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How to Delete Roblox Account Permanently (2024)

How to Delete Roblox Account Permanently ([cy])
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Updated On: 07/13/2023
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Roblox is a very popular gaming platform and if somehow you don’t want to play on Roblox anymore, then you can delete Roblox account. But, if you don’t know how to do this then don’t worry, as in today’s article I will guide you on how to delete Roblox account permanently in a step-by-step manner. I bet that you can successfully delete your account after reading the full article. So, let’s take a dig at the basic information first.

Roblox is one of the most growing gaming platforms nowadays and almost all teenagers love to use it. The popularity of Roblox is from the day when it was first launched for PC (2006) and after its popularity, its developers released IOS, Android, and Xbox versions as well. Roblox contains more than 40 million games and the most played games are Booga Booga, Mad City, Phantom Forces, Vehicle Simulator, Ghost Simulator, Q-Clash, and Bmx Simulator.

As we know, every individual has his own choice, and not all like Roblox games and if you are also one of those then Roblox allows you to delete your Roblox account. I also want to tell you that you can also restore your Roblox account after deleting and at last, I will also guide you with that.

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How to Delete Roblox Account Permanently?

Roblox doesn’t offer you to delete your Roblox account directly from the settings but it doesn’t mean that you can’t delete it. From deep research, I found 4 methods, by which you can delete your Roblox account quickly.

Now, you are in the most important section of this article, so please give proper attention.

How to Delete Roblox Account Permanently?

Here, you will get to know how to delete your Roblox account through 4 simple methods, so follow the steps as guided:

Method 1: By calling

Do you have the Roblox customer care service telephone number? if not, then note the given number on your mobile:


Now, call the above number and after that, you have to provide your basic information to the service provider for verifying your Roblox account. After that, tell your reason for deleting the Roblox account in brief.

After that, in a few working hours, they will remove your Roblox account.

Method 2: By E-mail

Do you know that you can mail to Roblox whenever you face any issues? and you can also delete your Roblox account. So, what are you waiting for, go and open your mail (whether it is G-mail, Rediff mail, or any other) and tell your reason briefly and also provide all the basic information including your Roblox Id or username, phone number, registered mail and then sent it to info@roblox.com.

After that, you will get a notification when your Roblox account gets deactivated.

Method 3: Avoid Roblox and Don’t Use It

If you didn’t find success in deleting the Roblox account by calling or emailing, as the Roblox service providers didn’t make your reason valid, then you can do a thing, just doesn’t use Roblox for a year and after that, Roblox itself will delete your account. Roblox has a policy that they delete all inactive users if the user didn’t respond for a year.

Note: If none of the above methods work for you then try the 4th method, otherwise I don’t recommend using this method.

Method 4: Break the Terms and Conditions of Roblox

Roblox deletes the account which gets banned three times, and if you do this, then your account can also be removed. Now, read the terms and conditions and break them till they delete your account. I don’t recommend doing this but sharing it for educational purposes only.

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How to Restore Roblox Account (Deleted)?

If your situation got fixed and now you want to continue using your deleted Roblox account again then you can do this by following the below steps.

How to Restore Roblox Account (Deleted)?

Here, you will get to know how to restore your Roblox account easily and quickly:

  • Go to your Mail and write a mail to appeals@roblox.com and briefly explain your situation and also provide all the basic information including Roblox username, Phone Number, and registered email address.
  • Now, wait for some time for their reply and if they want some more information related to your account, then give them.
  • After, that you will get a notification whenever your account gets restored.

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There is no doubt that Roblox is the best gaming platform but sometimes, you have to avoid it due to some reasons and situations.

Now, I hope that I won the bet and you successfully learned how to delete Roblox account permanently.

Always Keep Smiling!


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