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Behir 5E Monster [Face The Terrifying Beast Of Storms In DnD]

Behir 5e Monster
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/09/2024
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There’s something inherently fascinating about the world of mythical beasts that have ruled our imaginations, and one such creature proves more intriguing than most – the Behir 5e.

This behemoth, native to the Dungeons & Dragons universe, is a force to be reckoned with, possessing capabilities that drop jaws and raise eyebrows.

The 5th edition offers a detailed, enhanced experience to engage players further into the game, with its captivating narratives bringing daunting monsters like the Behir to life.

Within this fantastical universe, you may find yourself entranced by a realm teeming with extraordinary creatures. Yet few can match the awe-inspiring might and tenacity of this gargantuan beast known as Behir.

This creature calls for your bravest actions and strategic prowess as you navigate your adventure in this widely recognized fantasy game.

The arena has been set; it’s time to understand your formidable adversary better, marking the importance of knowing each bite and grip that comes with a creature such as Behir 5e before engaging in combat.

Attributes of Behir 5e

The Behir 5e is a unique and formidable creature, endowed with thrilling prowess.

Attributes of Behir 5e

This monstrosity showcases impressive characteristics, which include its innate skills, resistance, senses, and languages.

The Behir’s attributes play a significant role in its battle tactics and overarching gameplay dynamics within the Dungeons & Dragons universe.

Armor Class17 (natural armor)
Hit Points168 (16d12 + 64)
Speed50 ft., climb 40 ft.
STR23 (+6)
DEX16 (+3)
CON18 (+4)
INT7 (-2)
WIS14 (+2)
CHA12 (+1)
SkillsPerception +6, Stealth +7
Damage ImmunitiesLightning
SensesDarkvision 90 ft., Passive Perception 16
Challenge11 (7,200 XP)

What is behir 5e?

The behir 5e, also affectionately called the “dragon’s bane,” is an intriguing part of the mythical Dungeons & Dragons universe.

What Is Behir 5e

It arouses interest due to its origin and purpose that set it apart from ordinary, naturally occurring beings.

As per lore, the behir didn’t evolve or come into being through natural processes like other lifeforms. Instead, it’s believed to be a deliberate creation, forged with a particular mission – to hunt and annihilate dragons.

Designed with formidable characteristics suitable for such arduous tasks on their scales-clad cards, the behir 5e is built for battle specifically against dragons.

This specific quest designated to them makes behirs one of the rare draconic creatures in the game that are not only undaunted by dragons but equipped to challenge them head-on.

While they may not be actual dragons as per their biological classification, their design elements certainly reflect draconian influences.

Despite this fascinating connection to dragons, these creatures are also independent in numerous aspects of their powers and gameplay dynamics.

Considering their extraordinary abilities matching those of true dragons and their dragon-slaying affinity adds a peculiar spin to this creature facilitating an intriguing narrative for players in the game.

Such nuanced details further elevate their status from mere monsters to captivating characters within this mystical universe compelling players’ attention across countless gaming sessions.

Truly understanding the essence of this Draconic nemesis could enhance your navigation experience within the Dungeons & Dragons world with value-added specific knowledge catered towards strategizing your in-game encounters with them effectively.

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Actions of Behir

Residing in the Dungeons and Dragons world, the Behir is a force to be reckoned with.

Actions of Behir

Numerous abilities and traits make this monster far from ordinary: it’s not only about power but also strategy, making each encounter with this creature a real test of wit for any serious player.


The Behir exhibits an impressive Multiattack that features two distinct attacks: one that concentrates on its bite and another that focuses on constriction.

This deadly combo leaves many adventurers praying for a successful retreat. The possibility of a ferocious bite coupled with crushing constriction is intimidating.

This creature possesses a dexterous ability to exploit opportunities, making encounters indeed nerve-wracking experiences long to be remembered.


When it comes to Behir’s bite, mere words may not serve due justice. It has a staggering +10 bonus to hit within a 10 ft reach targeting one unfortunate victim.

The hit carries an awe-striking 22 (3d10 + 6) points of piercing damage. Players should always expect the unexpected with its notorious jaws.


Apart from its cataclysmic bite, the Behir is renowned for its formidable constriction attack; it also holds a +10 attack bonus but within a 5ft reach towards one Large or smaller rival.

Targets left in its constricting grip experience a hit dealing out 17 (2d10 + 6) points in constricting damage.

Lightning Breath (Recharge 5-6)

The Behir arguably saves the best for last with an electrifying surprise literally.

Its Lightning Breath effect projects an energy beam about 20 ft long and 5ft wide. This explosion of electricity can turn things around quickly if not cautious against this beast.


Swallow an ability where the creature goes vore-style on its challenger. The Behir’s Swallow comes into action after a successful Bite attack against a Medium or smaller unsuspecting opponent.

This trait showcases the sheer dominance and predatory nature Behir is well-known for within the intricate world of Dungeons & Dragons.

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Unique Behir Facts

Behirs are sentient creatures from Dungeons and Dragons, boasting an ability to converse in Draconic, which significantly enhances their mystique.

Unique Behir Facts

Their practical usage is another distinguishing feature. They’re employed as modes of underground transportation due to their rideable structure, adding an interesting facet to their broad set of traits.

These colossal creatures are not traditional dragons. They were created with a distinct purpose to stand against and overpower true dragons.

This fact adds a unique dynamic to the game’s narrative and the interactions you may experience with Behirs.

There’s a practical benefit accrued from defeating Behirs as well – their organs are highly sought after. Potions, spells, scrolls such magical components can be concocted using the harvested internals of a fallen Behir.

A slain Behir often leaves behind scales that hold significant value within the D&D universe. Selling these scales fetches considerable wealth: up to 500 gold pieces by various accounts.

Now that you’ve delved into some intriguing aspects of this monster, you will approach your encounters with them with newfound appreciation and strategy.

  • They communicate through Draconic.
  • The structure allows them for use as underground transportation.
  • Created specifically for defeating true dragons.
  • Their organs serve as ingredients for potions and spells.
  • Possess valuable scales that could fetch up to 500 gold pieces.

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FAQs About behir 5e

What is a Behir in the Dungeons and Dragons game?

A Behir is a formidable creature in the Dungeons & Dragons universe, characterized by its reptilian form, its ability to speak Draconic, and its origin with a primary purpose of overpowering true dragons.

What is unique about Behir’s abilities?

The notable abilities of a Behir include multi-attack options, potent bite and constrict attacks, lightning breath capability, and the ability to swallow adversaries – making them an intimidating foe in combat.

Can you ride a behir?

Yes, noteworthy among their traits is the fact that they can be ridden, offering an exciting means of underground transportation for adventurers within the game.

What value do slay behirs have in the game?

Slain behirs become valuable resources. Their organs serve as desirable components for crafting potions, spells, and scrolls while their harvested scales can be sold reportedly for as much as 500 gold pieces.

Do behirs communicate with other creatures?

Yes, behirs have linguistic capabilities – they communicate using Draconic language which adds intricacy to their interactions within the game narrative.


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