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Barbarian 5E Class Guide DnD [Tactics, Strategies, And Tips]

Barbarian 5E Class Guide
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 10/26/2023
Est. Reading: 20 minutes

If you’re intrigued by the raw power and brute strength of character classes in Dungeons & Dragons, then the Barbarian 5E should certainly be on your radar. This class embodies the fierce, untamed wilderness, unrelenting and implacable in battle.

Whether you have a fondness for swordplay or an affinity for commanding nature’s elemental forces, the Barbarian 5E comes packed with unique abilities that offer plenty to sink your teeth into.

Your journey into this fascinating character class will bring you face-to-face with interesting features such as Rage, Uncanny Dodge, and Brutal Critical – these are just a few among many that promise to keep your gameplay exciting.

Whether in combat or role-play scenarios, mastering a Barbarian means understanding the tactical nuances. It’s not just about wielding a giant axe and charging blindly into combat; it takes strategy and cunning to unlock this class’ full potential. Let’s get ready to chart this thrilling path.

What are the levels of Barbarian 5E?

In your journey through the fantastical world of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), you might consider trying out the Barbarian 5E Class.

This powerful and resilient character class, armed with Rage and Unarmored Defense right from Level 1, has the potential to overpower the battlefield. Buckle up as we delve into an elaborate guide to help you master the Barbarian.

At level 1, you get to indulge in your Barbarian instincts with new abilities: Rage (which grants you a bonus against bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage) along with Unarmored Defense. You can experience this furious state of Rage twice at this level, each delivering additional damage worth +2 points.

Boosting your adrenaline further by Level 2 is Reckless Attack, which aids in gaining an advantage on attack rolls, coupled with Danger Sense, which confers an uncanny knack for avoiding danger. Amusingly, the instances of engaging in Rage remain at two but still ensure a +2 bonus.

Level 3 fuels your primal instincts as you adopt a Primal Path – a spiritual journey that bestows unique abilities upon your fierce warrior – and optionally add Primal Knowledge to sharpen your combat edge even further. Sit tight, as you now have three Rages per day to unleash, along with a consistent +2 bonus damage.

By Level 4, acquiring Ability Score Improvements can push your limits further while maintaining three Rages and a +2 bonus per session.

At Level 5, you become terrifyingly formidable – equipped with Extra Attack for double strike opportunities plus Fast Movement to traverse battlegrounds swiftly while still hanging onto three Rages enhanced by +2 extra damage points.

Ascending to Level 6 introduces a new Path feature unique to your chosen Primal Path – pitting four occurrences of bestowed Rages against each foe in every adventure session while still causing an additional +2 damage.

Reaching Levels 7 through 9, you invite Feral Instinct and potentially Instinctive Pounce into your capabilities. You’ll also access Brutal Critical, turning your critical hits into maelstroms of damage, but let’s not overlook the heightened Rage frequency and bountiful bonus damage within your clutch.

Hitting double digits at Level 10 further fortifies your Barbarian with another Path feature. It also optionally schools you in the ways of Primal Knowledge once more.

Moving up from Level 11 to 15 grants Relentless Rage, elevating your ability to resist fall in battle with devastating Brutal Critical advances, a fresh Path feature, and long-lasting Persistent Rage.

Combined with an increase in ability score enhancements, these bestowments exponentially augment both the quantity and quality of Rages.

Upon reaching the epitome at Level 20 as a Primal Champion, you gain a tremendous boost from an infinite number of Rages charged with +4 bonus damage. Unstoppable might is yours to command.

Through the game’s fascinating progression pattern for barbarians, it becomes clear how these fierce warriors metamorphose into raging hulks capable of impacting any battlefield profoundly. With just a die roll away, unleash your inner Barbarian onto enemies for an experience as thrilling as it is rewarding.

What are the hit points of Barbarian 5E?

Let’s delve into one of the most critical aspects of a Barbarian in Dungeons & Dragons—knowing your Hit Points (HP). Mastery of this knowledge equips any barbarian to withstand the ferocity of combat, rallying strength from seemingly lethal blows.

What are the hit points of Barbarian 5E?

Balancing the primal finesse and brute strength embodied by the Barbarian class certainly revolves around understanding these crucial lifelines.

