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Super Mario Party Tier List (April 2024) Best Characters, Dice Rolls

Super Mario Party Tier List ([nmf] [cy]) Best Characters, Dice Rolls
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 07/31/2023
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Super Mario Party has been entertaining gamers and friends alike since its release in 2018, and as the years progress, we continue to see the game evolve and expand. Fans are always on the lookout for ways to gain an upper hand, and selecting the right character is a crucial factor in maximizing one’s chances of winning. However, the vast array of characters with their unique dice rolls makes it a tough decision, but that’s where this tier list comes in!

In this updated 2024 Super Mario Party tier list, we rank the best characters based on their dice roll capabilities. Whether you are a seasoned player or new to the Super Mario Party universe, our rankings will guide you in selecting the strongest player to dominate your games. Read on to discover which characters made the cut and who might be your best bet for the ultimate Super Mario Party experience.

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What To Look For While Choosing The Right Characters in Super Mario Party?

What to look for while choosing the right characters in Super Mario Party?
  • Dice Roll Abilities: Each character comes with its unique set of dice rolls – some with a higher probability of rolling higher numbers and others with riskier numbers accompanied by potential gains. Analyze each character’s dice roll abilities to find one that meshes well with your playing style and risk tolerance. 
  • Character Attributes: Your preferred playstyle also impacts your ideal character choice. Do you prefer a character with more agility or someone that has higher determining stats? Evaluate each character’s attributes and how they might impact the game, such as their speed, strength, or luck.
  • Board Characteristics: Every Super Mario Party board has different challenges and spaces. A character with a high dice roll average might be beneficial on certain boards, while a character with more balanced dice rolls or movement abilities could be advantageous on other boards. Familiarize yourself with the layout and choose a character that matches up well with the board.
  • Character Synergy: In team games, you’ll want to choose characters based on how well they can work together. Look at the character abilities and dice rolls to evaluate which combinations can provide complementary advantages and win that coveted victory.
  • Your Skillset: Consider your personal skill in mini-games. Choosing a character with high skill in mini-games allows you to rack up coins to use during board play. Assess how well you perform with certain characters during mini-games and factor that into your choice.
  • Fun Factor: Lastly, remember that playing Super Mario Party is about having fun. If you enjoy using a particular character, regardless of their tier or dice roll abilities, go for it. The ultimate goal is to enjoy this party experience with friends and family!

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Super Mario Party Tier List (April 2024)

In the realm of Super Mario Party, competition is fierce as players strive for party supremacy. Delve into our comprehensive tier list, where characters are meticulously ranked, guiding you to make wise choices and secure your path to victory!

Super Mario Party S Tier List 2024: The Supreme Champions

These characters are the best of the best. They have powerful dice rolls with high rewards, making them the top choices for those who dare to chase victory. From Donkey Kong’s potential for a massive roll to Boo’s ability to evade items, these Super Mario Party characters are sure to give you an edge in the game.

Super Mario Party S Tier List 2024: The Supreme Champions
CharacterDice Roll
Donkey Kong+5 0 0 0 10 10
Boo-2 -2 5 5 7 7
Bowser-3 -3 1 8 9 10
Wario6 6 6 6 -2 -2

Super Mario Party A Tier List 2024: The Formidable Contenders

These great characters have well-rounded dice rolls with decent chances of delivering favorable results. Their respectable abilities make them prudent selections for players seeking strong performers on their team. With a blend of stability and potential for big plays, these contenders are sure to make your gameplay a memorable one.

Super Mario Party A Tier List 2024: The Formidable Contenders
CharacterDice Roll
Dry Bones1 1 1 6 6 6
Pom Pom0 3 3 3 3 8
Daisy3 3 3 3 4 4
Peach0 2 4 4 4 6

Super Mario Party B Tier List 2024: The Strong Competitors

While these characters may not be the cream of the crop, they still have impressive dice roll abilities that can pose a challenge to opponents. They strike a balance between risk and reward, which is perfect for players who want to lead a competitive charge.

