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Ascendant Dragon Monk Subclass [How To Play In DnD 5E]

Ascendant Dragon Monk subclass
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 10/23/2023
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In the mystical world of Dungeons & Dragons, there is more to discover than one could ever imagine, specifically when it comes to intriguing character classes.

One such class that stands out is the ‘Ascendant Dragon monk subclass.’ Think about the potent combination of martial arts prowess with the transcendent power of a dragon, and you are starting to touch upon what makes this pick so exciting.

The fascinating element of this subclass doesn’t stem simply from its sheer power or its captivating lore. It also comes from an unexpected depth that adds new levels to gameplay and role-play alike.

The ascendant dragon monk subclass provides a refreshing approach to character development, making winning strategies both enjoyable and challenging.

To further understand this, let’s leap into the captivating narrative behind these powerful beings and learn how they can enhance your gaming sessions incredibly.

Understanding the Ascendant Dragon Monk Subclass

Understanding the Ascendant Dragon Monk Subclass

To truly grasp the essence of the Ascendant Dragon Monk subclass, we must delve into its unique abilities and features that set it apart in Dungeons & Dragons.

Each level unfolds a new facet of this subclass, enhancing not only the character’s fighting competence but also adding depth to their game narrative and role-play elements.

Let’s begin our exploration with ‘Draconic Disciple,’ the level that sets everything in motion.

Draconic Disciple (Level 3)

Draconic Disciple (Level 3)

With the game well on its way, your character ascends to a higher state at the third level and earns their wings as a ‘Draconic Disciple.’

This level opens up a whole new dimension to gameplay, allowing you more control, strength, and persona over your character. Imagine your character being imbued with dragon-like qualities, becoming a formidable force to reckon with on this journey.

  • Tongue of Dragons: This intriguing ability gives you command over draconic linguistics. Breaking linguistic barriers, you can now speak, read, and write in the tongue of dragons. Not just that, any communication difficulty faced by creatures that don’t speak or understand your language turns into an opportunity as they somehow understand you now.
  • Draconic Strike: Your newfound power allows your unarmed strikes to carry elements similar to those dragons possess – fire or ice. With this elemental damage feature running alongside standard blunt force damage offered by unarmed strikes, monsters will find an encounter with you chilling or scorching.
  • Draconic Presence: Finally comes Draconic Presence – an ability that imbues an aura around you carrying your choicest draconian element. In moments of combat or intimidation checks alike, this serves as persuasive leverage.

The Draconic Disciple is but one part of Ascendant Dragon Monk’s class life; there are more levels ahead shaping up your avatar as a character to be reckoned with.

They are all tethered together by the shared identity of dragon essence flowing through your Monk character, providing this class its immersive appeal.

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Breath of the Dragon (3rd Level)

Fancy learning how to breathe fire? At level three, as an Ascendant Dragon Monk, you unlock the powerful “Breath of the Dragon,” a feature that echoes a dragon’s mighty roar.

This ability lets you exhale destructive energy akin to a dragon, optimized into two shapes for your choice: a 20 ft cone for taking out multiple adversaries grouped or a 30 ft long and 5 ft wide line for maximum reach.

This power can be utilized as many times as your proficiency bonus per long rest, intensifying your combat prowess considerably.

Wings Unfurled (6th Level)

Wings Unfurled 6th Level

As your journey evolves in the celestial world of Dungeons & Dragons, at the 6th level, your Ascendant Dragon Monk gains a sensational power -the “Wings Unfurled.” This ability will give literal wings to your adventure!

As if channeling potent draconic essence, you can sprout spectral dragon-like wings, allowing you to traverse the game terrain with prowess like never before.

These aren’t just regular wings; they uncover a new dynamic of gameplay and strategy. They offer you a fly speed equal to your walking speed, equating the sky’s limit to that of land, boosting your mobility significantly both in and out of battle.

So whether it’s surmounting tall fortresses or dodging ground attacks swiftly, these wings have got you covered.

Wings Unfurled is more than just aerial advantage—it symbolizes ascendance in the truest sense. With these wings carrying their unique abilities intact from level six onward, becoming an Ascendant Dragon Monk means harnessing boundless possibilities that lie in every direction- even upwards!

