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New World Best Weapons Tier List (April 2024) for PvP, PvE

New World Best Weapons Tier List (2023) for PvP, PvE
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 07/31/2023
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Welcome to the latest New World weapon tier list! With each passing year, the loyal players of the New World continue to explore and conquer this ever-expanding game world. To celebrate the New World’s success and keep the community thriving, we have made several updates and changes to the game. In this 2024 edition, we bring you the most comprehensive ranking of weapons, detailing the best choices for both Player Versus Player (PVP) and Player Versus Environment (PVE) gameplay. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned player delving into complex dynamics or a newcomer taking your first steps in this amazing land, our tier list will serve as your ultimate guide.

The New World experience is all about finding the right balance between exploring the magnificent and vast landscapes, engaging in nerve-wracking battles, and creating strong alliances. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon type plays a crucial role in achieving success. Our carefully curated weapon tier list aims to help players maximize their potential in both PVP and PVE scenarios. Read on to find out which weapons have made it to the highly-coveted S tier and how best to utilize them in your journey through Aeternum.

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What To Look For While Choosing The Right Weapon in New World?

In New World, choosing the right weapon is an essential aspect of both combat and overall gameplay experience. Each player has a unique playstyle, and the weapon you choose should match your preferences and goals. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting the best weapon for your character:

What to look for while choosing the right weapon in New World?
  • Playstyle: Are you more comfortable with melee or ranged combat? Do you prefer to be up close and personal, or do you like to deal damage from a distance? Identifying your playstyle will help you determine what type of weapon will suit you best.
  • Role: What role do you want to play in a group setting? Are you more inclined towards healing, tanking, or dealing with damage (DPS)? Each weapon has a specific type of utility that caters to different roles, so choose one that aligns with your desired role in a team.
  • Skills and Attribute Scaling: In New World, each weapon has its unique skill trees and scales with specific attributes. It’s crucial to choose a weapon whose abilities align with your character’s attributes and the skills you wish to use. For example, if you’ve invested mostly in Intelligence, you’ll want to opt for weapons like Fire Staff or Ice Gauntlet that scale with Intelligence.
  • Versatility: The ability to adapt to different combat situations is valuable when choosing a weapon. Some weapons may excel in one type of content, such as PVP or PVE, but struggle when it comes to other aspects. Look for weapons that offer versatility and work well in both PVP and PVE scenarios.
  • Synergy: Weapon combos and synergies can play a huge role in improving your combat efficiency. Make sure you choose weapons that have good synergy with your other equipped items, skills, and buffs.
  • Fun Factor: Last but not least, the weapon you choose should feel fun and engaging! Even if a weapon is considered top-tier, if you don’t enjoy using it or if it doesn’t fit your playstyle, it might not be the best choice for you. Ultimately, New World is a game, and enjoyment should always be a priority.

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New World PVP Weapon Tier List [April 2024]

In this section, explore the highly-anticipated New World weapon tier list, offering a comprehensive breakdown of the game’s most formidable weapons. Discover the ultimate ranking of weapons, providing invaluable insights for players seeking to dominate the frontier and claim victory in epic battles.

New World Weapon S Tier List 2024: The PvP Champions

In S tier, you’ll find the cream of the crop in PVP settings. These weapons provide unparalleled damage output, mobility, and crowd control, making them perfect for those who want to reign supreme in battles against other players.

New World Weapon S Tier List 2024- The PvP Champions
  • Ice Gauntlet
  • Rapier
  • Greatsword

New World Weapon A Tier List 2024: Formidable and Versatile

A-tier weapons are excellent choices for players who need a sturdy build without sacrificing too much damage. These weapons provide a balance of offense and defense, allowing for a broader range of strategies and playstyles.