Super Mario Party B Tier List 2024: The Strong Competitors
CharacterDice Roll
Waluigi-3 1 3 5 5 7
Goomba+2 +2 3 4 5 6
Luigi1 1 1 5 6 7
Bowser Jr.1 1 1 4 4 9
Mario1 3 3 3 5 6

Super Mario Party C Tier List 2024: The Respectable Picks

These characters offer some unique dice roll capabilities, but they’re generally less powerful than their counterparts in higher tiers. However, Rosalina and Diddy Kong shouldn’t be underestimated, as they can surprise with unique strategies and still contribute to your team’s success.

Super Mario Party C Tier List 2024: The Respectable Picks
CharacterDice Roll
Rosalina0 0 0 7 7 7
Diddy Kong+2 +2 2 3 4 8

Super Mario Party D Tier List 2024: The Underwhelming Choices

Though capable of pulling off occasional decent rolls, these characters generally fall short in comparison to others on the list. With less impressive dice roll abilities and limited upside, it’s challenging to build a strong strategy around them.

Super Mario Party D Tier List 2024: The Underwhelming Choices
CharacterDice Roll
Monty Mole1+ 2 3 4 5 6
Shy Guy0 4 4 4 4 4

Super Mario Party F Tier List 2024: The Weakest Links

These characters belong to the lowest rung on the tier list, with unimpressive dice rolls and unfavorable trade-offs. They may appeal to some players for their charm or personal attachment, but it’s important to note that using them drastically reduces your chances of winning the game.

Super Mario Party F Tier List 2024: The Weakest Links
CharacterDice Roll
Yoshi0 1 3 3 5 7
Hammer Bro+3 1 1 5 5 5
Koopa1 1 2 3 3 10

Super Mario Party Characters Explained

Unravel the diverse world of Super Mario Party characters with our in-depth explanations. Discover their unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses as we unveil the secrets behind each beloved character’s gameplay mechanics. Master their potential and conquer the party arena like never before!

1. Donkey Kong (S Tier):

Donkey Kong’s unique dice block offers an all-or-nothing roll, resulting in remarkable progress or occasional stagnation. While the potential to land consecutive 10s is enticing, be prepared sometimes to miss a turn due to three possible 0s. Players comfortable with this element of chance can exploit Donkey Kong’s potential to leapfrog opponents.

Donkey Kong (S Tier)

Dice Roll: +5 0 0 0 10 10

Pros: High potential to gain substantial rolls and bypass potentially harmful spaces.

Cons: Players risk getting a 0 on a dice roll.

Who should choose: Gamers seeking high-risk, high-reward gameplay.

Who should avoid: Players looking for consistent rolls.

2. Boo (S Tier):

Boo’s dice block is ideal for gamers wanting a steady character, offering high numerical rolls without the risk of receiving a 0. However, users should be aware of the coin deduction when landing on -2. Boo is perfect for players who prioritize stability over the promise of massive leaps forward.

Boo (S Tier)

Dice Roll: -2 -2 5 5 7 7

Pros: High average roll, allowing consistent progress.

Cons: Potential to lose coins on -2 dice roll.

Who should choose: Players focusing on a steady and reliable game.

Who should avoid: Those looking for massive gains.

3. Bowser (S Tier):

Bowser can be a double-edged sword, bringing both the possibility of exceptional rolls and an undesirable coin loss. Skilled players confident in navigating hazards can take full advantage of Bowser’s strengths. However, less experienced players wanting a stable game might want to shy away.

Bowser (S Tier)

Dice Roll: -3 -3 1 8 9 10

Pros: High dice roll numbers, potential to skip dangerous spaces.

Cons: Coin loss and occasional low number rolls.

Who should choose: Gamers aiming for a high-risk, high-reward experience.

Who should avoid: Players that need consistency.

4. Wario (S Tier)

Wario provides consistent 6’s, allowing gamers to estimate their moves accurately. The possibility of losing coins occasionally can be a minor setback. Wario is excellent for players aiming for a strategic and consistent game without complete reliance on luck.

Wario (S Tier)

Dice Roll: 6 6 6 6 -2 -2

Pros: Consistent and high rolls, only one negative outcome.

