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13 Best Utility Spells In D&D 5E [Enhance Your Magic Arsenal]

Best Utility Spells In D&D 5E
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 12/21/2023
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Welcome to the world of magic and whimsy that D&D 5e offers. It’s an eclectic landscape filled with infinite possibilities, and your choices can make or break your adventures.

Amidst all the fights and quests, one aspect of the game that often plays an incredibly crucial role is utility spells.

Whether you’re a seasoned spell caster or a novice still figuring out your Eldritch Blast from your Cure Wounds, getting a hold on some of the best utility spells can significantly upgrade your gameplay.

D&D 5e takes you through mystical lands with unusual creatures and enchanting environments, presenting countless challenges along the way.

Being equipped with top-notch abilities is critical for any adventurer aspiring to leave their mark on this expansive world.

And it’s here where we find how relevant these utility spells can be – they go beyond mere combat prowess and add layers to your toolkit that could help turn around any encounter.

From manipulating emotions to creating barriers, these spells often act as game-changers when effectively utilized.

So hang tight as we journey into the mystery that makes up some of the best utility spells in D&D 5e.

13 Best Utility Spells in D&D 5E

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (D&D 5e) offers a vast array of spells, each with unique abilities and uses.

Best Utility Spells in D&D 5E

Among these, utility spells stand out for their versatility and non-combat applications, proving invaluable in various scenarios.

From enhancing exploration to overcoming obstacles, these spells are essential tools in any adventurer’s arsenal.

This list highlights the 13 best utility spells in D&D 5e, showcasing their capabilities and how they can turn the tide in the most unexpected ways.

Arcane Eye

Arcane Eye is a spell of unparalleled surveillance and reconnaissance. By creating an invisible, magical eye that can travel up to 30 feet per round, the caster gains a mobile vantage point.

Arcane Eye

This eye can maneuver through small openings, providing live visual information from a safe distance. Its utility in scouting dungeons, spying on enemies, or keeping watch during rests is unmatched.

In campaigns where information and foresight are crucial, Arcane Eye proves to be an invaluable asset, transforming even the most perilous situations into manageable ones with its insight.

Dispel Magic

Dispel Magic is the quintessential counter to magical effects, serving as a versatile tool in the arsenal of spellcasters.

It allows the caster to end one spell on a creature, object, or magical effect within range. This spell is essential for neutralizing enemy enchantments, liberating allies from curses, or disrupting magical traps.

Whether facing a bewitched door or a battlefield dominated by arcane forces, Dispel Magic offers a straightforward solution, making it a must-have for parties expecting to encounter hostile magic.

Detect Magic

Detect Magic is a fundamental spell for uncovering the hidden magic in the world. It allows the caster to sense the presence of magic within 30 feet and identify its school.

Detect Magic

This spell is crucial for investigating mysterious artifacts, revealing concealed enchantments, or avoiding magical traps.

In a world where magic weaves into the fabric of reality, Detect Magic serves as the eyes that see the unseen, guiding adventurers safely through magically charged environments.

Tiny Hut

Tiny Hut offers a safe haven in the most hostile environments. This spell creates a dome of force that can shelter up to nine creatures, protecting them from the elements and prying eyes. The atmosphere is comfortable, and external conditions cannot penetrate.

Whether used for restful sleep in the wilderness, confidential meetings, or shielding from environmental hazards, Tiny Hut is a spell that ensures security and comfort when the outside world is anything.

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Rope Trick

Rope Trick is an ingenious spell for evading danger or gaining a moment of respite. It creates an extradimensional space atop a rope, accessible only by climbing.

Rope Trick

Time passes normally, but occupants are invisible and untouchable from the outside. This spell is perfect for hiding, planning, or resting in hostile territories.

Its ability to provide a temporary sanctuary, literally out of thin air, makes it a clever choice for adventurers needing a quick escape or a secure meeting spot.

Feather Fall

Feather Fall is a lifesaver, quite literally. This spell slows the descent of falling creatures, allowing them to land gently.