New World Weapon A Tier List 2024- Formidable and Versatile
  • Life Staff
  • Sword and Shield

New World Weapon B Tier List 2024: Balanced, but Demanding

The B-tier weapons may not pack the same punch as S or A-tier weapons, but they offer unique gameplay experiences and excel in certain roles. With practice and dedication, players can master these weapons and perform exceptionally in PVP scenarios.

New World Weapon B Tier List 2024- Balanced, but Demanding
  • Fire Staff
  • Bow

New World Weapon C Tier List 2024: Not for the Faint of Heart

C-tier weapons may not be the most efficient choice, but they can offer interesting gameplay opportunities. These weapons require a higher skill cap, and dedicated players can turn them into viable options despite their challenges.

New World Weapon C Tier List 2024- Not for the Faint of Heart
  • Blunderbuss
  • Great Axe
  • Spear
  • Void Gauntlets

New World Weapon D Tier List 2024: Underdogs and Niche Choices

D-tier weapons can be overshadowed by their higher-ranking counterparts, but they still hold value in specific situations. Loyal fans of these weapons can enjoy their unique playstyle while potentially surprising their enemies.

New World Weapon D Tier List 2024- Underdogs and Niche Choices
  • Hatchet
  • Musket
  • Warhammer

New World PVE Weapon Tier List 2024 (Conquer the New World)

New World Weapon PVE Mode 2024 (Tagline: Conquer the New World with the right arsenal!)

New World Weapon S Tier List 2024: Masters of Environment

S-tier weapons lead the way in effectiveness for PVE content. They offer outstanding damage, healing, and utility, making them essential for tackling difficult environments, dungeons, and bosses.

New World Weapon S Tier List 2024- Masters of Environment
  • Life Staff
  • Rapier
  • Greatsword

New World Weapon A Tier List 2024: Consistent Performers

A-tier PVE weapons provide solid damage output and versatile gameplay options. They are consistent performers, reliably tackling the majority of PVE content without letting their users down.

New World Weapon A Tier List 2024- Consistent Performers
  • Fire Staff
  • Bow

New World Weapon B Tier List 2024: Team Players Unite

B-tier weapons may not excel independently in PVE content, but they can shine when incorporated into team setups. These weapons provide utility and support, synergizing well with various group compositions.

New World Weapon B Tier List 2024- Team Players Unite
  • Spear
  • Sword and Shield

New World Weapon C Tier List 2024: For the Enthusiasts

C-tier weapons demand dedication and patience from PVE players. With the right strategies and perseverance, players can still enjoy the New World experience while experimenting with these unique gameplay choices.

New World Weapon C Tier List 2024- For the Enthusiasts
  • Musket
  • Void Gauntlets
  • Warhammer

New World Weapon D Tier List 2024: The Underestimated Gems

D-tier PVE weapons might be underwhelming at first glance, but seasoned players can uncover hidden strengths when wielding them creatively. Pulling off successful maneuvers with these weapons can be a rewarding and thrilling experience.

New World Weapon D Tier List 2024- The Underestimated Gems
  • Blunderbuss
  • Great Axe
  • Hatchet
  • Ice Gauntlet

New World Weapons Explained

Embark on an enlightening journey through the realm of this section, where the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon type come to light. Unleash the potential of your arsenal by delving into the comprehensive pros and cons of every weapon, empowering you to make informed choices and become a formidable force on the battlefield.

1. Ice Gauntlet (S Tier)

Ice Gauntlet (S Tier)

Pros: Excellent crowd control; massive AoE damage; good mobility

Cons: Relatively high skill cap; less effective in 1v1 duels

Who should choose: Crowd control enthusiasts, ranged DPS players, and players who value mobility

Who should avoid: Those who prefer in-your-face melee combat or want a more straightforward playstyle

2. Rapier (S Tier)

Rapier (S Tier)

Pros: Rapid strikes, high single-target damage, strong evasion, and parry abilities

Cons: Fragile; relies on skillful dodging and timing; limited group control

Who should choose: Skilled duelists, players who prioritize high burst damage and maneuverability

Who should avoid: Players looking for a resilient weapon or those who lean towards AoE damage

3. Greatsword (S Tier)

Greatsword (S Tier)

Pros: High damage output, versatile moveset, good reach, and cleave

Cons: Slower attack speed, requires precise timing, susceptible to kiting

Who should choose: Frontline warriors, players focused on raw damage, and crowd management

Who should avoid: Players who desire fast-paced combat or long-range fighters.

