Spam Account Names 2022 (Username Ideas): Instagram, Funny

2100+ Spam Account Names 2023 (Username Ideas): Instagram, Funny

January 2, 2022
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Spam account names are actually usernames that exist mostly to post spammy content, such as pictures of people asking for followers. Some spammers even make posts asking for likes and follows, as well as commenting on random posts with hashtags such as #followback!

If you are using Instagram, you are most likely familiar with spam accounts. They follow you, you follow them back to end the cycle, and then they unfollow you a few days later. The accounts usually don't have many posts, and the main focus of the account will be to get as many followers and likes as possible.

The majority of spam accounts are bot controlled, meaning that an actual person is not behind them. In fact, spammers usually buy followers for the account because then it looks legitimate to those who have been fooled into following it!

In this article, I'm going to share with you the list of spam account names for Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms. You won't find it anywhere else, so this is a real treat!

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Funny Spam Account Names Ideas (2022)

Spam is not only annoying, it's also frustrating to receive. However, you can make the best out of this situation by coming up with funny names for your spam accounts.

Funny Spam Account Names Ideas (2022)

While it is not illegal to create a spam account on social media sites, it is against the terms of use for many of them. Many people make fun of these accounts by creating names that are humorous or offensive.

Here are some funny spam account names for Instagram that will give you an idea on what to name your own!

  • godhates(name)
  • Goodbye(name)
  • Imnot(name)
  • (name)part2
  • Spamwith(name)
  • Spamand(name)
  • (name)sayshello
  • Dummy(name)
  • Secretlifeof(name)
  • Uglyspammer(name)
  • (name)diary
  • Fake(name)
  • Secret(name)
  • (name)sayscheese
  • Dumb(name)
  • Maxedout(name)
  • Imso(name)
  • Serioussly(name)
  • Spamoji.(username)
  • Paidspammer.(username)
  • Idontknow(name)
  • perfectionist.(username)
  • (name)officialspam
  • Spam4lyf.(username)
  • youngandreckless(name)
  • (name)isback
  • Iknowyoursecret.(username)
  • Butimnot(name)
  • Imjust(name)
  • Cantstop.(username)
  • Spamerican.(username)
  • Notspam.(username)
  • Iswear.(username)
  • Cantstopme.(username)
  • Whateverim(name)

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Good Spam Account Names Ideas (2022)

A good spam account name will have a more positive aspect to it. Instead of being offensive, you can use good names that are also related to your niche. For example, if you're into fitness, you can use something like "FitLikeAFitGirl" or "FitnessTips4You."

Good Spam Account Names Ideas (2022)

This is also a plus because it will attract more people that are into your niche. Plus, there's nothing wrong with having positive spam accounts!

Here are some good spam account names for Instagram that you can use as an inspiration.

  • Bestofus.(username)
  • Bestversionof_(name)
  • (name)instructions
  • Tryingtobe(name)
  • Mindfullife.(username)
  • (name)-ish
  • Goodvibes.(username)
  • Goodenergy.(username)
  • Affordable.(username)
  • (name)-addict
  • Fabulously(name)
  • Positively(name)
  • Goalsetting(username)
  • (name)-fit
  • (name)-fordays
  • (name)-tastic
  • Blissful.(name)
  • Livingthedream.(username)
  • (name)-spam
  • Perfect(username)
  • Healthyandhappy(username)
  • Positivemindset.(username)
  • Lovinglife.(username)
  • Happinessis(username)
  • (name)-genius
  • Successstories.(username)
  • Chasedreams.(username)
  • Allthatmatters.(username)
  • Unstoppable.(username)
  • (name)-trash

Cute Spam Account Names Ideas (2022)

If you want to go the extra mile, why not make your spam accounts cute? While this is rarer than funny and good names, it will give you an idea as to what could be a potential target market for your niche.