Cons: Risk of coin deduction.

Who should choose: Players seeking consistency with moderate risk-taking.

Who should avoid: Those with a strong preference for high numbers.

5. Dry Bones (A Tier):

Dry Bone is a solid option for players who prefer reliability over luck. With 50% odds of scoring a 1 or 6, users can strategically plan their moves by anticipating the results. However, the chances of achieving huge numbers are slim, making it less appealing for players seeking rapid progress.

Dry Bones (A Tier)

Dice Roll: 1 1 1 6 6 6

Pros: Balanced character with predictable rolls.

Cons: No high numbers for substantial leaps forward.

Who should choose: Gamers valuing a strategic and fair game.

Who should avoid: Players seeking big risks and rewards.

6. Pom Pom (A Tier):

Pom Pom is perfect for those looking for a balanced game without risking coin loss. Pom Pom has an 80% chance of getting a consistent 3 and a high roll of 8. However, players should be cautious of the 0, which can result in occasional stagnation.

Pom Pom (A Tier)

Dice Roll: 0 3 3 3 3 8

Pros: High probability of consistent mid-range rolls.

Cons: Missing turns with the possibility of rolling a 0.

Who should choose: Players focusing on a steady game with occasional high rolls.

Who should avoid: Gamers who want to avoid missed turns at all costs.

7. Daisy (A Tier):

Daisy excels at offering consistent and stable gameplay, with a narrow range preventing erratic results. Players can strategically utilize Daisy’s predictable rolls to maneuver around the board. However, those desiring significant advancements may find Daisy insufficient, as she lacks high roles.

Daisy (A Tier)

Dice Roll: 3 3 3 3 4 4

Pros: Consistent rolls and narrow range.

Cons: Limited potential for significant progress.

Who should choose: Gamers prioritizing strategy and control.

Who should avoid: Players seeking big leaps in advancement.

8. Peach (A Tier):

Peach is an ideal character for those looking for moderate rolls with a small range, offering consistent results. The 0 roll adds an element of risk, which can make or break a player’s game. Peach’s balanced rolls make her a suitable choice for players with diverse playstyles.

Peach (A Tier)

Dice Roll: 0 2 4 4 4 6

Pros: Balanced rolls with a predictable distribution.

Cons: Missed turns due to the possibility of rolling a 0.

Who should choose: Players wanting a combination of stability and variability.

Who should avoid: Gamers looking for large numbers or total control.

9. Waluigi (B Tier):

Waluigi provides an even distribution of small to high dice rolls, making his gameplay less predictable. The coin loss aspect adds a sense of risk, which might suit players fond of excitement. Waluigi may not be the best pick for those seeking consistency and control.

Waluigi (B Tier)

Dice Roll: -3 1 3 5 5 7

Pros: Offers a balance of low, medium, and high rolls.

Cons: Potential to lose coins from -3 roll.

Who should choose: Gamers who enjoy an element of controlled luck.

Who should avoid: Players averse to the risk of coin deductions.

10. Goomba (B Tier):

Goomba offers a blend of stability and fortune, as his dice block contains consistent rolls and the potential to gain coins. Though lacking in high rolls, his balanced numbers make him suitable for players looking to strategize without taking high risks.

Goomba (B Tier)

Dice Roll: +2 +2 3 4 5 6

Pros: Coin gain from the +2 rolls and balanced numbers.

Cons: Lacks the prospect of big leaps forward.

Who should choose: Players focusing on a steady and controlled game.

Who should avoid: Gamers wanting high rolls or more significant risks.

11. Luigi (B Tier):

Luigi’s dice block offers diverse rolls, which players can use to strategically navigate Mario Party’s board. However, his low rolls might prove detrimental if not used wisely. Luigi is a good choice for players who want to blend control with chances of big leaps.

Luigi (B Tier)

Dice Roll: 1 1 1 5 6 7

Pros: Combination of low and high rolls, enabling strategic opportunities.

Cons: Low rolls could hinder gameplay.

