Tales of Grimm Tier List (April 2023) Best Heroes Ranked

Tales of Grimm Tier List (April 2023) Best Heroes Ranked

March 23, 2023
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Tales of Grimm is an action-filled mobile game based on dark fairy tales. You can embark on a thrilling adventure with amazing heroes and explore the secrets hidden deep in the dungeons. As you progress through the game, you will have to set your hero formation carefully as there are many great heroes to choose from!

To help players make the right choices, we have created the Tales of Grimm tier list, which ranks all the heroes according to their power and abilities. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, this list will help you make informed decisions when choosing who should be part of your team.

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Tales Of Grimm Tier List (April 2023)

The gameplay of Tales of Grimm is heavily dependent on forming the right team. After all, each hero has a specific role to play in your formation! Knowing which heroes are best suited for their roles will make all the difference when it comes to successfully completing dungeons and quests.

Tales of Grimm Tier List (April 2023)

We have created separate Tales of Grimm tier list for each role so that you can find the best heroes for each position. This way, you can create a team that is perfectly balanced and ready to take on whatever challenges the game throws at you.

Tales Of Grimm Guardian Tier List (2023)

The guardian is the frontline of your team, responsible for absorbing damage and protecting their allies. Here we have ranked the guardians in Tales of Grimm so that you can make the right choice when selecting your main tank.

Tales Of Grimm Guardian Tier List (2023)
SPrince Charm
AYuri Schnee, Glade Laddin, Blade Gina, Dark Queen, Fencer Pedro, Red Queen, Wukong, Quickcut Pinno
BB Swift Ali, Rogue Jack, Lil Prince, Princess Ophelia
CPrince Adam, Madman Gatton, Gerde

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Tales Of Grimm Warrior Tier List (2023)

The melee attackers who deal the most damage in Tales of Grimm belong to this tier list. With their powerful attacks and high HP, you will definitely feel confident when taking on tough enemies with your best warriors!

Tales Of Grimm Warrior Tier List (2023)
AQuasi Mortal, Dark Knight, Triton
BFedern, Genie Cuya, Bean Sage
CHookhand, Hans in Luck

Tales Of Grimm Mage Tier List (2023)

Mages are invaluable in Tales of Grimm, as they can provide support from a distance while dealing massive amounts of damage. Go through this tier list to pick the best mage for your team.

Tales Of Grimm Mage Tier List (2023)
SWonder Allish, Cindy
AQueen Lilith, Raven Irene, Bunny Bride
BCaraboose, Cindy’s Stepmother, Britney
CWicked Hag, Anne, Goddness Bella, Emerald Mage

Tales Of Grimm Support Tier List (2023)

From healing allies to providing buffs and debuffs, supports are some of the most important characters in Tales of Grimm. Check out this tier list to know which support is right for you.

Tales Of Grimm Support Tier List (2023)
SMad Granny, Miss Conch, Maid Sophie
ANightmare Ella, Larissa, Dottie, Nesy
BBremen, Princess Peaya, Thumboy, Raven Maal
CThumbelina, Lettucera

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the best warrior in Tales of Grimm?

The best warrior in the Tales of Grimm tier list is Prince Charm. If you have him on your team, you will certainly be able to make a huge difference!

2. Which mage hero is the best in the Tales of Grimm tier list?

Cindy and Wonder Allish are both considered to be the best mages in the Tales of Grimm tier list. They have high damage output, as well as crowd control abilities that can help your team in tough situations.

3. Which support hero should I pick in Tales of Grimm?

It depends on your team composition and the kind of support you need. Mad Granny, Maid Sophie, and Miss Counch are all great options as they each have unique abilities that can provide invaluable assistance to your team.

4. Who is the best guardian in the Tales of Grimm tier list?

Shahryar is considered to be the best guardian in Tales of Grimm. He has high HP and defense, making him a great tank for your team!

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Final Words

Now that you know which heroes to pick for each role from the Tales of Grimm tier list, it's time to build the perfect team and start your epic adventure! No matter what challenges await you, with the right team on your side, there will be no obstacle that you won't be able to overcome. Good luck!

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