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Hit Dice

The lifeblood for a Barbarian is maintained via Hit Dice, which, in this class’s case, is 1d12 per barbarian level. What does that mean? Think of it as rolling a 12-sided die once during each of your character’s upgrades to determine how many additional levels of vitality you gain.

The higher the levels, the larger your Hit Dice pool becomes. It’s an excellent way for you to estimate your staying power in the deadly combats as part of your epic adventures.

Hit Points at 1st Level.

Starting your adventure at 1st level means that you’re given esteem by boasting 12 base hit points plus those derived from your Constitution modifier.

It implies that if you have an effective Constitution modifier, say +3, you’ll be starting at a whopping 15 HP. These initial HP can spell the difference between an early heroic stand and a premature visit to demise.

Hit Points at Higher Levels

Growing in power and endurance does not stop at the first level. For each barbarian level after the first, you get an additional hit point valuing either a roll of your hit dice (which is 1d12) or taking an average number (7), added to your Constitution modifier bonus per level. This presents Class players with greater staying power as they advance in experience phases.

The Barbarian’s robust HP structure creates unique opportunities to survive agonizing combats gathering bruises with a grin on their face and a roar on their lips, confirming their status as D&D’s indestructible powerhouse.

Beyond the basics, a thorough understanding of how these numerical values are affected by class features, equipment, and spells can further optimize your Barbarian build. So keep pushing your limits, and remember: victory favors the bold!

What is Rage?

Rage is the quintessential ability that defines the Barbarian class in D&D 5E. Right from the first level, your Barbarian has access to Rage and the sheer power it brings. Simply put, this ability allows your Barbarian to tap into a primal reservoir of strength and ferocity for a limited period.

When you activate Rage, you get advantages on Strength checks and Strength saving throws. Additionally, when you make a Melee attack using Strength, you gain a bonus to the damage roll.

Another notable benefit is resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage, proving valuable in dire combat situations.

Remember that using Rage isn’t infinite; it’s limited by usage per long rest until higher levels. Its strategic use can be instrumental in turning the tides of many a battle.

Embodying a powerful force of nature combined with unyielding toughness makes Rage one of the most potent tools in your Barbarian arsenal.

How to use Rage in Barbarian 5E?

In the world of Dungeons & Dragons, Rage can serve as a lifeline during combat, incredibly bolstering your Barbarian’s abilities. Comprehending how to utilize this power correctly can entirely change your gameplay dynamics.

How to use Rage in Barbarian 5E?
  • Activate Rage as a Bonus Action: When you want to use Rage, remember it doesn’t take an entire turn. It only uses your bonus action, allowing the rest of your turn free for attacks or other actions.
  • Take Advantage of Extra Damage: While raged, any successful melee attack you make that uses Strength gets extra damage. Just add in that bonus before pointing out the damage to the Dungeon Master.
  • Use Resistance Effectively: Rage grants you resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damages. This effectively means these types of damages halve when they hit you.
  • Be Aware of Limitations: Keep track of how many times per day you can rage. At level 1, it’s twice per long rest.

One key strategy tip: make sure you save your rages for fights that matter! There are limited numbers, so don’t just use them up on easy battles.

Master Rage usage in Barbarian 5E revolves around the strategic application. Enhance tactics by leveraging these points and observe how they significantly impact your survivability and damage output in intense combat situations.

What is Reckless Attack?

At level two, your Barbarian gains an intriguing feature – Reckless Attack. This allows you to throw caution to the wind and attack with wild, desperate ferocity.

When using Reckless Attack, you gain an advantage on your attack rolls during the turn it is used but remember it’s a double-edged sword. Any attack rolls made against you also have an advantage until your next turn.

In gameplay terms, this means that while you increase your chances of landing a solid hit on your enemies, they, too, are more likely to land hits on you during their attacks till your next turn.

This captures the essence of being a Barbarian courageously stepping into danger, risking great harm to deal mighty blows.

Utilizing Reckless Attack involves weighing the potential risk and reward. It’s perfect for moments when unleashing raw damage outweighs the concern for safety and can invoke some thrilling “do-or-die” moments in play.

Deploying Reckless Attack Effectively

Your Barbarian gets access to the Reckless Attack at Level 2. This ability can drastically shift the battlefield scenario for you, but mastering it requires strategic foresight.

