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How To Make Paper In Minecraft [Crafting Guide For Gamers]

How To Make Paper In Minecraft
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 12/04/2023
Est. Reading: 7 minutes

Knowing how to make paper in Minecraft can significantly enhance your gameplay. It’s a basic skill that you’ll find incredibly useful, particularly when creating maps or books for your adventure.

But, if you’re a newcomer or have never crafted paper before, you might be feeling a tad bit lost.

Well, rest easy because you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we will walk through the steps on how to make paper in Minecraft effectively and efficiently.

By the end of this article, you’ll be an expert paper crafter in the pixelated world of Minecraft. Now, that sounds like a plan. So let’s get started.

What is Paper in Minecraft?

When you are navigating the expansive world of Minecraft, certain items play a pivotal role in enhancing your gameplay, and one such item is paper. The excitement builds as this seemingly mundane item can be the base for numerous intricate crafts!


Paper isn’t just an ordinary item to have. In fact, it’s a vital component that finds its use in crafting books, maps, and even fireworks.

Yes, you read right, fireworks. Not only can you use it to jot down your latest pixelated poem or plan out routes for exploration using maps, but you can also light up the Minecraft sky with dazzling fireworks.

It can empower you to create enchanting tables and cartography tables, aiding your journey in all possible ways. What seems to be a simple piece of flat white material provides endless opportunities when playing Minecraft.

Now that you understand what paper is and its uses let’s understand how to actually craft it within the game.

What are the uses of Paper In Minecraft?

In the realm of Minecraft, paper is not just a basic item; it holds an array of applications that go beyond common expectations. Its uses are multi-faceted and could help you advance your adventure significantly.

  • Fireworks: Paper is a critical element in making fireworks in Minecraft. Combining paper, gunpowder, and any added dye creates a colorful spectacle to light up your virtual skies.
  • Maps: One cannot underestimate the importance of navigation in Minecraft. With paper, you can create maps that help you navigate through dense jungles and vast landscapes; never go lost again.
  • Craft Books: Using paper, you can make books that later become essential elements for bookshelves or enchantment tables.

The more you know about these varied uses, the more sophisticated your gaming skills can become. So keep crafting, keep exploring.

How To Make Paper In Minecraft?

Crafting paper in Minecraft is an exciting part of the game, especially when it bolsters your exploration or enchanting needs. This hands-on process isn’t just about crafting items.


It’s the echo of a journey you undertook to gather materials, the thrill of transforming the mundane into something useful. It brings a delightful sense of achievement. And today’s highlight is paper – one of Minecraft’s most essential commodities.

Making a Crafting Table

First on our to-do list is creating a crafting table. This particular object is your door to various possibilities in Minecraft. A crafting table allows you to use a three-by-three grid instead of the two-by-two grid found in your inventory, and this gives you access to create bigger and more complex items.

To start, venture into any forested area to find trees, the primary source of wood logs. Target any tree type available and hit each wood block until it disintegrates into smaller ones, which will automatically be added to your inventory as logs.

Every tree might look different, but they all serve the same purpose when it comes to building your crafting table.

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Collect Wood

Let’s turn our attention toward collecting wood logs and processing them into wood planks. As mentioned earlier, knocking down trees gives you access to logs that vary depending on the type of tree chopped down: oak, birch, spruce, or jungle.

Once you’ve gathered some logs from chopping down trees, it’s time to process those raw materials. To convert raw logs into wooden planks, place any log collected from your tree chopping spree onto feature slots in the transformation section of your Survival Inventory screen.

Upon doing so, four wooden planks would be produced from one log block – these planks would then automatically appear inside collected items within your inventory space.

Access Inventory

Now that we have our wooden planks sorted, it’s time to access your inventory. This aspect of Minecraft is all about managing resources and crafting basic items, something akin to a personal treasure chest.

Opening it up is straightforward – press “E” on your keyboard if you’re using a PC or the relevant control on your console.

Once inside, you will see your character model alongside multiple slots for carrying objects, equipping armor, and making basic tools and weapons.

To make the crafting table, place the gathered wood planks in the crafting section and distribute four of them evenly across the four boxes to create one. This new creation can then be moved into your inventory.

