Is Vigor Cross-Platform in 2023? [PS5, Xbox, Switch, PS4]

Is Vigor Cross-Platform in 2023? [PS5, Xbox, Switch, PS4]

August 18, 2022
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The gaming industry is evolving. There are more games being released for multiple platforms, which has created an opportunity for developers to reach a broader audience without having their game limited by the platform it was initially designed for. 

If you are a gamer, chances are you have heard of the massively popular video game called "Vigor". This game is set up with the backdrop of apocalypse. It is available on quite a number of platforms. With that comes, the question "Is Vigor cross-platform in 2023?". Then again, what is cross-platform?

Cross-platform gaming allows players to enjoy their favorite game with friends without having to purchase separate consoles for each person. Many people see this as an essential feature of video games, and some even argue that it is crucial for the industry's future.

A game with cross-platform support is the best solution to segregate players over multiple devices. Without it, games would end up in very small communities that are difficult to continue playing in because they all share one service.

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Vigor - A Quick Introduction

Bohemia Interactive published and developed this game. Vigor is free to play, and it's set in a post-apocalyptic environment. Unlike other looter shooter games, Vigor is open world and offers players the opportunity to explore and get resources during their exploration.

Vigor - A Quick Introduction

Players called Outlanders search for resources like food, water, fuel, and weapons, as well as building materials such as metal sheets, car parts, etc. These resources help players upgrade their shelter, which can go up to the max level.

The goal is to survive, loot as much as possible, and avoid dying from the radiation cloud. If the player dies, then all the loot progress will be lost. Vigor also offers modes like Elimination and Shootout, which makes this game all the more enjoyable.

If you are an avid Vigor player, then you must already be aware of all this, and your main question would be if this game offers cross-platform functionality. We won't keep you waiting any longer and answer that question for you.

Is Vigor Cross-Platform in 2023?

Yes, Vigor is cross-platform compatible in 2023 but not through all the platforms; there are some exceptions. Even though Vigor offers cross-play between Switch and Xbox players, it is not the case with PlayStation players.

Is Vigor Cross-Platform in 2023?

Since its full release in 2019, until 2022, Vigor has been made available on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. Yes, you read it right; Vigor is not yet available on mobile and PC.

Since it offers cross-platform functionality, it might come as a relief because it makes it easier for players to share resources with friends instead of having to use separate Discord servers and Reddit communities just to communicate with one another.

There are many benefits of a game being cross-platform, such as:

  • Some gamers like to stick to their preferred input methods. If the game is available on their platform of choice, then there's no reason not to get it. For example, some people hate using a controller for FPS games, while others prefer it.
  • If it is cross-platform, more players are likely to try out the game because of lower entry barriers. This means that if you design your game well enough, then your competitors will face trouble marketing themselves because you have already reached out to more than half of all gamers.
  • From the developer's point of view, the benefit of designing your game for cross-platforming is that it makes it easier for you to port the game to other platforms. This will boost your user base drastically if done right and help players connect seamlessly across different platforms.

Vigor has everything that makes a good game great; an excellent soundtrack paired with well-designed, challenging but not too hard levels. If you're looking forward to cross-platform gaming, then this game offers you just that.

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Is Vigor Cross-Platform PS4 and PS5?

Is Vigor Cross-Platform PS4 and PS5?

Yes, Vigor is cross-platform between PS4 and PS5. This means that even if you use PS4 and your friend uses PS5, you will still be able to play Vigor with each other.

It makes it easier for developers to design the game with cross-platform in mind and provide players with a seamless experience.

Is Vigor Cross-Platform Nintendo Switch and Xbox One?

Again a yes. Vigor is cross-platform between Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. This implies that a gamer utilizing Nintendo Switch can match the players who use Xbox One to play Vigor and vice-versa.

Cross-platform makes it possible for the players of both these platforms to compete against each other.

Is Vigor Cross-Platform Xbox One and PS4/PS5?

Is Vigor Cross-Platform Xbox One and PS4?

No, Vigor is not cross-platform between Xbox One and PS4/PS5. This means that if one player uses Xbox One and the other player uses PS4 or PS5, they will not be able to play together.

Let's not get confused here. Even though Vigor is cross-platform between Xbox and Nintendo, it does not extend cross-platform functionality to PlayStation.

Is Vigor Cross-Platform PS5 and Xbox Series X|S?

Sadly, Vigor is not cross-platform between PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. This implies that if either of the players uses a different device (one of them plays using PS5 and the other plays using Xbox Series X|S), they can't play together.

If you still wish to participate together, you will either have to switch to your friend's preferred gaming platform or have them switch to yours.

Is Vigor Cross-Platform PC and PS5?

Is Vigor Cross-Platform PC and PS5?

Currently, Vigor is not available for PC. For a game to offer cross-platform functionality, it is a prerequisite that it be available on both platforms.

So, no Vigor is not cross-platform between PC and PS5.

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Frequently Asked Question

1. What is cross-platform gaming?

The functionality which enables gamers on different platforms to play together is referred to as cross-platform gaming. For example, a gamer could be playing on a PC, and some other gamer could be using Xbox One to play the same game, yet both of them will be able to play together.

2. Is cross-platform gaming possible in Vigor?

Cross-platform gaming is possible in Vigor but only partially. In it, Xbox and Nintendo Switch players can interact with each other, but PlayStation players are not a part of this group. But then again, PlayStation players can interact with each other regardless of their PlayStation model. This means PS4 and PS5 users will be able to play with each other.

3. Is Vigor available on PC and mobile?

Right now, Vigor is not available on PC and mobile platforms. Vigor's developers are also not planning on introducing the game on either of these platforms any time soon. Still, you can access this game on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. Just grab the platform of your choice and start playing!

4. What is the difference between cross-generation and cross-progression?

Neither cross-generation nor cross-progression is the same as cross-platform. Cross-generation pertains to a single platform that can adopt multiple generations, all at once.
For example, players of PS4 and PS5 will be able to match with each other. Cross-progression, however, refers to the ability of one player to continue their progress on a different platform. For example, if you own a PS4 and start playing Vigor on it, then you can carry your progression to Nintendo Switch or Xbox One due to cross-progression.

5. Is Vigor cross-generation?

Yes, Vigor is cross-generation. This means that players of PS4 and PS5 will be able to play with each other in the game.

6. Is Vigor cross-progression?

No, Vigor is not cross-progression. This implies that you cannot carry your progress from one platform to another. If you own a PS4 and start playing Vigor on it, then you can't take your progress to Nintendo Switch or Xbox One.

7. If a game is cross-platform, does that mean it is also cross-generation and cross-progression?

No. These three terms are different from each other. Just because a game is cross-platform doesn't mean it will offer cross-generation or cross-progression.

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Vigor is a post-apocalyptic survival game that offers an immersive, cross-platform experience. We recommend it if you want challenging gameplay with plenty of exploration opportunities.

This also brings us to the end of this article, and we are hoping you found everything you needed to know about "Is Vigor cross-platform in 2023?".

Let us know if there's anything we can do to help out in regards to this topic. Thanks so much for reading our blog post, and have a great rest of your day!

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