Archero Tier List (2021): Best Heroes, Abilities, Weapons, Pets

Archero Tier List (October 2021): Best Heroes, Abilities, Weapons, Pets

September 23, 2021
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The gaming industry is filled with games that can be enjoyed by everyone. While there is a myriad of genres and styles, the majority of them exist in different tiers within their respective communities. The arcade genre has its casual players who enjoy playing every now and again, which require an extensive amount of practice to master.

Archero is a mobile game that has been gaining popularity recently in the mobile market. There are numerous heroes, abilities, pets, weapons, armor, and more that makes this game an addicting experience.

The Archero tier list will guide you about the best items and the best heroes in the game that you should focus on if you want to be a master of this epic mobile game.

A tier list means a list that divides all items, heroes, and others into a specific number of tiers. It is important to know which tier a certain item belongs in because it determines the overall usefulness of said item as well as its level requirement, stat boosts, and much more.

So, keep on reading to find out which heroes and items are the best in Archero.

Archero - A Quick Introduction

Archero is an arcade action game that was developed by Habby. It was first released on March 24, 2019. The game is based in a world of chapters and stages where you are to control an archer on his quest to slay monsters with different combinations of skills and combos, which will move him forward through the levels.

Archero - A Quick Introduction

You can play Archero single-player or multiplayer mode depending on your preference, but only one must be chosen at a time.

The game has faster-paced combat, but it isn't random brawls with no purpose or direction to them - each enemy attack tells you what the next one will be. This makes for a far more tactical experience than other games in its genre, where this is not always obvious and can lead to needless frustration when your character dies.

As there are numerous heroes, abilities, pets and weapons in the game, it is important to know which are the best ones. The purpose of this Archero tier list is to be able to find out what items or heroes belongs where so that you can decide whether they are useful enough for your character or not.

So, without further ado, let's start the Archero tier list.

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Archero Tier List (2021)

The tier list is very important when it comes to determining which items belong where. It is important to know which items belong in the same tier because it determines how good they are.

Archero Tier List 2021

One example of this would be that two heroes who share a common item will have very similar abilities and weapons, but each one has its own stat boosts, so you can choose whichever ability or weapon suits your character more.

In this Archero tier list, we will be dividing the heroes and items into a specific number of tiers based on their usefulness and power in the game. There are lots of heroes and items in the game, which makes it difficult for players to know which ones are the best.

There are many benefits of using the Archero tier list, including:

  • The ability to choose which items will make your character stronger.
  • The ease of knowing whether or not an item is good enough for your hero and much more.
  • The Archero tier list can serve as a guide for new players who are still learning the ropes of the game.
  • The ability to compare your hero with other heroes and see if they have anything in common or not.
  • It allows players to know what heroes or items are the best in Archero, thus making it easier for them to decide whether they should focus on leveling up one specific hero or item first.

Now, let's start with our first-tier list, which will guide you about the best and worst heroes in Archero.

Archero Best Heroes Tier List (2021)

In the Archero heroes tier list, we will divide the heroes into a specific number of categories based on their usefulness in battle. The category starts with tier 1 and ends with tier 9.

Best Heroes Tier List 2021

Tier one would be made up of the strongest and most powerful heroes in the game who can easily go toe to toe with any enemy they come across without too much trouble.

Tier two characters are those who have the ability to do exactly what a hero in tier one can, but they don't have that much health or defense, which makes them slightly weaker than those in tier one and so on.

Tier 1> Tier 2> Tier 3> Tier 4> Tier 5>Tier 6> Tier 7 > Tier 8 > And Tier 9.

ShadeTier 1
SylvanTier 1
RyanTier 2
LinaTier 2
OpheliaTier 3
AyanaTier 3
HelixTier 4
MeowgwikTier 5
OnirTier 5
PhorenTier 6
RollaTier 6
TaranisTier 7
BonnieTier 7
UrasilTier 8
ShariTier 8
AtreusTier 9
AqueaN/A Tier Paid Hero
ShingenN/A, New Hero

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Archero Best Weapon Tier List (2021)

In the Archero weapon tier list, the weapons are divided into three categories: Tier 1, Ter 2, and Tier 3. In which, tier one can be considered the most powerful and useful weapon in Archero because it has more power than any other weapon in the game.

Best Weapon Tier List 2021

Tier two is less powerful but still stronger than all others, while tier three are average or below average when compared to other weapons on this list.

Note: Now onwards, all the tier lists follow the same pattern of division, so you will know which ones are the strongest depending on their tier.

Archero Weapon Solo Tier List (2021)

Gale ForceTier 1
Stalker StaffTier 1
BrightspearTier 1
Death ScytheTier 2
Brave BowTier 2
TornadoTier 3
Saw BladeTier 3
Demon BladeN/A

Archero Weapon CO-OP Tier List (2021)

Gale ForceTier 1
Brave BowTier 1
Saw BladeTier 1
TornadoTier 2
BrightspearTier 2
Stalker StaffTier 3
Death ScytheTier 3
Demon BladeN/A

Archero Best Armor Tier List (2021)

The Archero armor tier list is very important when it comes to determining which armor belongs where. There are a lot of armors in Archero, and each one has its own benefits, but some might have better abilities than others, depending on the hero you choose.

Best Armor Tier List 2021
Bright RobeTier 1
Shadow RobeTier 1
Vest of DexterityTier 2
Phantom CloakTier 2
Golden ChestplateTier 3
Void RobeTier 3

Archero Best Ring Tier List (2021)

The Archero ring tier list is important when you are choosing which rings to use in your inventory. There are a lot of different types of ring abilities, but some might be better than others depending on the hero you choose and what they can do.

