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Blind Fighting 5E Guide [Turn Your Darkness Into Strength]

Blind Fighting 5E Guide
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 12/12/2023
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For die-hard fantasy enthusiasts and D&D players, the magical world of dragons and dungeons often offers countless adventures and thrilling experiences.

Among these numerous exploits, getting a grip on various fighting techniques like ‘blind fighting 5E’ can greatly amp up your game.

This remarkable method is indeed hard not to notice. A feat that, once mastered, allows a seamless battle experience even under adverse visual conditions.

Now, you must be wondering how this could significantly alter the course of your D&D journey. Well, buckle up as we introduce you to blind fighting 5E, a fantastic technique that enables you to strike with precision when foes dare to exploit darkness or thick fog as their shield.

Your relentless pursuit of honing this skill will surely lead you down the path of true glory in your legendary Dungeons & Dragons epic journey.

What is Blind Fighting in D&D?

Blind fighting stands as a unique feature in the all-time popular role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). It breaks away from the traditional battle schemes and introduces a compelling concept.

What is Blind Fighting in D&D

This armory skill allows your character to battle foes extensively under conditions of poor visibility, whether it’s dim light, no light, or even when the enemy tries to remain unseen.

As a part of your character’s expertise, blind fighting becomes an exceptional asset when in combat. It means you can pierce through the darkness or misty ambient with considerable accuracy.

Far from ordinary perception rules in this game, blind fighting serves not just as an edge during combat but also as an exploration tool in dubious scenarios.

When aptly used, it provides a distinct tactical advantage against creatures leveraging invisibility or environments with obscured visibility to skew battles in their favor.

What is the Fighting Style of Blind Fighting in D&D 5e?

Blind Fighting, an innovative style introduced in Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) 5e, offers a genuinely unique advantage for any player willing to master it. Let’s delve deeper to understand what it comprises.

What is the Fighting Style of Blind Fighting in D&D 5e
  • Blindsight within 10 feet: This ability allows your character to perceive surroundings within a radius of 10 feet without relying on sight. Drawing from their other senses, they can fight without seeing opponents.
  • Seeing through Anything except Total Cover: No longer will obstacles pose an issue in your conquests. With this feature, your character can see through anything except total cover within range. Be it darkness or fog, nothing can obscure your vision.
  • Detect Invisible Creatures within Range: Often, invisible creatures may attempt to strike when least expected. However, with Blind Fighting style in your arsenal, such nasty surprises are a thing of the past. You can detect invisible foes within your vicinity effortlessly.

Mastering these unique abilities may seem challenging initially, but rest assured, once you get the hang of them, your gameplay in D&D 5E will ascend to an entirely new level.

It offers the dual benefits of exciting the role-play aspect as you reshape the narrative around these extraordinary skills. As you mold your imagination with these powers, D&D adventures become even more thrilling.

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What Characters Should Take Blind Fighting?

Blind fighting, a skill that turns a perceived weakness into a formidable strength, is often a hallmark of some of the most intriguing and resilient characters in fiction.

What Characters Should Take Blind Fighting

These characters, despite or because of their lack of sight, exhibit extraordinary senses and fighting capabilities, often surpassing their sighted counterparts.

Their stories are not just about battling enemies but also about overcoming personal obstacles, challenging stereotypes, and demonstrating that vision is not solely dependent on the eyes.

In the world of fantasy and fiction, several characters stand out for their mastery of blind fighting, turning their blindness into a unique advantage.


Daredevil, the alter ego of Matt Murdock, is a character that epitomizes the concept of blind fighting in the Marvel Universe.

Blinded in a childhood accident that also enhanced his remaining senses to superhuman levels, Daredevil uses his acute hearing, smell, taste, and touch to navigate the world and fight crime.

He’s a skilled acrobat and martial artist, making him a formidable opponent in combat. Murdock’s training under Stick, another blind martial artist, and his unwavering moral compass make him not just a superhero but a symbol of resilience and justice.

Daredevil’s story is a testament to the idea that limitations can be transformed into unique strengths.


Zatoichi, the iconic Japanese character from a series of films and television shows, is a blind masseur and master swordsman living in feudal Japan.

Despite his blindness, Zatoichi’s sword-fighting skills are legendary. He possesses an extraordinary ability to sense his surroundings, making him an incredibly efficient fighter.

Zatoichi’s character is appealing not just for his physical prowess but also for his moral complexity and the social commentary his stories often entail.