Cute Spam Account Names Ideas (2022)

As I said earlier, there's nothing wrong with positive spam accounts as long as you're respectful to others. This means not being offensive and still trying to attract followers by giving them something good in return for following your account!

Here are some cute spam account names for Instagram that can help you come up with a unique name of your own.

  • Heymynameis(username)
  • Soappy.(username)
  • Imblessed.(username)
  • Cutenessoverload.(username)
  • Fashionista.(username)
  • (name)-bbyy
  • (name)-xoxo
  • Sweettooth.(username)
  • Positivevibes.(username)
  • (name)-babe
  • Sweetheart.(username)
  • Lovely.(username)
  • Rainbow(username)
  • Heyitsme.(username)
  • Cuddles.(username)
  • (name)-iheartyou
  • Adorable.(username)
  • Curlyhairdontcare(username)
  • (name)-lovesyou
  • Sweetest.(username)
  • Magical.(username)
  • (name)-charm
  • Fantasytale(username)
  • Sassygal.(username)
  • (name)-devilish
  • Sparkly.(username)
  • Giggling.(username)
  • (name)-luv
  • Imtheone.(username)
  • Queenofspam.(name)
  • Dontjudge(username)
  • Disneyprincesses.(username)
  • (name)-suitsu

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Spam Account Names for Best Friends (2022)

Spam accounts can also be created for your friends, especially if you want to make fun of them! You can create a spam account with their name or images and post spammy content such as pictures asking for followers.

Spam Account Names for Best Friends (2022)

Of course, your friend will not like this at all. However, it's still funny to do and can possibly be turned into a fun prank!

Here are some funny spam account names for Instagram that you can use to make fun of your friends.

  • Mybestfriendis(username)
  • Mylife.(username)
  • Friendsarefamily.(username)
  • Studyingwithmybff.(username)
  • Girlythings.(username)
  • (name)-lovesme
  • (name)-livesforme
  • Thatonefriend.(username)
  • Bffsforever(username)
  • Loveshack.(name)
  • Longlasting(username)
  • Smallworld.(username)
  • Luckiest.(username)
  • Funnyandcute(username)
  • Hotand(username)
  • Prettylittlelady.(username)
  • Livingthedream.(username)
  • Adorable.(username)
  • (name)-4life
  • Forever.(username)
  • Rocknroll(username)
  • (name)-uptoanything
  • Happylife.(username)
  • Cuteandcool.(username)
  • Foreverfaithful.(username)
  • (name)-likesmeback
  • Chilloutwith(username)
  • Lovely.(username)
  • (name)-killer

Best Spam Account Names for Instagram (2022)

Spam account names can also be used to promote your Instagram page or blog! If you have a social media marketing company or business, you can create an actual spam account that promotes your products. This is more effective if the content of your photos is related to your niche.

Best Spam Account Names for Instagram (2022)

This will make it appear more natural because there's nothing wrong with offering your followers something good, right?

Here are some best spam account names for Instagram that you can use to promote your own business.

  • (name)-lovedbymany
  • Awesomevibes.(username)
  • (name)-blessed
  • (name)-myworld
  • Topnotch(username)
  • Luxurylife.(username)
  • (name)-magnificent
  • Prideoflife.(username)
  • Perfectionist.(username)
  • Youvoted.(username)
  • (name)-killer
  • Soperfect.(username)
  • (name)-trendy
  • Fancy.(username)
  • (name)-luckygal
  • Swaggy(username)
  • Perfectlyme(username)
  • Fashionlover.(username)
  • Superiorquality.(username)
  • (name)-awesome
  • Blissful.(username)
  • Favorite.(username)
  • (name)-spoiledbrat
  • Imsuperman.(username)
  • Stylez.(username)
  • Iconic.(username)
  • (name)-stylehunter
  • Mostbeautiful.(username)
  • (name)-partystyle
  • (name)-sunshine

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Clever Spam Account Names Ideas (2022)

Spam account names don't have to be just about being funny, annoying, or product-related. You can also come up with clever spam accounts that are related to your niche without being offensive or included anything commercial!

