Alchemy Stars Tier List (2022): Best Characters

Alchemy Stars Tier List (September 2022) Best Characters Ranked

August 20, 2022
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Alchemy Stars is a game published by Tencent Games. It is an idle RPG that has a lot of elements similar to AFK Arena and Idle Heroes. This game has over 100 characters. This makes the game even more challenging because there are too many options to choose from. Our today's article is about the best characters for each role in Alchemy Stars.

Alchemy Stars tier list will help you to understand the game better and make better decisions while playing. The tier list is a ranking of characters from best to worst. The list is based on the assumption that all other things are equal; the character at the top of the list is better than the character at the bottom.

The Alchemy Stars character tier list will help you to make better decisions on which character to play and how to build your team. The best team has a well-balanced composition of different elements that can perform well in every scenario. So, let's start with our topic.

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Alchemy Stars - A Quick Introduction

Alchemy Stars is a new and popular strategy RPG for Android and iOS devices released by Tencent Games and developed by China-based studio TOURDOG. The game was globally released on 17 July 2021.

Alchemy Stars - A Quick Introduction

The game is set in a fantasy world with an original story that has been crafted by Tadashi Satomi, who is also known for his work on popular anime series such as Attack on Titan and Naruto.

The gameplay is similar to other strategy RPGs you might have played before, but with a unique twist that makes it stand out from the crowd. As an Alchemist in Alchemy Stars, your main task is to create items by combining different materials and ingredients into powerful potions, which can then be used on enemies or allies alike.

You can also upgrade your base, which will allow you to unlock new characters and abilities. The game has over 100 different characters to collect, all with their own unique skills and abilities that you will need to make use of if you want to be successful in the game.

Alchemy Stars Tier List (2022)

A tier list is a list that ranks the characters of a video game in order from strongest to weakest. There have been many different lists produced over time, and they are all based on personal opinions. The following is our tier list for alchemy stars.

Alchemy Stars Tier List (2022)

It will help you improve your game. There are many benefits of using the Alchemy Stars tier list, including:

  • It will help you understand the game better as a whole.
  • It will help you decide which character to play and when.
  • You can use it as an advantage over your opponents if they don't know about the tier list.
  • It can help you determine which combos are the strongest.

In the Alchemy Stars tier list, the characters are categorized into five tiers, in which S is the strongest and D is the weakest.

S Tier: The characters in this tier are the strongest in the game. They are incredibly hard to kill and can take down enemies with ease.

A Tier: The characters in this tier are very powerful, but they have some weakness that makes them not as strong as the S-tier characters. They can be defeated by certain classes or decks with ease, though.

B Tier: These characters aren't quite as good as A tier, but they aren't bad either. They have some weaknesses that make them weaker than A-tier characters and are more vulnerable to certain strategies or decks.

C Tier: These characters aren't as strong as B tier, but they aren't weak either. They still have their own strengths that help them out in the game.

D Tier: The characters in this tier are the weakest in the game. They can easily be defeated by any character in a higher tier and should not be used in serious play.

Now, let's look at the alchemy stars tier list.

Fire Alchemy Stars Tier List (2022)

Fire characters are aggressive, and they have high attack power. They are also known for their ability to deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time because they use attacks that hit multiple times (such as Rapid Fire).

Fire Alchemy Stars Tier List (2022)
TierAlchemy Stars Characters
SFrostfire, Smokey, Gram, Giles, Eicy, Jona, Charon, Uriel, Victoria, Genevieve, Rouge, Novio, Sinsa
ABrock, Patty & Patsy, Nails, Tiny One, Cordy, Barbara, Faust, Istvan, Maggie
BRegina, Leona, Alice, Reggie, Momo & Anzu, Brock, Chandra
CSork & Bekk, Pepi, Chainsaw Rick, Joanie
DJoanie Boom, Benny & Curo, Taki

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Forest Alchemy Stars Tier List (2022)

Characters in the forest element are defensive and rely on healing to stay alive. They also have strong crowd control abilities that can easily disable enemies.

Forest Alchemy Stars Tier List (2022)
TierAlchemy Stars Characters
SMigard, Mythos, Beryl, Pasolo, Uriah, Louise, Yao, Siobhan, Nikinis, Pact, Sikare, Odi, Areia, Hiiro
ADawn, Wendy, Gabriel, Lenore, Sylva, Cuscuta, Robyn
BDove, Jola, Ophina, May, Lester, Clover

Thunder Alchemy Stars Tier List (2022)

Thunder is one of the best elements in the game because its characters are well-rounded and have no major weaknesses. They also have a lot of crowd control abilities that can easily disable enemies.

Thunder Alchemy Stars Tier List (2022)
TierAlchemy Stars Characters
SMichael, Wrath, Bonacie, Luke, Amemori, Revy, Eve, Beverly, Gronru, Irridon, Florine, Tessa, Beverly
ANemesis, Vivian, Schwartz, Kafka, Pittman, Erica, Dayna, Mia
BKeating, Hachi & Gin, Ansia, Nadine, Rabbie, Lilliam
CEho, Amy
DAngel, Unimet

Water Alchemy Stars Tier List (2022)

Water characters have high defense and healing, but they are very slow. They also don't deal much damage unless their attack is charged up (such as Water Bomb). If you want a character that can last for a long time and survive through multiple fights, then water is the element for you.

Water Alchemy Stars Tier List (2022)
TierAlchemy Stars Characters
SSariel, Fleur, Bethlehem, Kleken, Philyshy, Raphael, Sharona, Carleen, Chloe, Bethlehem, Regal, Barton, Bethel
AHydrad, Vice, Allura, Kuma & Pengy
BMichenny, Ms.Blanc, Noah, Connolly, Constantine, Tweety, Jane
CWhite Dwarf, Corax, Korgon
DZoya, Seleucid

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a tier list?

A tier list is an organized ranking of characters based on their individual strengths and weaknesses. It's usually made by players who have played with all of the characters in order to give you an idea about which ones are strong or weak at what they do best.

2. How was Alchemy Stars tier list made?

Alchemy Stars tier list is based on personal opinions and experiences with each character. We took into account their strengths, weaknesses, playstyle, as well as how they match up against other characters in the game.

3. Why are there five tiers?

The five tiers are S, A, B, C, and D. They represent the strength of each character in the game. The higher the tier, the stronger that particular character is.

4. Why do players use a tier list for Alchemy Stars?

Tier lists are used by many players because they provide a simple way to understand how each character in the game stacks up against the other. It can help you make better decisions about who to play and when. Additionally, it can give you an advantage over your opponents if they don't know about the tier list.

5. How often is this Alchemy Stars character tier list updated?

This tier list is not static and will be updated as needed. We may add or remove characters from different tiers as we play more with them and get a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

6. Who made this Alchemy Stars tier list?

This tier list was made by the professional players of the Alchemy Stars. They have a lot of experience with the game and have played with all of the characters.

7. Which tier should I avoid?

You should avoid the D tier. If you want to win, then you need to pick a character that is in one of the higher tiers.

8. If we use S-tier characters, will we always win?

No, you won't always win. Even the best players in the world can lose to someone who is using a lower-tier character. It all depends on your skill and how well you know the game.

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Final Words

Finding the right character for your playstyle is essential to success in Alchemy Stars. Use this tier list as a guide to help you make the best decisions about who to use in your deck. Remember, the higher the tier, the stronger that particular character is.

We hope you find this Alchemy Stars tier list helpful in your journey through the game. Remember to always use it as a guide and not gospel. If you have any questions about anything mentioned above, you can comment below, and we'll do our best to answer them for you!

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