Deploying Reckless Attack Effectively
  • Choose to Use During Your Turn: You choose to use Reckless Attack at the start of your turn. It offers you an advantage on melee weapon attack rolls that use Strength during this turn.
  • Decide Wisely: Don’t just use Reckless Attack blindly. Gauge your opponents and their strength before you decide to launch a Reckless Attack.
  • Evaluate Risk: Remember, using a Reckless Attack leaves your defense lowered until the start of your next turn. All attacks against you gain an advantage during this period.

Effectively using the Reckless Attack boils down to wise decision-making and strategic implementation. Realize its potential in significantly boosting your damage output, but also understand it puts you at higher risk till your next turn.

What Primal Path is the right choice for you?

In Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, the Barbarian class offers players the unique ability to tap into raw, unbridled power and fury. At the third level, barbarians face a crucial decision that will shape the progression and playstyle of their character: the choice of their Primal Path.

This choice is more than just a selection of abilities; it’s an expression of your character’s deep-seated instincts, beliefs, and ancestral energies.

Two of the most iconic Primal Paths are the Path of the Berserker and the Path of the Totem Warrior. Each offers distinct advantages and flavors, so let’s delve into them.

Path of the Berserker

The Path of the Berserker calls to those who find power in unchecked rage and unrelenting fury. Choosing this path means surrendering to the primal beast within, allowing it to take control during the heat of battle.

Berserkers are the epitome of raw physical power, becoming frenzied warriors who can deliver devastating blows and shrug off wounds that would cripple lesser beings.

When you embrace the Path of the Berserker, you gain access to the Frenzy feature, which lets you make an additional attack as a bonus action while raging, showcasing your intense battle prowess.

As you progress, you gain abilities that render you immune to being charmed or frightened and can even intimidate foes with a single roar. The spirit of the Berserker is about relentlessness, sacrifice, and an undying will to conquer.

Such power comes at a cost, as entering a frenzy leaves you exhausted afterward. If you see your Barbarian as a warrior who puts everything on the line, unafraid of consequences, the Path of the Berserker is for you.

Path of the Totem Warrior

On the other hand, the Path of the Totem Warrior offers a more spiritual journey. Barbarians who walk this path form a deep bond with the animal spirits of the world, channeling their energy and emulating their characteristics. This path is about connection, wisdom, and understanding the balance of nature.

Upon selecting the Path of the Totem Warrior, you’ll choose a totem spirit, like the Bear, Eagle, or Wolf, each granting unique abilities and advantages in battle.

The Bear makes you more resilient, letting you resist all but psychic damage, while the Eagle enhances your mobility, allowing you to soar above your enemies.

The choices continue as you level up, offering a customizable experience that can be tailored to your desired playstyle or the needs of your party.

What’s the best Barbarian race in D&D 5E?

When it comes to optimizing a Barbarian in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, the Half-Orc (found in the Player’s Handbook) stands out as a top choice. Their racial traits harmonize exceptionally well with the Barbarian class, making them formidable foes on the battlefield.

Half-Orcs inherit the raw physical strength of their orc lineage, reflected in their +2 Strength racial bonus. This directly bolsters a Barbarian’s primary attacking ability.

The Relentless Endurance trait, which allows them to drop to 1 hit point instead of 0 once per long rest, synergizes seamlessly with the Barbarian’s durable nature, ensuring they remain in the fight even when things look grim.

Their Savage Attacks trait, which grants extra damage dice on critical hits, pairs brilliantly with the Barbarian’s Brutal Critical feature.

What are the Barbarian Subclasses?

Barbarians in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition are not just mindless rage-fueled warriors. They can choose a Primal Path, which defines the nature of their rage and grants them unique abilities.

These subclasses offer diverse playstyles and thematic choices, allowing players to customize their Barbarian to fit a specific vision or role within a party. Here are some of the prominent Barbarian subclasses:


Barbarians of the Path of the Zealot are divinely inspired warriors, combining their raw fury with a sincere devotion to deities or other powerful entities.

These individuals often serve as frontline warriors for religious crusades or as divine avatars in mortal realms. Zealots gain abilities that enhance their damage output with divine power, and they possess a unique resilience that makes them particularly hard to kill.

