Paladins Tier List (2021)

Paladins Tier List (2021): Best Champions

July 14, 2021
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Paladins is one of the most popular multiplayer shooters game in the market. The game has received tons of updates, tweaks, and changes since its launch. In the world of Paladins, Ranked mode is the most competitive way to play. Many players are trying to figure out how to get their rank as high as possible, so they need a Paladins tier list to help them in this endeavor.

In this article, we will discuss the tier list for Paladins so that you can get an idea of the best champions to play in Paladins and why it is crucial for those looking to master ranked mode.

So be with us to get all you need to know about each champion with a brief description, ability breakdowns, and tips on how best to use them through this tier list.

Paladins: A Quick Overview

Paladins is an online multiplayer shooter available on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation. What sets Paladins apart from other shooters out there (like Overwatch, for example) is its accessibility.

Paladins_ A Quick Overview

There are many champions with different abilities, so you can find a play style to suit your own needs. HiRez Studios, the developers are constantly making changes and updates to create new champions and balance out old ones to provide an exciting gameplay environment.

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Paladins: What's Ranked Mode?

The ranked mode has been around since 2017 when it was first introduced by Hi-Rez Studios - makers of Paladins. What's so special about Ranked mode is that it has been around since the game launched, and because of this, many players have already spent time mastering their playstyle, which means they are excellent at countering others.

This game becomes much more competitive in ranked mode than casual matches as players try their best to climb the rank ladder and become the best player they can be.

What is Paladins Tier List?

The Paladins tier list is a ranked list of champions in Paladins that are among the best and most powerful you can play.

What is Paladins Tier List?

What makes this list so important to players who want to master Ranked mode is that it tells them which Champion they should pick for their team, based on information like how many kills each Champion has, what roles they fill (e.g., damage dealer), and more.

Why is Paladins Tier List Important?

The Paladins tier list is vital to those who want to master ranked mode because it tells a player which Champion they should pick for their team, considering stats like how many kills each has and what roles they fill.

Players must consider this list when choosing champions so that the person doesn't get frustrated with trying to climb the rank ladder and become the best in the game.

Paladins Tier List (2021)

This Paladins tier list is updated for 2021 and has been curated by a Paladins player who understands the game well. This list is divided into five Tiers: Tier S, Tier A, Tier B, Tier C, Tier D, and Tier E, with Tier S, is the best and Tier E the worst.

Paladins Tier List

When considering this list, you will need to think about what kind of Champion your team needs so that everyone can play their part in winning ranked games.

Each Champion's name is followed by their rank, role, damage type they do best in, and unique abilities that make them stand out from other champions on Paladins tier list.

The breakdowns are as follows:

Paladins Tier S List (2021) 

What makes these champions so powerful is that they have a variety of different abilities and roles to fill in ranked mode. They are also all close-ranged fighters with many skill shots for enemies to dodge - making them difficult opponents as well as rewarding players who master their combos.

What's more, is that each champion has an ultimate ability that can make or break the game when used at the right time. They can easily change the wind of the game on their own due to their powerful abilities.

Paladins Tier S List 2021
AtlasFront Line
MakoaFront Line
InaraFront Line
Bomb KingDamage
BarikFront Line

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Paladins Tier A List (2021) 

Tier A players are not as good as Tier S, but they deserve to be respected for their abilities. These Paladins champions have abilities that will get you through challenging situations if they're appropriately used but lack enough firepower for fast-paced battles or DPS.

They excel at defense and support roles, like damage boosting allies while also providing cover fire with their turret or healing others with their Biotic Grenade. These champions have the ability to defeat even the Tier S players if played by experienced players with proper planning.

Paladins Tier A List 2021
AshFront Line
FernandoFront Line
TerminusFront Line
KhanFront Line

Paladins Tier B List (2021) 

Tier B contains the players who are not top champions but are still strong and can be played in games. They are good in competitive matches if played with full efficiency.

Not being as powerful as Tier S or Tier A champions, they have some unique abilities and powers that can change the course of the match.

Paladins Tier B List 2021
Sha LinDamage
TorvaldFront Line

Paladins Tier C List (2021) 

Tier C champions should not be the first choice of players while playing the Ranked match. Even though these champions have some unique abilities and powers, higher-tier champions can easily outperform them.

But if you are very good at gaming, there is the slightest chance you can win the game with a Tier C champion.

Paladins Tier C List 2021
RaumFront Line

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Paladins Tier D List (2021) 

These are champions on which you should never rely upon. They do not have any major recognizable power and have many weaknesses that mean you should not play them if you have any other options.

Paladins Tier D List 2021
RuckusFront Line

Paladins Tier E List (2021)

These champions are listed among the worst of the champions. Even if you are the best player, you can not win a ranked game with these champions.

Paladins Tier E List 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How updated this Paladins tier list is?

Paladins tier list can change from patch update to patch update as balancing changes happen on a frequent basis. Let me assure you this list is updated on a frequent basis with each patch update from Paladins. So you can rely on this for your success.

2. Which champion is the best?

Even though each champion has a unique ability, it still depends on your playing style and how well you can use a particular hero. But if you are new, you must go for the champions on the higher tier (S or A) for quicker success.

3. How do I get to tier S champions? 

Practice is the key; the more you play, the better champions get unlocked. And another thing that will help you get a higher rank is the right amount of gold, cards, and pieces of equipment and weapons upgrades for your champions. You can also unlock champions by completing quests.

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Final Words

Paladins is a team-based multiplayer shooter that offers an engaging and exciting experience for players of all skill levels. The game pits two teams against each other in objective-based battles, with the goal being to destroy your opponent's core while defending yours.

To help you find success on the battlefields of Paladins, we've put together this Paladins tier list breaking down what heroes are best suited to different roles as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Always keep in mind that the power of champions can be outperformed by players' ability to play the game.

So what do you think which champion is most effective when playing? Let us know in the comments below.

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