4. Life Staff (A Tier)

Life Staff (A Tier)

Pros: Strong healing power, great supporting tool in both PVE and PVP content

Cons: Limited offensive capabilities, requires good positioning and game sense

Who should choose: Players who enjoy playing a supportive role or dedicated healers

Who should avoid: Players looking for a pure DPS playstyle or those uncomfortable with managing threat levels

5. Sword and Shield (A Tier)

Sword and Shield (A Tier)

Pros: Excellent tanking potential, good crowd control, high survivability

Cons: Lower damage output, relies on team coordination

Who should choose: Tank players, those who want to absorb damage and protect teammates

Who should avoid: Pure DPS players, solo players not looking to engage in group content

6. Fire Staff (B Tier)

Fire Staff (B Tier)

Pros: High AoE damage, ranged DPS, strong zoning potential

Cons: Squishy, vulnerable to gap-closers and melee opponents

Who should choose: Ranged DPS players, magic damage enthusiasts, zone control players

Who should avoid: Melee-centric players or those uncomfortable with managing resource usage

7. Bow (B Tier)

Bow (B Tier)

Pros: Long-range capabilities, varied shot options, high single-target damage

Cons: Steep learning curve, requires precision and good positioning

Who should choose: Skilled precision shooters, players looking for high-risk, high-reward gameplay

Who should avoid: Players who prefer close-quarters combat or those with poor accuracy

8. Blunderbuss (C Tier)

Blunderbuss (C Tier)

Pros: Short-range burst damage, powerful knock-back, good crowd control

Cons: Limited range and ammo management, inconsistent damage output

Who should choose: Players who enjoy close-range skirmishes and zoning potential

Who should avoid: Long-range and hit-and-run players, those seeking pure DPS

9. Great Axe (C Tier)

Great Axe (C Tier)

Pros: Wide sweeping attacks, moderate crowd control

Cons: Slower attack speed, vulnerable to mobility-focused opponents

Who should choose: Players who prefer a brawling playstyle or those looking for slow but high-damage weaponry

Who should avoid: Players valuing speed or players focused on long-range combat

10. Spear (C Tier)

Spear (C Tier)

Pros: High reach and precision, strong single-target damage, good mobility

Cons: Limited versus groups or big mobs, slow attack wind-up

Who should choose: Skilled duelist-style players, those who prioritize reach and accuracy

Who should avoid: Players searching for AOE damage abilities

11. Void Gauntlets (C Tier)

Void Gauntlets (C Tier)

Pros: Versatile magic abilities, support, and debuff options

Cons: Lower damage output, relies on good positioning and coordination with teammates

Who should choose: Support characters looking to augment their team’s performance and control the flow of battle

Who should avoid: Players pursuing high damage output or a solo playstyle

12. Hatchet (D Tier)

Hatchet (D Tier)

Pros: Quick attacks, mobility options

Cons: Short range, lackluster burst damage

Who should choose: Agile warriors, aggressive players who enjoy getting up close and personal

Who should avoid: Players seeking high damage output or ranged combat options

13. Musket (D Tier)

Musket (D Tier)

Pros: Long-range hitscan, precision damage

Cons: Low DPS output, limited versatility, vulnerable in close combat

Who should choose: Players who prioritize long-range combat or prefer precision hitscan weapons

Who should avoid: Players who want versatile damage-dealing options or close-quarters fighters

14. Warhammer (D Tier)

Warhammer (D Tier)

Pros: Crowd control, AoE capabilities, high impact

Cons: Slow attack speed, difficult to land hits consistently

Who should choose: Players looking for crowd control and zoning options, those who prefer to set the pace of battle

Who should avoid: Players looking for fast-paced, high-damage weaponry or a more nimble playstyle.