Aspect of the Wyrm (11th Level)

As your Ascendant Dragon Monk character progresses to the 11th level, you enter a more refined state in terms of draconic prowess, symbolized by the unique “Aspect of the Wyrm” ability.

To define it in a nutshell, Aspect of Wyrm manifests an aura around you that extends 10ft and lasts for precisely 1 minute.

This ability isn’t merely another powerful tool in your combat arsenal; it brings forth deep symbology and mythological ties to dragons, further enhancing your narrative’s scope and depth in gameplay.

Resistance: The first notable attribute under this feature is Resistance. An embodiment of dragon strength, this ability imparts a protective shield against any damage you might face in your adventures – just as dragons display robust resilience.

Once activated, all creatures within your aura gain resistance to specific elemental damage related to draconic ancestry.

Whether it be fire-breathing Red Dragon or frost-wielding White Dragon ancestry you’re from, enemies would think twice before launching elemental attacks while inside this protective bubble.

Frightful Presence: Then there is ‘Frightful Presence,’ another integral part of the Aspect of Wyrm feature. True to its name, Frightful Presence helps intimidate opponents by conjuring an image of supreme dominance– much like a dragon would over its territory.

On activating this ability as part of your bonus action, each creature within your aura that can witness such power must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or become frightened till the aura lasts.

The aspect of Wyrm thus provides a hefty boost to both defensive and offensive play styles at crucial game junctures, with these attributes in effect, along with adding a deeper layer into roleplay elements through its immersive lore connection with dragons.

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Ascendant Dragon (17th Level)

At the 17th level, the journey of your Ascendant Dragon Monk culminates in a powerful transformation, embodying a dragon’s true essence.

The “Ascendant Dragon” feature is an impressive culmination that befits such stratospheric stature, making you a devastating force to reckon with during gameplay.

  • Explosive Fury: Undoubtedly, one of the potent abilities you gain, Explosive Fury, signifies an explosion of raw power. Every time you use your Flurry of Blows feature, each successful attack forces your opponents to make a Constitution saving throw or become staggered by the explosive draconian energy that you unleash, dealing extra damage and pushing them backward in the process.
  • Blindsight: A remarkable sensory ability that dragons possess — Blindsight — also becomes part of your skill set. With this ability, you can perceive your surroundings without depending on sight within a specific radius. You are offering tactical advantages, especially in darker settings or during stealth missions.
  • Augment Breath: Lastly comes ‘Augment Breath,’ an enhancement for the Breath of Dragon feature that increases its damaging effects.

Embracing Ascendant Dragon doesn’t merely mean embracing new abilities– it’s acceptance of an extraordinary identity rich with lore and power.

With these abilities at your disposal: Explosive Fury for offensive might, Blindsight for enhanced sensory awareness, and Augment Breath for elevating earlier capabilities, playing as an Ascendant Dragon Monk truly makes for an epic Dungeons & Dragons adventure.

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FAQs about ascendant dragon monk subclass

What distinguishes the Ascendant Dragon Monk subclass in Dungeons & Dragons?

The Ascendant Dragon Monk subclass combines martial arts prowess with draconic abilities, offering a unique blend of power, versatility, and immersive role-play experience.

Can the Ascendant Dragon Monk subclass communicate with dragons?

With the ‘Tongue of Dragons’ ability at Draconic Disciple’s level, an Ascendant Dragon Monk can speak, read, and write in the dragon’s language.

Can I fly as an Ascendant Dragon Monk subclass character?

Yes, at the 6th level, with the ‘Wings Unfurled’ feature being activated, your character sprouts spectral wings that grant a flying speed equal to their walking speed.

How does ‘Aspect of Wyrm’ help my character at the 11th level?

It provides a powerful aura encompassing Resistance, which shields against certain damages, and Frightful Presence, intimidating opponents within this aura’s radius.

How does my character evolve at the 17th level in the Ascendant Dragon Monk subclass?

At the 17th level, your character unlocks the ‘Ascendant Dragon’ feature–gaining Explosive Fury for added attack potency, Blindsight for enhanced sensory awareness, and Augment Breath to boost dragon breath’s power.


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