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Armorer Artificer 5E Handbook [Craft And Wear Magic Armor]

Armorer Artificer 5e Handbook
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/19/2024
Est. Reading: 9 minutes

As a player craving to add depth to your D&D campaign, you may find the armorer Artificer in 5e class particularly captivating.

Imagining your character donned in luxurious armor with unique enhancements is an exciting prospect.

This class provides an extraordinary spin to the traditional D&D experience by allowing players to harness the primal forces of technology and magic, bringing a whole new dynamic to their gameplay.

Today’s focus will be on exploring every core facet of the armorer Artificer of 5e class. To fully appreciate the power and charm of an Armorer, understanding its origin, distinctive features, benefits, and challenges is critical.

If you aim to raise a protagonist whose strength lies not only in brute force but also in technological wizardry and creativity, keep reading.

After all, the essence of D&D lies in richer levels of immersion and interaction that classes like this bring into play.

Armorer Artificer Ability Scores

As an armorer artificer, prioritizing your ability scores is crucial in honing your unique skill set.

Armorer Artificer Ability Scores

The key ability scores for an armorer are Intelligence to maximize your spellcasting efficiency and Constitution for enhancing your survivability in battle.

These are followed by Dexterity. Keep in mind the importance of these abilities when allocating your scores.

AbilityPoint BuyStandard Array
Strength (Str)88
Dexterity (Dex)14 (15)14 (13)
Constitution (Con)15 (14)13 (14)
Intelligence (Int)1515
Wisdom (Wis)1012
Charisma (Cha)810

What is an Armorer Artificer In 5e?

Think of an Armorer Artificer as a magical engineer who bends the laws of reality and artisanship to create formidable armor.

What is an Armorer Artificer 5e

This supernatural craftsman doesn’t just wear armor; they seamlessly merge with it, transforming it into a conduit for their potent magical powers.

Taking on this class means that your armor becomes an extension of your being, functioning almost like a second skin while providing you with exceptional defense capabilities in battle.

It also empowers you to modify and infuse your armor with a range of enhancements, stretching the boundaries of both technology and magic.

Adventuring as an armorer artificer brings unique gameplay dynamics, offering opportunities to elevate defensive strategies, deliver influential spellcasting, and take on daunting adversaries fearlessly.

No two battles are the same when you stride in adorned with intricate Armor from the 5th Edition D&D’s Artificer subclass. A well-built armorer can indeed tip the scales of any turn-based strategy moment in favor of their team.

Becoming an armorer artificer ushers you into a world where craftsmanship meets magic, where each piece of Armor becomes a testament to imaginative creativity and resourcefulness in combat situations.

Choose this path only if you prefer to be at the heart of adventure and exploration while revolutionizing warfare one Armor piece at a time.

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Features of Armorer Artificer 5e

Venturing into the world of D&D as an armorer artificer in the 5e edition comes with a wide array of riveting features.

Your class selection means you won’t just be another front-line soldier; instead, you bring an innovative edge that emphasizes magical prowess and technological acumen.

Armor Model

As an armorer, specialization is in your nature, which translates into the potential for powerful customization through your choice of Armor Model.

You can choose between Guardian and Infiltrator models. The Guardian option amplifies your defensive abilities while placing you comfortably on the frontline.

Choosing an Infiltrator can increase stealth capacity while still enabling substantial damage output.

Tools of the Trade

Your experience as an Armorer ensures your proficiency extends to tools such as Smith’s tools and leatherworker’s tools.

Having these tools means possessing more than just weapons; they are a gateway to crafting and repair that can prove critical in many scenarios.

Infused Items

Being able to infuse items makes you a sought-after ally within a party.

This ability allows you to imbue objects with magical properties that provide various benefits such as improved armor class or additional healing capabilities, essentially turning everyday items into potent magical resources.

Thunder Gauntlets

The Thunder Gauntlets are a feature unique for Guardians who want both defense and control over their enemies.

These gauntlets make each of your attacks pack a punch filled with thunderous energy causing opponents to lose focus on anyone but you – ensuring protection for those behind you in battle.

Lightning Launcher

If long-range engagement is more suited to your style, then becoming an Infiltrator presents the fascinating Lightning Launcher feature.

