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35 Best Legendary Actions 5E [Command Extraordinary Abilities In DnD]

Best Legendary Actions 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/09/2024
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In the fascinating world of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (5e), legendary actions are a way to impart your game with an extra dose of engaging and tactical depth.

They ensure that powerful creatures are equipped to handle a whole group of adventurers. As you delve deeper into epic showdowns and remarkable storytelling, understanding and mastering the best legendary actions 5e can bring out richer narratives and vibrant dynamics in your gaming experience.

To set up thrilling confrontations that keep every player on their toes, legendary actions offer mechanics that propose substantial challenges and surprising turns.

It is vital to familiarize yourself with these mechanisms, giving you a chance to elevate the tension and drama in each encounter.

Prepare to learn about 35 of the most effective legendary actions in D&D 5e, enhancing both your strategy while playing monsters and providing sterner tests for courageous adventurers.

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Best legendary actions 5e

When it comes to D&D 5e, the meaning of epic showdowns rests on the strategic use of legendary actions.

Best legendary actions 5e

As the game progresses and confrontations become intense, a well-timed legendary action can significantly shift outcomes.

These additions to your gameplay can add serious intrigue, stirring surprise in even the most experienced adventurers. Let’s explore six remarkable legendary actions that truly embody this spirit.

Attack with a Legendary Weapon

Equipping your characters with legendary weapons as part of their attack is an undisputed crucial move in every D&D player’s repertoire.

Their power lies in their versatility and the dynamic damage they wield. These unique weapons show up unexpectedly, keeping adventurers on their toes while creating memorable moments in battles.

Distinct from normal weapons, these mystical armaments almost have a life of their own, often harboring abilities that can stun enemies, burn them with magical fire, or teleport them altogether.

Picture wreaking havoc with such grandeur and flair – that’s what makes this legendary action unquestionably a game-changer.

Cast a Legendary Spell

Legendary creatures are synonymous with power, mystery, and magic hence why “casting a legendary spell” is one distinguished action you must employ.

These spells elevate your roster beyond mundane wizards and sorcerers by taking spellcasting a notch higher into divinity realms.

With their help, you can orchestrate supernatural events like rising storms out of nowhere or seizing control over your enemy’s minds.

Imagine being able to alter landscapes or freeze time at will using these spells – it brings unlimited possibilities to turn tables in battles.

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Move Up To Half Your Speed Without Provoking Opportunity Attacks

Few things are as strategically significant as possessing the ability to move across the battlefield without granting free strikes from foes.

This surpasses mere movement and ventures into advanced positioning tactics such as setting up coordinated attacks or evading high-risk zones effortlessly an invaluable resource for master tacticians looking for superiority during combat, allowing for cunning, complex maneuvers that leave adversaries dumbfounded.

Make a Melee or Ranged Attack as a Reaction

Legendary actions in D&D are not limited to turns and involve the compelling option to counterattack as a reaction outside of your turn.

This legendary action provides enhanced adaptability and readiness on the battlefield, forcing your enemies into defensive play.

The capacity to hit back even when it’s not your turn secures spatial control and contributes pressure onto opponents, supplementing an exciting element of unpredictability and fast-paced retaliation into the gameplay.

Use a Legendary Resistance to Succeed on a Saving Throw

From avoiding potential debilitating effects to shrugging off potent spells thrown at you, utilizing legendary resistance boosts survival odds during extreme combat situations.

By ensuring successful saving throws when the stakes are highest, this action adds another layer of resilience against specialized attacks that could incapacitate you.

While experts may see it as an “ace-in-the-hole,” its deployment can instantly shift battle dynamics.

Summon a Minion To Aid You in Battle

Add depth to your battle strategy by summoning minions via this handy and effective legendary action.

The usage ranges from bolstering your combat ranks for optimal offense/defense balance, and distraction, or using them in tactical plays like flanking enemies all under your command.

Just imagine commanding an army at your fingertips – talk about power play.

Disengage or Dodge as a Bonus Action

When the heat of battle becomes too intense or when faced with numerous enemies, strategically breaking off from an engagement can indeed become a lifesaver.

The ability to disengage or dodge as a bonus action lets you elude impending blows while maintaining combat momentum.

It also enables you to maneuver into superior positions to set up subsequent attacks. The advantage goes beyond mere survival.

