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Athlete Feat 5E [Boost Your Physical Prowess In DnD]

Athlete Feat 5E
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 12/13/2023
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Dungeons & Dragons have long captured our imagination, introducing us to a realm of mystical beasts, formidable challenges, and high-stakes adventures.

Central to building an engaging D&D experience are the numerous feats that get introduced as the characters gain levels and grow in power.

One such exciting addition is the ‘Athlete feat 5E’, an incredibly useful character option when you’re in the heat of a colossal campaign.

The Athlete feat 5e offers considerable advantages for your character’s physical prowess. Whether it’s about scaling towering castles, swimming through chilling waters, or accomplishing impressive acrobatic stunts, it enhances your physical attributes and abilities in fantastic ways.

Perfect for characters seeking to embody the spirit of athletic excellence, this feat is your ticket to adding a fresh layer of thrill and dynamics to your D&D campaign.

What Is Athlete Feat 5E?

Take a moment to imagine the towering heights of a mountain or perhaps the uncharted depths of a treacherous cavern.

What Is Athlete Feat 5E?

As a player passionate about Dungeons and Dragons, your character might encounter such scenarios in their exciting adventures.

To tackle these challenges, you’ll need not just mental agility but impressive physical capabilities as well. That’s where the Athlete Feat 5E comes into play.

In simple terms, Athlete Feat 5E is like an upgrade or power boost that amplifies your character’s Strength or Dexterity (also known as Ability Score Improvement – ASI).

By choosing this feat, your D&D character can climb up rocky terrain, swim against strong currents, or jump over hurdles with increased finesse and agility.

Just what you need to conquer any physically demanding tasks in your D&D journey! It provides practical benefits while adding new layers of skill and versatility to your gameplay.

So, whether you’re the type who loves taking the lead on adventurous physical feats or enjoys playing a supportive role that involves some unexpected acrobatics, this feat will not let you down.

Athlete Feat 5E is all about empowering your character’s athletic prowess. It provides a quantifiable advantage that could mean the difference between life and death in your next thrilling campaign.

What are the benefits of Athlete Feat 5E?

The magical world of Dungeons & Dragons revolves around your ability to mold and embellish your character’s abilities with different feats.

One such feat catching the fancy of many players is Athlete Feat 5e. This feat mainly focuses on your character’s physicality and their ability to take on demanding physical tasks more efficiently.

Athlete Feat Benefits

Being an athlete in the world of D&D means you’re agile, fast, and have the endurance to withstand harsh conditions that could break others. The benefits that come along with this particular feat are:

  • Ability Score Increase (ASI) for Strength or Dexterity: It’s like hitting a permanent gym membership for your character. Strengthening these two areas can bring a huge difference in the game’s balance, making your character noticeably stronger or more agile.
  • Reduced effort to stand up when prone: When knocked down during combat, standing only costs you five feet of movement instead of half your speed. You can shake off powerful blows and get back into action quickly, which is beneficial in intense battles.
  • Not losing speed when climbing: Scaling slopes or surfaces doesn’t slow you down anymore. You climb at full speed, making escape or chase sequences dramatically thrilling.
  • Short run-up for jumps: It takes just a foot run-up before making a long jump or a high jump. Talk about literal leaps and bounds.

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Critique of Athlete Feat

For all its benefits, the Athlete Feat 5e does come under scrutiny from some players who believe it may not be maximizing their characters’ potential as much as other feats might. Here’s what they’d have you consider:

  • ASI is available with better feats: An increase in Strength or Dexterity attribute can be achieved through other potent feats, too.
  • Quick stand-up may not be too significant: In most gameplay scenarios, the time reduction in standing up may not provide a significant advantage.
  • Spells can bypass climbing speed: The use of certain spells can allow characters to climb without reducing their speed, making this benefit redundant.
  • Reduced run-up for jumps is a minor convenience: Having a shorter run-up distance for jumps is seen by some as simply a neat trick rather than a critical advantage in gameplay.

As with any aspect of D&D, selecting feats for your character revolves around personal preference, gameplay style, and the nature of your campaign.

While it’s true that the Athlete feat 5e carries certain benefits, whether or not it’s perfect for your character largely depends on how you strategize and shape your character’s journey in the expanse of the D&D universe.

Is Athlete a Good Feat in 5e?

Yes, it’s good with a D Tier rating. The Athlete feat 5E can be beneficial depending on your character’s needs and the dynamics of your game scenario.

Is Athlete a Good Feat in 5e?

While it may not be the top-shelf pick for everyone due to its specific focus on physical prowess, it definitely holds significant advantages for characters who rely heavily on their physical attributes.

This is especially true in combat-heavy campaigns where agility, strength, and stamina often dictate the outcome of high-stakes encounters.

Despite not being as universally useful as some other feats, it finds its niche and does its job remarkably well within those bounds.

Best 5E Classes to Pair with the Athlete Feat

The Athlete feat in Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition is a versatile choice for characters who prioritize mobility and physical prowess.

Best 5E Classes to Pair with the Athlete Feat

This feat enhances a character’s speed, agility, and ability to navigate challenging terrain, making it a valuable asset for many classes.

Selecting the Athlete feat can significantly enhance a character’s combat effectiveness, exploration capabilities, and overall survivability.

We explore the synergy between the Athlete feat and various D&D 5e classes, discussing how each class can uniquely benefit from this physical enhancement.


Fighters, known for their martial prowess, can greatly benefit from the Athlete feat. This feat enhances their battlefield mobility, allowing them to maneuver into advantageous positions or retreat when necessary.