They can even be resurrected with spells without material costs, symbolizing their deity’s favor and their undying commitment to their cause.

Wild Magic

The Path of Wild Magic represents a Barbarian’s connection to the unpredictable forces of raw magic. When these Barbarians rage, they become a conduit for this chaotic energy, which can manifest in myriad unexpected ways.

The table of magical effects, ranging from bursts of flowers to temporary invisibility, ensures that no two rages are precisely alike.

Wild Magic Barbarians not only benefit from the sheer unpredictability that can catch foes off guard but also gain control over this chaos as they level up, harnessing the arcane to bolster their combat prowess.

Totem Warrior

Barbarians who walk the Path of the Totem Warrior form a deep bond with animal spirits, drawing inspiration and power from these primal entities. Upon choosing this path, Barbarians select a totem animal—like the Bear, Eagle, or Wolf—each offering unique abilities that can dictate their role in battle.

This path emphasizes a connection to nature. Totem Warriors often serve as bridges between their communities and the wilds, embodying the strength, wisdom, and traits of their chosen totem animals.

Storm Herald

Barbarians of the Path of the Storm Herald channel the fury of nature itself. As avatars of natural disasters, their rage emanates elemental energy, affecting the area around them.

Storm Heralds choose an environment—Desert, Sea, or Tundra—as their storm type, each granting different elemental effects when they rage.

Whether they’re calling forth flames, creating protective icy shields, or unleashing electric surges, these Barbarians harness the raw power of the elements, becoming forces of nature in their own right.


Embodying the quintessential image of a wild and restless warrior, the Path of the Berserker is about unleashing raw, unbridled fury.

Berserkers gain the ability to go into a frenzy during their rage, making extra attacks and overwhelming their enemies with sheer aggression.

This path is for those who want their Barbarian to embody the essence of pure, relentless battle rage, even if it comes at the cost of exhaustion once the fury subsides.

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The Path of the Beast taps into the primal, animalistic nature inherent in some Barbarians. Whether it’s due to an ancient curse, a lycanthropic lineage, or a spiritual bond, these Barbarians manifest the physical traits of beasts when they rage. This might be seen in the form of sharp claws, powerful fangs, or a thick hide.

The Beast Barbarians not only draw power from their inner animal but also develop a deep kinship with beasts, enhancing their senses and abilities in tandem with the wild creatures they emulate.


Known for their fearless nature and distinctive spiked armor, battlers are Barbarians who hail from dwarven cultures, particularly those of the northern regions.

They throw themselves into the fray with reckless abandon, using their armor as a weapon to headbutt, slam, and gore their enemies.

The Path of the Battlerager is about becoming a living weapon, channeling rage into both offensive and defensive capabilities, making them formidable opponents and stalwart allies.

Ancestral Guardian

Barbarians of the Path of the Ancestral Guardian have a profound connection to their lineage, calling forth the protective spirits of their ancestors when they rage.

These spirits not only shield the Barbarian but also their allies, hindering enemies and diverting harm. Ancestral Guardians serve as a bridge between the past and the present, drawing wisdom and power from those who came before. Their role is often one of protection and guidance, ensuring that the legacy of their ancestors is preserved and honored.

Barbarian Skill

Galvanizing your rigors of being a Barbarian in the diverse universe of D&D, key skills cater to the primal essence of this class – nourishing your growth from an aspirational neophyte to a formidable champion. Let’s expose these core skills, which are integral components to impart depth and flavor to your Barbarian’s persona.

Animal Handling

A Barbarian’s wilderness lifestyle necessitates a certain knack for Animal Handling. This skill indicates your proficiency in calming domesticated animals, riding mounts, and even deducing an animal’s intentions or behavior.

Imagine steadying a spooked horse in combat or taming a potential beastly ally – the possibilities are endless. Prioritizing this skill can allow your Barbarian to harness synergy with creatures of the wild, positioning you as an asset even when far from signs of civilization.


A raw assertion of physical prowess, Athletics manifests itself as a fundamental resource on any Barbarian’s tool belt. It governs actions like climbing, swimming, and jumping – think scaling tall towers or braving raging rivers.

Skill checks can be influenced by your competence in Athletics, affecting tasks from overcoming impediments to dominating in hand-to-hand combat scenarios.