He is a humble, nomadic character who confronts injustice and corruption, making him a folk hero in Japanese culture.

Kenshi (Mortal Kombat)

Kenshi from the Mortal Kombat universe is a blind swordsman who combines his masterful fighting skills with telekinetic abilities.

Blinded by betrayal, Kenshi’s other senses heightened, compensating for his lost sight. His quest for revenge and justice drives him through the Mortal Kombat series, where he uses his swordsmanship and telekinesis to defeat enemies.

Kenshi’s character is compelling not only because of his physical abilities but also due to his deep backstory, sense of honor, and the spiritual aspects of his fighting style.

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Illidan Stormrage (Warcraft)

Illidan Stormrage, a prominent character in the Warcraft universe, is a blind elf who possesses extraordinary magical powers. Despite his lack of physical sight, Illidan sees through magical means, which makes him an even more potent spellcaster and warrior.

His complex narrative, from being a hero to an anti-hero, adds depth to his character. Illidan’s mastery of magic and combat, combined with his iconic, blindfolded appearance, makes him a unique and memorable character in the realm of fantasy gaming.

Toph Beifong (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Toph Beifong from “Avatar: The Last Airbender” redefines what it means to be a blind fighter. Born blind, Toph uses earth bending – manipulating earth and rock – to “see” vibrations in the ground.

This ability makes her one of the most powerful earthbenders in the series. Toph’s character is remarkable not only for her fighting skills but also for her independence, strength of character, and role in challenging and changing perceptions about disability.

Toph’s story is an inspiring journey of self-empowerment and overcoming societal expectations.

Lee Sin (League of Legends)

Lee Sin, a character from the popular game League of Legends, is a blind monk who has turned his lack of sight into a profound inner vision.

As a master of martial arts and spiritual discipline, Lee Sin’s gameplay involves high mobility and impactful, skill-based attacks. His character arc, from arrogance to atonement, adds depth to his role as a fighter.

Lee Sin is a testament to the idea that true vision comes from within and that loss can lead to greater self-discovery and power.

Stick (Marvel Comics)

Stick, from Marvel Comics, is a blind sensei and the mentor of Daredevil. Despite his blindness, Stick possesses extraordinary senses and is a master in martial arts.

He is a pivotal character in the Daredevil storyline, teaching Matt Murdock how to harness his abilities. Stick’s role extends beyond just training superheroes; he is a warrior in his own right, fighting against mystical enemies.

His character emphasizes the theme of mentorship and the passing of wisdom across generations, along with the idea that physical limitations do not define one’s abilities.

Chirrut Îmwe (Star Wars: Rogue One)

Chirrut Îmwe from “Star Wars: Rogue One” is a blind warrior-monk from the planet Jedha. Despite not being a Jedi, Chirrut possesses a deep connection to the Force, which he uses to sense his environment and excel in combat.

His character adds a spiritual dimension to the Star Wars universe, embodying faith and belief in the Force. Chirrut’s fighting skills, combined with his philosophical outlook and loyalty, make him a standout character in the galaxy far, far away.

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Fujitora (One Piece)

Fujitora, a character from the anime and manga series “One Piece,” is a blind admiral of the Marines. He wields the power of the Gravity-Gravity Fruit, which allows him to manipulate gravity at will.

Fujitora’s blindness does not hinder him; instead, it enhances his other senses and his ability to perceive people’s true nature. His character is a blend of strength and compassion, often showing a preference for peaceful resolutions.

Fujitora’s presence in “One Piece” brings a unique perspective on justice and morality within the series.

Rahzar (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Rahzar from “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” presents a different take on the blind fighter trope. Originally known as Chris Bradford, he turns into Rahzar, a blind, wolf-like mutant, after a series of events.

Despite his transformation and loss of sight, Rahzar adapts to his new abilities, becoming a formidable enemy to the Turtles.

His character explores themes of transformation, adaptation, and the blurred lines between friend and foe. Rahzar’s evolution in the series showcases how adversity can lead to unexpected strengths and abilities.

Blind Fighting Synergies

In the realm of tabletop RPGs and fantasy settings, blind fighting is not just a unique trait of certain characters but also a strategic element that can greatly enhance gameplay.

Blind Fighting Synergies

When combined with specific sub-races, fighter subclasses, and other elements, blind fighting becomes a tactical advantage, offering intriguing synergies and opportunities for players to explore.

These synergies can turn apparent limitations into strengths, allowing characters to thrive in environments and situations where others might struggle.