Who should choose: Gamers who can harness both low and high rolls.

Who should avoid: Players seeking consistency or high numbers.

12. Bowser Jr. (B Tier):

Bowser Jr. provides the possibility of a huge leap forward with his high 9 roll but is more prone to low numbers. Players who value a low risk of coin loss while taking advantage of high rolls might find Bowser Jr. suitable; however, consistency might not be guaranteed.

Bowser Jr. (B Tier)

Dice Roll: 1 1 1 4 4 9

Pros: Option between low rolls and a high 9 for quick advancement.

Cons: Limited rolling options with the possible hindrance of low numbers.

Who should choose: Gamers seeking occasional high rolls with no coin losses.

Who should avoid: Players looking for consistency or a broad range of rolls.

13. Mario (B Tier):

Mario’s dice block balances low and mid-range numbers, allowing for steady game progression. The lack of high rolls makes him a less desirable choice for players looking for quick advancements. Mario is an excellent option for gamers who want a stable character that still allows for some strategic decision-making.

Mario (B Tier)

Dice Roll: 1 3 3 3 5 6

Pros: Reliable rolls offering stable gameplay and some strategic options.

Cons: Limited potential for significant leaps forward.

Who should choose: Gamers valuing consistency without compromising on strategy.

Who should avoid: Players seeking substantial risks with high rewards.

14. Rosalina (C Tier):

Rosalina’s dice block comes with a catch—her high rolls are enticing, yet the dice are riddled with potential missed turns. Players willing to embrace the risk for the chance of large leaps forward may find Rosalina appealing, but those looking for stability may want to opt for other characters.

Rosalina (C Tier)

Dice Roll: 0 0 0 7 7 7

Pros: High rolls offer quick advancement on the board.

Cons: Missed turns due to three possible 0 rolls.

Who should choose: Gamers seeking high risk with substantial rewards.

Who should avoid: Players needing consistency and control in their game.

15. Diddy Kong (C Tier):

Diddy Kong’s dice block offers a blend of consistency, coin gain opportunities, and a single high roll. Though not providing the most dramatic leaps forward, Diddy caters to players seeking well-rounded gameplay with a touch of fortune.

Diddy Kong (C Tier)

Dice Roll: +2 +2 2 3 4 8

Pros: Balanced dice block with the opportunity to gain coins and progress.

Cons: It may not cater to those seeking extremely high rolls.

Who should choose: Players wanting a reliable character with an element of luck.

Who should avoid: Gamers strictly pursue big numbers and risks.

16. Monty Mole (D Tier):

Monty Mole’s dice block provides stability and control, making him the ideal choice for players looking for predictability and reliable moves. His narrow range lacks significant leaps forward, which could deter gamblers seeking excitement and considerable advancement.

Monty Mole (D Tier)

Dice Roll: 1+ 2 3 4 5 6

Pros: Consistent and balanced rolls for predictable gameplay.

Cons: Lack of strikingly high rolls.

Who should choose: Gamers opting for a strategic and even game experience.

Who should avoid: Players searching for high rolls and huge advancements.

17. Shy Guy (D Tier):

Shy Guy specializes in reliable rolls, with a stable 4 being his most frequent outcome. However, players should be wary of rolling a 0, which can sometimes hinder progress. Shy Guy is ideal for players looking for a modest yet steady gameplay experience.

Shy Guy (D Tier)

Dice Roll: 0 4 4 4 4 4

Pros: Predictable rolls that enable strategic moves.

Cons: No high numbers and potential for missed turns.

Who should choose: Players wanting consistency with some risk element.

Who should avoid: Gamers chasing high rolls or considerable gains.

18. Yoshi (F Tier):

Yoshi’s versatile dice block offers an array of satisfaction on various rolls, suiting players open to adapting their gameplay. However, the potential for missed turns due to 0 rolls might make Yoshi unappealing to players seeking absolute control.

Yoshi (F Tier)

Dice Roll: 0 1 3 3 5 7

Pros: Low, mid-range, and high rolls provide flexible playstyles.

Cons: Potential for missed turns.

