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Aetherborn 5E Race Guide [Play As A Mysterious Energy Being In DnD]

Aetherborn 5e Race Guide
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/03/2024
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Summon up your sense of adventure and welcome to the fascinating world of Dungeons and Dragons. This time, we’re setting our sights on something a bit unusual and ethereal – we’re taking a closer look at the Aetherborn 5e race guide.

Aetherborn are unique, fleeting yet impressive entities that bring in an intriguing allure to your gameplay.

This uncanny entity was born from the convergence of magical energies, and its existence is marked by unpredictability and intrigue. In this guide, you’ll find key insights into how the Aetherborn operate within the 5e universe.

From their distinct characteristics to their standout abilities, we will break down what you need to know about this remarkable race. Strap in because this is going to be one spellbinding journey into the D&D world.

What is Aetherborn 5e?

Delving into the mysterious and alluring world of Dungeons and Dragons, the Aetherborn are a fascinating anomaly.

What is Aetherborn 5e

As unique and intriguing entities, they are the ethereal by-products of a magical process known as aether refinement.

Wrapped in humanoid forms, the Aetherborn lack typical biological attributes inherent to other races.

They do not consume food or sleep, they don’t have traditional familial units or societal structures. Essentially, theirs is an existence far removed from what we typically understand for character races within D&D.

However, rest assured—it is precisely this peculiarity that makes the Aetherborn such an intriguing choice for your gameplay.

From charisma boosts to unique resistances, these beings offer certain advantages that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere in the 5e universe.

With lifespans barely reaching a few years—far shorter than most races—their experiences are intensified and their existence becomes a constant quest for new experiences within their short lives.

The abbreviated lifetime might seem like a downside initially but consider this: it gives your gameplay an urgent edge pushing your character towards grand adventures.

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What Is Aether in D&D?

In the distinctive universe of Dungeons and Dragons, Aether is raw magical energy that constitutes a fundamental element of the game’s world—specifically, the plane called Kaladesh.

What Is Aether in D&D

Much like water or oxygen in our real-world societies, Aether forms an essential component for daily life and civilization within this fictional realm.

This potent energy was first harnessed as a stable fuel by the creative genius Avaati Vya.

Their breakthrough invention revolutionized Kaladesh, transforming it into a flourishing hub teeming with magical contraptions and innovative inventions fueled by this raw, mystical energy.

But interestingly enough, this refining process has other unforeseen consequences—with one being the birth of an entire new race: the Aetherborn.

This unique and enigmatic race emerges from the process of refinement; they’re living echoes of magic who remind us that even in a world as charted as D&D, there is still room for mystery and intrigue.

Despite lacking biological qualities or reproductive capabilities akin to other races in D&D, Aetherborn boast their own set of distinct characteristics. Their lives may be fleeting—only amounting to a few short years—but these years are intensely experienced.

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What are the Features of Aetherborn?

Before we delve into the distinctive features of Aetherborn, let’s understand that each race in Dungeons and Dragons possesses various attributes that shape them.

What are the Features of Aetherborn

These specific features or traits might include speed, ability scores, age, and more that have a significant role during gameplay.

In our case, the Aetherborn have distinctive traits which form the core of how your character will navigate and interact within your game world. Now let’s unravel these potential characteristics.

Ability Score Increase

A key aspect of defining your Aetherborn character is recognizing their Ability Score Improvement (ASI). In other words, you’ll need to decide what your character excels in.

There’s a touch of ambiguity here; you’ll get a +2 Charisma boost signaling that naturally, Aetherborn are expressive and eloquent beings.

They have a keen edge with social dynamics which can serve well in negotiating tensions or influencing other characters along their journey.

Additionally, you can mark up +1 for two additional abilities of your choosing. This feature provides a beneficial flexibility allowing you to tailor an individual who is well-rounded or specialized depending on the gameplay style you prefer most.

Overall, with these boosts in ASI which are intended to signify the inherent strengths of this race – as an Aetherborn adventurer, you’ll be stepping out endowed with an intriguing combination of wit and versatility.


Peering into their lifecycle presents another interesting facet: Despite appearing just as substantial as any humanoid would be, Aetherborn don’t share commonly understood lifespan conventions.

Mundane matters such as growing old seem uniquely irrelevant for an Aetherborn as they are considered adults at creation.

Being short-lived though is not something they see as a setback – instead, it insinuates urgency in their pursuit for experiences within whatever short life span they possess.