Clever Spam Account Names Ideas (2022)

For example, if you're into fashion, you can create an account called "TrendSaves" where people can follow for tips and tricks on how to save money on fashion. This way, you're marketing yourself in a creative and clever way.

Here are some clever spam account names for Instagram that may give you an idea of your own.

  • Keepitreal.(name)
  • Stylehype.(name)
  • Trendsetter.(name)
  • Fashionsavior-(username)
  • Curvygirl.(name)
  • (Username)-isbae
  • Trendingnow.(username)
  • Fashionsavvy.(username)
  • Vogue.(username)
  • (name)-wonderlust
  • Trendchaser.(username)
  • Prettyinpink.(username)
  • (name)-warrior
  • (Naem)-wowieeee
  • (Name)-trustno1
  • Prettythings.(username)
  • (Name)-boathoater
  • Lifeinfashion.(username)
  • Knowsheis.(username)
  • Justchill.(username)
  • Dopeandchic.(username)
  • (name)-coolerthanu
  • (Name)-bossbabe
  • Satisfaction.(username)
  • Queenpin.(username)
  • Hypebeastlife(username)
  • Allthatglitters.(username)

Creative Spam Names for Instagram (2022)

Being creative with spam account names can give you an edge over other people who are just copying other spam accounts. If you have a good idea for your own name, then use that as inspiration!

Creative Spam Names for Instagram (2022)

However, don't be too creative! Remember that the general theme of spam accounts is to gain followers by being funny or annoying. Hitting both these spaces will give you an idea of your own spam account name!

Here are some creative spam account names for Instagram that will help you get inspired.

  • Lolaloser.(username)
  • Blissfullife.(username)
  • Sunshineyday.(username)
  • Crushcrushiee.(username)
  • Troublemaker-(name)
  • Swaggyasian.(username)
  • Sassyclassy.(name)
  • (name)-chillax
  • Crazyandwild.(username)
  • Ridiculouslyfun.(name)
  • Loveitliveit-(name)
  • Nerdboss.(username)
  • Weirdo.(username)
  • (Username)-stalker
  • Forrealzies.(username)
  • Iamtrend.(username)
  • Handsomebuck.(username)
  • Trulyepic.(username)
  • Eliteandwild.(username)
  • Majestic.(username)
  • Blessedstone.(username)
  • Onlysmilez.(name)
  • (Name)-wildandcrazy
  • Simplyperfect.(name)
  • Beachbum.(username)
  • (name)-outlandish
  • Lonelystalker.(username)

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Couple Spam Account Names Ideas (2022)

If you're into posting couple-related content, then why not try creating a spam account for your partner or best friend?

Couple Spam Account Names Ideas (2022)

Two people spamming together will make the task more fun and you'll enjoy it more. However, this needs to be done with permission from your friend! Otherwise, that would only give you trouble instead of enjoyment.

Here are some couple spam account names ideas that can work for Instagram.

  • Wanderlustingduo.(username)
  • Supercouple-(username)
  • Eternalcouple-(username)
  • Lovebirdsforlife(username)
  • Hipandcasual.(username)
  • Twoofakind.(username)
  • Trueloveteam.(username)
  • Baeandbabe.(username)
  • MrandMrs.(username)
  • Perfectlycrazy.(username)
  • Sidebyside.(username)
  • Badandboujee.(username)
  • (Username)-outofcontrol
  • (name)-babewatch
  • (Username)-dopetastic
  • Simplysilly.(username)
  • (name)-badtobewith
  • Sugarmelodie.(username)
  • (name)-quirky
  • Lovestruckduo(username)
  • Luckyinlove.(username)
  • Savagecouple.(username)
  • (name)-hipsters
  • (Username)-foreverwild
  • (Username)-wildatheart
  • Partyrockers.(username)
  • Supersweethrt.(username)
  • Crazysassy.(username)
  • Rulebreakers.(username)
  • Chicandhipster.(name)
  • Truelovegoals.(username)

Group Spam Account Names Ideas (2022)

Group spam accounts are similar to couple accounts. However, this is ideal for businesses rather than friend or partner stuff. If you're into creating a group account with your friends and colleagues, that's fine as long as you don't offend anyone and it serves a purpose!