Add Wood to a Slot

Now that you have got yourself some wooden planks and your inventory open, it’s time for the next move. In your inventory menu, you’ll see a 2×2 grid labeled “Crafting.” You see, each slot in this grid is where the magic happens.

So please take one of those nicely cut wooden planks from your inventory by simply clicking on it and then clicking on one of the crafting slots, and let’s proceed to the next step.

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Distribute 1 Wood Plank across All Four Crafting Grid Boxes

Here’s where we’re going to create that so-important crafting table. To achieve this, spread out the wooden plank into each slot in the crafting grid. In other words, you’ll want to place one wooden plank in each of the four boxes.

When done successfully, you should see an image of a crafting table pop up next to your 2×2 grid.

This step may seem pedantic or overly descriptive, but trust us. Learning how to distribute materials across all available slots effectively is fundamental knowledge for creating more complex items.

Set the Crafting Table on the Ground

Your Crafting Table is ready. But its creation isn’t complete until you’ve placed it onto the ground from within your inventory. Find a suitable spot around you.

This will be your workshop area for Minecraft projects that require more complex recipes than ordinary ones accommodated by the Inventory Craft mechanic.

Once decided upon an appropriate location, right-click on that spot if playing on a PC or press the Left Trigger/L2 button followed by X/A if gaming through consoles, thereby transforming a simple terrain into an effective workspace within seconds.

Before proceeding further, though, be sure that Crafting Table stays within vicinity since it’s not only quintessential towards paper creation but also holds great value when other sophisticated projects come into light.

Once done with placing the Crafting Table successfully, now dive straight towards making paper following the next steps already provided.

Find Some Sugarcane

With a crafting table under your belt, it’s time to shift our focus to sugarcane. In order to make paper in Minecraft, you’ll need at least three pieces of sugarcane – the key ingredient for our sought-after item.

Sugarcane can be located near bodies of water in sand, dirt, or grass areas. Scouting around riverbanks could certainly be your best bet. Once you find it, left-click and hold on the lowest part of the sugarcane plant until it breaks off from its base.

Gather 3 Sugarcanes

Reliable sugarcane farming is essential – it not only fuels your quest for paper but also a wide range of other items like rockets and books. Collecting the sugarcanes is relatively straightforward once you spot them.

To gather the sugarcane efficiently, make sure that every cut is at the base for maximum output per plant. Keep harvesting until you’ve gathered three sugarcane stalks (or more if needed) for your crafting cause.

Open The Crafting Table

Once done with collecting resources, go back to your crafting table that we made earlier in this guide. Placing a crafted product like a crafting Table will require you to position yourself where you would like to set up the crafting area and then select the table from inventory and right-click or control according to your platform.

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Make Paper

To pull together those valuable pieces of paper, open up that crafting table GUI by right-clicking its surface. The larger 3×3 grid will appear with 9 slots in total.

In order to craft paper out of those juicy sugarcanes we collected earlier, place each piece in each slot along any single row of the grid – horizontal ones usually work best visually.

Your Crafted Paper is ready for use.

Crafting paper in Minecraft might seem like a simple task, but this engaging activity allows players to pursue greater, more complex endeavors for their survival or building requirements.

Whether it be for mapping out your surroundings or enchanting those trusty weapons, paper ensures smooth sailing in Minecraft’s vast realm.

FAQs About Making The Paper In Minecraft

What’s the primary use of paper in Minecraft?

Paper serves a few different purposes but is mostly used to create books and maps. A book can be used for enchanting or crafting a bookshelf, and maps help the player navigate the vast game world.

Can you obtain paper without crafting it in Minecraft?

Although crafting is the typical approach, paper can also be found in various chests in library rooms of Strongholds or by trading with librarian villagers.

Is there a specific tree type that needs to be chopped down for wood for making paper?

No, any type of log, irrespective of the trees (be it oak, spruce, birch, or jungle), can be transformed into wood planks.

Can sugarcane grow next to stagnant water?

Yes, Sugarcane can grow next to both flowing and stagnant water within sand, grass, or dirt.

What happens if I put cane sugar in all 9 slots of the crafting table grid?

Populating all nine slots with sugarcane won’t result in any product, as paper requires three pieces of sugarcane arranged horizontally on one row.


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