These launchers allow for focused lightning blasts from a distance, diversifying combat options significantly.

Arcane Armor

Your armor isn’t merely protective gear; it’s a conduit for your magical abilities. This feature ensures your magic and armor are permanently intertwined, transforming mundane gear into a versatile weapon and tool.

Armor Modifications

Drawing from your unique skills as an artificer, you can modify your armor in mind-blowing ways.

Whether it’s integrating a trap disarmament device or even a conveyance mechanism, let your imagination be the limit to the modifications at your disposal.

Extra Attack

In the course of leveling up, you’ll gain the ability to attack twice rather than once during your turn.

More attacks could mean potentially double damage output, giving you an edge in high-stakes combat situations.

Perfected Armor

Fulfilling every Artificer’s dream, this feature lets you truly make your armor an extension of yourself by infusing it with even more powerful magic.

At higher levels, this can lead to extraordinary power spikes and abilities for both Guardians and Infiltrators.

Integrated Protection

Important is the Integrated Protection feature that combines evasive strategies with sturdy defense.

This merger means that while getting hit may be harder for foes due to dexterity advantages, any successful hits do less damage due to a stellar armor class redefining both offense and defense profoundly.

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Armorer Artificer Races

Your choice of race is a fundamental aspect of your character’s identity as an armorer artificer.

Armorer Artificer Races

Each race comes with unique racial abilities and bonuses that significantly contribute to your performance in the game.

It’s important to like the race you choose, but also remember how it aligns with your campaign strategy as an armorer.


Humans are considered one of the most versatile races in Dungeons & Dragons 5e. Their versatility allows them fittingly well for most classes, including the armorer artificer.

With their racial bonus, they get +1 to all ability scores, lending them a robust all-around boost. This natural versatility can work superbly for an armorer artificer who depends on various ability scores.


Gnomes make excellent armorers due to their +2 Intelligence score. As an armorer heavily relies on Intelligence for their spellcasting and class features, this bonus can serve you well throughout your campaign.

Their advantage in all Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma saves against magic and further enhances their endurance in magical combat.


Genasi are notable for their elemental heritage which brings unique abilities into play.

Especially the Earth Genasi race could be a solid choice as its constitution increase can help with hit points and concentration checks for spells.

Its ability to ‘Earth Walk’ aids movements across difficult terrains forged by earth or stone which could add strategic advantages in certain situations.


Elves might not be your first thought when it comes to picking a race for an armorer artificer due to their primary focus on Dexterity.

High Elves get a +1 bonus to Intelligence which is useful for an Armorer’s spells and features while their Elf Weapon Training might lend a wider range of weaponry choices.


Dwarves are naturally resilient with +2 Constitution increasing hit points and resilience of your armorer artificer. Hill Dwarves additionally gain a +1 Wisdom and extra hit points, further enhancing their survivability.

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Armorer Artificer Feats

Feats are an integral part of the game Dungeons and Dragons, offering a variety of talents and strengths to your armorer artificer.

Armorer Artificer Feats

Each feat grants different abilities and skills, further enhancing your character’s survivability and performance in-game. Here are some feats that you may consider for your Armorer Artificer.

Dual Wielder

As a dual wielder, you gain the capacity to operate two weapons simultaneously during combat. This ability significantly influences the dispatching of enemies by increasing your attack coverage.

It expands your options in engagements and makes you a formidable machine on the battlefield.

Fey Touched

The Fey Touched feat boosts your mental faculties while granting additional magic abilities.

You receive an increase in either Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma by one point up to a maximum of 20 points.

You learn Misty Step along with another 1st-level spell associated with either enchantment or divination.


The Mobile feat heightens your overall mobility by increasing your speed by 10 feet. It allows you to adeptly bypass enemies’ reach without instigating Opportunity Attacks from them, which is key when facing numerous foes concurrently.


Sentinel is an effective defensive asset that enables you to control adversaries’ movements around you through opportunity attacks.

With this feat, hitting an opponent with an opportunity attack reduces their speed to zero for the rest of their turn.

Shadow Touched

Shadow Touched enhances attributes similar to Fey Touched but plays more on shadow-related powers like invisibility spells.

You get additional magic skills along with either Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma ability scores increased by one point.