It spins out strategic possibilities in movement and positioning that leverage pace and positioning over sheer firepower.

Create an Area of Magical Darkness

Creating an area of magical darkness is akin to casting a veil over your enemies’ eyes, perplexing them and sowing chaos.

This legendary action acts as strategic camouflage, letting you construct ambushes, and escape routes, or simply confuse your adversaries.

It grants an extra dimension of control over the battlefield dynamics by using darkness as both a weapon and shield blinding enemies while keeping yourself hidden.

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Teleport to a Different Location within Line of Sight

Gaining ground on enemies for surprise attacks or retreating from adverse situations promptly are key aspects of D&D strategy that teleportation covers expertly well.

This legendary action provides an unexpected twist during battles revealing new tactical spaces in the blink of an eye.

In addition to short-circuiting enemy strategies by bypassing barriers and traps, it unleashes opportunities for innovative offense or defense strategies where physical distance matters less than cunning.

Grapple or Restrain a Creature

The ability to grapple or restrain quickly immobilizes opponents disrupting their actions while making them vulnerable targets.

Beyond the obvious benefit of potential damage mitigation this legendary action offers, it provides avenues for controlling combat flow using brute force tactics.

It’s a potent mechanism to neutralize threats by undercutting opponents’ mobility and putting them firmly under your control.

Use a Breath Weapon Attack

The breath weapon attack is iconic in 5e for its crushing destructive power.

Be it a devastating beam of necrotic energy from an Undead Dragon or the searing flame of a classic Red Dragon, using such attacks instantly reshapes the battlefield landscape.

This legendary action exemplifies raw, overwhelming power in its grandest display. Displaying terrifying precision and wide-spectrum destructiveness, it adds an explosive layer to your combat style.

Cast a spell without expending a spell slot

The power to cast spells without burning spell slots can easily tip scales in your favor.

This legendary action ensures access to your entire arsenal of magical abilities, irrespective of how grueling the battle gets.

Imagine unleashing a cascade of potent magic while preserving your valuable resources that’s what makes this mechanism so significant.

It not only elevates tactical flexibility but guarantees non-stop magical mayhem for your adversaries.

Frighten a Nearby Creature

The ability to instill fear in adversaries is a potent weapon in Dungeons & Dragons 5e.

You can cause immediate dread and panic by utilizing legendary actions that impose the ‘Frightened’ status on your foes.

This risks them suffering from detrimental effects like having a disadvantage on their attack rolls and ability checks, while also forbidding them to move closer to you.

It’s a tactical maneuver to disrupt enemies’ plans, unhinging their coordinated efforts and providing an opening for a swift advantage.

Heal Yourself or an Ally

Perhaps one of the most overlooked legendary actions but undoubtedly among the most important is self-healing or restoring an ally’s health points.

Especially when engaging in challenging encounters, this could be the difference between life and death, making the timely deployment of a healing action critical.

Healing might not seem as exciting as devastating attacks or complex tactics, but sustaining longevity and endurance in your adventures counts for success more often than apparent.

Create a Wall of Force or Other Barrier

Strategic manipulation of space can make for enthralling combat scenarios.

Using legendary actions to create tangible barriers increases control over battlefield dynamics allowing you to block pathways, protect allies, or isolate certain foes as per your tactics.

Whether it’s by summoning a wall of thorny brushwood or generating an impenetrable force field, such creativity yields interactive battlefields and multi-layered skirmishes.

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Inflict a Debilitating Status Condition on a Creature

Legendary actions can be intriguingly layered with deeper subtleties hidden behind brute force attacks.

This refers to imposing debilitating conditions onto creatures that skew dynamics into unpredictability blinding an eagle-eyed archer into missed shots; silencing spellcasters’ verbal components rendering their spells useless; and paralyzing fast-moving rogues all within reach when effectively inflicted through finely calculated legendary actions.

Transform into a More Powerful Form

The essence of D&D 5e legendary actions lies within undeniable dominance and the transformation into a more potent form undoubtedly sits atop.

Shedding a weakened self to emerge as an augmented, scarier version brings an awe-inspiring twist to battles extending influence, elevating combat prowess, and casting shadows of intimidation over opponents.

A dragon morphing into a more massive, fiery avatar is an unforgettable sight for any adventurer.

