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How To Make A Compass In Minecraft? [Step By Step Tutorial]

How To Make A Compass In Minecraft
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 12/05/2023
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When it comes to playing Minecraft, there’s an undeniable charm in the adventure of exploring new landscapes and building your very own world.

One moment, you’re mining for ores deep underground; the next, you’re constructing a towering castle overlooking a verdant landscape.

But let’s face it, sometimes you also get lost. There’s a handy tool in Minecraft that can help you navigate more effectively – a compass.

As soon as you learn how to make a compass in Minecraft, losing your way around will be a thing of the past.

The compass is one of the many tools in Minecraft that not only add to the game’s puzzle-solving element but also make exploration worry-free and exciting.

The process to craft this handy navigation tool is pretty straightforward once you understand it. So forget about wandering aimlessly or losing track of your newly built base again.

With this guide on making your own compass, you’ll be equipped for whatever adventures lie ahead in your Minecraft journey.

What is the Compass In Minecraft?

A compass is a unique and valuable tool for players. Unlike traditional compasses in the real world that point towards magnetic north, the Minecraft compass points towards the world spawn point.

What is the Compass In Minecraft?

This spawn point is either where the player first appeared in the world or the last location where they set their spawn by sleeping in a bed.

The compass in Minecraft features a red needle that dynamically adjusts its direction as the player moves through the world, always pointing back to the spawn point.

This makes it an essential item for players who like to explore far from their base or spawn area, as it aids in navigating back to familiar locations without getting lost.

The compass is crafted using iron ingots and Redstone, materials that can be obtained through mining. Once crafted, it can be held in a player’s hand or placed in their inventory for quick reference.

The compass is particularly useful in large or complex worlds, ensuring players can find their way back to their spawn point. It can be especially crucial in survival mode, where losing one’s way can lead to challenging situations.

How to use Compass In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, a compass is a valuable tool for navigation, especially when exploring vast, unfamiliar terrains or finding your way back to a specific location.


Unlike real-world compasses that point north, the Minecraft compass has unique mechanics that guide players back to their world spawn point.

This feature is particularly useful for players who venture far from their starting area and need a reliable way to return. Here’s how to effectively use a compass in Minecraft:

Craft or Obtain a Compass

  • To craft a compass, you need 4 iron ingots and 1 redstone dust.
  • Place the Redstone dust in the center of the crafting grid and the iron ingots in a plus shape around it.
  • Compasses can also be found in some chest loots or traded with librarian villagers.

Hold the Compass in Your Hotbar

Drag the compass from your inventory to your hot bar for easy access.

Look at the Compass

  • When held, the red needle on the compass will point toward the world spawn point.
  • The spawn point is where you first appeared in the world or the last place you slept in a bed.

Navigate by Keeping an Eye on the Compass Needle’s Direction

  • As you move, keep an eye on the compass needle.
  • It will always point towards the spawn point, guiding you back.
  • The compass doesn’t show your position relative to the spawn point; it only indicates the direction.

Using a compass is especially helpful in survival mode, where getting lost can have more severe consequences. With these steps, you can confidently explore the vast world of Minecraft and always find your way back to a familiar place.

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How To Make A Compass In Minecraft?

Crafting a compass in Minecraft is an essential skill for players who wish to navigate effectively and find their way back to specific locations.


The compass in Minecraft is unique as it points towards the world spawn point rather than the geographical north. This tool becomes particularly crucial when exploring vast, randomly generated worlds, ensuring you don’t lose track of your base or spawn point.

To make a compass, you need to gather some basic materials and use the crafting table. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to craft a compass in Minecraft.

Open Crafting Table

To start crafting a compass, you first need to open your crafting table. The crafting table provides a 3×3 crafting grid, which is necessary for creating a compass.

You can make a crafting table by placing four wooden planks in the 2×2 crafting grid in your inventory. Once you have the crafting table, right-click on it (PC) or tap on it (touchscreen) to open the crafting interface.

This interface is where you’ll combine materials to create various items, including the compass.

Place Redstone in the Center Slot

The first component of a compass is Redstone, which acts as the magnetic mechanism in this virtual world. It would be best if you placed a piece of Redstone dust in the center slot of the crafting grid.

Redstone dust can be obtained by mining redstone ore, which is found deep underground in the Overworld. Once mined, Redstone ore drops redstone dust, which you can collect.

Ensure that the Redstone dust is placed precisely in the center slot of the 3×3 grid, as this is key to the compass’s crafting recipe.

Surround Redstone with 4 Iron Ingots in a “+” Shape

After placing the Redstone, the next step is to surround it with iron ingots. You need four iron ingots, which you can get by smelting iron ore in a furnace.

Place one iron ingot in each of the cardinal directions (north, south, east, and west) around the Redstone dust, forming a plus (+) shape.

This arrangement symbolizes the compass’s frame and needle. The placement of these nuggets is crucial; if they are not in the correct positions, the crafting recipe will not work.

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Retrieve Compass from the Result Slot

Once you have correctly placed the Redstone and iron ingots on the crafting grid, a compass will appear in the result slot of the crafting table.

Click or tap on the compass to move it into your inventory. Now, you have a functional compass that will always point toward your world’s spawn point.

This tool is incredibly useful for navigation, especially when exploring far from your base or in unfamiliar territories. With the compass in hand, you can confidently venture out, knowing you have a reliable way to find your way back.

FAQs About Making A Compass In Minecraft

Why is my compass in Minecraft not pointing toward my bed?

The compass in Minecraft doesn’t point toward beds but rather the world spawn point. The feature makes sure that you can always find your way back home, even if your bed gets destroyed or occupied.

How many iron ingots do I need to create a compass?

You need four iron ingots to make a compass in Minecraft. Position them in a “+” shape around the piece of Redstone on your crafting table.

Can I use a compass in the Nether or the End?

In both the Nether and the End, the Minecraft compass becomes mostly useless as it spins erratically and does not point in any clear direction.

Can other players see my compass directions?

No, other players cannot see where your compass points. Every player has his or her own spawn point, and every compass points only to its user’s specific world spawn location.

Does a Minecraft compass work in all game modes?

Yes indeed – whether you’re playing in Survival, Creative, Adventure, or Spectator mode, a working Minecraft Compass will always show you the way back home.


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