Who should choose: Players wanting a versatile character with various rolls.

Who should avoid: Gamers prioritizing control and predictability.

19. Hammer Bro (F Tier):

Hammer Bro’s dice block caters to players looking for luck and a blend of low and mid-tier rolls. Gaining coins in addition to a decent movement, makes him a potential choice, but players seeking large leaps may find him unsuitable.

Hammer Bro (F Tier)

Dice Roll: +3 1 1 5 5 5

Pros: Mix of coin gain rolls, low numbers, and mid-range rolls.

Cons: Absence of significantly high rolls.

Who should choose: Gamers focusing on a mix of strategy and potential fortune.

Who should avoid: Players reliant on high rolls.

20. Koopa (F Tier):

Koopa offers a unique dice block where consistently low rolls equally match the potential for scoring the highest roll. Players who can patiently bear this imbalance by leveraging the mighty 10 can consider Koopa, while gamers seeking stability should look to greener pastures.

Koopa (F Tier)

Dice Roll: 1 1 2 3 3 10

Pros: Possibility of an extremely high roll.

Cons: Largely low rolls and the lack of a balance between high and low rolls.

Who should choose: Players attracted to an all-or-nothing experience.

Who should avoid: Gamers seeking consistency and a balanced range of outcomes.

How To Get Better at Super Mario Party?

Getting better at Super Mario Party requires practice, strategy, and an understanding of the game mechanics. Here are some tips to help you improve your skills in Super Mario Party:

How to get better at Super Mario Party?
  • Learn the boards: Each board in Super Mario Party has unique elements, paths, and strategies. Familiarize yourself with each map’s layout, shortcuts, and hazards to optimize your gameplay.
  • Choose the right character: As discussed in the tier list, selecting a character with a strong dice roll is essential for success. Try out different characters based on your playstyle and preferences.
  • Understand each mini-game: Super Mario Party features various mini-games that test your skills in different areas, such as puzzle-solving, reflexes, and coordination. Practice each mini-game to gain an edge over your opponents.
  • Play with items: Items can be a game-changer in Super Mario Party. Use them wisely to sabotage your rivals, secure extra stars, or gain additional moves. It’s essential to be proactive and resourceful in using the items you acquire throughout the game.
  • Cooperation and alliances: If you’re playing in a group, forming temporary alliances with other players can benefit both parties. Working together to prevent a common opponent from gaining an advantage can be strategic.
  • Pay attention to bonus stars: At the end of the game, bonus stars can make a significant difference. Keep an eye on the potential bonus star categories, such as most mini-games won, most spaces traveled, or most allies recruited. Try to excel in these categories for a higher chance of receiving bonus stars.
  • Develop a strategy: A successful Super Mario Party player can adapt their strategy based on the board, character, and evolving game dynamics. Observe your opponents’ moves and plan your strategy accordingly.
  • Keep practicing: Like any game, practice makes perfect. The more you play, the more you familiarize yourself with the mechanics, characters, and mini-games. Learn from your mistakes and develop your own gameplay strategies for success.

How To Unlock Characters in Super Mario Party?

In Super Mario Party, several characters are available from the get-go, while others need to be unlocked by completing specific challenges or meeting certain requirements. Unlocking new characters not only increases your collection but also gives you more strategic options during gameplay. Here’s a quick guide on how to unlock characters in Super Mario Party:

How to unlock characters in Super Mario Party?
  • Donkey Kong: To unlock Donkey Kong, you must complete River Survival Mode at least once. This cooperative mode requires you to work with other players to paddle down a river and reach the end in time.
  • Diddy Kong: Diddy Kong can be unlocked by completing World 2 in the game’s Challenge Road. Challenge Road is only accessible after you have played all 80 mini-games at least once. 
  • Dry Bones: Dry Bones makes an appearance randomly on the Party Plaza after a few game sessions. Keep playing, and eventually, this skeletal character will show up in the plaza. When you see him, simply approach him and interact with him to unlock him.
  • Pom Pom: To unlock Pom Pom, complete World 5 in Challenge Road. This mode consists of a series of mini-games, and World 5 is the last world to beat to unlock her.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which character has the highest dice roll in Super Mario Party?