It’s an emergency tool for when the floor gives way, during difficult climbs, or when aerial transportation goes awry.

Feather Fall turns a potentially fatal plummet into a controlled float, making it an essential spell for any group prone to finding themselves in high places or sudden drops.

Pass Without Trace

Pass Without Trace is the ultimate spell for stealth and infiltration. It grants a +10 bonus to stealth checks and masks the passage of the group, leaving no tracks or traces.

Pass Without Trace

Ideal for sneaking past guards, traversing enemy territory, or avoiding unwanted confrontations, this spell is a boon for any party preferring subtlety and discretion.

Its ability to turn a group virtually invisible to detection makes it a favorite among spies, scouts, and adventurers alike.


Knock is the master key for adventurers. This spell opens locked or stuck doors, chests, or any secured entrance without the need for keys or tools.

Its utility in bypassing physical barriers is unparalleled, making it a go-to solution for exploring ancient ruins, treasure hunting, or breaking into fortified areas.

While it does create a loud noise, the trade-off is often worth it when the alternative is being barred from progressing.

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Protection from Evil and Good

Protection from Evil and Good offers essential defense against a wide array of supernatural entities. This spell wards a creature against aberrations, celestials, elementals, fey, fiends, and undead.

Protection from Evil and Good

It grants several benefits, including making it harder for these creatures to hit the protected target. In a world rife with mystical threats, this spell provides a crucial shield, keeping adventurers safe from some of the most fearsome and unnatural foes they might encounter.


Light is a simple yet indispensable spell. It creates a bright light on an object, illuminating the surroundings. In dungeons, caverns, or any dark place, Light replaces the need for torches or lanterns, freeing up hands and resources.

Its utility in dispelling darkness and revealing hidden dangers makes it a fundamental spell for any party delving into the unknown.


Ceremony is a versatile spell with a range of applications, from blessing water to uniting individuals in marriage. Its various rites provide unique benefits, such as boosting morale, consecrating ground, or warding against the undead.


The spell’s adaptability makes it valuable in social, religious, or supernatural contexts, offering solutions that go beyond the typical spellcaster’s repertoire.

Phantom Steed

Phantom Steed conjures a magical, swift, horse-like creature, ideal for rapid travel. This spectral steed can carry its rider at incredible speeds, making it perfect for long-distance journeys, chasing or escaping foes, or traversing difficult terrain.

In campaigns where time is of the essence or the landscape is challenging, Phantom Steed provides a reliable and speedy mode of transportation.

Modify Memory

Modify Memory is a potent spell for altering perceptions and histories. It enables the caster to reshape a creature’s memories, potentially changing their understanding of past events.

Modify Memory

This spell can be used for covering tracks, rewriting an unfortunate encounter, or influencing NPCs in subtle ways.

In situations where knowledge and perception are as powerful as swords and spells, Modify Memory emerges as a tool of manipulation and control, offering creative solutions to complex problems.

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FAQs About Best Utility Spells

What makes a good utility spell in D&D 5e?

A good utility spell is essentially versatile and non-combat. It can either aid your allies, hinder your enemies, or manipulate the environment or situation at hand to your advantage.

Is Detect Magic a useful utility spell for beginners?

Yes, Detect Magic allows you to sense the presence of magic within 30 feet. This spell is beneficial when you wish to avoid magical traps or identify magical objects.

How does Pass Without Trace assist in an adventure journey?

Pass Without Trace shrouds you and your allies in stealth, granting a +10 bonus to Dexterity (Stealth) checks. It’s great for dodging enemies unnoticed or proceeding discreetly when needed.

Can Feather Fall save characters from damage?

Certainly! Feather Fall is an excellent defensive utility spell that slows down a character’s fall, thus saving them from sustaining any falling damage. It’s a savior when you’re facing encounters at great heights.

Why is Protection from Evil and Good listed among the best utility spells?

Protection from Evil and Good allows protection against certain creature types, such as celestials, elementals, fey, fiends, and undead. This delightfully versatile spell offers both defensive boons and potential narrative uses.


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