It’s pretty fascinating really; some may live merely for months while others could exist for years – thus adding an unpredictable element to their character narrative.

This twist makes the game incredibly immersive, injecting a sense of thrill as you live through this ephemeral life-seeking adventure in the bustling D&D universe.

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Aetherborn, as unique as they are, tend toward hedonism and can often sway toward evil.

Their short lifespan drives an insatiable desire for absorbing experiences, which often leads them toward self-indulgence and the pursuit of personal pleasure.

Yet, it’s key to remember that not all Aetherborns are alike. As with any race in D&D, your Aetherborn character’s moral compass can lean in any direction you choose for them.

They might break the stereotype and lean towards goodwill or neutrality. The crust of this? You’ve got a ton of exciting potential for character development.


Aetherborn stand in the medium range when it comes to size – about 5 to 6 feet tall. However, what sets them apart is their almost weightless constitution.

Made up entirely of Aether magic, they lack the physical density common amongst many species in Dungeons & Dragons.

Despite their light-weight construct, they uniquely maintain a solid humanoid form that interacts similarly to other races’ bodies upon touch.

These traits provide you a lot of creative mileage while roleplaying an Aetherborn – think hovering barely above ground or slipping through narrow alleyways with ease.


With regards to speed, Aetherborn come with a base walking speed of 30 feet. This is pretty standard across several D&D races but serves quite well in combat situations and exploratory missions within your campaign world.

Moving swiftly across realms becomes natural for these beings who seem almost untied from the normal binds of physics due to their magical origins.


An interesting facet about Aetherborn is their Darkvision ability. With superior vision in darkness and near-lightless conditions up to 60 feet away – it makes navigating through dungeons or during night-time escapades relatively easier than other races who might be reliant on artificial light sources or magic spells.

This vision transforms discernible shadows into varying shades of grey – it doesn’t render complete brightness, thus offering a distinct edge that adds tactical advantage without making them OP (Overpowered).

These race traits provide a stimulating attribute set for players who want to engage in a character that’s out of the ordinary.

Assembling an Aetherborn character can be as advertised, or you can utilize these rules for ideas and mold your distinctive Aetherborn. The choice is yours!

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Born of Aether

As an Aetherborn, you’re formed from raw aether, the magical energy of life in the universe.

You possess resistance to necrotic damage. In other words, any damage caused due to draining the life force or negative energy affects you less than it would other races.

This resilience comes into play during battles with creatures possessing such life-depleting abilities.

This ensures your survival within challenging combat situations and torturous conditions that can send shivers down the spine of even the most seasoned adventurers.


When it comes to intimidating their foes or even negotiating tricky social situations, Aetherborn excel at it.

With a natural proficiency in Intimidation skills, an Aetherborn can coerce information out of unknown contacts or giant foe creatures with equal ease.

It’s not just about raw power; this unique skill allows Aetherborn to leave lasting impressions and constantly keep adversaries on their toes.


Having descended from magical realms, language isn’t a barrier for the multilingual Aetherborn. They are fluent in Common which makes communicating with other races effortless.

Beyond this, you get to choose two more languages for your character; this works wonderfully as these added tongues can serve as strategic tools in your D&D adventures.

Picking languages that best supplement your campaign setting will give an extra edge when deciphering secrets or forging unexpected alliances on your quest.

The ability to understand different cultural dialects truly expands an Aetherborn’s narrative potential in gameplays.

FAQs About Aetherborn 5e Race

Are Aetherborns naturally long-lived?

No, Aetherborn have a shorter lifespan. They come into being as adults and live to enjoy and experience life to the fullest in their limited existence.

Do Aetherborns lean towards any specific alignment?

Yes, they generally tend toward hedonism and are often seen straddling the line of evil. However, every character can define its alignment based on individual roleplay.

How fast can an Aetherborn move in Dungeons and Dragons?

An Aetherborn has a base walking speed of 30 feet in D&D – par for the course for many races.

What advantage does Darkvision bring to an Aetherborn?

The Darkvision ability allows Aetherborn to see clearly up to 60 feet even in near-dark conditions, making them excellent navigators in caves, dungeons, or night-time settings.

How many languages can an Aetherborn speak?

Aetherborn are known to be fluent in Common language. Players get the choice to select two additional languages from the game world. This language versatility aids in adventures significantly.


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