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Astral Elves 5E Race [Harness Cosmic Energy In Your DnD Game]

Astral Elves 5E Race
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 11/04/2023
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Ever wonder, out of all the mythical characters out there, what makes Astral Elves stand apart? To appreciate the magic that lies in their inception itself, let’s delve into the mesmerizing concept of the Astral Elves 5E race.

It is incredible how these beings translate a unique blend of boundless celestial lore and pure imaginative prowess into a captivating reality.

Doesn’t it pique your curiosity to understand how these supernatural beings, dwelling in the Astral Plane, have managed to captivate hearts over generations?

With traits that give them an edge and an uncanny ability to navigate through complex dimensions, these enigmatic creatures are much more than meets the eye.

Strap on your celestial seat belt, for we are about to buckle up to a cosmic adventure of understanding the intriguing aspects of our otherworldy friends – the Astral Elves.

What is Astral Elves 5E Race?

The Astral Elves 5E race is a fascinating blend of celestial and elfin traits that coexist and complement each other beautifully. This ethereal race, hailing from the Astral Plane in Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition), exhibits an array of traits unique to itself.

What is Astral Elves 5E Race?

Let’s blow away the mystery surrounding these exotic creatures. The primary characteristic of an Astral Elf, as deduced from their homeland, is their innate association with the cosmos.

This includes the ability to project themselves astrally, create magic, and elongate their life spans beyond the usual elfin standards.

They radiate an air of enigma with their silver hair and cosmic eyes mirroring the beauty of the stars they are born under. Stunningly beautiful yet strikingly unworldly, these magical beings are as fascinating as celestial tales get.

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What are the features of Astral Elves 5E?

A deeper understanding of the Astral Elves starts with knowing their inherent traits.

What are the features of Astral Elves 5E?

Their celestial existence bestows abilities that distinguish them from other races in Dungeons & Dragons. Let’s unfold these features and get an insight into this celestial race’s mastery.

Ability Score Increase

Let’s start with Ability Score Increases (ASI). ASI is a pivotal aspect that highlights the innate prowess and strengths of a character, essentially shaping their potential.

The unique element about Astral Elves is that they get their score increased by 2 in any ability. They are also blessed with another score increment, either allocating an increase of 1 to a distinct ability or spreading it over a choice of three different abilities, each getting an increase of 1.

This exclusive trait molds them into highly flexible beings, capable of adapting to numerous roles on the battlefield effortlessly.

Creature Type

In terms of D&D vocabulary, creature type defines what kind of being your character is and impacts various game dynamics significantly.

As embodiments of mystic lore and wisdom, Astral Elves fall under the category referred to as humanoid. This means they share certain anatomical attributes with humans yet retain their distinct elfin characteristics.


This feature interprets more than just physical dimensions; it also strongly influences your character’s mobility and interactions within the world of D&D game space. Indeed, size does matter.

Primarily due to their elf lineage, Astral Elves are considered Medium-sized creatures within the D&D ruleset, which aligns perfectly when house-ruling space occupancy during combats or exploring narrow passageway puzzles.


If you have played Dungeons & Dragons before, then you know well that speed can make all the difference between capturing your enemies off guard or kicking dust in battle.

In this fascinating realm adventure where your strategy determines your survival, speed serves as a boon. Bearing an average elven heritage, Astral Elves possess a base walking speed of 30 feet, enabling them to traverse both dangerous and benign terrains with equal grace.

Astral Fire

Staying true to their celestial lineage, Astral Elves possess an innate magical ability famously known as Astral Fire.

This extraordinary talent enables them to conjure one of the three spells: Dancing Lights, Light, or Sacred Flame. Each spell has its unique beauty and effect.

Dancing lights can illuminate their surroundings in a whimsical swirl, Light can brighten even the darkest corners of the dungeons, and Sacred Flame delivers radiant damage to adversaries.

What makes this feature even more fascinating is that the spellcasting ability modifier for it could either be Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma. The choice depends completely on your preference, making Astral Elves incredibly versatile spellcasters.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see through the darkest corners and densest shadows? If you’re an Astral Elf, you possess this very supernatural trait, Darkvision.

As creatures hailing from the celestial realm embodying both light and dark elements, their eyes are naturally adapted to see in dim light as if it were bright light within a 60-foot radius.

Journeying through ominous caverns or heading for midnight battles just got more exciting.

Fey Ancestry

Drawing upon their illustrious heritage from the Fey world brings advantages not just in appreciating magic but also in resisting its ill-intended uses.

Their Fey Ancestry grants an advantage on saving throws against enchantments that demand they be Charmed or put to Sleep. Such inherent resistance makes them unsusceptible to tricks and manipulations that very few races can avoid.

Keen Senses

One thing you’ll hardly miss while encountering an Astral Elf is their observant nature, epitomizing their knack for Perception– a key aspect where they excel astonishingly.

This attribute not only ramps up alertness but also enhances their innate understanding of surroundings, resulting in beneficial implications such as detecting threats or surprises earlier.

By possessing proficiency in the Perception skill, they cast their senses far and wide, taking hold of nuances that most races would miss.