Donkey Kong and Bowser both have the highest possible roll of 10.

2. Which character has the most consistently high dice rolls?

Wario has four 6’s on his dice, meaning that he has the most consistent high rolls in the game. However, he also has two -2 rolls, which can be risky.

3. What is A Tier?

A Tier represents characters with strong and reliable dice rolls, offering players a good chance of winning the game. These characters are highly recommended for most players.

4. Can I change my character during a game?

No, once you have selected a character at the beginning of the game, you cannot change them until after the match has been completed.

5. Are all characters available from the start?

Some characters need to be unlocked by completing certain in-game challenges. For example, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Pom Pom, and Dry Bones need to be unlocked as you progress through the game.

6. Which character is best for beginners?

Peach is a great character for beginners, as she has a balanced dice roll and is easy to use.

7. What is an S Tier character?

S Tier characters are the best of the best, with powerful and often unique dice rolls that consistently give them an advantage over other characters.

8. How does each character’s unique dice roll work?

Each character in Super Mario Party has their own special dice block that affects their movement on the game board. Some dice blocks may have more high numbers, some may have negative numbers, and some may offer a mix of both.

9. Does playing with a low-tier character put me at a disadvantage?

Not necessarily. While low-tier characters have less favorable dice rolls compared to higher-tier characters, Super Mario Party is still a game of luck and strategy. A skilled player may still win using a low-tier character.

10. Are there any disadvantages to using S Tier characters?

S Tier characters usually have more powerful dice rolls, but sometimes these rolls can be riskier with negative numbers or fewer options for safe moves on the game board.

11. Can more than one player use the same character in a game?

No, each player must choose a unique character for each game.

12. How does character selection impact gameplay?

The character you choose affects your dice rolls and board movement, which can directly influence your chances of winning. Each character has its unique characteristics, and your strategy may change based on your character choice.

13. Are there any strategies to select my character?

Choose a character based on their dice rolls and familiarity with their abilities. Often, having a character with consistent rolls is more beneficial than one with high, risky rolls.

14. What is the F Tier?

F Tier characters have the least favorable dice rolls in the game. These characters may struggle to compete against high-tier characters and are not recommended for players aiming to win consistently.

15. Are there any team-based strategies for Super Mario Party?

Select characters with complementary abilities and strengths, which may help potentialize your moves on the game board. For instance, pairing a character with consistent positive rolls with one that has high-risk-high-reward rolls can create a balanced team dynamic.

16. How do I unlock hidden characters in Super Mario Party?

Hidden characters can be unlocked by either playing party mode or progressing through the game, clearing challenges, and earning rewards.

17. Is there a specific game mode where certain characters perform better?

Some characters may perform better in specific game modes as their dice rolls can be more advantageous. However, there is no clear-cut answer, and it often depends on the player’s skill and strategy.

18. What’s the best way to learn about a character’s capabilities?

Experimenting with different characters in various game modes can help understand their strengths and weaknesses, ultimately allowing you to make informed decisions when choosing a character.

19. Do characters have unique abilities apart from their unique dice rolls?

Aside from their dice rolls, characters do not have other unique abilities in Super Mario Party.

20. Can I customize my character’s appearance in Super Mario Party?

There is no customization option for character appearance; however, some character-themed in-game items can be unlocked through gameplay.


The Super Mario Party tier list for 2024 aims to help players make wiser decisions when picking their in-game character. As we have broken down the best characters, stepping up your game should be a breeze.

However, remember that success in Super Mario Party isn’t determined solely by the character’s dice roll – strategy, skill, and a little luck are also crucial components influencing your victories on the board.

Ultimately, having fun is what matters most when playing Super Mario Party. So, grab a few friends, choose your favorite characters based on this tier list, and embark on an enjoyable gaming experience.

As new characters and dynamics are introduced to the game, we will keep you updated with the latest tier rankings – ensuring your continued triumph in the exciting world of Super Mario Party! Happy gaming!


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