Speak and Issue a Command that Must be Obeyed

The power of communication in RPG games can never be understated. With legendary actions, you can further strengthen this power by issuing commands that force obedience.

This becomes a tool for psychological warfare – bending adversaries to your will or giving directives to allies that defy resistance.

Giving an order that ensures conformity adds another dimension to strategize your plan adding elements of subjugation and persuasion onto the battlefield canvas.

Cause an Environmental Hazard, like a Rockslide or Firestorm

Sometimes the environment itself can become a weapon in the hands of a skilled player. Causing environmental hazards, such as rockslides or firestorms, add another layer of complexity and excitement to the battle dynamics.

This legendary action can turn a seemingly safe environment into a battleground filled with danger. Converting harmless surroundings into deadly traps or destructively disruptive phenomena can catch adversaries off-guard, throwing their combat strategy into disarray.

Gone are the days of mundane melee attacks; let avalanches and columns of fire take center stage.

Redirect an Incoming Spell or Attack

For those who thrive on turning tables on their enemies, redirecting incoming spells or attacks is one legendary action that stands out blatantly.

Instead of merely resisting or negating incoming damage, this allows you to turn your adversary’s offense against them.

By transforming defense into attack effortlessly without requiring elaborate preparation or convoluted tactics, this action is game-changing in every sense. It’s essentially fighting smart rather than fighting hard.

Use a Legendary Action to Make a Legendary Saving Throw

When it comes to saving throws, having a legendary action up your sleeve can be vital.

Such moves guarantee survival in situations where conventional defenses may not suffice against teetering calamity edges during high-stake showdowns.

Offering near certainty, these transcendent saviors are integral when facing effects that could potentially incapacitate you and change the course of battle.

Command a Summoned Creature to Take an Action

Commanding summoned minions and creatures add depth and intricate strategy layers to battles.

You get to control not just your primary character but enlist assorted creatures with unique capabilities for different purposes from flanking enemies to providing cannon fodder.

Being able to coordinate actions between multiple characters opens up countless strategic possibilities.

Teleport a Nearby Creature to A Random Location

Teleporting creatures are a move full of surprises.

With this legendary action, you can not only disrupt enemy formations or remove significant threats from the battlefield temporarily but also transport support characters exactly where they’re needed.

Imagine blink-and-you-miss teleporting maneuvers that keep everyone guessing.

Make a Devasting Area-of-Effect Attack

One of the most stunningly effective legendary actions is undoubtedly executing a sweeping, area-of-effect attack.

This one move has the potential to turn tides drastically as it affects multiple enemies within a specified zone.

Whether it’s raining down meteors or unleashing swirling energy blasts, spreading damage across numerous adversaries simultaneously can cumulatively make a significant impact on combat proceedings, and therefore strategy levels shoot through the roof with this one.

Cast a Counter-spell

In the fluid realm of D&D 5e strategy, the casting of counter-spells provides an intriguing angle.

The real charm of this legendary action lies in its capacity to dispel and neutralize enemy magic.

Think of it as the ultimate defensive shield against incoming spells, ensuring your character’s well-being while simultaneously frustrating your opponent’s plans.

Imagine being amidst a chaotic battle, and suddenly the air grows still as you negate your adversary’s formidable spell with an effortless counterspell that’s the marvelous control this action offers.

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Reflect a Spell or Attack Back at the Caster

There are few things more satisfying than reflecting an enemy’s attack right back at them.

This legendary action takes the idea of counterattacking to new heights by turning your adversary’s power against them.

By mirroring spells or attacks back to their originator, you not only guard yourself, but you can also deal considerable damage forcing opponents into strategic dilemmas where they risk hurting themselves with their assaults.

Grant an Ally an Extra Attack or Action

Foster teamwork and build strategic variations with this collaborative legendary action.

Besides bolstering team offense during critical moments, granting extra actions rallies morale while providing tactical advantages like surprise attacks or crucial healing.

Imagining empowering your allies to take foes by surprise or uplift allies from precarious situations highlights why this support-oriented legendary action can be essential in swinging fortunes in the team’s favor.

Create a Zone of Antimagic

Bringing normality back amid magical brawls is possible when you create a zone of antimagic as one of your legendary actions.

This anti-spell bubble does wonders by making magic useless within its vicinity disabling ongoing enchantments and even magical weapons.