How To Get Better at New World?

Improving your skillset and becoming a better player in New World requires patience, persistence, and an understanding of the game’s mechanics. Here are some tips to help you get better at New World:

How to get better at New World?
  • Learn the game mechanics: Understand core gameplay elements such as crafting, combat, trading, questing, and leveling up. Take advantage of tutorial missions and read up on guides to grasp these concepts quickly.
  • Focus on a build: Experiment with various weapons, abilities, and skill trees to determine which playstyle suits you best. Once you find a build you’re comfortable with, focus on optimizing your points, gear, and abilities around it.
  • Master your weapon: Learn and practice the combos, strengths, and weaknesses of your chosen weapon. Familiarize yourself with the abilities in the skill tree and how they synergize with your play style.
  • Communicate with teammates: New World is a game that thrives with teamwork and cooperation. Use in-game voice chat, text, or third-party voice software to communicate with your teammates during group activities, such as dungeons or large-scale PVP battles.
  • Join a company: Forming or joining a company (New World’s version of guilds) will provide a support network and access to more experienced players who can offer advice, resources, or help with quests.
  • Participate in PVP and group activities: Regularly participate in PVP encounters, faction missions, and group events to hone your combat skills and awareness in various situations.
  • Study the market: Keep an eye on the in-game market, trading posts, and resource prices. This will help you earn coins, which can then be spent on essential supplies, gear, or crafting.
  • Develop your crafting skills: Level up your crafting abilities to produce higher-tier items and become self-sufficient. Crafting can also generate income by selling valuable goods to other players.
  • Manage your inventory: Keep your inventory organized and stocked with essential items, including weapons, armor, potions, and food. Remember to repair and maintain your equipment, as durability impacts performance.
  • Be patient: Lastly, understand that becoming better at New World is a process that takes time. Keep playing, experimenting, adapting, and learning from both victories and defeats to improve and grow as a player.

How To Unlock Weapons in New World?

In New World, unlocking weapons is an essential part of character progression and mastering combat skills. To unlock weapons, follow these simple steps:

How to unlock weapons in New World?
  • Progress through the game: As you begin the journey in Aeternum, you will be given a starter weapon. You will naturally come across a selection of other weapons by completing quests, exploring the world, and defeating enemies.
  • Equip different weapon types: When you find a new weapon, equip it to start gaining proficiency in that weapon type. As you use the weapon more in combat, you will unlock weapon mastery points that can be allocated to learn new abilities and improve weapon-specific attributes.
  • Weapon Mastery System: Open the weapon mastery menu by pressing the ‘K’ key or through the character menu. From here, you can allocate the points earned in any of the two specific skill trees for the weapon — generally, one tree focuses on damage, while the other on utility or support skills.
  • Crafting weapons: As you progress further in the game, you will be able to gather resources and develop crafting skills, enabling you to craft weapons. Some weapons may require recipes that can either be acquired through quests, purchased from vendors, or found as loot.
  • Trading and purchasing: You can also unlock weapons by trading with other players in the game via Trading Posts or purchasing them from Faction vendors using faction tokens earned from completing faction-specific missions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often is the New World weapon tier list updated?

The tier list is updated annually or when major patches or expansions with significant weapon changes are introduced.

2. Do I need to use S-tier weapons exclusively to succeed in PVP or PVE?

No, your play style and preferences are crucial in determining success. S-tier weapons have general advantages, but other weapons can be just as effective in the hands of a skilled player.

3. Are there separate tier lists for PVP and PVE content?

Yes, this guide includes separate tier lists for PVP and PVE gameplay, as some weapons perform better in different scenarios.