Improved jumping ability and quicker standing from prone can be crucial in combat, keeping fighters ready to engage or pursue enemies.

The athlete also complements a fighter’s physicality, reinforcing their role as front-line warriors who can quickly adapt to changing combat situations.

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Monks, with their focus on agility and speed, find a natural ally in the Athlete feat. This feat bolsters a monk’s already impressive mobility, making them even more elusive in combat.

The ability to stand from prone with minimal movement cost and enhanced jumping capabilities synergize well with the Monk’s acrobatic fighting style.

It allows them to navigate the battlefield with unparalleled grace, further enhancing their ability to strike swiftly and retreat before retaliation.


Clerics, while often seen as support characters, can use the Athlete feat to enhance their physical capabilities on the battlefield.

This feat aids clerics in positioning for optimal spellcasting and helps them avoid enemy advances, ensuring they remain effective in their supportive roles.

The improved mobility also allows clerics to reach allies quickly in dire situations, making them more efficient as healers and protectors.


Warlocks, with their diverse range of eldritch abilities, can find unique advantages in the Athlete feat. This feat can enhance a Warlock’s positioning, allowing them to maintain optimal distances for spellcasting and eldritch invocations.

The increased mobility can aid in retreats or repositioning when their limited spell slots are exhausted, making them more elusive and harder to pin down in combat.


Rangers, masters of wilderness and combat, benefit significantly from the Athlete feat. This feat complements their natural agility and enhances their ability to traverse difficult terrain.

Whether pursuing prey or navigating the wilds, the increased jumping ability and mobility can be a game-changer. Quick recovery from being prone helps rangers maintain their effectiveness in ranged combat and tracking.


Paladins, as frontline warriors and divine protectors, can use the Athlete feat to improve their combat mobility and tactical positioning.

This feat allows them to quickly move across the battlefield to defend allies or confront foes. The ability to stand up from prone with minimal movement cost ensures that Paladins remain a constant threat to enemies and a steadfast shield for their comrades.

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Bards, with their versatile skill set, can utilize the Athlete feat to enhance their physical performance and combat positioning.

This feat aids in quick repositioning to optimize spellcasting and performance abilities, ensuring they maintain a safe yet effective distance from the fray.

The improved physicality can be a boon during exploration and interaction scenarios, where agility and quick reflexes might come into play.


Wizards, typically seen as frail spellcasters, can benefit from the Athlete feat by gaining enhanced mobility to evade enemies and maintain optimal spellcasting distances.

This feat allows them to swiftly reposition themselves, minimizing the risk of being caught in melee combat or unfavorable positions.

The ability to quickly stand from prone also helps in maintaining concentration on spells, ensuring their arcane prowess remains uninterrupted.


Druids, known for their connection with nature and shape-shifting abilities, find the Athlete feat beneficial in both humanoid and animal forms.

This feat enhances their natural agility, aiding in maneuvering through natural terrains and during combat. The improved mobility also complements their shape-shifting abilities, allowing them to make the most out of their animal forms, whether in evasion or pursuit.


Sorcerers, reliant on their innate magical abilities, can use the Athlete feat to gain an edge in mobility and positioning. This feat aids in quickly moving to advantageous positions for spellcasting and avoiding direct confrontations.

The ability to stand from prone with minimal movement cost can be critical in maintaining concentration and ensuring that their magical assaults continue unhindered.


Barbarians, embodying brute strength and fury, can greatly leverage the Athlete’s feat. This feat enhances their already formidable physical presence, allowing them to leap into battle or chase down foes with increased efficiency.

The ability to stand from prone quickly keeps them constantly in the fray, maximizing their impact in combat with relentless aggression and mobility.

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Rogues, masters of stealth and cunning, find the Athlete feat incredibly synergistic with their skillset. Improved mobility and jumping capabilities aid in their stealthy endeavors, allowing for swift and silent movement across various terrains.

The ability to stand from prone quickly also ensures that they remain elusive, enhancing their survival in both combat and covert operations.


Artificers, known for their inventive prowess and resourcefulness, can utilize the Athlete feat to enhance their physical capabilities. This feat aids in positioning for the deployment of gadgets and spells, as well as quick evasion from harm.

The improved mobility also complements their role as versatile supporters, enabling them to adapt quickly to the ever-changing dynamics of both combat and exploration scenarios.

FAQs About Athlete Feat 5E

What is the Athlete feat in D&D 5E?

The Athlete feat in D&D 5E is an ability that a character can choose to increase their physical prowess. It allows characters to stand up from being prone using only 5 feet of movement and climb without half-speed reduction.

How does the Athlete feat affect my character’s climbing?

The Athlete feat allows your character to climb without reducing their speed by half. This means they can navigate vertical or difficult spaces faster and more efficiently.

Is the Athlete feat a good choice for fighters in D&D 5e?

Yes, it is often a viable choice for fighters and similar physically-oriented classes. The benefits of this feat, including quicker stand-up times and no halved speed when climbing, make it an appealing option for melee combatants.

Can I apply the Athlete feat to any class?

While any class can technically adopt the Athlete Feat, it tends to be more beneficial for classes engaged in physical combat or movement-based gameplay, such as Fighters, Monks, and Barbarians.

How does the “reduced run-up for jumps” benefit from the Athlete Feat work?

This feature from the Athlete Feat means that your character only needs a run-up of 5 feet to make a long jump or high jump. Without this benefit, typically, you would need a run-up of 10 feet.


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