Perfect for causing disarray among magic-reliant opponents while setting up a safety pocket for yourself in volatile situations.

Steal a Magical Effect or Ability from a Creature

This unique legendary action is all about placing your opponents at a disadvantage while amplifying your abilities.

Picture seizing invisibility from a sneaky rogue or snatching magical barriers from defensive wizards; this action’s strategic implication speaks volumes regarding its value on the battlefield.

A quintessential skill when squaring up against enemies using unique enchantments, stealing their magical effects leaves them susceptible and broadens your counter-offensive stance.

Read a Creature’s Thoughts or Intentions

A great legendary action that lets you delve into the realm of mind-reading. Quite literally.

It provides insightful information about your adversary’s tactics and strategies, offering you an upper hand in countering them effectively.

The capacity to foresee movements or plans underscores this as a thought-provoking action (pun intended).

The wonders imagine accessing advanced strategic cues, simply by reading your enemy’s thoughts or intentions.

Phase Out of Reality to Become Immune to Damage

There’s hardly a more exhilarating solution within D&D 5e legendary actions than granting your character the power of phasing out of reality.

With this, you become practically invincible, as it allows your character to sidestep all forms of damage completely.

It engenders an element of mystery and awe in your opponents, selling the illusion that you are just too powerful to succumb to any form of attack.

Especially useful in dire situations, where you’re cornered or facing a formidable foe, this action could be the grand escape mechanism or a strategic tool for garnering another shot at victory.

Create a Duplicate or Illusion of Yourself

Yet another brilliant strategy to confound your enemies would be creating duplicates or illusions of oneself.

As much as it is thrilling, it also adds an added depth to your gameplay tactics aiding astute diversions, setting traps, or leading enemies astray all while masking your true position and plans.

It’s more than trickery; the potential scenarios this action opens up can present wildly varying outcomes, contributing heavily toward unpredictability and drama.

Summon a Powerful Elemental Ally

Introducing an elemental ally into an ongoing skirmish ensures that things will never be tame during battle phases considering it brings the forces of nature onto your playing field.

Seeing powerful beings like Water Elementals or Fire Golems storming for your cause exudes dominance and intimidation.

The combined might of these summoned beings contributes not only immense strength but also a plethora of versatile abilities catering to various combat scenarios that go beyond conventional tactics.

Charm or Dominate a Creature’s Mind

Amongst D&D 5e legendary actions, charming or dominating creatures stand as evidence for psychological warfare in play.

This action could turn even strong adversaries into allies altering battlefield equations instantly. Mind control nullifies impending threats while potentially providing additional support on your side a tactful swing of control indeed.

Imagine turning foe against foe, unraveling their ranks and defenses while you watch mightily from a safe distance.

Use a Legendary Action to Recharge a Limited-use Ability

So, you’ve used up that unique ability that can turn the tide, but just when you need it one more time, it’s exhausted.

There comes the legendary action that allows for recharging such limited-use abilities defying conventional game mechanics.

This action gives repeated access to powerful tools in your arsenal, overriding constraints that normally govern them.

It’s akin to getting multiple chances to deliver the perfect power punch; shaping epic narratives rife with thrilling setups and dramatic climaxes.

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FAQs About Legendary Actions 5e

What are legendary actions in D&D 5e?

In Dungeons & Dragons 5e, legendary actions are additional actions that highly powerful creatures can take at the end of another creature’s turn, enabling them to respond immediately to combat threats and adding a dynamic layer to each encounter.

How many legendary actions can a creature take, and when can they be used?

Typically, a creature will have three legendary actions and can choose to use one at the end of another creature’s turn. These reset at the start of the creature’s turn.

Can characters other than monsters have legendary action abilities?

Legendary actions are typically reserved for powerful monsters or NPCs (Non-Player Characters) controlled by the Dungeon Master. Some homebrew rules or campaigns may allow player characters access to these abilities.

How do legendary resistances work in D&D 5e?

Legendary resistances enable a monster to auto-succeed on a saving throw that it would normally fail. Each use of a legendary resistance ensures an automatic save. Most creatures have up to three uses per day.

Can legendary actions be used consecutively?

While multiple legendary actions can be taken in a round within different turns, only one legendary action can be used at the end of someone else’s turn, not consecutively after their own turn. It interweaves between participant turns.


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