4. Can I craft or upgrade my weapons to improve their tier ranking?

Absolutely! Crafting, upgrading, and using perks on your weapons can improve their performance and potentially increase their overall ranking within their respective tier list.

5. Are new weapon types likely to be introduced to New World?

Yes, the game developers may introduce new weapon types through future expansions or updates, which could lead to revisions in the tier list. Keep an eye out for patch notes or announcements for the latest information.

6. How do I choose the best weapon for my character build?

Consider your character’s attributes, abilities, and playstyle. Experiment with different weapons to determine which works best for you and complement your chosen build.

7. Are certain weapon types better suited for specific roles or playstyles?

Yes, certain weapons are tailored for specific roles, such as the Life Staff for healing, or specific playstyles, such as the Rapier for agile, quick combat. Choose based on your preferred role and gameplay.

8. Can I use multiple weapons simultaneously?

You can equip two different weapon types at once, allowing you to swap between them during combat, promoting versatility and adapting to various situations.

9. Are there quests or events that reward exclusive weapons?

Yes, completing specific quests and participating in special events may reward you with unique weapons that can’t be obtained through other means.

10. How important is weapon mastery in New World?

Weapon mastery is crucial for unlocking new abilities and passives, enhancing your weapon’s performance and potential in both PVP and PVE scenarios.

11. Is it possible to respect my weapon mastery points?

Yes, you can respec your weapon mastery points at any time, allowing you to fine-tune your build and experiment with different abilities and passives.

12. Are there weapon skins or transmogs available in New World?

Yes, various weapon skins can be obtained through gameplay, purchase, or promotional means—allowing you to customize the appearance of your weapon.

13. Can I trade or sell high-tier weapons to other players?

Yes, as long as the weapon is not bound to your character, you can trade or sell them on the trading post or through direct player-to-player trading.

14. How do I repair a damaged or broken weapon?

You can repair weapons using repair parts and coins. The number of repair parts required is dependent on the weapon’s tier and level.

15. What role do weapon perks have in determining a weapon’s effectiveness?

Weapon perks provide additional bonuses and effects that can greatly enhance a weapon’s performance, potentially elevating it within its respective tier list.

16. Can I use gemstones to improve my weapons?

Yes, socketing gems to weapons provides additional bonuses like elemental damage or resistance, utility, or even attribute bonuses, improving their overall effectiveness.

17. What crafting materials do I need to create high-tier weapons?

To craft high-tier weapons, you typically need high-quality gathering materials and refined resources, sometimes including rare items or components obtained through specific means.

18. Can I obtain S-tier weapons from looting or enemy drops?

Yes, you can potentially loot S-tier weapons from high-level enemies, treasure chests, or elite boss drops, although the chances are generally lower compared to crafting or quest rewards.

19. How does gearing up with higher-tier weapons affect my character’s Gear Score?

Equipping higher-tier weapons will increase your character’s Gear Score, which represents their overall power and preparedness for combat, contributing to your effectiveness in PVP and PVE.

20. Can I carry multiple weapons in my inventory to swap them out based on situations or enemy types?

Yes, you can carry multiple weapons in your inventory, making it easier to swap between different weapon types when the need arises, increasing your versatility in various combat scenarios.


Our 2024 New World Weapon Tier List offers valuable insights into the best weapons to use for both PVP and PVE gameplay. Keep in mind that player preferences and individual playstyles can also affect the effectiveness of certain weapons, so don’t hesitate to experiment and seek out the perfect choice for you. As the New World continues to evolve, changes to the game balance, new weapon introductions, and updates will likely alter these rankings, so make sure to stay updated and adapt your strategies accordingly.

Remember, success in Aeternum lies not only in the strength of your weapons but also in the bonds you forge with your fellow players. So gear up, gather your allies, and venture forth to experience the thrilling battles and captivating adventures that await you in the New World.


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