Skill Expert

An armorer artificer gains access to expertise in a skill or tool that he already has proficiency with through this feat while also acquiring proficiency in one more skill among those offered by the game and adds one point score to any ability class of his/her choice.


A Skulker is gifted with improved stealth abilities making you harder to detect. You can easily hide when lightly obscured as this feat makes you an expert at opportune attacks and escaping the enemy’s sight.


The telekinetic feat gives a que of psychic prowess allowing to boost various abilities.

In-game, it provides an increase to either Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma by one point thus boosting your mental capacities while also providing the telekinetic powers.


Telepathic feat grants you remarkable abilities connected to telepathy and mental communication.

You get changes in various abilities like intelligence, wisdom, or charisma increased by one point with these powers along with being able to communicate mentally with creatures even via strong language barriers.


As a Warcaster, your concentration on spells is enhanced, boosting your survival chances during battles.

It also improves the accuracy of spell casting against opportunity attacks so you have better hit probabilities in those critical moments during combat encounters.

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Armorer Artificer Armor

If you’re an Armorer Artificer, your armor is not just a defensive shield but a testament to your artifice abilities.

Armorer Artificer Armor

It’s a core aspect of your identity and a practical toolkit. Here’s a brief elaboration on the types of armor at your disposal as an Armorer Artificer:

Chain Shirt

A chain shirt offers a balance of protection and ease. Less restrictive than full-on plate armor, its design comprises interconnected metal rings providing an impressive range of motion while still offering decent protection against attacks.

As you work on enhancing this armor, consider improving its weight distribution or reduction and incorporating more arcane defenses like damage resistance spells or invisibility for more tactical options.

Scale Mail

Scale mail is another popular choice among Armorers. Composed of numerous coated metallic plates (or “scales”), this armor covers the body comprehensively while providing excellent mobility for its wearer.

Your artisan’s touch could be focused on spell-infused scales or possibly enchanted locking mechanisms to make the suit easier to don or remove in haste.


The breastplate is perhaps the biggest nod to traditional knightly armor you have at your disposal.

Offering substantial torso protection while allowing relative flexibility and movement to its wearer makes it a dependable choice particularly if stealth is less concerning in your specific campaign setting.

Your artificer intuition might direct you towards enhancing its protective attributes, incorporating runes for additional magical resilience.

Full Plate

If maximum defense is what resonates most with your artificer strategy, then Full Plate armor offers unrivaled protection.

While heavier and more restricting compared to other armors in terms of mobility, it shines in headfirst battles where every bit of damage mitigation counts dearly.

As for potential enhancements on such imposing armor by an expert Artificer like yourself?

The possibilities abound: reversed gravitational enchantments for weight reduction, incorporated energy fields for additional damage absorption – whatever suits your imaginative defensive needs.


We have the quintessential defensive gear: The Shield. Never underestimate its potential as a prime tool of an Artificer Armorer.

Not only does it provide a palpable defense boost, but it is also a fantastic platform for all sorts of arcane modifications due to its manageable size and convenient carrying nature.

Perhaps your shield ends up with an intrinsic aura that pushes foes back or becomes a parma that can bind an attacking creature in place momentarily.

The options are only limited by your inventive creativity.

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FAQs About Armorer Artificer 5e

What makes the Armorer Artificer 5e class unique?

The distinguishing trait of an Armorer Artificer is their ability to modify and enhance armors with magi-technical upgrades. They do not merely wear armor; they embody it and integrate magic into it.

Can the Armorer Artificer 5e class use spells?

Yes, they can. As an armorer artificer, your spellcasting ability primarily relies on your intelligence. You can cast multiple spells to strengthen your defense and aid in battle.

Do Armorer Artificers get a second attack in D&D 5e?

Yes, they do. At level 5, the Extra Attack feature of the Armorer Artificer allows its wielder to make two attacks instead of one when they take the attack action on their turn.

What races work well with the Armorer Artificer class in D&D 5e?

Many races work well with this class, but Humans and Gnomes make excellent Armorers due to their bonuses in Intelligence and Constitution – two crucial attributes for this artificer subclass.

Can the armors created by Armorer Artificers be used by other classes?

No, typically not. The armors created by an Armorer are suited and infused specifically for them. Transferring it to another character may cause the armor to lose its magical properties until donned by an Artificer again.


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