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Convert an Open Office .ODT to a Word Doc

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Updated On: 05/27/2020
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One of the best ways of converting .ODT to .DOC to install the OpenOffice.org productivity suite since it’s free. Not only will it let you convert the file, but you will have the software available the next time someone sends you an Open Document text, spreadsheet or presentation file. But if you don’t want to use OO.org, there are other ways to do this.

How do I conver the Open Office .odt file my friend sent me into a Microsoft Word .doc file?

Convert .ODT to .DOC with OpenOffice.org

OpenOffice.org is a free an open office suite. You can download it for Mac or Windows, then open your .odt file and re-save it as a Microsoft Word document.

  1. Download and install the OpenOffice.org software.
  2. Open the .ODT file in OpenOffice.org.
  3. Click File → Save As…
  4. Choose any of the available Microsoft Office .doc or .docx formats from the File Type drop down menu.
  5. Click Save and your .ODT document will be saved as an MS Word document.

Convert .ODT to .DOC with Google Drive

Google Drive is a free web-based office productivity suite that, like OpenOffice.org, is capable of reading many different file types. You can upload your .ODT file to Google Drive and then save it as a Word document.

  1. If you don’t already have one, sign up with Google Drive and log in.
  2. Click Upload…
  3. Click Select files to upload and open your Open Document Text file.
  4. Start the upload.
  5. When the upload finishes, open your document in Google Drive.
  6. Click File → Download As → Word.

At this point your file will download back to your computer as a Microsoft .doc file.

Use a Plug-in

The OpenXML/ODF Translator is a free open source add-in for Office that will give you the capability to convert these files from within Office. Download and install the add-in (make sure you meet the software requirements). The reviews for this plug-in are only 68% positive with many users claiming they could not get it to work. I have not used this plug-in… I just installed OpenOffice.org.

Sun used to have an ODF Plug-in for Microsoft Office, but apparently after Oracle bought Sun they began charging a lot for the plug-in.


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