Group Spam Account Names Ideas (2022)

Here are some examples of group spam account names for Instagram:

  • Creatives.(username)
  • Studioworks.(username)
  • Teamgoals.(username)
  • Friendsforlife.(username)
  • Bffs.(username)
  • Groupie.(username)
  • Dreamteam.(username)
  • Goalsquad.(username)
  • Bestiesforlife(username)
  • (Name)-fabfour
  • Crazycrew.(username)
  • (Username)-outthere
  • Fashionistas.(username)
  • Theunderdogs.(username)
  • Highclasskids.(username)
  • (name)-coolguys
  • Bolshy.(username)
  • (name)-nylife
  • Agentsofchaos.(username)
  • Btsquad.(username)
  • (Username)-goals
  • Outofcontrol.(username)
  • (Username)-dopetastic
  • (name)-creativegangsters
  • Hustler.(username)
  • Fashionistart.(username)
  • Chicandfab.(username)
  • Chillgang.(username)
  • (name)-wildcards
  • Kingofkings.(username)
  • Fantasticfour.(username)
  • Fashionvictim.(username)
  • Luxurylife.(username)
  • (Username)-lifemotto
  • Jetlife.(username)
  • Hipandfun.(username)
  • Foreverfashion.(username)
  • Soulmatesforever.(username)
  • (Username)-baddies
  • Dopestars.(username)

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Snapchat Spam Account Names Ideas (2022)

Since Snapchat is a niche in itself, I thought it would be nice to add some spam account names for this platform as well. There are WAY more spam accounts on Snapchat than any other social media site, so it's good to give them their own list!

Snapchat Spam Account Names Ideas (2022)

Here is the list of spam account names for Snapchat:

  • Simplystoned.(username)
  • (Username)-wildandcrazy
  • Realchill.(username)
  • (Username)-wildsides
  • Everafterparty(name)
  • Everydayfun.(username)
  • Socialstars.(username)
  • Snapswag.(username)
  • Selfieaddicts.(username)
  • Spamsnaps.(username)
  • (name)-funseekers
  • Selfieholics.(username)
  • Chillteam.(username)
  • Lonelyplanet.(username)
  • (Username)-rascal
  • (Username)-pumpting
  • Funanddance.(username)
  • 1ofakind.(username)
  • Funtimesonly.(username)
  • (Username)-wildones
  • (name)-snappers
  • 2much4u.(username)
  • Alovelylife.(username)
  • Hipandhype(username)
  • (name)-pumptastic
  • Trendsetters.(username)
  • Selfieaddict.(username)
  • Fashionelite.(username)
  • Sunshinecrew.(username)
  • (name)-blitzed
  • Partyhardy.(username)
  • Funway.(username)
  • Fueldbyfun.(username)
  • (name)-fashionbabes
  • Lust4life.(username)
  • (name)-trendmasters
  • Chxtchx.(username)
  • (Username)-funanddance
  • Repostgang.(username)
  • (Username)-flyhigh
  • Hipsters.(username)
  • Parisian.(username)
  • Hippies.(username)
  • Fireinside.(username)
  • (Username)-funseekers

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Final Words

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot more spam accounts out there, and people are coming up with new ones all the time.

If you have a good idea for a spam account name, go ahead and use it! However, make sure that you don't publish any content that's too spammy because that would only get you into trouble.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and hope you also get inspired to create your own prank or spam accounts!

If you think there are any other spam account names for Instagram that should be on the list, make sure to leave a comment below. I always appreciate your help since this is a list that I will keep updating whenever I find good ideas.

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