Developing this skill adds another layer to your combat effectiveness and potentially unlocks unconventional tactical maneuvers during gameplay.


Harnessing the power of Intimidation has its perks for damage-hungry Barbarians across countless encounters. It serves as a testament to hostile persuasion tactics wherein you lean on instilling fear amongst adversaries rather than coaxing agreements through charm or wit.

Perfect for demoralizing enemies or coercing critical information out of captured foes. Investing in Intimidation allows for unique dialogue choices and battlefield tactics based on fear induction that would otherwise remain unexplored.


Your wilderness-bound lifestyle demands mastery over Nature – rooted not just in survival but also in ordered knowledge about terrain, flora and fauna, and weather patterns.

Merely a rudimentary grasp of Nature pulls back the curtain on a world hitherto unseen – tapping into the Barbarian’s primal side to predict weather changes, track beasts, or recognize poisonous plants. Practicality aside, this skill deepens your connection with the game’s environment, enhancing overall immersion.


Perception signifies your character’s understanding of the details surrounding them. Razor-sharp vision or pinpoint accurate hearing are all factored in here, making it pivotal for awareness regarding hidden traps, distant creatures, or simply eavesdropping on private exchanges for lucrative information.

Should your Barbarian possess acute Perception, you tread with an edge over those who might rely solely on brute strength or willpower alone.


Crucial for any self-respecting Barbarian who often finds themselves journeying through uncharted wildlands ripe with potential threats at every corner.

Understanding topography, tracking creatures (or maybe evading them), and comfortably enduring harsh weather conditions become achievable feats when equipped with this skill.

It ensures that danger is anything preparable than shocking – an essential ingredient blending anticipation and adaptability in your D&D endeavors.

Barbarian Backgrounds

Navigating the D&D universe as a Barbarian is not limited to fierce combat and adrenaline-charged adventures alone.

Much often overlooked, Barbarian backgrounds play a crucial role in shaping the characters’ identity, skills, and ethos and defining their interactions with both friends and foes.

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City Watch

Picture yourself as part of the City Watch. Having been entrusted to guard urban territories, your keen awareness and discerning alertness make you the right fit for this background.

You have possibly spent years assisting in the smooth functioning of city life, developing a heightened sense of vigilance and responsibility.

This background considerably enhances your character’s ability to gather information, unbelievably efficient communication skills, and societal reputation – making you a trustworthy liaison amidst political tensions or negotiating potential partnerships.


On the other end of the spectrum lies the Criminal background. Your Barbarian hails from a past that mostly lurks within dark alleyways or hidden guilds – engaged in acts far removed from law-abiding territories.

This lawless life turns your character into a shrewd tactician with nimble fingers and quicker intellect, capable of outfoxing opponents while remaining clandestine.

Alongside impressive stealth and deception capabilities, this shady past acquaints you with criminal contacts who often emerge in handy during daring escapades.

Folk Hero

The Folk Hero background roots your Barbarian in humble beginnings – rising from obscurity to popularity owing to one brave deed.

You’ve performed heroic feats that locals sing praises of, be it standing up against tyranny or rescuing villagers from imminent dangers – leading you to develop core survival skills while earning their respect and appreciation.

More than just stature or recognition, though, this unique social position enables relationships grounded on trust with common folk which could tender timely aid or crucial information alongside physical prowess.


Choosing the Hermit background catapults your Barbarian into an individual rich with bizarre wisdom and unparalleled patience. Maybe driven away by a horrid event or in quest of some profound truth, you have spent significant years in isolation conjuring philosophical epiphanies or unraveling mysteries of folklore.

During solitary travels through unplumbed wilds, you have accumulated profound knowledge about healing herbs, elemental signs, or even celestial movements, thus enabling an intimidating yet wise Barbarian bearing unique insights that could very well turn tides in battles or negotiations.


As an Outlander, your Barbarian would embody the untamed spirit of wilderness originating from a distant land. The wandering life across rugged terrains has forged you into an excellent survivor whose instincts guide you better than any map.

Equipped with such experiences, your character exhibits formidable hunting skills alongside a vast knowledge of geography and its inhabitants, lending tools not just for survival but also strategic advantages associated with environment manipulation during combats.


If your Barbarian resonates with the Sailor background, you’ve spent your days braving the tumultuous seas, tackling storms, and facing nature’s fury upfront.