In the game, where small hints may lead to treasures or dangers, Astral Elves’ acute sensory instincts play an undeniably significant role.

Starlight Step

Life within the Astral Plane is so much more than living among the stars. It also gifts Astral Elves a rare footstep advantage called the Starlight Step.

Now, you might wonder what’s so special about these celestial strides. Well, your average adventurer can only dream of doing what they’re capable of.

Imagine being in an intense combat situation, and voila, you’re not where you were anymore! You’ve magically teleported yourself up to 30 feet.

It is a very versatile ability to have, indeed. It not only allows for easier navigation through tricky landscapes or evading confrontations but also provides opportunities for surprise attacks and quick getaways when needed.

This means if played cleverly, these mystical beings can always be one step ‘ahead,’ defying conventional space boundaries with their heavenly stride.

Astral Trance

The ethereal existence of these beings extends beyond physical traits and into their lifestyle habits as well. The enchantment runs so deeply within them that even sleep couldn’t trap them in its trance.

Yep, you heard it right! Unlike any other race in the D&D game space, Astral Elves don’t need to sleep at all! If there’s one race that could read all the books in Candlekeep, your money should be on them.

This enthralling feature doesn’t just stop at being insomnia-free; it also ensures no magic could lull them into slumber against their will either.

Coupled with their extraordinary ability to complete a long rest in just 4 hours instead of the standard 8, these time-efficient creatures are undeniably unique.


What good is an adventure if you don’t have intriguing conversations marking your journey? Language skills play a tremendous role in expanding your role-playing universe, whether it’s befriending local folks or decoding riddles leading to hidden treasures.

Astral Elves can speak, read, and write in Common and excel at learning to communicate in one additional language.

The choice of this second language is entirely up to you and your Dungeon Master’s mutual decision – an aspect that encourages customization catered to your campaign’s environment.

So whether it’s Draconic or Dwarvish that needs mastering, your Astral Elf is pretty much linguistically sorted.

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Which 5e Classes Work With Astral Elves?

Before we dive into the specific 5E classes that Astral Elves can adopt, it’s important to highlight their flexibility. Owing to their cosmic origin and innate magical abilities, they can shape-shift seamlessly into various D&D classes.

Which 5e Classes Work With Astral Elves?

Their multi-faceted personality sprouts from profound wisdom, sparkling intelligence, and celestial charisma, which paves the way for an exciting class selection in the game. Let’s now explore these interestingly diverse options:


The Warlock class makes a splendid match for an Astral Elf who seeks power via a pact with extraplanar entities. The Astral Elves’ potential for high charisma scores translates well into powerful spell casting and dealing contracts with otherworldly beings.


For those drawn to magical prowess, Wizards can be a favorable selection. Their high intelligence quotient complements the depth of arcane knowledge that this class demands.


Keen on discipline and precision? Monks are enriched with their prowess in martial arts and mindfulness, guided by inherent wisdom – traits Astral Elves typically excel in.


Astral Elves also make great Paladins, where their celestial magic and combat skills blend into an embodiment of pure righteousness, defending causes worth fighting for.


The Artificer class matches well with characters like the Astral Elf, who boasts a high intelligence quotient paired with an otherworldly creative streak.


Astral Elves blend seamlessly into this divine agent class where their celestial heritage influences the demonstrative channeling of divine powers aligned with gods.


A high wisdom score proves advantageous for Astral Elves adopting the Ranger class, focusing on stealthy hunting expertise and nature-based magic skills.


The deep-rooted connection to nature intrinsic in Druids is not foreign to Astral Elves, whose cosmic environment resonates with similar synchronization.


Astral Elves’ celestial strength justifies their transformation to Fighters with matchless battlefield capability.


Despite their finesse, Astral Elves manage to strike a chord with the raw power and primal instincts of Barbarians, particularly when channeling their astral energies in unique ways.


Natural-born magic users and sorcerers sync well with Astral Elves, who possess such inherent magical capabilities derived from their astral lineage.


Their keen senses make Rogues an appealing choice as they navigate dexterously through shadows, mirroring the elusive nature of Astral Elves.


The spellbinding charisma and musical prowess brought forth by Bards harmonize beautifully with the mesmerizingly charming nature of Astral Elves.

All these classes lay out a vast sea of possibilities that harbor potential fruitful adventures. It ultimately depends on your game strategy and how you want your protagonist to shine.

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FAQs About Astral Elves 5E race

What is the origin of Astral Elves?

Astral Elves hail from the Astral Plane, a celestial realm in Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition).

How do Astral Elves look physically?

Astral Elves possess a grace that mirrors the beauty of celestial bodies, with silver hair and eyes that resemble twinkling stars.

What abilities are unique to Astral Elves?

These elves boast abilities including astrally projecting themselves, casting magical spells, and having a life span beyond usual elfin standards.

What languages can an Astral Elf speak?

An Astro Elf is known to speak Common and one other language according to their choice and Dungeon Master’s approval.

Can an Astral Elf be a Sorcerer in D&D 5E gameplay?

Certainly! With their inherent magical capabilities derived from their astral lineage, being Sorcerers comes naturally to them.


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