Best Ring Tier List 2021
Bull RingTier 1
Lion RingTier 1
Serpent RingTier 2
Wolf RingTier 2
Falcon RingTier 3
Bear RingTier 3

Archero Best Bracelet Tier List (2021)

The bracelets in Archero are especially important because they are able to increase your powers in many different ways. The Archero bracelet tier list will help you determine which bracelets are the most useful for specific heroes or if it is better to keep them out of your inventory.

Best Bracelet Tier List 2021
Frozen BraceletTier 1
Invincible BraceletTier 1
Quickshot BraceletTier 1
Thunder BraceletTier 2
Blazing BraceletTier 2
Split BraceletTier 3

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Archero Best Lockets Tier List (2021)

The lockets in Archero are very important to the game because they give you different abilities that can help you excel. The Archero locket tier list will let you know which lockets should be used with heroes and what their effects do for your character.

Best Lockets Tier List 2021
Angel LocketTier 1
Agile LocketTier 1
Piercer LocketTier 2
Bloodthirsty LocketTier 2
Iron LocketTier 3
Bulletproof LocketTier 3

Archero Best Pets Tier List (2021)

The pets in Archero are important because they can help you increase your chances of winning. The Archero pet tier list will let you choose the type of pet that is most useful for specific heroes or whether it is better to leave them out of your inventory.

Best Pets Tier List 2021
Laser BatTier 1
Flaming GhostTier 1
Noisy OwlTier 2
ELFTier 2
Scythe MageTier 3
Living BombTier 3

Archero Best SpellBook Tier List (2021)

The spellbooks in Archero are important because they give you more abilities that can help your hero. The Archero spellbook tier list will let you know which books should be used with specific heroes or if it is better to keep them out of your inventory.

Best SpellBook Tier List 2021
Art of Combat SpellbookTier 1
Enlightenment SpellbookTier 2
Arcane AdventureTier 2
Ice RealmTier 3

Archero Best Ability Tier List (2021)

The Archero abilities tier list is important because it determines which abilities should be used with certain heroes. There are many different types of ability, and each one has its own benefits, but some might have better effects than others depending on the hero you choose and what they can do.

Best Ability Tier List 2021
Extra LifeTier 0
RageTier 0
MultishotTier 0
Front Arrow +1Tier 0
RicochetTier 0
Invincibility StarTier 1
WingmanTier 1
Slow ProjectileTier 1
Dodge MasterTier 1
Attack PlusTier 1
Crit PlusTier 1
Speed PlusTier 1
HP Gain AuraTier 2
Strong HeartTier 2
Spirit BlazeTier 2
Speed AuraTier 2
Spirit FreezeTier 2
Crit AuraTier 2
Attack BoostTier 2
AgilityTier 2
DwarfTier 2
Crit MasterTier 2
GiantTier 3
Through The WallTier 3
Shield GuardTier 3
Water WalkerTier 3
Bouncy BallTier 3
Piercing ShotTier 3
Diagonal ArrowsTier 3
HeadshotTier 3
HP PlusTier 4
Attack Speed BoostTier 4
SmartTier 4
Holy TouchTier 4
Dark TouchTier 4
BoltTier 4
FreezeTier 4
BlazeTier 4
HP BoostTier 4
GraceTier 5
FuryTier 5
Poison TouchTier 5
Spirit BoltTier 5
Spirit Poisoned TouchTier 5
Blazing StarTier 5
Frost StarTier 5
Toxic StarTier 5
Bolt StarTier 5
Blazing MeteorTier 6
Frost MeteorTier 6
Toxic MeteorTier 6
Bolt MeteorTier 6
Fire StrikeTier 6
Frost StrikeTier 6
Toxic StrikeTier 6
Bolt StrikeTier 6
Spirit Multi-ShotTier 7
Spirit Front ArrowTier 7
Rear ArrowTier 7
Side ArrowTier 7
Chilling BlastTier 7
Death BombTier 7
Circles (Fire, Bolt, Toxic, Freeze)Tier 7
Swords (Fire, Bolt, Toxic, Freeze)Tier 7
Death NovaTier 7
Shadow ClownTier 7
Summon One-Eyed BatTier 7

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does tier mean in Archero?

Tier means the position of a certain character (hero) or item in Archero. The strongest heroes are found in tier one and so on until you get to tier nine, which is where all the weakest characters will be.

2. Why Archero tier list is important?

The tier list in Archero is important because it lets you know exactly where your hero falls compared to others. This can help you determine which abilities, weapons and armor might be the most powerful for them. If they are weaker, then other things will make more sense since their stats won't be as high.

3. How does tier list work in Archero?

The Archero tier list works by ranking all of the characters from strongest to weakest. This means that if you have a hero with high stats, then they will be placed closer towards the top of this chart. If their stats are low, then they would fall lower down on it until they reach the bottom, at which point they are the weakest of all characters.

4. How can I use the Archero tier list?

You can use the tier list in Archero by looking at different heroes and bodies. Look up their name to see where they fall on this chart so you know what abilities, weapons, or armor might be best suited for them.

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Final Words

Archero is one of the most popular games out there right now. If you want to be successful at this game, then it is important to know about the different types of heroes, weapons and abilities. These things are all found on the Archero tier list, which is how it ranks every character from best to worst.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please, comment below with your thoughts about the Archero tier list.

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