From navigating darkness effortlessly to exploiting unique racial traits, the strategic incorporation of blind fighting can lead to dynamic and exciting gameplay experiences.


In fantasy gaming, certain sub-races offer natural synergies with blind fighting, enhancing their abilities in unique ways. For example, sub-races with heightened senses, such as Drow with their superior dark vision or Elves with their keen senses, can make excellent blind fighters.

These abilities allow them to perceive their environment more acutely, compensating for the lack of sight. Similarly, sub-races with innate magical abilities, like Tieflings who can see in darkness or Dwarves with their stone cunning, can utilize blind fighting as a strategy to gain an advantage over their enemies.

Choosing a sub-race with these inherent abilities can add depth to a character’s blind fighting skills, making them more effective and versatile in combat scenarios.

Fighter Subclasses

Fighter subclasses that emphasize agility, perception, and adaptability can synergize well with blind fighting. A Battle Master Fighter, with its strategic combat maneuvers, can effectively use blind fighting to outmaneuver opponents.

Eldritch Knights, who blend martial prowess with spellcasting, can use blind fighting in conjunction with spells like ‘Darkness’ to create a disorienting battlefield.

A Champion Fighter, focusing on physical excellence, can use blind fighting to enhance their already formidable combat skills, making them unpredictable and difficult to counter in battle.

Paladin Subclasses

Paladin subclasses, known for their divine powers and martial abilities, can find powerful synergies with blind fighting. A Vengeance Paladin, with their focus on hunting down wrongdoers, can use blind fighting to track and combat enemies even in the most challenging environments.

Oath of Devotion Paladins, dedicated to protecting others, can use blind fighting as a means to shield allies from unseen threats.

These subclasses, combined with the holy powers and ethical codes of Paladins, create a character who is not only a formidable warrior but also a guardian against darkness, both literal and metaphorical.

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Ranger Subclasses

Ranger subclasses that focus on tracking, survival, and nature magic are well-suited for blind fighting. A Beast Master Ranger, for example, can rely on their animal companion’s senses to guide them, making blind fighting a practical choice.

Gloom Stalker Rangers, adept at moving unseen in dark environments, can use blind fighting to turn the shadows into their domain.

This synergy allows them to ambush enemies or navigate treacherous terrain with ease, making them deadly hunters in any setting.

Other Classes

Other classes can also find unique synergies with blind fighting. Wizards or Sorcerers can combine their spellcasting abilities with blind fighting, using spells to compensate for or even benefit from the lack of sight.

A Rogue, especially one specializing in stealth and deception, can use blind fighting to navigate and strike from the shadows effectively.

Monks, with their focus on inner strength and sensory awareness, can develop blind fighting techniques that complement their martial arts, making them unpredictable and elusive in combat.


In a setting where darkness is a common element, blind fighting becomes a crucial skill. Characters skilled in blind fighting can navigate and combat effectively in complete darkness, where others would be hindered.

This advantage can be pivotal in dungeons, night-time ambushes, or in realms where light is scarce. For spellcasters, combining blind fighting with spells like ‘Darkness’ can create a controlled environment where they have the upper hand.

In such scenarios, blind fighting is not just a skill but a strategic choice that can turn the tide of battle and offer unique role-playing opportunities.

FAQs About Blind Fighting 5E

Is Blind Fighting really worthwhile in 5E?

Yes, it’s absolutely worth it! Blind Fighting allows your character to battle effectively even in conditions like darkness or fog where visibility is compromised. This means you can strike accurately whether you see perfectly or not at all.

What type of character benefits most from Blind Fighting 5E?

Characters who value stealth, those who operate in low-light environments, and ones who use magic or other forms of misdirection to confuse enemies can significantly benefit from Blind Fighting.

Does Blind Fighting allow me to ignore cover?

No, Blind Fighting doesn’t let you ignore cover. Though it gives an advantage in low-visibility scenarios, obstructions providing total cover are still effective at blocking attacks and obscuring targets.

Can I combine Blind Fighting with other fighting styles in D&D 5E?

Yes, depending on your class level and the provided rules, you might be able to combine Blind Fighting with other fighting styles for unique synergies and diverse combat strategies.

How does the Blindsight trait interact with the Blind Fighting style?

Having both Blindsight and the Blind Fighting style provides a robust defense against unseen foes within a certain radius (usually 10 feet for Blindsight). Essentially, it permits effective engagement even when opponents are invisible or obscured.


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