its utility to primarily underwater combat situations. This enchantment can be especially useful in ocean monuments or during underwater exploration.

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Riptide is a unique enchantment that propels the player forward when the Trident is thrown while the player is standing in water or during rainy weather.


This enchantment allows for rapid traversal of water bodies and can be used for aerial movement during rain. The higher the level of Riptide, the farther the player is propelled.

This enchantment is ideal for players seeking fast mobility and can be combined with Elytra for impressive aerial maneuvers.

It’s important to note that Riptide is incompatible with Loyalty and Channeling, making it a strategic choice for players focusing on mobility over combat utility.


Channeling is a powerful enchantment that imbues the Trident with the ability to summon a lightning bolt when a mob is hit during a thunderstorm.

This enchantment can only be activated in specific weather conditions, making it situationally powerful. When triggered, Channeling can turn creepers into charged creepers, villagers into witches, and pigs into zombified piglins.

This enchantment is particularly useful for players looking to harness the power of lightning for resource farming or as a strategic weapon in combat. However, its dependency on thunderstorm conditions limits its consistent usability.


Unbreaking is a universally beneficial enchantment that increases the durability of the Trident. With each level of Unbreaking, the chance of the Trident incurring durability damage decreases, effectively extending its lifespan.


This enchantment is particularly valuable for preserving the Trident, especially when combined with other high-utility enchantments.

It ensures that players can use their enchanted Trident more frequently and for longer periods without worrying about repairs. Unbreaking is a must-have for players who rely heavily on their Trident as a primary weapon or tool.


Mending is an enchantment that repairs the Trident using experience orbs. When the player collects experience orbs while holding the Trident, or if it’s in their offhand, the Trident’s durability is restored instead of the player’s experience level increasing.

This enchantment is incredibly valuable for maintaining the Trident, especially when it is equipped with other high-level enchantments.

It allows the Trident to remain a reliable tool or weapon in a player’s inventory, reducing the need for constant repairs and ensuring its readiness for any situation.

Mending is particularly effective when paired with Unbreaking, as it further extends the Trident’s usability and longevity.

Curse of Vanishing

Curse of Vanishing is a unique enchantment with a double-edged effect. When applied to a Trident, it causes the weapon to disappear upon the player’s death, preventing others from picking it up.


This can be particularly useful in multiplayer settings where players may want to prevent their powerful items from falling into the hands of opponents.

The downside is significant, as it means losing the Trident permanently upon death, which can be a costly loss, especially if the Trident is heavily enchanted.

Players should weigh the risks and benefits of this enchantment carefully, especially in hardcore or PvP modes where the stakes of death are higher.

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Sharpness is an enchantment that increases the damage dealt by a melee attack with the Trident. Each level of Sharpness adds extra damage to each attack, making it a highly desirable enchantment for players who frequently engage in close-quarters combat.

While the Trident is primarily a throwing weapon, its ability to be used in melee combat makes Sharpness a valuable addition, especially when dealing with multiple enemies or in situations where throwing the Trident is not ideal.

It’s important to note that Sharpness cannot be combined with the Impaling enchantment, requiring players to choose between specializing in land or sea combat.


Knockback is an enchantment that increases the knockback effect of the Trident when hitting mobs or players. Each level of Knockback increases the distance enemies are pushed back, giving the player more control over the battlefield.


This enchantment is particularly useful in situations where maintaining distance from enemies is crucial, such as when facing multiple mobs or when navigating dangerous terrain.

Knockback can provide players with critical moments to recover or strategize, making it a strategic choice for defensive playstyles or for players who prioritize crowd control.

Fire Aspect

The Fire Aspect is an enchantment typically reserved for swords and does not apply to Tridents. However, if it were available for Tridents, it would add the ability to set targets on fire upon hit.

This hypothetical enchantment would be useful for dealing additional damage over time and for lighting up mobs in dark areas. It could also be used for cooking food items if they are dropped by a mob killed with the Trident.

Despite its potential usefulness, players should remember that Fire Aspect is not an applicable enchantment for Tridents in Minecraft.


Looting is another enchantment that is exclusive to swords and is not applicable to Tridents. If it were available, Looting would increase the number of items dropped by mobs killed with the Trident.


This would make it a valuable enchantment for players looking to gather more resources from their enemies, such as ender pearls, bones, or gunpowder.

In the current game mechanics, players cannot apply the Looting enchantment to a Trident, limiting its use to melee weapons only.


Piercing is an enchantment specifically designed for crossbows and is not applicable to Tridents. If it were to be applied to Tridents, it would allow the weapon to pass through multiple entities with a single throw, hitting multiple targets in a line.

This would significantly enhance the Trident’s utility in situations with clustered mobs or in narrow corridors. As it stands, Piercing remains exclusive to crossbows, and players cannot use it to augment the capabilities of their Tridents in Minecraft.

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FAQs About Best Minecraft Trident Enchantments

What does the Riptide enchantment do in Minecraft?

The Riptide enchantment transforms your trident into a makeshift means of transport, propelling you forward when you throw it during rainy weather or underwater. It is a definite game-changer for aquatic exploration.

Can I combine Channeling and Riptide on a trident?

Unfortunately, you cannot combine these two enchantments. While Riptide propels you through water or rain, Channeling triggers lightning strikes on targets during thunderstorms. Both have their unique weather-related uses.

Is Impaling a good choice for my trident?

Impaling is great if you’re expecting to fight many underwater enemies, as it increases damage dealt to aquatic creatures. However, against land-based adversaries, this enchantment has no added advantage.

What is the use of the Unbreaking enchantment on a trident?

The Groundbreaking enchantment enhances the durability of your trident, decreasing the likelihood of it taking damage with use and hence prolonging its lifespan significantly.

How useful is Mending as a Trident Enchantment?

Mending is quite beneficial! This enchantment lets your trident repair itself by using experience orbs collected from defeating adversaries or mining which helps keep your weapon in top shape.


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