Life on a ship has hardened you, crafting a character that truly encapsulates strength and grit. Maritime voyages have honed navigational skills, increased familiarity with riggings and sails, transformed you into an expert swimmer, and possibly imparted knowledge of foreign lands or exotic languages.

These seafaring experiences instill in your character a sense of comradeship with fellow sailors and an undying respect for the sea – a unique combination that could creatively unfold in the D&D universe.


As a Soldier, your Barbarian stems from a background steeped in warfare, discipline, military tactics, and strategy. Days spent under strict regimental structures provide you access to martial weapons along with survival techniques essential during brutal combats.

The soldier’s life may have also exposed your character to hierarchical protocols boosting diplomacy besides organizational contacts that can be tapped into whenever needed.

This disciplined lifestyle molds your Barbarian into not just combat experts but also polished leaders capable of formulating strategic plans or inspiring smaller groups when required.

Uthgardt Tribe Member

Unique to the Forgotten Realms setting is the Uthgardt Tribe Member background – ideal if envisioning your Barbarian as echoing ancestral spirits reverberating within primitive wildernesses.

As tribal members of the mighty Uthgardt clans sprawled across northern Faerun’s wildernesses, you might possess intimate animal knowledge along with survival instincts superior enough to rival any city builder.

This rich cultural lineage familiarizes you with sacred rituals besides empowering ties within tribal circles, bestowing raw vestiges from primitive pasts that could spice up role-playing encounters while channeling a potent essence of ancestry, complimenting ideal Barbarians beautifully.

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Barbarian Feats

Your Barbarian’s journey in Dungeons & Dragons will continually shape and mold them, not just through their class features but also through specific benefits known as “Feats.”

These optional character improvements can enhance your Barbarian’s abilities to equip them better for any challenge. Let’s delve deeper into the rich compendium of feats fitting for a robust Barbarian.

  • Alert: This pretty handy feat sharpens your awareness to such a degree that almost nothing can catch you off guard.
  • Charger: Your aggressive combat style becomes ferocious with this feat, allowing you to charge at enemies swiftly.
  • Crusher: If you’re fond of using bludgeoning weapons, this ability allows your strikes to break defenses and stagger opponents more effectively.
  • Chef: Interestingly, this tomfoolery assigns you culinary skills, fostering team morale and health recovery during short rests.
  • Dual Wielder: Empower yourself further by wielding two one-handed weapons at once, becoming a relentless whirlwind in combat.
  • Durable: Sporting enhanced resilience with improved healing powers enhances your surviving odds significantly.
  • Fighting Initiate: Opt for this feat if you’re eager for novel fighting techniques outside of traditional Barbarian tricks.
  • Gift of the Chromatic Dragon: This introduces draconic elemental force into your arsenal—an exotic twist to the exemplary hand-to-hand combative approach.
  • Grappler: As a character deeply rooted in brawling instincts, superior grappling techniques allow nullifying opponent advantages conveniently.
  • Great Weapon Master: Unleashing brutal power attacks using heavy weapons turns into child’s play with this feat at your disposal.
  • Heavily Armored & Heavy Armor Master: These feats combine to transform you into an ironclad Bulwark, equipped with heavy armor proficiencies and defensive enhancements.
  • Inspiring Leader: Unleash your charismatic side, delivering inspiring speeches bolstering your group’s fighting spirit and resilience.
  • Mage Slayer: Get this feat to specialize in taking down magical creatures or spellcasters more efficiently.
  • Martial Adept: Expand your mastery to maneuvers typically exclusive to the fighter class.
  • Medium Armor Master: This feat lets you utilize medium armor hardwoods effectively, all while retaining your agility during fights.
  • Mobile: Invest in this to add an extensive range of motion during battle – allowing strike-and-fade tactics.
  • Mounted Combat: Handle mounts with practiced precision, letting you combat foes while riding effortlessly.
  • Piercer & Slasher: Each in its way enhances your ability, wounding opponents more deeply when using piercing or slashing weapons, respectively.
  • Polearm Master: Optimize the deadly reach of polearm weapons like spears or halberds.
  • Resilient: This lifestyle helps you better resist certain types of damage types by boosting one of your “saving throw” skills.
  • Savage Attacker: Make the outcome of each swing heavily favor you by rerolling attack dice for better results when needed.
  • Sentinel & Shield Master: This combination empowers you with incredible defensive abilities and stabilizes allies successfully.
  • Skill Expert & Skilled: Elevate your knowledge further by acquiring expertise in certain skill sets, enriching any three proficiencies, and diversifying your character’s utility.
  • Skulker: Capitalize on shadows for stealthy ambushes that leave enemies defenseless, even if the first strike misses.
  • Tavern Brawler & Grappler: Channel raw brawling power even when disarmed and dominate one-on-one fights.
  • Tough: This hardy trait boosts your vitality and lets you withstand atmospheric trials and tribulations.

