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10 Best Artificer Cantrips In D&D 5E [Infuse Magic Into Mundane Items]

Best Artificer Cantrips In D&d 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/03/2024
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So, you’re setting out on your journey in the world of Dungeons and Dragons 5e and you’ve chosen the innovative Artificer class.

Their unique mix of magic and invention is incredibly alluring, isn’t it? But before you get too wrapped up in your complex gadgets, you’ll need to understand the importance of cantrips.

More precisely, we’re talking about the best artificer cantrips that’ll round out your toolbox and make your game character truly sing.

As an Artificer in D&D 5e, it may be tempting to plunge into elaborate spells or immerse yourself in the crafting of magical items. But keep yourself grounded. Don’t underestimate the power of a good cantrip.

These zero-level spells, if chosen wisely, can beef up your utility significantly. In this article, we’ll dive into what exactly makes a great artificer cantrip and break down a few options that you should definitely consider adding to your spellcasting arsenal.

In essence, Prestidigitation provides an array of minor magical feats that can really enhance your Artificer’s flavor and utility outside of combat. It’s your key to taking control of interactions and swaying them in your favor.

Best Artificer Cantrips in D&D 5e

So you’re looking to make the best of your Artificer status. Picking up the perfect cantrips is a pragmatic first step now, isn’t it? Juggling magical devices and crafting mysterious gems, artificers sure have tricks up their sleeves.

Best Artificer Cantrips in D&D 5e

But rounding up these classic foundational spells, we’ve sifted the cream of the crop for your D&D 5e game. Let’s dive right into it.

Mage Hand

An Artificer isn’t complete without mechanical knowledge, and Mage Hand brings this expertise to life. This cantrip allows you to create a spectral floating hand at a distance.

With an ability to control it up to 30 feet away, you can maneuver it to manipulate an object, open a door or container, retrieve an item from an open container or even pour out a vial’s contents directly.

Mage Hand is like your little magical assistant that performs simple tasks at your behest.

Whether you need some extra muscle lifting objects (up to ten pounds), or just want something fetched from a distance while you’re tinkering with your newest invention – Mage Hand is your go-to! Its versatility certainly enhances its appeal.


The Prestidigitation cantrip is another spell that might seem modest but has surprising utility for any Artificer worth their salt.


You might think of it as the ultimate multipurpose tool in your magical toolbox.

See it like this – Prestidigitation creates sensory effects which might not directly affect battles but offer invaluable help in wooing people or creating distractions.

Need to warm or chill nonliving material for an hour? Prestidigitation has got you.

Want to create a small mark or symbol on something? You got it again! This cantrip literally lets you create magical trifles – harmless sensory effects like music, a shower of sparks, or even an odd odor.

In essence, Prestidigitation provides an array of minor magical feats that can really enhance your Artificer’s flavor and utility outside of combat. It’s your key to taking control of interactions and swaying them in your favor.

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Guidance can be your stepping stone to conquering challenges in D&D 5e. This Artificer cantrip allows you to lend a helping hand, quite literally!

You touch a willing creature and give them a spark of divine aid, thereby bolstering their ability check.

This can be immensely helpful when dealing with traps, problems needing solutions quickly, or for those trying times when dice rolls just aren’t in your favor.

Whilst it might not influence your combats directly, don’t belittle the power of even a small edge that the Guidance cantrip provides.

You could find it pushing you closer to victory when those critical moments arrive. A strategic player will understand its value in molding the game’s tide as per their will.


The Mending cantrip is an Artificer favorite and honestly quite self-explanatory: it mends things.


Your campaign faces sudden issues? Your equipment is having an off day? Not anymore!

Provided there are no magical imbued items or broken constructs at hand, this cantrip lets you proficiently repair any minute tear or break in an object.

This could mean fixing weapons that fall apart during battle or mending worn-out clothing from an unexpected skirmish while exploring strange gods’ realms.

You essentially become your party’s magical maintenance worker equipped to solve minor roadblocks before they transform into bigger issues.

So next time something fractures or tears during your quest – fret not! You have Mending by your side.


Communication is key, right? Message serves this function splendidly! It lets you quietly whisper a secret message to someone in both distant and hostile environments without others catching on – James Bond style!

With the ability to bypass physical and magical barriers as long as you’re familiar with the recipient and within 120 feet range – getting caught gossiping will become history!