Although optional, it can significantly enhance your Barbarian’s combat prowess. Each accomplishment is designed to broaden the Barbarian landscape while catering to every player’s specific need or preference.

They further allow you to mold a unique path in your character’s journey, thereby enriching your D&D escapade with added richness.

Barbarian Weapons

The journey of the Barbarian in D&D would be rather incomplete without delving into the particulars of their weapons.

Note that each weapon demands a unique application and strategy, giving an entirely varied feel to each battle. Let’s take a closer look at some staple weapons in the Barbarian repertoire.


A tool of destructive force, the Maul is a two-handed heavy weapon that allows you to cause substantial damage with a swing. This weapon thrives on power.

You can unleash its full capacity with 2d6 bludgeoning damage on your enemies, swatting them like flies. Despite its weight, it exhibits perfect balance when wielded correctly, making it ideal for those all-powerful crushing blows.

The maul is particularly effective against creatures susceptible to blunt force trauma, making it an essential asset in any Barbarian arsenal.


If finesse coupled with sheer destructive capacity is your style, invest some time in mastering the Greatsword. This two-handed martial weapon is known for dishing out 2d6 slashing damage at its base level.

Its royal and menacing presence commands battlefield respect, while its weight gives it enough heft to land damaging cuts on foes. There’s nowhere to run or hide when this sword takes flight – clean cuts and precise death blows are virtually guaranteed once you get comfortable wielding this beast.


The Greataxe, symbolic of raw strength and immense power essential to any Barbarian, earns respect on any battleground. The substantial 1d12 slashing damage sends foes shaking in their boots.

It might seem cumbersome initially, but tactics like using momentum and maximizing downward strokes can help turn tides during battles.

For barbarians relishing close-quarter combat situations with an affinity for classic medieval weapons, the Greataxe can prove invaluable.


For those fights where you need distance between yourself and the enemy or when targeting units in formation from afar, the Javelin is your perfect companion.

It’s versatile in its usage – effectively employed both as a melee weapon and a throwing weapon. It inflicts 1d6 piercing damage when thrown up to a range of 30 feet (120 feet with a disadvantage).

The success of using javelins often relies on shrewd technique and timely interventions, making every throw an exhilarating experience.


The Handaxe provides an effective balance between agility and destructiveness, ideal for those quick but flashy dispatch-offs. Enjoy its light weight and one-handed operation that unleashes a damage output of 1d6, great when speed matters equally or even more than brute force.

With this weapon in hand, ambushes are easier, quick getaways are possible, and you have the opportunity to display your talent without compromising on power.

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FAQs about Barbarian 5E Class Guide

What alternative skills can Barbarians harness in D&D 5E?

Besides combat skills, Barbarians boast abilities like tribal knowledge, survival instincts, or nature-related talents depending on their background storyline.

How important is weapon choice for a Barbarian 5E?

Weapon choice is crucial for a Barbarian – big weapons with high-damage dice are generally the best to maximize the impact of Strength-based attacks.

Is multi-classing beneficial for a Barbarian in D&D 5E?

While multi-classing can add variety and nuanced abilities, it can also disrupt your progression to the higher-level barbarian powers that are highly rewarding.

Do Barbarians have magic capabilities in D&D 5E?

Usually, Barbarians aren’t considered a magical class. However, certain subclasses introduce magic-like abilities (e.g., Path of the Totem Warrior).

What is the highest hit point possible in Barbarian class?

With maximum hit points at every level (rolling a 12) and toting max constitution (20), a level 20 barbarian could have as many as 300 hit points.


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