While great for regular communication, Message steps up as an invaluable tactical tool in the game.

Silent and efficient coordination amongst your party members without alerting your foes can swiftly turn tables in your favor.

Minor Illusion

The Minor Illusion cantrip is another Artificer cantrip that’s all about tiering the cunning quotient of the game.

Minor Illusion

This cantrip lets you create sound or an image of an object that lasts for a minute, throwing off enemies or curious onlookers.

Want a creaking gate noise or phantom whispers to distract a guard? Need to create the illusion of a wall or lavish treasure to lure an enemy into a trap? Bam! Minor Illusion nails it.

This beautifully subtle manipulation tool bewitches and creates diversions, becoming fundamental to your super-charged, magical bag of tricks. Game on!

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Next in line for some excellent Artificer cantrips is Resistance.
Consider Resistance your personal buoy when the tides of D&D 5e decide to get rough and unpredictable.

Simply put, Resistance lets you touch a willing creature. Once done, the creature can roll a d4 to add the number rolled to one saving throw of its choice.

This extra support often spells the difference between life and death in sticky situations. Have a pal on the verge of being knocked out by a hideous monster’s attack? Roll that d4!

However, timing it is crucial – you can only apply this right before the saving throw. Sure it’s temporary and needs concentration, but when timed right, Resistance becomes an invaluable card up your sleeve.

Sacred Flame

Next up, we have Sacred Flame, calling down fiery radiance upon your foes.

Sacred Flame

An essential part of any Artificer’s toolkit — mainly if you’ve chosen the cleric domain, Sacred Flame dishes out radiant damage on failing Dexterity saves.

The beauty lies in the fact that this spell won’t be affected by cover, giving you quite an edge in dire scenarios. Need to deal with that insufferable enemy lurking around? Sacred Flame illuminates your path and theirs — but not in ways they’d thank you for!

With increasing character levels come higher damage advantages with this spell. Radiant damage coupled with no cover advantage makes Sacred Flame a fierce weapon indeed!

Toll The Dead

When going gets tough, Toll The Dead steps up its game! A truly exploitative cantrip for seasoned Artificers.

This fascinating spell calls upon tempering necromancy to dish out damage which scales as per your opponent’s health status. If enemies are missing any HP at all when you cast this spell, they end up dealing significantly more damage.

Sound your bells adorning a grim reaper’s garb. Bring forth ringing doom with a mere point at a visible creature within your range. The damage? Well, let’s say most enemies don’t get to answer the reaper’s toll!

Spare the Dying

The last (but certainly not least) on our list is Spare the Dying.

Spare the Dying

This cantrip is most valuable in those critical clutch moments when your team member is making death saving throws left, right and center. As an Artificer, you could be their saving grace.

With Spare the Dying, you touch a living creature that’s reduced to 0 hit points – they become stable and no longer need to make pesky death saving throws.

Playing strategically in D&D means being prepared for everything. And in case of near-death experiences, this cantrip puts the odds back in your favor!

So there you have it — some of the best Artificer cantrips at your disposal to add layers of depth to your D&D 5e experience!

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FAQs About Artificer Cantrips In D&D 5e

What are cantrips in D&D 5e and why are they important for an Artificer?

Cantrips are zero-level spells in D&D 5e that you can use at will. They offer utility, creative solutions, and even defenses that could crucially affect how your Artificer solves problems or synchronizes with the team.

Why should an Artificer choose Mage Hand as a cantrip?

The Mage Hand is a versatile cantrip which allows handling objects from a distance. It’s like having an extra hand to fetch things, open doors, or perform simple tasks which adds convenience and functionality for Artificers.

What advantages does the Prestidigitation cantrip offer Artificers?

Prestidigitation is all about adding finesse to your game. It gives you the power to weave mild illusions, alter temperatures of objects, create harmless sensory effects like music or odors – pretty handy for influencers and troubleshooters!

How does the Resistance Cantrip assist in gameplay?

Resistance gives your allies a fighting chance during tough saving throws. By allowing the addition of d4 to any one saving throw, it often prevents unexpected knock-outs during intense battles.

Where does Spare The Dying cantrip become useful for an Artificer?

When teammates are on death’s doorstep making death saving throws, Spare The Dying comes to the rescue. By stabilizing living creatures reduced to 0 hit points, this spell acts as a safety net for those precarious situations.


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